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January 18, 2015
  • I am back online in a limited way. Thank you for your support
July 1, 2010
  • The corrupt Ontario Government has decided to tax more, and to join with the federal tax, making everything more expensive. I have found a way around that, and as of now, there is no tax payable to Ontario residents, so they save 8%, and now no one pays any taxes! Yippee!
    BUT, shipping will be a little more expensive, so everyone pays there.
March 24, 2010
  • I promise to spend at least 3 hours per day taking care of my wonderful cutomers. I PROMISE WITH ALL MY HEART.
  • The Caron Wildflower sale is still on.
August 1, 2008
    A sale on the Caron Wildflowers; buy 3 or more, and pay only $2.75 ea instead of $4.15. See the Caron threads page for more information. The price will show as $4.15, but I will adjust it.
July 8, 2008
  • A sale on the Caron Wildflowers; buy 3 or more, and pay only $2.75 ea instead of $4.15. Buy before the end of July. See the Caron threads page for more information.
May 21, 2008
I thank all of you for your patience and support. My beloved husband Richard passed away on April 26th, not quite one year after his cancer diagnosis. I hope to be able to get back to normal soon, but this has hit me harder than I thought it would.
April 10, 2008
The Variegated Accent thread has arrived. Available by the spool or by the bobbin. The colours are beautiful! They have also added some more solid colours. Check them out!
April 5 and 6, 2008
  • Hector Tatting Convention is celebrating their 10th anniversary, and if you can make it, you should go. Click here for the information; an application link is at the bottom of the page.
January 2008
  • We have moved house and store. I apologize to all of you now because I know I will not be quick at replying to emails and orders. My hubby is terminal and he is exceeding expectations by surviving past December 10/07. Care for him will supersedes business demands, and I hope you understand.
January 6th 2007
June 16th, 2006
  • The 5th Inspirations Needlecraft Show! This brings teachers from across North America, and classes, vendors and displays to suit all needle crafters. Don't miss it. See the poster with more information
May 16, 2006
After many requests from people looking for teachers, I have put together a list by country and area.
The jump off point is off the main page or by going to the learn section.
February 8, 2006
  • Palmetto HOTT days June 2nd and 3rd.
All information is on the Fairs and Conventions page
February 6, 2006
  • Hector Tatting Convention
  • IOLI 2006 Week
All information is on the Fairs and Conventions page
January 16, 2006
Many people looking at the Wildflower colours have asked me about sizing, so I scanned the samples I have in my thread evaluator book, and made a page with 23 different samples. See the Thread Equivalency Page

December 20, 2005

We've moved!

Just 8 different letters/characters and 14 keystrokes
  • A shopping cart! No more cutting and pasting...
  • Sales on Cebelia and Opera threads, while quantities last
April 14, 2005
  • Great new threads for those of us who like fine threads. There are 3 rayon threads in sizes 50, 100 and 120, in solid, metallic and variegated, and a size 100 cotton in 12 variegated coulours. Find them in the threads section or jump there from here.
February 8, 2005
Happy New year!
December 17, 2004
  • Betsy Evans has given us a teaser with her Betsy Snowflake that will be in her soon to be published book. Take a look at this beaty!
November 29, 2004
Seasonal stuff and neat buttons.
  • Xmas Beads! They look like Christmas tree lights, and hang from a loop at the top of the light.
  • Scrolled hearts in 7 colours. Flat backed, they have holes made by the scrolls where you can attach your tatting.
November 28, 2004
I didn't advertise the release of my first 2 books, but I have just added a third!
  • Following in the footsteps of the Loop Method shuttle tatting books, my True Ring Needle tatting is finally here! Look for them in the Books Section under Authors I to O
  • Added an abbreviations file in the Tatting Tutor section
August 20, 2004
  • The cherub doily everyone was talking about is in the Patterns section under doilies
May 30, 2004
Saw it at the Hector days, and had to get it! The BobbinSaver is a great tool to hold your metal or plastic bobbins securely but readily available....... find it in the tools section
April 24, 2004
April 22, 2004
  • Introducing the Quiet Cricket! Using the same design as for the IBM shuttles, this bigger shuttle will hold almost the same amount of thread as an aero bobbin!
    Made of Corian, it fits in your hand nicely and will warm to your body temperature as you use it. Premiered at the Hector Tatting Days, to rave reviews. It can be found in the Tools section (quick link above)
March 26, 2004
This one was a biggie! Tired of spam mail because of Email harvesting programs searching web pages and grabbing my email and selling it to spammers, I bought a program that scrambles the emails; so, not only mine, but EVERY email address on my site is now untouchable.
  • Bookmark sleeves and a square key fob in Neat Stuff
  • The Siam Ruby droplet finally arrived! With the other Droplets
  • The new carded Aero shuttle, in the tools section
  • I love mine, and if you suffer from neck, shoulder or back pain you will love the Body Rite Posture Pleaser
  • A new MagEyes, so that you can get the best value for your money.
  • Improved the quality of the visual diagram for the Queen mother crown
  • and a surprise...... see if you can find it.
November 24, 2003

What a summer and fall! New products introduced everywhere and I am looking into them and will bring in the best for you.

In the meantime, here is what I have added since the last update

  • I have made it easier to find things on pages with a lot of information... I have made a little chart at the top of those pages and all you have to do is click.
  • Dianna Stevens Another Victorian Tatted Holiday, which is a keeper! Get it before the price goes up.
  • Dagger Beads! 16 colours and finishes in the 3 x 11 mm size.
  • 2 more colours of the drop beads.....on the same page as the daggers.
  • Angel pendants and 2 new 4mm crystals, one in bronze and one called vitrail..... black on one side and shining all kinds of wonderful colours on the other side.
  • My new book is ready! It will show left and right handers how to shuttle tat using the loop method. Lots of patterns and tips.
  • Extended the sale on the Opera threads.
  • updated the link to Tat chat.... we have sorely missed it!
July 3, 2003
April 12, 2003
  • It's been a while, but I can accept credit card payments in Canadian funds (US customers will be charged in Canadian funds but their credit card company will convert it to US dollars). Paypal is still an option for all currencies.
  • New drop beads,
  • new gold metallic beads, but these are a soft. light gold.
  • new tools and
  • Lyn Morton's book.
September 17, 2002
  • *Inox has joined the ranks of the gougers! For the same shuttle they sold last year for $3.50, they now want $5.95, the price of the old Aero.
    :-( Sorry to have to pass this on! :-(
September 12, 2002
  • *Virginia Mescher's Flitting Fingers, a wonderful history of tatting and the tools used, can be found in the books section
  • *Acrylic coasters to put your tatting in.. look in the Neat Stuff section
  • *The wee buttons are in! 5.32" and 1/4" in 16 colours... in the beads section.
  • *Crochet hooks in all the small sizes, 0.4 mm to 0.6mm ... in the tools section.
  • *Kim's Basic Earrings, and her roses (previously added) ... in the patterns section.
  • *Kaethe Kliot, co-founder of Lacis, passed away August 17. Your can read her obituary.
June 20, 2002
  • *Terry McGuffin's book is in, and what a beauty! Find it in the books section
  • *Acrylic keyfobs and rulers to put your tatting in.. look in the Neat Stuff section
  • *Ottawa Lace Day 2002 ... pictures of the 2002 event.
  • *Maple Leaf Tatters 2002 report is in.
  • *A Christmas tree pattern that you can find in just about every book, but those books have you cutting and hiding ends on EVERY row! Not this one! No ends except at the top! Check out the No ends tree pattern. There is help for shuttle and needle tatters, linked on the page.
  • *Canadian Tatting Connection guild had it's last meeting of the season... Pictures of the summer exchange are up, as an animated gif.
May 23, 2002
  • * EXCLUSIVE TO TAT'S ALL! A new metallic thread in gold and silver, in 2 sizes ...
  • * New books! Lily Morales' first amazing book, Susanne Rolf's and a Russian Bead Book that is full of beautiful inspiration.
  • * New colours of Corian IBMS
  • * Guilds! The Canadian Tatting Connection's page is up!
February 17th, 2002
  • * New beads, books, neatstuff, findings, fairs ...
  • * The Special Edition Peacock shuttle, a fundraising effort for Troy. Check out the tools page.
January 17th, 2002
  • * I have received a limited (for now!) supply of Variegated Altin Basak thread in size 50. Beautiful colours and I am testing and evaluating the metallic thread for the CEO of Altin Basak. So far, so good.
January 9th, 2002
  • * The Lene Bjorn snowflake book is in! Some of the patterns are good enough to eat!
November 26th, 2001
  • * Two new remembrance hearts found in the patterns section.
October 29th, 2001
  • * Remembrance Heart Project Page
  • * Mark's book.... Tatted Gathering of Angels... in Books Authors I - O
  • * DMC is pulling another bonehead move... all the colours of Cordonnet Special have been discontinued. We have to ask:   What do they have against tatters?
  • * Nell's Old Glory Heart is in the Patterns section
  • * Fish and rectangular bobbins that are often used as flat shuttles, found in the Tools section
  • * 2" diameter tins are in the Neatstuff section
July 27th, 2001
  • * Dianna's New book.... Victorian Tatted Christmas...
  • * All of Georgia's Ribbonwinner books are in.....
  • * The tatting lists are once again accurate.
  • * The report for the Maple Leaf Tatters 2001 Lace Day has been submitted and posted.
June 22nd, 2001
New special application beads are in. I have had some requests for light or white stars and hearts, and here you go.
June 17th, 2001
  • 19 new Caron Wildflower colours ... and they are gorgeous! The new ones are 005, 009, 015, 019, 030, 032, 037, 054, 057, 068, 080, 085, 091, 097, 118, 132, 163, 168 and 169.
  • new beads.
  • the angel wings are in!
June 1st, 2001
  • The Silk is in! Available by the large spool, or in a bobbin. Check it out!
  • Added basic information about the Finca I will be carrying.
April 18, 2001
  • Added the info about the Finger Lakes and Maple Leaf tatting days.. jump there
  • Added Cordonnet Special in size 70 and 100
April 4, 2001
Carol has done it again, but this guy never got the chance to be a skeleton :-( See King Tat's Mummy here
March 29, 2001
Nell is thinking spring (and about time too!) and her Morning Blossom pattern is available here
February 24, 2001
  • A new look
  • New beads... crystals, size 13/0
  • New shuttles
  • New books
  • New magnets and storage media
  • The magnifying tweezer is back

Coming soon..... angel wings, silk thread, size 70 and 100 Cordonnet Special in white......
November 5, 2000
For those who are so curious about the NATA shuttle they couldn't move, I have added it to my page, in the Tools Section, of course...
My Tat's All Itty Bitty Mini Shuttle has been added as well.
October 6, 2000
Mark has provided the instructions for making his chocker. Find it in the Patterns Section.
September 20, 2000
Jane has designed her own Celtic bug, and then a Butterfly using the same methods. Both are quite the cuties! Find them in the Patterns Section.
September 16, 2000
Jane has designed her own button, and all you need is a curtain ring! Find it in the Patterns Section.
September 15, 2000
It's getting close to Christmas, and there are 2 new flake designs from 2 talented designers. Find them in the Patterns Section.
August 20, 2000
Santa Claus has come to town early! Check out Jane's great pattern. She is one talented designer!
You can find Santa in the Patterns Section.
August 15, 2000
  • A new Poll! Tell us your tatting tool, or take the Opera wish list.
  • Canada Post has announced a price increase effective October 2nd, 2000 to help cover higher gas prices. Save and order before then.
July 27, 2000
  • Well, I cheated and saved a step here, but Ki's Teddy bear was uploaded and announced last week. You can find this cutie in the Patterns Section
  • More size 12 2-cut Charlottes, this time in black.
  • Two new beads, mother of pearl in a rice shape and a tulip shape that has a fluted top! They are all in the beads section.
  • Smaller lobster clasps in gold and silver tone. They are in the Findings section.
  • It's been loaded for a while, but now you can find it! The DMC colour chart, with the Cotton Perle index.
In case you miss it, there is a tatting related Wordsearch to be done. Have fun!
June 30, 2000
Both of Jane Eborall's most recent patterns have been added in the Patterns Section
May 18, 2000
  • Added Opera Mini sets to the Opera pages.
  • Karey Solomon's books are in!
April 17, 2000
Jane Eborall's Fabulous Frog! Check it out in the Patterns section.
April 12, 2000
No More INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDERS! US customers can now use their own cheques (or check LOL) to pay for their orders. There is a small $2US fee that is due.
April 12, 2000
  • Drop down menus to get you where you want to go from just about anywhere.
  • A Guest Book ... by popular request.
  • New beads, and 3 of them 3cut charlottes in size 12/0; they are beautiful!. And some little hematite hearts. You can find these in the Beads Section
  • More Cordonnet Special colours in size 30.
  • 2 new books that are more lace reference books, but they do mention tatting.
  • Some price increases, some decreases, all because of increases at supplier's source
  • A nice big tatting wordsearch puzzle and soon (as soon as I get it working...) a poll or two.
January 29, 2000
Peacock Shuttles. Dan Peacock, a Nova Scotia craftsman, makes a lovely shuttle from a variety of woods. You can find these on the Tatting Tools Section
January 21, 2000
Supplier of lowest cost Opera has severe price increase. Price advantage disappears and all Coats Opera threads are $6.25 CD each. Sorry.
December 18th, 1999
  • Added 2 new sizes of Tatting Needles! Now available: for thread sizes 30-60 and one for thread size 80. See it in the Tatting Tools Section
  • Added some storage tubes that are so handy you will find all kinds of needs! They can be found in the Neat Stuff Section
  • Fine litte polymer clay roses are now available to add to your tatting; they can also be found in the Neat Stuff Section
December 9th, 1999
Added the Drunkard's Path edging. See it in the Patterns Section
December 4th, 1999
2 patterns added, Rita's Snowflake and Nancy's Christmas cat. See them in the Patterns Section
November 28, 1999

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