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Tatting Tools and Implements!

If you are looking for something specific, and you don't see it here, let me know.
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Inox and Clover Shuttles
Itty Bitty Mini© Shuttles
Quiet Cricket© Shuttles
Threaders and cutters Tatting Needles
Picot Beader and Bead Loader Bobbin Buddies, Skein Splitter, Thread Tamer and Evaluator Crochet hooks
NATA Stuff Organized Expressions Software Yarn bobbins, Hairpin looms and Crotat hook


Inox brand Shuttle, made in Germany by Prym.
The shuttle looks the same as the Aero, but has more nylon, making it more rigid than the Aero. Not carded, supplied with only one bobbin.

  $ 6.95 CD  Add to Shopping Cart

"The Good Neutered Aero"
using the Aero/Inox brand Shuttle, all the features of the original shuttle remain, but the size is more compact. A Tat's All innovation.

  $ 8.95 CD  Add to Shopping Cart

Clover art. 479 plastic Tatting Shuttle.
2 shuttles per package, blue and pink, orange and green, or green and yellow. Specify your choice or let chance pick it for you!
The Clover shuttle has a fine pick that will let you join even in the smaller picots, and you can take this one on the airplane.

  $ 6.95 CD  Add to Shopping Cart

Plastic Bobbins for Aero/Inox brand Shuttles, 5 ea/pk

  $ 6.25 CD  Add to Shopping Cart

Bobbin Saver
Bobbin Saver for plastic or metal bobbins of all sizes

The 5.25" diameter ring holds over 20 bobbins and lets you see all your bobbin colours and get at them easily.... the bobbins pop in and out, but stay where they are put until YOU take them out.

  $ 9.99 CD  Add to Shopping Cart

Clover Thread Cutter Pendant Antique Gold.

Hang this on your chatelaine or around your neck and never have to look for scissors. The blade inside the pendant is sharp, and you can cut in any of the openings.

  $ 9.50 CD  Add to Shopping Cart

Clover Petit Cut Threader with cutter

This 3/4" square has a needle threader on one corner and a recessed cutter on the other. Fits anywhere.

  $ 5.25 CD  Add to Shopping Cart

Double needle threader
Clover Double Needle threader

One end (marked with a larger bump) is for sewing machine needles and larger needles; the other end is for smaller needles.

  $ 5.50 CD  Add to Shopping Cart

Tat's All Itty-Bitty Mini Shuttles

$20.00 CD

The Tat's All Itty-Bitty shuttles are designed like no other; they have these features:
  • Thread will not unwind....
  • no wear and tear on the thread as you wind on or use,
  • you can use thread in size 20 to as thin as you like in this shuttle.

The Mini shuttle is under 1" long
Available in Corian and wood in a limited variety of colours, and in more materials as they are tested and approved. If the sample you chose is not available, you will be notified.


Light Earth  SORRY, SOLD OUT

Malachite   SORRY, SOLD OUT


Sapphire   SORRY, SOLD OUT

I have 1 stone one and a small chocolate one left; As soon as I take care of the legalities of my hubby's death, I will try to make some more.

The shuttle is pretty, small but fully functional, and this is what Nell Corns tatted using her prototype
(Thank you for testing it!)

The Quiet Cricket

The Quiet Cricket was created from many requests from customers for larger versions of the Itty Bitty Mini Shuttle.

It has been named the Quiet Cricket because of it's shape, and because you can tat without a sound.

The Quiet Cricket will hold approximately 8 meters of size 40 thread, almost a full aero bobbin.

The Cricket measures approximately 1.35" long, and between 0.75" and 1" wide, and 0.5" thick. The Nougat is cream with orange, green, blue, and brown markings..... similar to the candy it is named after, and the Stone looks like a stone, with grey, black and white flecks.

Introduced at the Finger Lakes Tatting Days 2004 in Hector NY.

The Sapphire has sold out ... but as soon as we can, the stock will be replenished.

$40.00 CD
Sapphire Quiet Cricket
Nougat Quiet Cricket

Nougat   Add to Shopping Cart

Stone Quiet Cricket

Stone   Add to Shopping Cart

Crochet Hooks

0.4 mm and 0.6 mm Crochet hooks

All hooks come with a sheath to protect the end.

0.4mm  $ 6.00 CD  Add to Shopping Cart

0.6 mm  $ 4.75 CD  Add to Shopping Cart


All needles are solid nickel plated steel.

Tatting Needle for size 5, 10 and 20 threads. Will produce a padded effect with size 30.
Long eye for ease of threading. 3 3/8" long.

$2.50 CD   Add to Shopping Cart

Tatting Needle for sizes 30-60 threads
Small eye, 4" long. (Equivalent to No.7 needle)

$2.50 CD   Add to Shopping Cart

Tatting Needle for size 80 thread. Long eye for ease of threading. 2" long.
Sample needle and shuttle tatted.Here are samples (Click to enlarge) of a motif shuttle and needle tatted, using size 80 thread and the #80needle. The difference in size is slight.

$2.50 CD   Add to Shopping Cart

Tatting Needle for size 100 and smaller threads. Long eye for ease of threading and almost 3" long (so that you can see it!).

   Add to Shopping Cart

Product #easyeye

Easy Eye needle, basically a needle with the eye in the middle and closed ends. Good for hiding ends and loading beads.

$ 2.00 CD   Add to Shopping Cart

Tat's All Bead Tools

Product #PicoBead
Tat's All's Picot Beader © The tool that comes with it's own picot and bead! Add beads to your joining picots, for threading needles, ... Use it for the Magic Thread trick on thread sizes up to 60. And for storage, it sticks to a magnet.

$ 1.00 CD   Add to Shopping Cart

Product #BeadLoad
Tat's All's Bead Loader © Scoop and load 7" of beads for easy transfer onto your tatting thread, and great for temporary storage too. Store on instruction sheet or stick it on a magnet. Lets you unload unused beads too

$ 2.00 CD   Add to Shopping Cart

Tatting Helpers

Use a Bobbin Buddy to keep the thread on your Aero or Silent shuttle tamed. Sold by the pair or by the dozen.

Pair  $ 1.40 CD   Add to Shopping Cart

Dozen  $ 8.30 CD   Add to Shopping Cart

The Skein Splitter© works like a charm!
Included are instructions on to separate a complete skein of DMC floss with no tangles at all!

Comes complete with a bobbin to start right away.
Not exactly as shown.

$ 3.99 CD   Add to Shopping Cart

If you have ever used rayon thread, you know how hard it is to keep it from completely unwinding. The Thread Tamer© will harness that action and keep your ball tamed. Wrap it around the ball, as shown, or loosely through the core to keep control while using the thread.

Made by Velcro, there is fuzz on one side and micro hooks on the other. Sold in 2' lengths

$ 1.00 CD   Add to Shopping Cart

If you like to compare your thread sizes between manufacturers and materials, the Thread Evaluator© is one way to do it.

Each transparent plastic sheet has 3 pockets, each with it's own zip top. Available empty or with 6 cards printed with information to record the thread specs, and a simple pattern (feel free to submit your own); you can load 2 in each pocket for double sided use. The cards are cut so that you can attach the sample.

Without insert  $ 3.50 CD Add to Shopping Cart

With inserts  $ 4.25 CD Add to Shopping Cart

Mixed Media

2 mm afghan/crotat hook
is suitable for thread
sizes 5 - 20.

8" long, steel.
If you want to know how to use the hook, click here to pop open a new window with a diagram you can print out.

$ 2.75 CD   Add to Shopping Cart

2.5" in total length, these fish shaped bobbins can serve as a teaching tool, spare "ball thread" or a flat shuttle. Rigid plastic, in four colours. Pick the colour (for single units), and if it's available, it's yours.

1:  $ 0.55 CD    Add to Shopping Cart

2:  $ 1.05 CD   Add to Shopping Cart

10:  $ 5.30 CD   Add to Shopping Cart

2.75" in total length, rectangular shaped, can serve as a teaching tool, spare "ball thread" or a flat shuttle. Flexible plastic, in four colours. Pick the colour (for single units), and if it's available, it's yours.

1:  $ 0.20 CD   Add to Shopping Cart

2:  $ 0.38 CD   Add to Shopping Cart

8:  $ 1.45 CD   Add to Shopping Cart

Susan Bates Large Adjustable Hairpin Lace loom

Adjusts from 2" to 4", favoured by crocheters. Instructions on card.

$ 6.95 CD   Add to Shopping Cart

NOTE: Hairpin Lace loom that adjusted from 3/4" to 2" WAS DISCONTINUED IN 2004.


The membership card is now available ....... see below.

The NATA combos are available for both shuttle, and now needle tatters.
The combo consists of a nut with brass hardware and personalized with your NATA number; it opens to reveal the shuttle or needles. The nut is a tauga nut, also known as vegetable ivory; it has a tough, thin brown outer covering, with a creamy white interior.
* The NATA Combo for shuttle tatters has an IBMS (see below).
The NATA Combo for needle tatters has 2 gold plated needles held on a magnet embedded in the nut.
There is also a NATA Combo for BOTH types, the Duo, and this has a nut with a shuttle below the needle platform.

Only one of each number will be produced.

The combos are out of production for the time being. Keep watching this page for updates.

Product #natacard ..... $2.00 CD Personalized Card only Add to Shopping Cart
Product #natalamcard ..... $3.00 CD Personalized Laminated card Add to Shopping Cart

Make sure you specify your NATA number in the special instructions area when you are ready to complete your order.


Organized Expressions TM
A notebook and Diary software for all needleworkers

  • Personalize and catalogue all your needleworking information
  • Fun and Easy to use, just fill in the blanks
  • Inventory all your needlework floss, threads, ribbons, fibers, beads and more
  • Catalogue and categorize all your patterns, books and magazines
  • Use the diary to record all your finished projects, and add the picture!

Visit LNS Software, the designer, to see all the features first hand.

System requirements: CD drive, for Windows 3.1x, 95, 98, 2000. Requires 4 MB hard drive space and 386 PC or better.

$ 29.95 CD and US   Add to Shopping Cart

NOTE: All LNS software can be obtained from Tat's All.

Also available:
  • "Scrapbooking"
  • "Rubber Stampers"
  • "Knitters & Crocheters"
  • "Quilters"
  • "People who Sew"
Let me know if you need any of these.

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