- Picot
  * Repeat from spot indicated by asterisk or other symbol to current location or where indicated by second *
  / Location where to start tatting the split portion of the ring or chain
  [ ] Location where to start the Self Closing Mock Ring (SCMR)
J + Join
Bead B Bead
  BB Bugle Bead
  C&T Cut and tie
  Ch Chain
  clR Close Ring
  CR Center Ring
  CTM Continuous Thread Method (Thread is not cut after loading shuttle, leaving attached to ball, or with thread wound onto another shuttle without cutting)
  ds Double Stitch
  jk Josephine Knot or Ring, using only the first or second half of the ds for the indicated number of stitches.
  j Join
  join Join
  Lj Lock Join
  Sj Shuttle Join
  LR Large Ring
  p Picot
pb+ pbj Picot Bead join
  prev Previous (ring, chain, picot)
  R Ring
  repeat Repeat (from * or other symbol/instruction)
  rw Reverse Work, putting it from the top to the bottom, or vice versa
  SCh Split Chain
  SCMR Self Closing Mock Ring
  sep Separated (usually a number of p sep by a number of ds, a shorthand for a repetition ... like 2p sep by 4ds, would be 4ds, p, 4ds, p, 4ds
  SmR Small Ring
  SR Split Ring
  SSt Sets of Stitches: Single stitches consisting of the first half of the ds for the number of stitches indicated, followed by single stitches consisting of the second half of the ds for the number of stiches indicated, resulting in a zig-zag effect.
  turn Turn your work, as you would turn a page...

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