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Net Talk -- Acronyms

Here is a list of the ones most often used. If you have any to contribute,
E-mail me!

LOL laughing out loud
OTFL on the floor laughing
ROTF rolling on the floor
ROTFLMAO rolling on the floor, laughing my a.. off!
ROFLWTIME rolling the floor laughing with tears in my eyes
AFK away from keyboard
BAK back at keyboard
BRB be right back
TTFN tah tah for now
WB welcome back
BTW by the way
GMTA great minds think alike
CUL8R see you later
WTG way to go
{ } hugs
J/K just kidding
OMG oh my gosh
OIC oh, I see
UGG you go girl
LMB O laughing my butt off
IAB I am bored
TTYL talk to you later
SP secret pal
SO significant other
LTNS long time no see
OTOH on the other hand
TIA thanks in advance
LW long winded
ELW extra long winded
DH, DD, DS, DM dear hubby, daughter, son, mom and so on
GS-GD grandson, granddaughter
FAQ frequently asked questions
HTH hope this helps
IMHO in my humble opinion
AFAIK as far as I know
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