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Neat Stuff

If you are looking for something specific, and you don't see it here, let me know!

The items on this page don't really fit into any other category but Neat Stuff!
Neat stuff to keep you pain free, neat stuff to store your beads in, neat stuff to tat over and around, just neat stuff!

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Body-Rite Posture Pleaser
Gift Certificates and Time Gift Boxes Tubes
Magnets Angel Wings
Bookmark sleeves, Ruler, keyfobs, coasters Roses and 2-hole marbelized ovals Other neat stuff

MagEyes Body-Rite Posture Pleaser

Body Rite

If you suffer from sore shoulders because you let your posture go when you are concentrating on your lacemaking? Do you have back, shoulder or neck problems?

Body-Rite to the rescue.

Body-Rite™ is an effective ergonomic and preventive product that addresses the problems associated with occupations and hobbies that require on to work for a prolonged period of time with the hands extended in front of the body.

Body-Rite™ is a three pound counter-balance designed to aid in the prevention of muscle strain in the neck, shoulders and back. The unit is made with a one pound weight that comes off easily should you only need a two pound counterbalance.

Special benefits are:

My personal testimonial: I have degenerative disk disease in my neck, and my shoulders suffer. When I wear the Body-Rite, the pain is eased and usually disappears.

Another posture aid on the market, priced slightly less ($40.00), has the following description:
Worn as a reminder to minimize drooping of the shoulder resulting from poor posture; when shoulders slump, the snugly adjusted axillary straps cause mild discomfort, thus encouraging correct posture.

Which would you prefer?

"An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure," making Body-Rite™ worth its weight in gold.

$56.75    Add to Shopping Cart

$5 Gift Certificates

$5 Gift Certificates, with a FREE Picot Beader for the purchaser as a thank you from Tat's All.

Specify the currency of your choice (US or Canadian) and how you want the certificate addressed (ie:"your name is sending this" or "To ....from your secret Santa")

$5.00   Add to Shopping Cart



Time. That is, in a cryogenically sealed, fully kryptonite lined bottle that is covered in Inviso Film for security. Time is heavy, but shipping and insurance are included. Payment may be made in diamonds or gold only. Maximum purchase: 2*


Heart shaped box

heart shaped box, click to view full size.

This heart shaped styrene box has a domed hinged top and snap closure.

It measures 2 9/16" w x 2 15/16" l x 1" h (outside dimensions); almost 2 1/2" from a top curve to the slightly flattened bottom. It is shown here at 50%.

$1.50    Add to Shopping Cart


1.5in tube

Sturdy 1 3/8" diameter x 4" long tube. Store your shuttle and a ball of size 80 thread, or your Silent double shuttle and extra bobbins. The plastic is clear and the screw-on top is metal. Sold by the unit.

  $1.15   Add to Shopping Cart

4in tube

1" diameter x 4" long tube
Store your bobbins or a combination of bobbins and shuttle! The sturdy plastic is clear and the screw-on top is metal. There are many, many other uses... Sold by the unit.

  $1.00   Add to Shopping Cart

6in tube.

This sturdy 1/2" diameter tube is perfect for storing your needles, crochet hooks or beads.

Add a magnet, sold below and your needles will come out but stay put when you take the top off..... great when you want a specific needle. Sold by the unit.

  $0.80   Add to Shopping Cart


Rare Earth Magnets

Do you find that you have been losing your needles or crochet hooks? Well, tat yourself a bracelet around one of these and you will never look for your tools again!

Despite their size, these magnets are incredibly strong. This is due to the electron array in the neodymium from which they are made.

I am carrying the two smallest magnets in the picture and the same sizes with a hole in the middle.

The smallest can lift a 2lb block of steel! The 3/8" is even stronger!

These are so strong, I would take my watch off when I am wearing the bracelet


Gold metal filigree angel wings, with holes on the solid portion between the wings to make attaching easy. DISCONTINUED ITEM; LIMITED STOCK!!
1.75" (4.5cm)   $ 0.45   Add to Shopping Cart


Squeeze purse frame
The 3.5" squeeze frame is no longer available. If you want the 10" or 12" one, let me know and I will add them to this space for you.

  $ 1.30   

Acrylic key fob, with 1 1/4 inch opening for your tatting. Sold by the unit.

  $2.50   Add to Shopping Cart

square fob Acrylic key fob, with 1 1/4 by 1 3/4inch opening for your tatting. Sold by the unit.

  $ 2.75   Add to Shopping Cart

4 inch acrylic coaster 4 inch acrylic coaster with 3 1/4" insertable section. The acrylic back has feet and non slip pads you can attach if you need to. Sold by the unit.

  $ 4.35   Add to Shopping Cart

Here is the ruler at 25%, click to see it at 50%12 inch acrylic ruler. Sold by the unit.

  $ 6.50   Add to Shopping Cart


3 sizes of bookmark sleevesClear plastic bookmark sleeves in 3 widths, all 10" long. Sold by the unit.
NOT an archival product.
1.5" sleeve  $ 1.25 Add to Shopping Cart
2" sleeve  $ 1.50 Add to Shopping Cart
2.5" sleeve  $ 1.75 Add to Shopping Cart


I make these roses from polymer clay. Each rose, like those in nature, is different in colour, construction and size. There is a hole in the bottom of each rose where it can be attached to your tatting.
They are available in solid colours or variegated like some tea roses. Sold by the unit.

Take a look at the ones in stock.
Specify the rose number when you order; don't see one to fit, let me know the size and colour, and I will custom make it for you.

Here is a sample created and tatted by Melissa. Wow!

  $ 1.50   Add to Shopping Cart

In the Catalogue, these are described as Double hole marbelized ovals". They are that and more. Made from a polyresin (I think!), these buttons, for lack of a better term, are one of a kind --no two are the same. The tops are glossy and the colours varied. The holes are in the top and bottom thirds across the narrow part of the button. Size: 1" by 5/8".
Specify your colour preference. If it isn't available, I will let you know. Sold by the unit.
I am temporarily out of stock at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  $ 3.98   Add to Shopping Cart

Bottles and Drops

Heart shaped frosted Glass bottle pendant. You can actually put a liquid in these! Under the gold tone top is a stopper that should prevent the contents from spilling.
The heart is a little more than 1" high, the total pendant is 2" high x 1 5/8" wide. Sold by the unit.

  $ 2.40   Add to Shopping Cart

Acrylic Macro Drops, approximately 1" across, faceted to catch the light. There is a hole at the top for hanging. Side and front view above. Sold by the unit.

  $ 1.25   Add to Shopping Cart

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