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Tat's All Metallic Thread

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Metallic Thread.

Available in 2 sizes, in gold and silver.

This thread is a joy to tat with. The metallic thread is tightly wound around a multi-stranded core.

You can tat with a firm hand, but not tightly.

The thread is soft and pliable when you are tatting with it, but once a ring is closed or a chain tensionned, you would think you had tatted with wire.

Using the same pattern, the samples above and here are tatted using both sizes to illustrate the difference.

Customer reviews

The 810 size thread is roughly equivalent to size 10 crochet thread. Sold by the meter at $0.45/meter.

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The 893 size thread is slightly smaller than size 30 tatting thread. It is sold by the meter, at $ 0.45 /meter

This silver Snowflake is shown at 200%silver 893 thread shown at 200%

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