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Because sometimes, our eyes need a little help.

If you know of anything that should be added here, Let me know

Untatting Tweezers and Magnifer

We all know "Count twice, close once", but sometimes we just forget.

I have always broken the thread when I try pulling the core thread (the last half of the last ds usually unflips when you pull the ring tight), so using the magnifying lens on these pointed tweezers will do the trick..... just untat a ds or two and you can open the ring without a problem.

My students call these my eyes

Stainless Steel with a quartz lens; the full length is 3.5".

  $ 8.95   Add to Shopping Cart

MagEyes Plus Magnifer MagEyes Plus!

By far one of the best and most comfortable magnifiers on the market.

By popular demand, and to give you the best bang for your buck, I have brought in the MagEyes Plus, which will give you the magnifier you will be happy with forever.

Previously, you could buy the magnifer with one set of lenses, and have to pay to get a higher magnification, and more if you wanted the loupe. Now you get the magnification you want, with a built-in loupe.

Here is a table of your savings (the highlighted items are the stocked ones)

PRODUCT #2, #4 Lenses #5, #7 lenses Head piece Loupe Total
MagEyes Green LO Included n/a $49.00 $9.00 $58.00
MagEyesPlus LO Included n/a 49.95 included $49.95
MagEyes Green Hi Magnification included $21.00 $49.00 $9.00 $79.00
MagEyes Plus Hi n/a included $61.25 Included $61.25

See below for the lens magnification information.

Changing lenses is still a breeze and MagEyes can be worn over glasses and, for other hobbyists, over safety goggles.

The MagEyes Plus LO will give you the #2 and #4 lenses; the MagEyes Plus Hi will give you the #5 and #7 lenses


If your old workhorse MagEyes needs to have the foam replaced, these are also available below.

Mageyes Plus Lo  $49.95   Add to Shopping Cart

Mageyes Plus Hi  $61.25   Add to Shopping Cart

#5 lens  $21.00   Add to Shopping Cart

#7 lens  $21.00   Add to Shopping Cart

Replacement foam for head band  $ 2.50   Add to Shopping Cart

MagEyes Lens Magnification Information

(Source Mageyes)

Lens # Magnification Working distance
#2 1.6x 12"-14"
#4 2.0x 10"-12"
#5 2.25x 7"-10"
#7 2.75x 4"-7"

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