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There are several lists dedicated to tatting, and there are others that include tatting but the focus is lacemaking in general. I am concentrating on the ones dedicated to tatting... as we are!

The Tat-Chat is a list of people who are also on many other lists, and this is where you can talk about everything, including tatting, but it's mostly to get to know each other.

The S_N Tatters is a Yahoo group with 130 members. Features of the group include two scheduled chat a week (Tuesday afternoon and Thursday evening) we have a B-day chat the last Thursday of every month during which we play games and award prizes (door prize, prizes for the games, and a b-day drawing for members whose B-day is that month), we try to have an exchange a month, and occasionally hold classes in the chat room.

"Tat All Tales is a list for people who like myself have developed a love for this wonderful artform and who would like to share their tatting tales with friends from all over the world. Beginners are most welcome as are the longtime tatters who inspire us all so much!! This list is dedicated to helping the art of tatting flourish so that it continues well into the 21st century and beyond. Help,support and great friends are only an email away...you'll love it here...that's a promise:0)"

The group was founded Jan 10, 2000, and at last count there were 171 members.

Please note: Absolutely no spamming is allowed...it makes people feel uncomfortable. Also, do be sure to have your virus-software on at all times and up-to-date for the sake of your own computer and that of your new friends

Tatting Safely was created in July 2001 because of concerns and damage experienced by several tatters and attributed to viruses.

This list is not moderated, but you must be invited by a member to join. The only requirements are a valid virus detector and vigilance in obtaining updates and a no flaming policy.

This list is for tatters and tatting, and is similar to Tat Chat. Members can choose to post pictures of their tatting in a folder the public can see, or in folders only visible to Tatting Safely members. We are friendly, supportive and ready to help in any way we can.

Lurkers are tolerated (for a while), so members are encouraged to have a say about something! :-)... just remember, the more you share, the richer we all become.

There is also a place for pictures of other things that are important to you.... besides tatting, like your family, pets, recipes, shuttles and more. We support the whole tatter.

The Workbaskets list was started, not long ago, for people who want to talk about patterns in workbaskets and for those that collect them. It's just getting off the ground (not much activity right now, in fact), and membership is low, but right now, it's primarily made up of tatters.
I'm still working on the charter for the list, so I haven't got a complete list of rules for it yet.

You can get digest versions of each of the lists. This means you will get the digest when there are 20 messages or daily. If you don't get the digests, you will get all the messages as they are sent or arrive at the servers.

Getting on the Lists


To subscribe to Tat Chat please go to http://www.lacemakers.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/tatchat . You will see a page where you can sign up and set your preferences. Once that is sent, you will receive a confirmation email you have to reply to; once done, you are able to send and receive Tat-Chat email. Flaming is NOT tolerated and any nasty people will be barred.


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Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/S_NTATTERS

Tat All Tales

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For more information:http://www.geocities.com/contessa_au/TatalltalesHome.html
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Tatting Safely

You can take a look (Here is the url:http://www.smartgroups.com/groups/tattingsafely.) but to join you have to be invited by one of the members. If you want to join,Email me!. Be sure to include the name and serial number of your virus protection program.


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Most of these lists are fun, informative, friendly,
caring, and extremely generous with their time,
knowledge and patterns.

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