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Tatting Links
in the USA

If you are not here or would like to change anything, E-mail me with your name,   URL,   country and a brief description of your site (or the changes.)

  • Tatting Treasures      Maus's site, with lotsa patterns, pictures and inspiration.

  • Tattered !      It takes a little bit to load, but it's worth the wait. You will find tips, patterns and how to. It's a sister site to Picotnet.

  • Mark Myers, aka       TatMan !,       where you can find patterns, miniature work, and some of TatMan's creative genius.

  • Dan the Tatmeister another TatMan, and another incredible tatter. The men are putting some of us women to shame! Dan has information on patterns, new and antique shuttles, copyrights and more!

  • Tatting Goddess aka Gina, shares her daily experiences with tatting and the world. Lots of fun to share her day.

  • Krazy about Tatting shuttles      A site dedicated to the history of tatting shuttles.

  • Sumac's Lace Pages      If you like Celtic tatting, this is the spot! Sumac is addicted to crossing threads in and out..... both in tatting and in bobbin lace..... mostly tatting though!

  • Carol's Tatting      where you can see samples of her tatting and Ukranian eggs, and, of course, her birds.

  • Becky's      "Tatting Needle" site    See her new gallery of tatting, and make sure you sign her guestbook.

  • The Handicraft WebRing      A new webring for hand crafts. Read the rules and submit your site.

  • Have Shuttle, Will Tat      Lenore English will show you some of her samples, and a "Just for You! treat.

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  • Tatting And Lace Making In Virginia        Suzann Welker has some great copyright free patterns, instructions, reviews. You can see my variation on her split ring Header pattern. Both are nice.

  • Kwiki Kritters to tat for your kids, or for you! Everything from SassiSerpent to Honi-Bee.

  • Joan Thomas showing off her beautiful tatting, and you can click on the links to see how talented her family is too.

  • Donna's Dreams Beading and tatting too!

  • This 'n' Tat      by Lisa Trumble. Check out the lessons and tips, patterns and lots of fine tatted examples.

  • Birgit's page, with lots of nice patterns to play with! Thank you!

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  • The Mad Tatter      K. Dale Pomeroy makes some of the most gorgeous 3-D flowers. His page is under construction, but it's still worth a visit.

  • Atlanta IOLI      Sherry Graham created this site and it's full of tatting and other laces. No patterns.

  • Cluny Tatting Bibliography      Find out all about Cluny leaves here. Not only is there a bibliography, but there are links to instruction and patterns.

  • Picotnet      LaRae's sister site to Tattered! There are instructions, patterns, tips, locate a lacemaker, and lots more. Don't miss it!

  • Domestic Arts      Dianna Stevens' Forget-Knot books and Tatterly's Designs. She designs a Mystery Motif and lets us guess how she did it before revealing her secret. Lots of pics and ideas.

  • Bethann's (aka Mrs Heart)      new site, up and running on March 18, 1999. She has some beautiful tatting in her catalogue area, and all you have to do is follow the beautiful shuttles....

  •  Tanya's site, with pics of her tatting tools and exchanges .... and here is the link to her blog. Have fun!

  •  Mississipi Tatter's Guild Pages Well here in Mississippi we are really getting excited about our tatting guild , the first organized tatters group in the state.

  •  Heather Ann's tatting page Heather has some nice patterns for you to try out, with nice colour pictures and well written patterns. Have fun!

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