Staying Healthy

with exercises so we can tat longer!

Sitting in our favourite chair and tatting, sitting at the computer surfing E-bay for stuff or just reading your mail, and life in general can lead to tightness in our neck and shoulders that detracts from the enjoyment of our addictions.

Here are some exercises designed to help strengthen and prevent injury of the neck and shoulder muscles. Always start slowly to give your muscles a chance to warm up before attempting anything strenuous.

Start wit some self-massage to the neck and shoulder muscles; this will often relax them, relieves tension and reduces the discomfort of muscle spasms.

NOTE: These are serious exercises, with a little tongue in cheek that we all need and enjoy.

If you suffer from any neuro or muscular disease in the neck and shoulders, please consult your doctor before attempting any of these exercises.

Exercise #1

Is my partner looking? I see some thread for my stash!

aka Chin Turn

Exercise #2

Maybe if I look at the pattern sideways I will be able to see the start point!

aka Head Turn

Exercise #3

Oh no! No more money and look at those goodies!

aka Shoulder Shrug

This shrug should be done twice per day.

Upper back stretch Exercise #4

We must, we must, we must improve..... hmm what's wrong with this picture?!

aka Upper Back Stretch

Climbing the wall Exercise #5

There was a door here when I started the pattern .....

aka Climbing the wall.

Do this twice a day.

Resisted Flexion of the Neck Exercise #6

So many UFOs! Where to start?!!!

aka Resisted Flexion of the neck.

Resisted extension of the neck Exercise #7

No problem! UFOs finished.

aka Resisted extension of the neck.

Resisted side bend Exercise #8

Oh oh! Where are the kids?

aka Resisted side bend.

Relax and repeat three times.

Resisted Rotation Exercise #9

What?!! they are in college?!! But!!

aka Resisted Rotation.

Repeat the full sequence three times.

Resisted Flexion of the shoulders Exercise #10

I was doing a split chain and I can't get unflipped!.

aka Resisted Flexion of the shoulders.

Relax, and then repeat three times.

Resisted extension of the shouldersExercise #11

I was doing a split ring and the spider came alive! I have it right here!

aka Resisted extension of the shoulders.

Repeat three times.

Reprinted with the permission of the author, John Stanton, president of the Running Room. The images remain the property of John Stanton and can only be used here.

Created on ... March 26, 2004

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