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Tatting Books

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The Complete Book of Tatting
by Rebecca Jones

The shuttle tatter's bible. Rebecca Jones presents, in her words, everything you wanted to konw but couldn't find out about shuttle lace. Did you know there were 6 different methods of tatting? Along with all the techniques, there are several patterns to help you learn your new skills.

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Tatting,2nd Edition
Tatting, 2nd edition;
Designs from Victorian Lace Craft
Edited by Jules and Kaethe Kliot

A republication of the following books:

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by Mary Konior

Crosses, flowers, filet tatting and more! There are at least 50 patterns in the book, beautiful colour photographs and 16 valuable tips to help your tatting skills.
This is not at all like the book where you have beautiful pictures of all the patterns NOT in the book!

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Tatted Lace of Beads
The Techniques of BEANILE LACE
by Nina Libin

If you like beads, and you love tatting, this is the book to expand your horizons. Nina walks you through the traditional addition of beads with beautiful practice pieces and then gets you into the Beanile method.

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Easy Tatting
by Rozella F. Linden

Published in 1999

Basic simple patterns.

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Left Handed Loop tatting book
Shuttle Tatting

Left Handed

ISBN 0-9736901-1-9        

Right Handed Loop tatting book Right Handed
ISBN 0-9736901-0-0

By Gale H Marshall

Self-published in 2003.

This 25 page booklet has pictures and text that will guide either right or left handed hopeful tatters through the process of shuttle tatting using the loop method.

The loop method is the easiest to understand, and gives the tatter an understanding of stitch formation that will make more advanced techniques easier to acquire.

Patterns are provided for each level of skill, with long and short notation for each pattern and a visual pattern for the final pattern.

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True Ring Needle Tatting book
True Ring Needle Tatting
ISBN 0-9736901-2-7

By Gale H Marshall

Self-published in 2004.

This 46-page book will show you how to tat using the True Ring Method, the one that most closely resembles shuttle tatting in thread handling.

You will learn how to make your stitches, rings and chains, learn regular and mock picots, standard and special joins, how to read patterns, hide ends and add thread with the aid of many colour pictures. There are patterns in the book to match what you have learned to date.

Buy the book and your first needle for thread sizes 5-20 and I will take $1.00 off your needle purchase.

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Flitting Fingers, Tatting in the 19th century
Flitting Fingers
by Virginia Mescher

If you want to learn about tatting, it's origins, materials, techniques and more, this 110 page book is it. You will find some patterns, clear illustrations and information on patents for the first shuttles.
This book is clearly laid out, well documented, and well worth the price.

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Tatted Ornaments by Terry the Tatter. Tatted Ornaments
by Terry the Tatter

Our own Terry has come out with book that will keep your tree covered with beautiful ornaments ... traditional ball patterns, bells, eggs and a couple of unusual shapes. Click here to see a collage.

Beautiful colour images with descriptive shorthand notation, visual diagrams and close-up detail for most.

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Samantha Melnychuk's Veritable Tatted Bizzard. A Veritable Tatted Bizzard
by Samantha Melnychuk

Samantha's first book showcases patterns for 10 tatted snowflakes; a scanned image, visual pattern and short notation accompany each pattern, making all of us happy.

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A Labor of Love by Lily Morales A Labor of Love . . . Tatting beyond the basics.
by Lily Qualls Morales

This 47 page book features some lovely patterns (see the back cover) and some great tips for making your tatting easier......... and then to top it all, she clearly explains and illustrates some new techniques that will get those creative juices flowing. A great first book!

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Jiffy Needle Tatting * Holiday Collection Jiffy Needle Tatting
* Holiday Collection *
by Selma and Ed Morin

Needle tatting patterns for all the holidays. Some of them have been combined with crochet, knitting and appliqué, with a variety to suit everyone. Just as with shuttle tatting, these patterns can be made by all tatters, no matter what tool you prefer.

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Tatting Patterns by Lyn Morton Tatting Patterns
by Lyn Morton

A very nice book with more than 40 original patterns, beautiful colour pictures with instructions and diagrams to help you tat the patterns. This book will interest beginner to advanced tatters.

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Tatted Gathering of Angels
by Mark Myers

Self published in 2001
Mark has created 12 patterns representing angels in bookmarks, jewelry or just as decorations. You can apply aquired techniques like split rings, SCMR, cluny leaves and block tatting in some of the patterns, or keep them handy for the day when you learn those techniques. Each pattern has a photographed example, detailed visual pattern and short notation text.
Whether you are new to tatting, or an old hand at it, there will be something for everyone here, and Mark also has provided instruction on how to make split rings, the shoe lace and magic thread trick, and how to set yourself with the Continuous thread method (CTM), a handy way of avoiding 2 ends to hide.

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Tatting Technique And History
by Elgiva Nicholls.
ISBN 0-486-24612-4, 128 pages.
Learn about the development of each tatting element from the lowly picot to the majestic ring and multiple thread techniques. This book is a good reference/learning tool, but there aren't too many patterns in it.

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Ann Orr's Classic Tatting Patterns

Reprint of 1940 Tatting, Book No. 35, Revised
ISBN 0-486-24897-6
Inside there are many doilies/luncheon sets, 26 medallions and 37 edgings. On page 30, there are instructions on how to do a split ring, which she calls reverse stitch. And we thought this was a modern technique!

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Tatting with Anne Orr

This 1989 edition is an altered and abridged replublication of her Tatting Book No.13. and the 1935 American Thread Publication Star Book of Tatting Designs, Book No.2
More medallions and edgings than you can shake a stick at! You will also find 3 baby caps and a pattern for booties too!.

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