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Tatting Books

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New Dimensions in Tatting
New Dimensions in Tatting
by To de Haan-Van Beek

Learn a completely different way of looking at picots and joining to create a woven effect, useful for leaves, flower petals and more. Learn to tat using several different colours and make different coloured blossoms on a single stock. The patterns are stunning. THIS IS NOT THE BOOK FOR BEGINNERS.


DMC Bridal Tatting
DMC Bridal Tatting
11 patterns for everything from the ring bearer's pillow to a basket and a bridal headpiece/christening bonnet.

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DMC's Book of Charted Tatting Designs
DMC Book of Charted Tatting Designs
by Kristine Nikolajsen & Inge Lise Nikolajsen

52 patterns for doilies, hair bows, bridal pieces and more.

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Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework
First published in 1884. Therese de Dillmont gathered up information on every aspect of needlework, from sewing and mending to linen embroidery, tapestry and tatting. Some patterns included. 700 pages, paper bound.

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Patti Duff's Minitats
Minitats, 69 petite motifs
by Patti Duff

Published in 1999.

I contacted Patti to offer to help her publish it to keep my customers happy. Her response: "I will not give you or anyone else permission to reprint my book. I will do it myself WHEN I AM DAMN READY TO DO IT."


Il Lavoro Chiacchierino 10
Edited by Mani di Fata

This 71 page book will provide you with hours of tatting edgings, insertions, holiday decorations, and tatting used as embroidery.
Patterns are written in Italian, but it's fairly easy to decipher, and some have visual patterns. Beautifully photographed.

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Frivolité No.1
Frivolité No. 1
Multilingual patterns (Spanish/English/French) with edgings, doilies and mats.

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Frivolité No.2
Frivolité No. 2
Multilingual patterns (Spanish/English/French) with more edgings, doilies and mats.

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Frivolité No.3
Frivolité No. 3
Spanish patterns only in this version, but stunning doilies inside.

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Frivolité No.4
Frivolité No. 4
Multilingual again, with edgings and more doilies, with visual patterns.

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Monica Hahn's Christmas Angels and other Patterns
Christmas Angels and
Other Tatting Patterns
by Monica Hahn

First published in 1989   this is a completely reset, corrected and revised republication of 2 works by the same name, volumes 1 and 2.
ISBN 0-486-26076-3
Angels for all seasons (and reasons!), ball covers, bells, including a 3-D one, snowflakes and stars, snowmen, frames, bookmarks, butterflies, crosses and more! There are 2 patterns incorporating cluny leaves.
Currently out of stock. Sorry.

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