Identities have been hidden to protect the special members of this nuttery.

Members can be identified by the NATA number tattooed on their chests.

NATA #800

Although I live in Poland, my (new) tatting addiction began in the US. The only evidence that I am "nuts" about this is the speed with which I *had* to gather materials and knowledge.

Following days--a blur of tatting, buying threads, surfing the web for tatting patterns and websites, ordering books from different suppliers, bidding on ebay auctions for thread, shuttles, and patterns. I'm only up to day 41 at this point. I've made 4 motifs, a coaster, 3/4 of a small doily, a pin, a bookmark, and a fair bit of thread-y trash. My 4 children think I'm nuts, and thus I submit my application.

NATA #801

I'm mad about tatting and getting increasingly worse but I'm afraid I don't have a funny story to tell yet.

NATA #802

I taught my left-handed self to needle tat using Barbara Foster's book back in the fall of 2002, immediately becoming addicted. I carry needle and thread with me in my purse wherever I go. But to make matters worse (and nuttier?) I visited the exhibits at the IOLI convention in Harrisburg in 2004 and was taught the flip by a kind tatter there. (Couldn't shuttle tat yet, but was still carrying a shuttle around, of course.) Later that summer I went to Hershey park with friends. Waiting in line for the rides, what was I doing? Practicing shuttle tatting, of course.

NATA #803

This past holiday I was waiting for my take-out order at a local KFC and another patron asked what I was doing. I explained that I was tatting. He was amazed. Once I got my order, I went out to my car and selected a tatted snowflake for him and his family. They were in awe of this little ornament. I take my tatting everywhere in a little miniature backpack that clips on my purse or belt.

NATA #804

About three years ago, when my husband's grandmother passed on, I was given a few tatted items. There were some pretty snowflakes, a tatted edge on a bed sheet that needed repair and what I thought was a tatted tablecloth (in fact it was crocheted). I often showed up for family gatherings and visits with my knitting in hand. My husband's aunt felt I would likely be able to finish the tablecloth, repair the bed sheet and generally appreciate all.

Finally, in October 2005, I decided it was time to learn. I purchased Barbara Foster's Needle Tatting book, a set of needles and a ball of thread. After tatting two doilies, about twenty bookmarks and numerous other small items, I learned to shuttle tat and joined the Shuttlebirds Spokane Tatting Guild in November.

All of my Christmas gifts this year were tatted. I tatted everywhere, doctor's appointments, anytime I was a passenger in a car, on visits, etc. I think the moment it truly sunk in that I was a bit nuts was, when on errands with my husband and father-in-law, I tatted while walking through Walmart. I'm now tatting hearts to attach to valentines. I've even played around with some designs of my own. I only have a few days left to finish them, so I'd better get back to my tatting!!! Do I qualify?

NATA #805

Tatting has become a passion and the other part of it is how much thread can I have. I must get it organized. Maybe in this lifetime.

NATA #806

When I go to the beach I take along my tatting bag with multiple shuttles and threads. My business card reads Tattling Shuttle. If you are a true tatter your accomplishments tattle about what your are doing instead of the housework or other important things you should be doing. Dust and dishes aren't as important as picots and adding beads to the proper weight thread. A tatter can never have enough shuttles,thread, beads or books.

While being employed as night auditor for a hotel, I was the head person on the front desk and during the wee hours of the morning after the audit paperwork was complete, I brought out my tatting to pass the hours. One morning, about 6:30 AM, while adding beads to the thread, I put the crochet hook I was using to pull the thread through the beads directly into my finger and could then not pull the crochet hook out of my finger. I had to stay at the front desk till I was relieved at 7:00 AM, and went directly to the emergency room to have the crochet hook removed from my finger. Never Never use finger as a stop for placing beads on crochet hook as I did. I still tat but use a dental floss threader to add beads.

I would like to start a guild here in Jacksonville, FL and have submitted my name to teach at JoAnn Fabrics.

NATA #807 and
NATA #808

I have always wanted to learn to tat, since my Mother used to tat and I thought it was so pretty. I could not grasp the context of it and didn't until I was goaded by my daughter who had learned to shuttle tat. So my husband and I started looking for books to learn how. He caught on to the shuttle tatting while I caught on to needle tatting. I am still doing the needle tatting but still cannot get the flip. By the way we were both into our seventies when we learned so you still teach an old dog new tricks.

NATA #809

Me encanta el frivolite y practico con mucho cariño me acompaña en mis ratos de soledad y tengo muchos trabajos realizados en mi pais somos pocas las personas que practicamos este arte maravilloso.

Edited Translation by Paralink I love tatting and love to practise. It accompanies me in my moments of solitude and I have a lot of works realized . In my country, we are few that practise this wonderful art.

NATA #810

My first tatting project: gold lace trim on 1540 Tudor Garb for SCA (another nutsy org.) I entered it in a garb contest, my first, in Toronto, and won an honorable mention. I recently picked up tatting again to do a bride's handkerchief; she cried because it was SO beautiful. Now I'm tatting snowflakes for Christmas - I have 36 people I regularly give ornaments to and this year I decided they have to be handmade tatted snow flakes. I designed them all, have 6 each of 15 designs so far (I'm on a roll).

NATA #811

I've been a handwork-textile person since I was seven and a neighbor was prevailed upon to teach me to knit. I learned to crochet from my mother, who was taught by my father, and embroidery and sewing came hard on the heels of those lessons. I learned to tat from a lady at a knitting shop. I owned the old Coats and Clark's book that has all the different craft lessons in it, including tatting, and had always looked at the pictures and thought "That seems so familiar. I'm sure I could learn that if I could just find someone to watch." So, when I walked into the Yarn Shed (alas, now gone) and saw the tatted mobile with a half dozen motifs hanging in the window, I immediately asked to sign up for the class. The gal looked at me and shook her head. "No." "No? What do you mean, no?" "I'm not going to charge you $10 for something you're going to learn in five minutes." "Then teach me." She got a shuttle and showed me the basics, gave me the shuttle and I went home and spent an afternoon making knots that wouldn't slide. I finally went back and asked her what I was doing wrong. She watched me, told me to wrap the thread the other way around my hand (clockwise), and sent me home. I've been tatting ever since. Oddly enough, I never had trouble learning the 'flip'. I was surprised when I realized how many people have such difficulty learning that particular part of it. I tat with my left index finger as the tensioner (I learned to crochet first, remember, and it just seemed normal to use the same finger to twitch the thread into place)and even other tatters stop to watch me tat because it looks odd to them. How do I qualify as Nuts about Tatting? I ended up with a broken wrist some years back, and they put my arm in a cast (purple, I insisted). After two weeks of gritting my teeth and enduring the fact that I couldn't tat, I went nuts, got the bread knife and sawed the thing off myself! And immediately got my shuttle and got busy... fortunately it was only a hairline fracture and had healed enough that I didn't damage myself by doing that....

NATA #812

For about a year, I couldn't figure out what I kept doing with my tatting thread. I had to keep buying more to make up for what I lost. I spent a ton of money on it, and loved every minute of shopping, comparing colors, and just looking.

Well, in January, I got ready to move, and started to find balls of tatting thread everywhere, in the most oddball of places. My cat was 'helping' me pack boxes and move stuff around, and in one spot I found 6 balls of thread. It must have been his favorites, because when I picked them up to add them to the others I found, he swatted at my hand, and he's never done that before. Now I have so much thread! I'm having an awesome time trying out new color combinations, patterns, and threads that I had thought were gone forever.

I've been down with a broken pelvis and torn up knee for the last 5 weeks, and I've really had a chance to improve my work, and use thread color to paint a story!

NATA #813

Well this isn't a funny story but how I started tatting. Last September, I went to a needle tatting demonstration in my area and liked it a lot. But since we were moving to our new house the week after, I thought I would have to put that new hobby on old, at least until we were settle in. Two days after the move, everything in house and boxes everywhere, I decided to reassemble the computer desk and the bookshelf; while putting one of the top shelves in, I dropped the upper on my foot. No worries, I didn't feel anything, no pain, no sensation of any sort, so I knew I had to go see the doctor to have it checked out. When the doctor saw the nail on my middle toe, he told me it was broken and I was to spend 4 to 6 week off my feet, and I replied "YES, now I have all the time I want to learn Tatting". He gave me a surprised look and said "I don't remember seeing someone so happy to learn they have something broken." This is how I started to learn needle and shuttle Tatting. Now I am teaching basic needle and shuttle tatting, and meeting with other tatters for a tatting get-together once a week.

NATA #814

I have tatted in a car, driving here, both near and far.
I have tatted on a boat, putting edgings on a coat.
I have tatted in a camp, making rings by kerosene lamp.
I have tatted in the grass, butterflies with lots of class.
I have tatted in the rain and long ago even in a plane.
I have tatted in near dark with only light from a candle spark.
I have tatted in a park while my grand kids had a lark.
I have tatted here and there...I have tatted everywhere!

NATA #815

I started tatting in October 2005 when I was 16. Ever since then, I've gone nuts for tatting! I'm always browsing eBay for new shuttles, and looking for thread I could use for tatting. Now I take my tatting almost every where! From school, to church, to car trips. I think this is the best hobby ever! :-)

NATA #816

I took a tatting class back in the mid 90's. Tonight, I spent about 1 hour determined to catch a short bit of thread in a weaver's knot. I did not want to cut my work or backtrack to add a new thread (I had made a mistake earlier and wanted to save as much as my work as possible). I realize now that it would have saved time to cut my ring and undo my chain and re-attach my shuttle thread saving me a lot of grief. I take my tatting with me when I have to wait for appointments. I have the most interesting conversations with people about tatting, a lot of people stare and are curious.

NATA #817

I do other needle crafts, but a friend got me interested in tatting 2 years ago. She tried to sit next to me and show me how to use the shuttle, but we always ended up in a fit of giggles, so it wasn't helping me learn! I practiced on my own, but it was hopeless, too tight, not tight enough, picots from another world!? I've been saved by teaching myself needle tatting, it took time, but now I can't, I repeat, CAN'T put my tatting away anywhere I go. I'm a jewelry designer, and now I do tatted beauties too. I can't belive it took be so long to discover tatting, so I guess you can teach an old dog (bitch) new tricks!

NATA #818

As of July 2006, I have been tatting for 8 years. I have many talents; I can sew, quilt, crochet, and knit, but tatting is by far my favorite hobby. I still have this crazy idea that tatting is the best hobby out there.

I once told my husband, "The best thing about tatting is that the lace is so sturdy." My husband replied, "Really? *I* think I could rip it." Aghast, I retorted, "No, you couldn't! I'll prove it to you!" And so I dug around in my stash of little bits and pieces of tatting that don't really mean that much to me. Having produced such a tidbit, I handed it to my husband, defiant and certain that it would withstand the test of his strength. He ripped it in two without even batting an eyelash. Defensively, I reasoned that he was a lot stronger than the average person, and that *I* couldn't possibly be able to rip it. But I tried, and I could. My pride was wounded! Despite this affront, tatting is still the best hobby there

NATA #819

Having been an avid tatter for over 30 years, I've now taken up bobbin lace, since it has more variety. But nothing beats tatting for travel. If the rest of you think you're nuts.......I do craft shows and sell my tatted ornaments and doilies........that's a lot of tatting, as I usually carry $10,000 worth of tatting and lace to a show.

NATA #820

My grandmother taught me to tat when I was very young. She was the only person I ever knew who tatted and she only knew the basics of making an edging. (never learned reverse work, etc) Then, I became busy with school, graduated, went to college, went to graduate school, went for even more graduate school, moved forward in my career and got married. It had been YEARS since I'd picked up a shuttle. One day, I decided to buy some tatting supplies and a book and see if I could still tat. That was 5 years ago. Although there are many other arts/crafts I do (beadweaving, cross-stitching, etc), I still love tatting. I've managed to reach an intermediate level of proficiency through practice, as well as trial and error. I shamelessly purchase and hoard thread, books and patterns. :) I think I'm addicted.

NATA #821

I started loom knitting about a year ago because I was pregnant and needed something to occupy me while on bed rest. I was recently looking for something to embellish a baby blanket I was making and discovered tatting. I have since given up, for the most part, on knitting and stuck with (needle) tatting. I run the thread around my little finger to keep the tension right. During that last pregnancy, I developed carpal tunnel syndrome (I know this is winding and winded, but stick with me here. . .) and my little finger on the left hand is still mostly asleep, so I don't notice when the thread gets knotted on my finger. My doctor has been trying to get me to go get tested to see exactly what is wrong with my finger, but since I live just fine without it (if that was the worst problem i ever had. . .), I've been reluctant. But, since it is now interfering with my tatting, I am considering the testing, for the love of the craft.

NATA #822

I started tatting two years ago and I'm really nuts about this art! I talk about tatting all the time, so my friends and my boyfriend are getting somewhat nuts.... And sorry for my poor english... I tried to write something funnier, but it seemed it was written by a 4 years old child!

NATA #823

I am the nuttiest! Not only do I have the required dozen or so projects going at one time, but I yearn for every shuttle I see! My dad made me lots of real nice wooden shuttles. I guess the real reason I'm so nutty is that I tried for years to get my dad's mom to teach me to tat. She absolutely would not slow down so I could see what she was doing. After she died, I got more determined so I bought several books and kept trying. Finally, after much frustration, I found one that simply told me to drop that left finger so the stitch could "pop" over to the other thread! Revelation! I haven't slowed down since! Holding your fingers out when drinking a cup of tea is one thing, but won't work with tatting!

NATA #824

Ever since my Great Grandma taught me how to tat, I do it all the time.

NATA #825

Yes, I am nuts about tatting. It's the only hobby that you can fit in a 3x4 inch craft bag to take it anywhere (fishing, airplane, car, meeting, doctor's office, and baby sitting grandchildren). This art allows you to share with others ... across the seas! That is something new since I started in 1975. At that time, I belonged to the tatters along the bayou (South Louisiana). We met monthly, produced a newsletter and shared books and patterns. It was lots of fun and my mother began tatting at the same time; She tatted my youngest daughter's Christening Bonnet and Booties. I used the bonnet and botties for my daughter's first child for his Christening. He traveled at 6 weeks from Hawaii to Louisiana for his Christening.... by the same priest as his mother. He is also wearing my handmade Christening dress (by my mother some 61 years ago). OK OK OK that's just some of the history. I love to tat bonnets, too. I have tatted many during the years. I am going to collect some more pictures when I go home to Louisiana. NOW, I can tat while I watch the baby in HAWAII. I am retired, best job yet. I have two grandchildren in Louisiana ages 10 1/2 and 12. I am tatting bookmarkers for the oldest little, or excuse me, not little girl. I will work on the tiger for my grandson.

NATA #826

Want to hear something strange? Tatting shuttles and needles get through airport security but kids safety scissors get taken away.

NATA Squirrel and nut catcher: Maybe because they would rather handle a crying child than a peeved and frustrated tatter!

NATA #827

I had just learned to tat from a friend the 1st of August. I went with my family of SIX to the beach for ten days and TATTED on the shore while 8 months pregnant leaving my husband to watch our other four, ages 7, 5, 3, and 1. Immediately upon returning home (within ten minutes, in fact) I broke my right leg. Three days later, I had surgery, 7 days from my due date. I had to stay in the hospital one night and what did I have with me? My tatting shuttle and thread. Not even a change of clothes! Upon returning home in a wheelchair and chair bound, I tatted endless feet of edging and learned shuttle and ball from the internet. My baby was nearly two weeks late but was born at home (as my other four had been) even with the cast (covered in an AquaSox so I could birth in the water) and what was I doing the evening of the birth of my 5th child with a broken leg in a hard cast, Sept 8 2006? TATTING and NURSING!

NATA #828

I've been tatting about 40 years and grew up with the old cut and tie method of doing everything. Then I was introduced into the world of split rings and chains and have been going to town ever since. I teach classes in Woodward OK and in Seiling OK because I think it would be a shame for this wonderful art form to die out. I know it's not lost, but proportionate wise, it's losing ground. I love the art and will continue as long as my eyes and hands hold up.

NATA #829

So, you don't believe I'm a nutty tatter? Well... I have a comfy chair and good light where I sit to do my tatting. There is hardly ever a time when you can't see a string of rings on the table, on the floor, and in the chair... I've even found tiny ones in the bed and on the bathroom floor. The other day when the pup and I came back inside as I was wiping her feet, there was a tiny tatted flower on the side of her leg. I don't know if she thought we were going off and wanted to be dressed up or not??

NATA #830

I ordered 3 extra large shuttles from David Reed Smith. They arrived on Friday afternoon after Thanksgiving. I wound 1 full and started tatting to see how far I could get on 1 shuttle full. 5,038 stitches and 3 days later, I had a very large center of An Occassional Doily that had been lengthened from 3 ring/chains to 21 ring/chains to make a runner for a neighbor's mantle. I was able to make 3 1/2 rounds on 1 shuttle, 5,038 stitches! Amazing! I think I can do the last round with only 2 full shuttles. The last round should be about 8,400 stitches. Is this crazy or what?

NATA #831

Well...I'd have to say the finally "getting" the FLIP experience! It must have taken me three days, every swear word in my book (birthday present..don't ask GRIN) I phoned my sister around 3am to exclaim my success!!....needless to say I don't have to convince her that I'm nuts. (But she did buy me the "Creative Swear Book")

NATA #832

What are you doing? Tatting. Tacking? NO, tatting -- I'm making tatted things. Oh, that's a lost art. No, it's not -- a lot of people all over the world do it. Well, I've never seen them. You've seen all the people in the world? Of course not. Then how do you know they aren't tatting when you're not looking? Why would they do that? They don't want you to try to take it away from them. I wouldn't! You might if the tatting bug bites you. You've got bugs? Not right now, but I could tat you one. Of course, when you tat on airplanes, in County Recorder's offices all over the West, in restaurants, in grocery store lines, sitting in the mall, in the dentist's chair, and any and all other places where waiting is required -- people get curious. I've made myself a little tag that says "I FOUND it!" because I'm so tired of people telling me tatting is a lost art. Of course, sometimes it's hard for me to find because I store tatting threads and implements anywhere there's a spare corner. I never have to worry about dust bunnies because there's not room under the bed for them!

NATA #833

I keep trying to teach myself - but I just can't seem to make the thread flip. I keep hacking away at it though!

NATA #834

OOOO, I'm gnuts alright.......just ask my cats if you don't believe me! ;0 [.....especially when we start dancing to old Dion songs in this house........why don't cats like to dance?....] ........ok, tatting story: was making this table runner and one of my friends saw it and loved it.........told a friend of hers that I would make her a KING SIZE BEDSPREAD in tatting..........ummmm, almost said yes there, but then decided that life is a leetle too short, and I've got a whole bunch of other thingies to make?.............and I think that HHTatting is on my speed dial.......... .......been tatting since the mid 1960s and started with sewing, if that doesn't qualify as gnuts, I don't know what does........ :)

NATA #835

My grandma taught me to shuttle tat when I was just 8 years old, and as young women, we used to sit side-by-side in her love seat rocker for hours and tat. So much so that when my beautiful daughter, who is now in her late thirties, found a look-alike rocker in a second hand store, she had to buy it. Saying that her fondest memories are of my grandma and me in that chair.

Any way, as I grew older, I somehow drifted away from tatting, until my mother passed away and, in her sewing stuff, I found some of my grandma's tatted lace. Then my youngest son gave me a old bone tatting shuttle that he bought at a garage sale just after. Now I am glued to ebay and others sites and have bought many shuttles and lots of thread. My husband asked me if I thought that who dies with the most tatting stuff wins. I told him no, but someday I am going to retire and I gotta have something to do. Not that I don't tat now ... all of my family has pillow cases that I have hand made then embroidered with a tatted edging.

When I am not at work, I am tatting; my family calls me the mad tatter.

NATA #836

Hello, I think I am nut about Tatting because I spent a lot of time searching for information on the Web to learn about the different tatting techniques. I love to make tatted jewelry and I try to use different kind of materials to enhance the beauty of a tatted jewel. I attend Online Tatting Classes to meet tatters around the world.

NATA #837

I always have a shuttle on my person. When I was in London one time, my roommate washed out her new underwear and hung it out the window on the handle to dry. Alas, it fell to the roof below. She had just bought it and only worn it once and didn't want to lose it, so we got my ball of tatting thread and slowly reeled the shuttle down to the underwear, caught it and pulled it back up.

NATA #838

Hello there, I bought a pretty tatted card about ten years ago, I'll do that one day! Well, I bought a book, read the words but just couldn't see what they said. went to a show, got the hang of it...and forgot by the time I got home. In the meantime I developed arthritis, (Thumb in a very strange position) so had no "pinch". A lovely lady called Jean at a local large craft show in Cardiff said "That's no problem, give me a sec and I'll work out how to do it left-handed". Thank the Lord for the Ring of Tatters!! So I tatted along at a rate of knots (sorry) for a while, had an operation on the thumb, even tatted in a plaster cast. Then, the right thumb threw a wobbly and needed sorting out, So Jean as usual... "No problem, time you learned to tat right handed now". So not only am I tatting anything that can be wound on a shuttle, I am ambidextrous at it too. So when thumb No 1 gets tired, it's over to thumb No 2. Just a thought, I wonder if Jean can use toes too........

NATA #839

One of the essentials in my purse is some thread or a partially finished bookmark so that when we happen to have a few minutes of free time, I can whip it out and work on it. When watching TV I am always working on a project, usually a doily or such, and sometimes I am so engrossed in the tatting, that I do not realize that another show has come on and it isn't what I had intended to watch next, then I just sit and wonder (but not for long) what happened on the show that I was watching! A shopping trip must include a trip to the thread shop for more thread,unless of course we are at the commissary. Some one should tell the government that they should have some thread for us addicts.

NATA #840

I am out of town a lot and picked up tatting on a challenge from a sister-in-law. I find tatting in airports and airplanes helps to pass the time. A side benefit is that it seems to attract women as it is amazing how many strange women (as in not previously known to me) will approach me and inquire. Of course the down side is that I am happily married and am unable to make use of the benifit. Maybe there are some single men out there who need to learn tatting. PS: The sister-in-law is still not able to tat.

NATA #841

Not sure this is funny - more embarassing. Umpty jillion years ago, my grandmother taught me to tat. It was a frustrating proposition, and more than once, I got so mad I threw the shuttle across the room. Finally, I learned and then forgot (well not entirely - it is like riding a bike). I have now picked it up again and am totally hooked. I tat at stop lights and even pick intersections where I know the lights will be longer. (Was I four or five years old when I threw the shuttles? Try 19!)

NATA #842

For many years I tried to teach myself to tat and was not quite sure if what I was doing was right. Everywhere I went I asked people if they knew how to tat and if they could teach me. Each time I mentioned it, people would tell me their grandmother or great aunt used to do it but they had no clue. I rented video tapes from the library... still confused. Finally I found a class that I had to travel about 15 miles to take but I did it and the moment I saw it done live...BAM it clicked and I was hooked. Now I am obsessed with threads and shuttles. I will tat any material that I can manipulate. Don't ask hubby how much I spent on ebay on threads n shuttles. I have taught a whole 4th grade class to tat and bobbin lace and gave a few interested kids free shuttles to keep the art alive. Most in my generation (I am 40) don't even know what it is and I want to change that. I am nuts (and MAD) about Tatting and have been for 10 years now. WOOHOO. Pick Me! Tats all Folks

NATA #843

I learned about tatting when I was in 2nd grade - on a field trip to one of those historic villages. Never forgot about it, and now, at 20 years old, I finally learned to tat... Well sort of - There's still so much I need to know!! Then end of my dining room table is taken over with tatting supplies and scraps of tatting I've done since I started in... I think it was December? I take my tatting everywhere in a little bag in my purse {that Daddy calls my "tatter's tote":)} and right now I'm working on a little scrap book of pieces of my "experiments" as my Daddy likes to call the pieces he finds lying all over the house. I don't know anyone else who tats, so I'm trying to get all the information I can... Seems like everything I do I hurry through so I'll have more time to tat!!! Eventually I'd like to get my friends to stop calling my "grannie" and start learning about this wonderful addiction. So far, the only person I've managed to "corrupt" is my Mamma. Managed to teach her what little I know already! :)

NATA #844

Am I wrong, or do most kids find adults to get their knots out? So what do you call a child of six who wants to tie knots on purpose and then keep them? I'd call her nuts, but that's exactly the way it was 40+ years ago. I had watched my grandmother tie knots each year when she visited my family. At 5, I asked her to teach me to braid. At 6, I asked her if she would teach me to tat like her. Since crazy can run in families, I figure I am nuts, too, because that crazy woman actually said, "Yes!" and proceeded to teach me to tat. Within a month, and after many wrong knots and horrible tension on my string, I was tatting without much thought to it, imitating all of her handed-down single and double shuttle patterns.

Just after my 7th birthday, I took my first airplane trip (alone, with no trepidation, again confirming insanity). While on the plane, a woman saw me tatting and said that she always wanted to learn. I offered to ! teach her, but she declined, saying that it was too hard. I just looked at her. If a 6 year old can learn, then surely she could. Being 7, I didn't push the point, I just let her watch me tat.

Those are my earliest recollections of my tatting. Between then and now, I have tatted off and on, but have always kept several shuttles and threads on hand, as well as collected patterns and books. In recent years (the past 20 or so), I have been more likely to keep a shuttle or two with me. I learned to do it left handed, right handed, the "modern" way (circa 1910, and with a needle. Still, I prefer the way my grandmother taught me, though I have learned to read patterns and have made up several of my own. Over the years, I have taught several others to tat and each time, I always make sure they leave me with a shuttle and thread. I feel this is the least I can do to perpetuate the insanity. I haven't taught a 6 year old to tat yet, but then, I haven't been asked yet, and my daughter is only 3.

NATA #845

My grandmother taught me to tat when I was 12 with just a ball and thread... probably out of desperation (I had limited activity due to health and was constantly BORED). My mother got me tatting again when I was in High School. Although I have tried many, many crafts, mostly in the needlework vein, tatting is what I always come back to.

In dealing with a special needs child, my time to spend on any crafts was much reduced for 20 years. Now, I am finding some small bits of time to call my own and I am tatting, tatting and tatting. The only pattern books I had kept are the tatting ones. For the first time in 25 years, I am offering tatting classes to my community. I have two 3" binders, one for technique tips and instructions, and the other of patterns, many I have put together for beginners.

I have a hard time in church assembly to leave my tatting alone. Severely allergic to perfumes, hair sprays, deodorants, and lotions, I often take a walk outside or to another part of our church building. It is easy to take my current project out of my pocket and tempting to stay out and tat. While driving my children to town once, my daughter asked if I was tatting while driving (I had a partial ring still draped over my hand.) Busted!... I have to admit that I have tatted at stop lights, but for the sake of example to my children, no longer do so. Well... now am looking for that other minute to squeeze in a few more stitches. (Makes me feel sneaky.) Just got a light box so that now I can photocopy my own pieces and draw out a schematic. Is this enough to meet the "nuts" requirement for a NATA number? My most frequent place to tat... in the van waiting for kids My toughest project... repairing and replacing a portion of tatted insertion and edging on an old pillowcase. My favorite piece designed so far... a shamrock bookmark w/dimpled hearts for leaves My next project... creating a class for wedding tatting

NATA #846

For starters, I wanted to learn tatting about 9 years ago and paid $800.00 for 40 weeks of lessons. Before the first lesson, I taught myself how and tatted a bonnet and brought it to class on the first day. Real frustrating to everyone else in the class. (class taught by Dale Pomeroy aka the Mad tatter). I have lots more but I tend to give things away before I remember to take photos.

NATA #847

One Sunday afternoon my 8 year old son, 10 year old niece and I (over 21) begged my MIL to teach us to tat. I had even bought one of those ugly red plastic shuttles to be ready. Naturally, MIL had the Susan Bates metal one with the hook on the end and didn't know what to do with my red one but she showed me how to wind #70 tatting thread. In the meantime she got some household string and showed the kids how to finger tat. They picked it up in no time at all. I figured hey, if they can do it so can I. HA! HA! When it was my turn I ended up with knots, knots, and more knots. After working with that tiny thread everyday for what seemed like months the light bulb finally went off!!!! I was actually tatting. I've tatted things my MIL never dreamed of - like using 4 shuttles and 3 shades of pink plus gold braid at one time for an angel.... I don't want to ever do that again. I will tat that angel with only one color and 2 shuttles.

NATA #848

NATA #849

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