Identities have been hidden to protect the special members of this nuttery.

Members can be identified by the NATA number tattooed on their chests.

NATA #750

I don't know how I can express my enthusiasm for tatting lace !

I've been making this kind of handicrafts over 20 years so far and remaining consistent from beginning. I love it so much.

No matter where I go, the tatting tools always beside me even before sleeping, in toilet or taking transportation.

NATA #751

I'm nuts about tatting. Since I started to teach myself tatting that's about all I think about. It's slow going but I love it. I can't remember ever trying to learn something that wouldn't come to me, and love it so much at the same time. The night I finally got "the flip" I was on cloud 9.

I drifted off to sleep with visions of flying shuttles on my mind. I dreamed I was tatting with a wondrous speed, the thread glistened like none other. When I pulled out too much thread on occasion, I didn't have to stop and rewind it, I just released tension, and it shrank back, like elastic. There was yards and yards of perfect lace materializing in front of my eyes. I tatted for hours it seemed, and looked down to check on my thread supply. It was still full, bright white and glistening. Then I took a look at my miraculous flying shuttle, the tool of wonder, it Oreo cookie.

There have been many other dreams about tatting, also tatting in public.

I began learning to shuttle tat because I needed a project to take on vacation with me. It had to be small, portable and able to get on a plane with. I had no idea it would take over my life and dreams. Besides, my hands never looked so dainty before in my life. So, please count me in as a qualified nut.

NATA #752

Well, my friends and family would say that I am just plain nuts!!! I haven't been tatting for too long but I've caught the bug!!! I have to keep my hands busy all the time and tatting is the perfect thing. It's small and portable so I can take it with me everywhere. I don't really have a funny story right now but I might after my dear hubby sees the credit card bill (You can never have enough thread or shuttles or books).


I am definitely nuts about tatting. I can't go a day without tatting something( and if I can't tat, I am going through pattern books or searching the net for more tatting ideas)It is impossible for me to leave the house without bringing my tatting!! I only started this wonderful craft about a year ago and you should see my thread collection already. I must have spent at least $500 just on thread in the last 4 months! I don't even want to talk about how much I have spent on books! I went from having no thread to having a 5 drawer organizer stuffed full in no time. Help me!! I'm out of control! Just how much thread is too much, anyways??

At the moment, I am on a mission to teach my son's friend, Tatiana how to tat. I told her that anyone with her name HAS to learn to tat.Tat will learn to tat!! It's destiny!

NATA #753

When I tried to learn to tat in 1976, I was considered nuts to even want to learn and bothering every older lady I could think of and going to the senior citizens home in the local town to ask if anyone still remembered how to tat. Of course I finally did though the cooperative extension but she could only help a little as her fingers were very arthritic. Three months later and a lot of practicing landed me phone calls from others who wanted to learn! NO expert at that point but tatting day and night, scavenging for any kind of pattern including old Workbaskets, friends thought of doing an intervention. Educating family and friends was the hardest part, but they eventually accepted it.

NATA #754

I think I am out of my mind...while other girl friends go out shopping, I stay home and tie knots...but it pays off! I have pretties around the house, and they are all in debt!

I love the gentle art of tatting. Have been doing so for at least 5 years. It us so peaceful and relaxing. I am basically self taught, and have even figured out split rings and split chains on my own. I will never do anything like that again!

I actively show my work at the Iowa State Fair (will be my 4th year in 2005) The competition is fierce and there are many tatters who do outstanding work. I also participate in my local Lucas County Fair. I challenge all NATA members to get your work out there. Find a fair in your area, and show off your stuff! Hold your head high and tie on!!

NATA #755

I had always wanted to learn tatting so while in Moscow (Yes, Russia) for 2 years, a friend offered to teach me. I had my mom look all over to buy and send me a tatting shuttle and thread and then the "friend" backed out. So when I saw Barbara Foster on TV doing a demo on needle tatting, I figured this is it. So I mailed away to the USA for the video, needle and book with needle so I could learn. First of all, I sent a money order which they rejected. Then I sent a cheque in Cdn funds which they rejected. Next I sent a cheque for American funds which they cashed. It cost me about $60 American and then it came to Canada for $30 Cdn BUT I LEARNED to tat and I can also tat with a shuttle!!!!

NATA #756

Well, last time I ironed my BH shirts about 1.5 year ago - since then I spend my time tatting, and I changed the light bulb at the night stand lamp with one of 100W, and almost every one free standing lamp in our house is a "constructor's" style (with magnifying glass). I adore tatting with DMC floss (one strand) or rayon decorative sewing thread (my hair is thicker ;-)). I (please, don't tell to the police) tat even in the car, when (and it happens often enough) I am stuck in traffic jams. I hope it's enough?

NATA #757

Several years ago I bought a large, comfy armchair and decided, who knows why, that it needed a tatted shawl to drape over the back. Devised a pattern, bought the thread and started. Fast forward 5 months...Went on a little holiday with my sister and her husband. We stopped at a small park where you hike in to see the waterfall. When we got back to the (rental) SUV; someone had broken in to the car and stolen ALL our luggage. The only things I was upset about losing were my fountain pen...and my 5 months worth of tatting!

There's a happy ending, though. A couple out hiking at a different park found our stuff dumped in the forest. They hauled it all out; my cheque book was there with my address and 'phone number so they called us and sent it back on the bus! I never got my fountain pen back but I DID get the tatting back. The shawl now rests on the back of the chair!

NATA #758

I taught myself how to tat back in 1975 and have been tying and untying knots ever since. At that time I commuted by ferry boat across Puget Sound to Seattle and tatted away the half hour trip. Other passengers would stand by my shoulder and watch before shyly asking what I was doing. After my explanation they would continue to watch. I continued my tatting when I moved to Wisconsin where I lived for 25 years before moving back west.

Doilies were my favorite at that time but with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and aging hands smaller items now are my favorite. But, the larger doilies are still great achievements for tatter and anyone knowing the endless hours needed to make one appreciated their intricate beauty. They make fantastic wedding gifts which will never be duplicated or returned because they got more than one.

Now if we could just get Walmart to carry size 40 thread I'd be happy as a clam at high tide.

I tried teaching tatting to two friends, one a math teacher and the other a first grade teacher. Guess which one got the hang of it (the math teacher).

I've been tatting for 30 plus years now and still have my original shuttle as well as others now.

NATA #759

I am a frustrated tatter, because I just have never really been able to master it. Classes just never seem to happen, so I just play around with my tatting stuff on my own. And, yes, I am nuts.

NATA #760

I have been tatting for over 30 years and have shuttles every were. My mom and I were on a drive one day and we had to stop for a train coming. It turned out to be a long train so I put the car in park and pulled out my shuttles and worked on my doily for the wait. My mom said "Now I have seen it all, tatting and driving at the same time." I was going to have business cards make ones that said " Have shuttle will travel"

NATA #761

I just came back from my tatting lesson with a 97 year old nun named Sister Joanette. She gave me a newspaper article that mentioned NATA in it.

I started my lessons about 10 years ago when I met Sister in a basket making class. She mentioned she was a tatter. I had a few tatting shuttles and pieces of work that my father found in his 94 year old secretary's desk when she passed away. He gave them to me thinking that I may know what to do with them. I was 13 years old at the time. It took me nearly 30 years to find someone who could and would teach me. Now that's nutty- to hang on to the idea that there was someone out there able to teach me to tat.

Sister Joanette is a patient Saint.

NATA #762

My great Aunt Elsie taught me how to tat at an early age. I traded her my house cleaning services for her teaching me how to tat. If that's nuts for a teenager to do I don't know what! I would even drag my own vacuum over there to her house to clean and to get my lesson. Aunt Elsie had Rheumatoid Arthritis so terribly bad that her fingers were actually slanted sideways. It took a little longer to learn but once it clicked in my head as to the over and under and pulling, I just took off and made as everyone else ... cross bookmarks, doilies, pillow case edgings and anything else I could think of. After 40 years, I still tat and think of sweet Aunt Elsie every time I pick up my trusty shuttle.

NATA #763

Well, it's not easy to confess that one is nuts... but all right!

I've just recently discovered tatting, but already I had to throw away a cooking pan... black potatoes...
And I didn't mind, it made me happy!

My husband came running into the kitchen, asking what was wrong, thick black smoke game from the stove!
I said: wrong?? wrong?? there is nothing wrong! I can make a split ring!!
I am not gonna tell you what he said exactly, but he thinks I am NUTS!

NATA #764

You want proof? Hmmm...well, I was quite a crochet enthusiast and wanted something more challenging. I searched and questioned so many people I think I made myself a nuisance in every craft shop in the city asking who could teach me to tat. No one could help me, and a few even gave me funny looks because they had never heard of a "tat" being anything other than a nasty knot in their hair.

So...after 14 years and lots of mistakes, I have taught myself to shuttle tat with two shuttles, one shuttle, ball and shuttle, split rings...whatever. If I don't know how, you name it and I'm game.

Am I nuts enough now?

NATA #765

As a child I was assigned the task of assisting my grandmother with her tatting by winding her shuttles. (Ugh -- my most unfavorite job in the art of tatting.)

Recently, my daughter asked me to teach her to tat (guess who is winding my shuttles now?) so that this art will not die out in our family. I have since become a tatting nut as I carry my shuttle and thread with me every and indulge myself at doctors' appts., faculty meetings, and even long stop lights or at railroad crossings.

NATA #766

This is the first time I've ever had to apply for proof that I'm nuts, usually it's a given!

Since learning how to tat, all the other needlework that I do has fallen by the wayside. I tat in the car (as a passenger only of course), I think about tatting to relax me as I'm falling asleep, I am currently trying to convert Victorian crochet patterns into tatted patterns.

That all sounds pretty normal, now that I re-read it, I guess the goofiest tatting thing I do is that I tat while I'm riding my stationary recumbent bicycle. My kids ask me, "How many miles did you tat today?" :^)

NATA #767

I really do not have a funny story yet. Unless you count the fact that I love vintage patterns (in all crafts not just tatting) that I am retyping the text from vintage tatting books that are available online and creating either a word document or an html file so these priceless treasures are not lost and are easier to read. I taught myself how to tat a few years ago after several attempts to learn from the learn how books but was never very successful. I have always wanted to learn to tat. I have purchased a fairly large number of shuttles over the years and several unsuccess full attempts.

I picked up a needle tatting kit one day at Michaels and that was all it took. I found a site on the internet that explained how to tat more clearly than any of the books I had tried.

I took a break for a few years when life interfered with my hobbies. This year, I was seriously ill and have realized that I need to have a fair assortment of all different crafts to keep me occupied . The one story isn't about tatting but rather knitting as I did not have any tatting supplies with me in the hospital.

While they are giving you blood they have to monitor your vital signs fairly closely and one of the monitors is usually clipped on a finger to measure Oxygen Saturation. I was upset that I could not knit so they put it on my toe so I could continue to Knit.

NATA #768

While I was cooking dinner the other night, my daughter came into the kitchen and asked me what was hanging from my sweater. It was my tatting shuttle with the lace attached! Tatting truly is a portable craft!

NATA #769

I was a heavy duty mechanic for 27 years and I injured my back. After surgery I started tatting to help deal with my pain and depression. I have joined the local tatting guild and tatting has became the way I deal with my disability. Now I tat everything that I can learn how. Sometimes I tat all day and nearly all night because I just have to finish what I am working on. I guess I am one of those people that you know are nuts, but you are not really sure.

NATA #770

Once a upon a time, ok - about 15 years ago, I decided that I wanted to try something different. So I bought a large Tatsy shuttle, the Tatsy pattern book, and one Sunday afternoon while our daughter took a nap (she was the South Lebanon Township napping champion for about four years in a row - the problem being that the closer it got to midnight, the wider her eyes became!) I sat on the floor and with shuttle in hand, produced the largest pile of goofed knots known to mankind. My husband occassionally looked under his newspaper, shaking his head. After several hours, I finally put the book in front of him and said, "what am I doing wrong???" It took about three days to teach myself, but have been happily producing knot, after knot, after knot since!!!!!!

NATA #771

Hmmmmm How nuts am I? I make a 6 hour trip to an AC Moore in NY State just to see what diffrent colors they have compared to what my local one has (my DFH thinks I go for the camping lol)

I have one entire 5 shelf book shelf Devoted to tatting Books threads & shuttles & it is slowly taking over the book shelf next to it 3 out of 5 shelves......

I could supply a thread store for at least a month possibly more......when our Local Janne fabrics closed I bought them out of their DMC Perle 8&12 Black & White all 10 balls. then there it my collection of vintage threads...........

My DFH always wants to know WHY AM I BUYING MORE TATTING STUFF?....I simply tell him he is on a need to know basis & he doesn't need to know.

NATA #772

This is not a funny story, but some folks think I'm nuts for doing it. I took a needle tatting class in February 2005. At the time my youngest granddaughter was 5 months and my youngest grandson was 6 months. I wanted to sew their first Easter outfit and add tatting to them.

The instructor and participants in the class assured me that I would have to wait until next Easter to use tatting on their outfits. Well, everywhere we went from that day on I had my tatting with me. I tatted in the car as my husband drove, I tatted day and night but I finally tatted some edging that was beautiful, after much practice, and I used it on the boy's collar, sleeves and tie, on the girl's sleeves, collar and hem. They were beautiful heirloom outfits.

I have also tatted all six of my grandchildren 2 yards of edging and will do more. I am storing it to use for their wedding day (and the oldest is only 9 years)ha, ha. My daughter and one of my daughter-in-laws can sew clothing so one of us will be certain to use it when the time comes. Of course, I plan on using my tatting skills on lots of beautiful clothing between now and then. I'm sure I will have several more grandchildren before then also!!!!

I really want to learn shuttle tatting but am having a hard time getting the "hang" of it. I am taking a class online, hopefully I will learn from this class. Thank you for listening!!!!

NATA #773

A few years ago, when my daughter was planning her wedding, I decided to tat the doilies to go with her centerpieces on the tables at the reception. I thought I gave myself plenty of time, but, as usual, it was not enough. I bought every size and texture of thread imaginable in her colors and tried several patterns an combinations before finding one that we both liked. By then the wedding was fast approaching and I had said I would make several of these. Yikes--well, I got busy and my fingers were flying. I was tatting everywhere, in the car, every evening, at Weight Watchers meetings and even on the way to the rehearsal dinner! But, I got them done and they looked great.

Now, with my other daughter announcing her engagement, I wonder if I'll have time to make some for her?!?!

NATA #774

Goofy, crazy, wierd, NUTS! That's me I guess! I never thought I'd be doing tatting one day, but I CAN'T STOP!! I seem to take my needles (I use the needles) and threads everywhere I go now, even to the Doctors office. Why not?

A nurse asked me,"What are you working on?" I told her it was going to be a tatted straight jacket for my husband! Of course she had no idea what tatting even was,and I think she thought that maybe I was the one that could use the straight jacket! I showed her one of the finished pieces that I had with me,now maybe if I'm lucky she won't tell the Dr. that I'm nuts! My poor husband hasn't had a really great dinner for a few weeks now, but I'm right at the door to show him my latest tatted creation when he gets home from work! I'm glad that he loves me so much! I better go make something for dinner....umm...maybe hot dogs? Keep on Tatting! :0}

NATA #775

I have tried for months to learn how to shuttle tat. Could not find anyone to show me how. I managed to make the ds in every which position but could not get the darn thing to move or form anything. Finally found a source for the video. Voila! ds moves and can form a ring. Found out that it was all in the way you move the thread. Now am practicing and almost ready to try some doilies. My goal is to make all my Christmas tree ornaments this year as well as gifts. I taught myself how to needle tat, but find it very limiting. Want to learn as much as I can about shuttle techniques.

NATA #776

I learned shuttle tatting from a friend years ago. I've collected every tatting book I can find (and afford). I've even bought duplicates (oops) and gave them to the local library. (Every good library **MUST** have a tatting section, don't you know!)

I've been trying to learn needle and hook tatting but seem to be all thumbs.

Ironic, isn't it? Someone CAN do shuttle tatting but can't do needle and hook tatting? Aren't needle and hook tatting supposed to be easier? I keep buying more hooks and more needles, figuring if I just get The Right One then I'll Suddenly be able to do it. I'll let you know when it happens.

NATA #777

About four years ago I picked up a book on needle-tatting and was immediately enraptured. That same day I had cascaded my mother with butterflies and flowers, and was working on my first small doiley. Yet try as I might, I could not get the hang of the time-honored practice of tatting with a shuttle. Thus it was that I braved all haste and abandon to fly to Connecticut (on my next scheduled visit) and demanded of my grandma (who anyway was quite willing) to teach me to tat (without a thought for dear grandma's arthritis, shame on me).

Since then I have been so prolific at tatting that I have lost the ability to sit through a movie or TV-show without letting my hands tat -- their favorite activity. Last year everyone in my family (and I have a very large family) received some tatted item for Christmas--which will surely be repeated this year, as I have recently discovered that I can turn tatting into coasters and trivets and tea trays, among other things.

About a year ago I was accompanying my mother and two of my aunts on a quilting shopping trip--their hobby--and of course took my tatting along too. I wandered around the store for hours looking at fabric or chatting with the other customers or finding some way to amuse myself, but all the while I had a bag of thread draped over one arm and a shuttle in my hand, working a near lightning speed. By the end of the day, my aunts were amazed that the hankie that was just a piece of cloth that morning was now covered in tatting when we left. They frequently comment on that shopping trip, but my mother just laughs and shrugs it off--"that's what Heather does" she says.

I am in college now--a senior--and in the beginning of my sophomore year I discovered something interesting. If I am in a dull class, and if I tat under the table (so as not to distract anyone sitting near me), the activity actually improves my concentration in the class! That is, instead of my mind wandering off and not paying a jot of attention to the subject at hand, tatting a pattern that I have quite memorized will keep my mind in the room, and only slightly distracts it with the counting of stitches, leaving the majority of its attention focused in the room and on the subject without wandering off. Since that amazing discovery, I have routinely brought tatting to almost every class and my grades have not suffered in the slightest. My mother even knows what I do and approves of it! At the last parent's weekend she came to visit one class and I even caught her explaining to another parent what "that girl was doing over there" with pride in her voice--showing how inventive and intelligent HER daughter was for such a great trick. As an added bonus this idea has bought me many more hours every day of tatting pleasure.

I once tatted so much in such a short duration, in order to finish a bonnet for my friend to wear at church, that I completely ruined my arms and had to leave off tatting for THREE MONTHS and do fiddly exercises the whole while. It was a nightmare, and I kept having dreams of trying to make the knot but it not coming out right. Then I would wake in a panic and it would take me a minute to realize what had happened and that it was not real before I could go back to sleep.

I have even been known to tat so much that my fingertips became raw and started bleeding. In fact, they are that way right now which is why I am taking a short break.

Any of this is easily verifiable by asking any of my friends, and I hope it will satisfy anyone that I am NUTS about tatting

NATA #778

Took this litte squirrel a whlie to teach myself to do this silly sort of weaving,knotting thing. I am a smart squirrel, at one point was so knotting and tangled in my shuttle threads I almost chewed them off!!!. I use two little plastic shuttles..I think I know a bit more now.I wanted to do tatting to add to my weaving I am completing a baby blanket with tatting trim. I think I'm nutty enough, since I do this in public; may I join your nutty tatting gruop??

By the way squirrels are good for the ecology..they forget where they leave their nuts and before you know it, the forest is full of trees!!!!!!!!!!!

NATA #779

I recently started tatting (April 2005). Since that time I have gone crazy!!! I have started a tatting album and put each little snippet I tat in it as proof that I really made that!! I have gone even crazier on ebay (must slow down a bit...maybe) because I have spent over $500 on antique silver tatting shuttles!!!! When I start something I'm in for the count.......I'm nuts.....just ask my hubby!!!

NATA #780

I had the intention to learn bobbin lace making. And while waiting for my beginner's set I was browsing the internet for informations concerning bobbin lace.

On several sites I've also found some entries on Occhi. That sounded interresting. Never heard of it before. So I changed my searching. New theme was Occhi.

Can't believe what I had found. All these modern, classical and creative laces and motifs were just made with these little shuttles and bare hands.

That was like a hit by a thunderbolt. This is, what I would like to do.

I ordered some clover shuttles which arrived 2 days later. Meanwhile I was browsing all Occhi and tatting resources on the internet. I was learning everything by heart. In my mind everything was clear.

Now was time to start my practice. And who ever tried to learn a complete new movement by drawn instructions knows, what I was going through. Nearly two days nonstop I was trying to make these "flipping" stiches. Try .... error, try ... error, try ... error ...

... until the movement was clear and I was able to make neat little double stitches.

Thank god I have got 4 weeks of holiday. So there was time enough for my excercises. Meanwhile I own serveral books on tatting and Occhi. I am collecting shuttles, I am accompanying my wife buying threads. I am a member of etatters (nick name: Terton) and all yahoo-groups available.

I dream in written tatting patterns and am practicing every free minute. My prefered patterns are snowflakes and celtic patterns.

In resume: I feel nuts on tatting. And that's why I am filling out this application form.

I would be very proud to be one of the NATAs.

NATA #781

I hadn't tatted for about 12 years and decided to start again. Took tatting to doctor's surgery and was trying to start when 2 elderly Italian ladies sat opposite me. The looked at me and said "Occhi, occhi" (I hope the spelling is correct. The Italian term for tatting.) I smiled and said "beginner". They smiled and we all felt better.

NATA #782

I tat everywhere I go, doctor's office, waiting in line at a fast food place. I have been known to tat in Wal-Mart pushing a cart, eating at a restaurant, my shuttle always travels with me. My husband says that I still tat after I go to sleep in the car, my hands are still moving. I really tat every moment that I can.

NATA #783

I don't know if this is a funny story. My first attempt to do baby booties came up with a size boot that didn't fit even in a doll foot. May be funny for you, but desperation for me, the baby was expected in a week or two! My luck was that nobody knew I was doing it for a gift lol. The second attempt came up a nice baby booties, in the right size, and on time too. I love tatting and since I decided take it serious I can't stay without a shuttle or a needle in my hands. It is a very vicious habit.

NATA #784

I take my tatting everywhere I go. I even took it to jury duty; of course I took my plastic shuttle so I could go through security. Some of the jurers were quite interested!

I was shown to tat by my grandmother who was in her 60s by then. She too knew the wrong way tatting. By then it was too confusing for her to remember. When she passed away, that is when the bug bit! Here in Tucson AZ there is Judith Linds' Tatting Club. This is where I actualy learned.

NATA #785

Would you believe I fell into tatting accidentally? I was actually shopping for beading materials when I ran across a tatting shuttle at Caravan Beads in Portland ME. I had budgeted myself $100 to spend, and I had figured out that I had spent $95 of it, so I figured "what the heck" and grabbed it. I had no idea how to use it, but I remembered seeing them around when I was young and wondering what they were used for.

As soon as I got home from that trip and had the Internet at my disposal, I went and googled tatting, and the rest is history. I've been at it now for 3 weeks, and I don't think I'll ever go back to normal! I just perfected the split ring. Now to get the hang of the split chain and eliminate some ends :-) Then Celtic......maybe some Cluny.....oh my, multiple colors......MORE house may never get cleaned again......

NATA #786

I have been tatting off and one for about 28 years. I tried to learn from a book and got very frustrated. Then a lady at work showed me how to hook the thread around my pinky, and I've been tatting ever since.

I always said that if we ever had a fire, I'd grab my kids, their adoption records and my Bible. When the fire actually came, I found out different. It wasn't actually my flat that caught fire. It was the flat two floors below us. When I realized there was a fire, my two older boys were downstairs playing pingpong. I grabbed my four-year-old and the bag I was pretty sure had my house keys and fled. Once we got downstairs I realized this bag also had my tatting, so while everyone ran around and gawked at the fire, I pulled out my tatting and kept my hands busy. (Great way to relieve stress.) A friend saw me and accused me of being the type who would fiddle while Rome burned, or knit while French heads rolled into baskets. Whatever. She learned to tat that afternoon, so that ended well.

NATA #787

The nuttiest thing I can think of is tatting while waiting in the check-out line at the grocery store. :)

Well, another nutty thing is that sometimes I want to start tatting my dental floss when I'm supposed to be flossing my teeth.

NATA #788

I started tatting two months ago,though I had tried it some 12 years ago. I am finding it very difficult everyday to leave my project to do other things. You could say I am addicted to tatting, either I tat or I browse the web for new techniques or new patterns or pester my husband with my experiences on tatting - you can definitly say I am nuts about it. I miss having fellow tatters to share my experiences on tatting,I am hoping to change that by joining NATA.

NATA #789

Don't have funny stories yet. But Let me say I have to be nuts, cause I've spent more time retro-tatting than I ever did in crochet or knitting (and I quit knitting, lol.)

I took part in 2 Christmas exchanges and got absolutely delightful presents in return. One is an angel from Jane Eborall, and as a newbie I cna't help thinking how vwry lucky I am. I have her prominently displayed in a bell as my example to aspire to.

NATA #790

I have just learned how to tat, after wanting to tat since i was a child and used to watch my grandmother. She was always willing to teach any of her grandchildren - in fact, I remember one summer when she gathered 8 grand-daughters in front of her and taught all except one to knit (that was me, just could not understand the needles and the fingers) - and as I grew older, I was never around when she had her tatting shuttle out and could teach me.

I now have a friend in England who is taking classes there - we have looked in our area and could never find any place, and she is teaching me in bits and pieces, when she comes home to visit. She tells people that she has gone all the way to England to learn to tat, and she can't come home until she is somewhat proficient, so that she can teach me.

NATA #791

What's up with this waddied up piece of thread I found? Hmm, looks liek it's tied together with knots! Wow, that's kinda purty. Hey, ma'am, what's them little loopy thingies called? Pee-coes? How do ya make them little thingies? I don't see that word on the paper here. Oh, them little Xs? OK. Whew, they's sure a bunch of 'em. Sure is purty. Think I'd like to try that. Shuttle? Ain't that a bus? Oh, needles, too? I can handle needles. No, I won't poke myself, they's not sharp. Thanks fer yer hep. Bye now!

NATA #792

I just recently have been learning to tat, but have not quite figured out how to do everything - so I just do what I do know over and over. I have flowers everywhere and I also have a pile of started edgings that I have no idea what I'll do with.

NATA #793

I do not know if these two incidents are truly funny or just proof that I am nuts, and not necessarily just about Tatting. I have grown to love Tatting with a great intensity, and though I react quickly when my children need me, I somewhat ignore my own situation; two cases in point.

One night, late, I had move into the kitchen for a little more light. I dropped my picot gauge and knelt to retrieve it. I finish knotting the ring and went to lay the gauge down and wondered why I was still knelling. The incident that makes worry the most about my sanity when it comes to tatting involves my obvious need to loosen up on my stitches. I had come to the end of a rosette and was trying to sew the last end in. I was having great difficulty getting my small tapestry needle into the stitches when I slipped and stuck myself. I examined the rosette and was pleased to find that the only blood was on the thread I would be hiding; it was only then that I checked my finger, cleaned it, made sure there was no more bleeding and finished the rosette.

NATA #794

I recently saw the movie "Castaway" starring Tom Hanks. The main character is stranded on a desert island, struggling to survive, and talking to a tattered volleyball named Wilson...just to keep his sanity (well, some may argue that point!) I began to relate to this character...stranded in Ohio, struggling to keep a "dying art" alive, talking to a ball of thread named Coats & Clark (or should I refer to it as "the twins?), trying not to get upset that no one is interested in learning this beautiful art form...believe me, I've asked, no one has "the time!" I shared those thoughts with my daughter...she said "Mom, I love you, but your NUTS!" 'nuf said?

NATA #795

I have only been tatting since the first week of November...but so far I LOVE IT! I don't have any crazy stories yet, but the funniest thing that happened to me was when I was sitting on my couch and the ball of thread rolled off and I had to chase it across the room...I spent a good long while rolling it back was a horrible mess! I have been reassured by the fabulous tatters at that I will have crazier stories in the future...I hope so, because I love to share embarrassing stories about me! Honest! LOL!

NATA #796

Like most tatters, I carry some tatting with me everywhere. It is usually the first thing I make sure I have with me, even before keys or money. Unfortunately I do not come from a long line of tatters. I know my grandmother played at it a little. I have a plastic box of her "doodles" and can remember getting homemade cards with little tatted flowers glued to them. She also left me lots of thread - not sure about using it since they would be decades old by now. But I am sure I'll give it a try one of these days. I took classes and learned to (shuttle) tat about ten years ago. And I taught my best pal who I worked with to tat. We would take breaks and lunches together and work out patterns from some books I had picked up. I haven't thought of any really funny tatting stories yet -and I have not tried tatting in the dark yet either... but I find it is a wonderful way to break the ice. I enjoy the curious looks I get when I sit happily with my tatting while waiting for something to happen (like a doctor's office, plane flight, etc.).

NATA #797

I was demonstrating tatting one day with the Lace Museum Guild from Sunnyvale, CA. A young man came up and struck up a conversation that lead to the question "How do keep each ring and chain close to each other?" A boy type tatter asking technique questions. I was impressed. So I showed him my best tricks and he fairly chortled. The whole object of the exercise was to 'One UP' his sister!

NATA #798

I love to tat. I want to join this wonderful group. I tat even at stoplights and in the store. As for being nutty? Well I have 7 kids, 10 animals, 3 fishtanks and a huge old house and if that doesn't qualify I don't know what would! Love needlework of all kinds, knit, crochet, tat, spin, weave.

NATA #799

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