Identities have been hidden to protect the special members of this nuttery.

Members can be identified by the NATA number tattooed on their chests.

NATA #700

I have tatted since I was 16 years old. I had only one book and made every pattern so many times. Later I changed to lace. But when you have kids, it is not so easy to keep every thing in order in lacework so I changed again to tatting. Meanwhile internet had come and with my fast internet connection I surfed the web looking for tatting patterns and I found them everywhere. I never could think that there were more persons who like to tat (in my country, the Netherlands, there are not many people who tat). Now I tat every day. My big project is the festival elephant, working on it now and then. I also make little things for birthday cards or a doily. I would love to start a Celtic project but in one way or the other I am hesitant....

NATA #701

I recently learned how to tat (about 1 month ago) and have been obsessed since. I tried intermittently to teach myself before the class and had limited success. When I learned about the FLIP the light bulb went on WHOOHOO! I have been tatting every spare minute since then, have done searches on the net, have haunted all the local craft shops to find all the available tatting supplies (there aren't very many books available at my local craft stores), and have stayed up way too late at night tatting.

I am a craft addict, I've tried macrame, ceramics, counted cross stitch, knitting, crochet, bobbin lace making, quilting, tole painting --- the needle crafts, knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, quilting, and bobbin lace making (still learning that one) have stuck. Now there's tatting -- so many patterns so little time.

I live in Folsom, California, am 50 years old, am happily married to my DH for 34 years, have 3 grown sons, 2 DILs and 1 girlfriend of one son, have 3 cats, 5 grandkitties and 2 granddogs. No grandbabies yet, tho I do tell them all the time that I'm ready for them, easy for me to say, LOL. We have our own business in which I work, some times more than others.

NATA #702

I learned how to tat 22 years ago. My father had just passed away and my mother thought I needed to do something that summer, so she signed me up for a class. When people hear me load the shuttle, they always exclaim they could not tolerate that clicking noise! They look at me like I am crazy when I say tatting relaxes me.

NATA #703

I was really into crocheting and knitting. Every now and then my mother would come over and see how I was progressing with the crafts; she was always interested in the things I came up with. One day when she was over she said to me "You know it is such as shame you don't know how to tat." I had no clue what she was talking about!! Never heard of it before!! So one day we were at one of the craft stores in our city and she picked up a book and showed it to me; "This is tatting." she told me..... I fell in love!! Now the unfortunate part about this was the store had the book but didn't have a shuttle to sell!! They didn't even carry them. Go figure!! So the following day I went around town asking for shuttles, and of course no one had heard of em -- until I stopped at a small shop in the middle of no where!! They had em!! So I bought 4 of them not knowing how many I would need or how fast I would lose them!!

So I went home with my new shuttles and grabbed out the book I had bought and I was going to sit down and learn how to do this tatting. YEAH RIGHT!!! I could have just been reading another language as far as I was concerned!! It was soooo confusing. But that wasn't going to stop me. For the next two days, I sat there with shuttles in hand and played around until I finally got it!! Then I couldn't believe it I got it!! I had made a circle!! I hopped in my car and drove to my mothers house just to show her this itty bitty circle that took my two days to make!! She thought I was nuts!! Next thing I knew about two weeks later I was making 150 centerpieces for a wedding out of tatted lace!!

NATA #704

When I was in high school, I made my father make me two 12" tatting shuttles, so I could tat with rug yarn. The shuttles were 7" long with a 1" space for yarn, and I tatted a winter scarf for my mother for practice.

NATA #705

This application is for my mother, she learned tatting when she was very young and she is very talented.

NATA #706

I am nuts about tatting. I am from a family of six girls and two boys. When each of us girls would turn six, my Great-Grandmother would take us shopping for a set of towels that she would tat an edging for. I remember picking out a green set. I never got that set. My grandfathers second wife learned to tat from my Great-grandmother and when her daughter went to Hawaii she saw a tatting book by Lael Morgan. She wondered if that was what her Mother learned from Grandma. It was. As soon as she returned from her trip she had Mom teach her to tat. Then she taught me. Gayle is my Moms' step sister. I guess you could say that it's in the family. I used to crochet and do crewel embroidery and counted cross stitch and even sew more than I do now. Basically I dropped everything else to tat. I turned 50 this year and instead of getting a tattoo or bungee jumping or jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, I decided to teach. I will be teaching at Whatcom Community College in the fall quarter. When people find out I tat, they always want to know if I will tat them a tablecloth. I always say I will as soon as I finish mine.

NATA #707

When I first tried to learn to tat I sat in a chair for about 10 hours trying to get the flip. Instead of the flip, I pulled a muscle in my neck that took over 2 years to get over. But that didn't stop me from learning to tat. I finally found a good book to learn from, "Tatting" by Cathy Bryant. I have heard it's out of print.

I put my tatting aside and hadn't tatted for almost 7 years and just started back. WOW!!! How wonderful the process in the art:O) The internet has made a big impact on tatting. I had cards made up to pass out to anyone that show any interest in tatting so they could email me. We tour in our 1925 Model T, and I'm making teaching kits to have on hand, so when some ask about my tatting I can teach them. I'll give the kits for free. I watch Ebay for tatting, and if someone lists something as tatting and it isn't, I email them and send them to web sites to see tatting so they won't misinform their bidders. Most change their ads, but some don't, so I email the bidders so they know they aren't getting tatting. I don't want people to get something that isn't tatting!! It's really amazing how many times the conversation turns to tatting, and you get a chance to tell others that it isn't a dying art and that it's alive, doing well, easy to do and learn.

NATA #708

Hi fellow tatters! I'm so glad to find this group and to know that someone beside myself has found this "lost art." I've only been tatting for about four months but feel like I've been doing it forever. I saw a book of tatting patterns in a store and passed it up twice because I already do every kind of needlework know to man/woman and didn't want to learn anything else (due to lack of time). But when I spotted the same book the third time, I knew it was a message from above!!! I bought it, went straight home and got to work learning to needle-tat. I looooooove it and haven't done anything but tatting since. I just finished a beautiful large doily for a Christmas present. I'm thinking of giving some classes to get people in my area interested. I'm happy to say this "nut" just got a lot "nuttier."

NATA #709

No Funnies from me as of yet, I started tatting about a week ago, after a few failed attempts over the years I finally got it right. I first learned of tatting from my mother and granny. My Mom is visiting me from Scotland next week and has promised to dig out her old Millward shuttle for me.

I just love tatting though, I have always wanted to learn since I saw the doilies my granny had in her living room. I always felt that tatting was out of my league. I haven't successfully made a full motif yet, keep fighting with my shuttle, lol, so I bought another one today that doesn't have a bobbin, and its great.

NATA #710

Got started years ago when I was given my grandma's tatting shuttle. Unfortunately none of her 6 daughters learned from her. Being one of the crafty ones and I lived with Grandma for years, it was up to me. I found a class teaching it. I was the first one in class to actually get a stitch not a knot. Thank you Grandma - she must have been watching me. I stopped for a while -- but when the taxi mom part of my life came along -- I came back to tatting -- small craft easy to transport to music lessons and basebase and karate lessons while I sit and wait. I am now addicted to looking for tatting patterns and have decided to collect tatting shuttles (boy some of them cost a lot -- I had better save save..) I take my tatting lots of places. I even tried showing a fellow crafter at the Chicago train station on my way home. My goal is to get good enough to demonstrate tatting at our local 1855 village nearby at their craft show.

NATA #711

A friend, knowing I love to tat and always looking for new thread, gave me some leftover thread she had found. I fell in love with the colour and soon found the perfect pattern for it. Not far into the pattern though, I started to notice that my fingers were swelling and I was getting a rash. It turns out I was allergic to the die that was in thread. Well, I couldn't stop using this thread, so now, everyone can tell when I'm tatting with it, as I wear satin evening gloves.

NATA #712

I've been caught in several tatting-related compromising situations. In 1993, I was reprimanded by a judge in Shelby County, TN, for attempting to tat while sitting as a juror in a robbery case. I will not apologize for it - the case was boring, I had Christmas gifts to make and this trial was putting me FAR behind in my tatting schedule. Even after the trial, when I was unceremoniously pitched back into the jury pool to serve out the rest of my 2 weeks of duty, I was tatting. I managed to teach approximately 1/2 of the jury pool to tat in the meantime.

I tat in church. I can't help it. Something about the monotonous droning of the priest makes me want to do something with my hands. It is either tat or strangle myself for the hypoxic rush and blissful unconsciousness. Father should be glad I choose the former on a weekly basis.

If you need more proof, I'll have to dig out the file of things I hope the FBI never hears of.

NATA #713

Once, when I was in college, I saw one of my class wearing a dress on which tatting was done. I thought that I should learn this art once. I was very much interested in doing Tatting because I had heard that it is very difficult!! I thought that it will be difficult for me to learn that, so I won't be able to do it. But when I had been to my classmate's house to learn tatting from her mother, I just got it how to do. Am I not great, that I learnt tatting?

NATA #714

My son thinks I'm crazy because I sit at his Boy Scout meetings and tat. I told him that it's the best thing for me to do there since Boy Scouts are famous for tying knots and that's all I'm doing, just tying knots. I have been known to name my works by where the majority of the tatting was done such as the "I-71 doily" that won a first place ribbon at the county fair or the "chemotherapy doily" which was done while taking my Mom to her weekly chemotherapy sessions (It also won a first place ribbon).

While at a chemotherapy session I felt sorry for a few of the patients who were having particularly bad days so I quickly tatted crosses for them and told them to hang in there, God loves you. I was told that I made their day, and Mom said I made her day too!

NATA #715

I have only been tatting for two weeks now but it has literally taken over my life. I have went to the store for more and different colored thread, been on Ebay for Tatting books and antique shuttles, and have made everyone one in the family a bookmark or butterfly. I plan on making doilies as Christmas presents. It does have a soothing quality about it!

NATA #716

I am a die hard tatter
My fingers never stop
With tatting in my pocket
I'll tat until I drop

I am a die hard tatter
With shuttles everywhere
If there's no tatting in my pocket
I can pick up anywhere

There's shuttles in the lounge room
There's shuttles in the hall
Two or three on the verandah
On the shelf upon the wall

There's shuttles in the bedroom
And in the kitchen too
Hang on, I think there's even
A shuttle in the 'loo!

NATA #717

Not a funny one but true.

For the last 50 years or so I have been an avid knitter and crocheter; however, I have wanted to learn how to tat for as long as I can remember. On one occasion, I tried to learn from a book (about 25 years ago) and made a dismal failure of it. Whenever I had occasion to talk to other needleworkers (at the various stores I visited or at work or just out somewhere) I would ask them if they knew anyone (like a grandmother) who could tat and would teach me. Approximately one year ago, I moved back home near my mother (now 89 years old) and found out that the girl who was the daughter of our next door neighbors when I was a teenager knew how to tat and subsequently taught me. I had known her when I was growing up but we never associated because she was about 4 years older than me. Anyway, I have been tatting now for about a year and am having to teach myself the complexities of tatting because all she was able to teach me was basic tatting. I have not done any other needlework for the past year as I am so enthralled with tatting and the beautiful, intricate pieces that can be created.

NATA #718

Yes I guess I am nuts about tatting.

I got up at 5 a.m. to get to a meeting in a city two hours away. I returned home at 5 p.m., got out of my car and into my husbands truck for a quick trip to another town an hour away in the opposite direction. When we got there we realised that it would be necessary to travel yet another hour and a half to the next town. Well the whole time we are traveling, I can think of nothing but the tatting project I was working on. You see I had run into a problem and I felt sure I had figured out the answer.

We finally got home around midnight and even though I knew I had to be up by 5:30 a.m. to make it to work, I couldn't get the tatting off my mind. I spent the next two hours tatting and untatting, until I was sure my idea would work.

Now, is that nuts or not?

NATA #719

I'm a 27 year old girl who taught herself tatting by book, mainly because someone claimed it wasn't possible. In some periods I do a lot of tatting and in other periods almost nothing. The most nutty project I have started on is a huge tablecloth and I'm probably only 1/5th of the way, but some day I will be finished ( i hope/wish). I have primarily be doing seasons things, mainly Christmas.

NATA #720

The first proof of me being absolutely nuts comes from my first day of tatting; a sunny July afternoon at a scout jamboree in 2001. I was there as a leader, coordinator of the "soft crafts" (as opposed to forging and woodwork) and taught pewter embroidery. I'd heard of, and knew, all of the other leaders' crafts, apart from one.. a woman was making beautiful lace and I of course was amazed. This afternoon I asked her, after our last session, if she could teach me and I was given a shuttle and white thread that then seemed so tiny. She showed me the double stitch in a hurry, since we already were late to a concert held in the open close by. As leaders, we were supposed to sit in front of everybody, acting a human barrier (yes, it was a rock kind of concert). I couldn't put the shuttle down and sat/stood up/danced throughout the whole time, making one unflipped stitch after another. At the end of the concert I managed to get 8 out of 10 right and was overjoyed for having done 2 rings! :)

Since the jamboree was held on a field and all activities (including sleep) took place outside, my first attempts of tatting aren't very clean and tidy; some rings are coloured red, others brownish or black from the sand on my fingers depending on where on the field I tatted them. There was no way of having clean hands for more than 2 minutes.) Whenever I teach now, I always bring my first try in a plastic bag to show them my "delicate lace" and it always cheers them up when they're having difficulties with their first flips :)

NATA #721

Well, I recently decided to take a 300 mile treck just to have someone show me how to hold the needle and thread. I've been trying to teach myself since August of this year and have not given up yet. I did teach myself to needle tat first as I was told that would help me learn to shuttle tat. So now, I'm an avid needle tatter and still can't get it right with the shuttle.

NATA #722

I want to be a member, because I am very NUTS, about tatting. A month ago I didn't know anything about it, only that my grand-grandmother did it sometimes. It hooked me so much, that I dream about it at night, and I am busy in the day to learn it, and the other time of the day, I surf around the internet, to mail with other tatters and see beautiful things. I had started with bobbin-lace the same time, but I spent much less time with it.Tatting is my love!!

NATA #723

My husband swears that I am a certified tatting nut! I have been known to wake-up in the middle of the night and run to my thread stash to try a design popped into my head.

Last year when I had a bad case of the flu, I tatted "sick bugs" using black & puce colored thread. I thought they were cute critters. My husband wondered about my sanity. I have since designed "crazy bugs" , but, hey- I am a little off my rocker when it comes to tatting.

I suppose the funniest situation I've ever been in with my tatting was when I was rocking our daughter, breast feeding her, and tatting at the same time. Unexpected visitors knocked at the door & as I was trying to get up, put the baby down, cover myself, & put up my tatting, I discovered that we all were entangled in the thread!

NATA #724

Last year at this time, I was pregnant. I had to go to the doctor for the 4-hour glucose tolerance test. Anyone who has been pregnant knows how much FUN that is. For this test, you have blood drawn, drink this solution that will rot the teeth right out of your head, then have blood drawn every hour to see how your body is processing this sugar.

So, I took my tatting. I started the test and then went to sit on a bench in the hall of the hospital to wait my first hour. I was starting on a small piece of lace destined to be a snood (for your hair). I lost count of how many people (men and women) who stopped to see what I was doing. I heard many stories about relatives that tatted long ago. I also heard many comments about how much patience I must have to sit and do that.

I'm not sure if that exactly qualifies me as nuts, but I think it's a good story. Participation points, right????

NATA #725

People keep telling me I'm nuts for doing this because there is no way they would do it. Takes too long to get anywhere is the reason. My mother taught me when I was about 10 years old because I was home sick and she had to keep me busy with something. Now I'm 70 so I've been at it a long time. Having kept at it this long must prove I'm nuts (about tatting).

NATA #726

About twenty years ago, I was trying to learning tatting but I could not until two years ago, when I met an old lady at the hospital, and over a cup of coffee she taught me. It goes on and on, and I have since done a course for pc and have been in contact with the Frivolitè ring on the net. I also took a course from Jan Voskes which I enjoyed very much. BUT, since then, I have had very little sleep and find I am totally addicted to tatting. I have many patterns and I want it to make them all, but to do this, I will have to live much longer than possible.

NATA #727

I make bobbin lace and also tatting. I learned tatting many years ago and now I like to do it more with a little group.

NATA #728

I tried to learn shuttle tatting last summer, but I found that my hands were too big to work with the shuttle tatting. I then got a book on needle tatting, and taught myself to tat with a needle. After a few days, my mom wanted me to teach her, but that didn't work out. In October of 2003, I started teaching a tatting class with Michael's Arts and Crafts store and worked there until I moved away in June of 2004. In that time, I taught about 10-15 people how to tat. Now I tat for my own entertainment. I am always on the internet looking for new patterns and looking for tips on how to improve my skill in tatting.

NATA #729

This isn't a funny story but it's mine. We live on a cattle ranch in central Arizona. When working cattle on horseback in the mountains here, there is a lot of waiting for other cowboys to bring their cattle to meet at a specified location to be driven to a corral to be sorted or branded or whatever. Not wanting to waste this nice quiet time I keep my tatting in my jacket or shirt pocket and if I get stuck waiting with a bunch of cattle on a ridge or in a canyon or anywhere I tat. The cowboys say things like "She's a little strange." Or some such comments, but they know better than to say them very loud, because then I won't cook for them. I've had a horse or two that didn't appreciate the clicking of my shuttle too much, but a little time took care of that.

NATA #730

I'm a Zoloft taking grandma who loves to tat. I sleep with a shuttle and tatting books in my bed. (Doesn't this prove I'm nuts?)

When I was 16 yrs. old my aunt tried to teach me tatting with a shuttle loaded with size 80 thread. I ended up with knots, knots, and more knots. She gave me that shuttle and thread to practice tatting, but I didn't. Before she died, she asked if I had learned to tat and I told her no. I felt bad because she looked so sad. She taught me how to knit and crochet and then she tried to teach me how to tat but I hadn't taken the time to practice. At that time, I thought she would live forever. I didn't know that would be the last time I would see her.

Several years after her death, I took a tatting class and we used thick thread (it looked like rope) and I got it. I was so happy and once I got outside I looked up towards heaven, raised my shuttle and thread, and said I GOT IT. I hope my aunt watched as I danced and smiled my way to the car.

I still have that shuttle and thread my aunt gave me and I will cherish it and her until the day I die.

Now, I am teaching my 4 yr. old granddaughter to knit. She's doing quite well and I can't wait until she gets old enough for me to teach her to tat. I will definitely give her her own shuttle but it will be loaded with THICK thread. (Smile)

Tatting, knitting, crocheting, beading, embroidery, and quilting are my life and I'm nuts about them. Anyone who knows me knows I can't go anywhere without visiting a craft store and I don't leave home without several projects to work on. Tatting and crafting are in my blood and when I die I wouldn't be surprised if they found a mini craft store filled with all the things I love imbedded deep inside my heart.

NATA #731

When I recently moved to my new home, all of my tatting supplies were lost. So the week of Christmas, I went to all but four or five crafting stores in my rather large city(large for Kansas anyway), to find a tatting shuttle, a set of tatting needles, and size 10 ecru colored cotton thread. All during rush hour, and evening traffic. I would call that either nuts, or stupid. On a good day, maybe even both. Only one store had the shuttle and needles. Only one of each left. Of course every store had the thread. The last store felt so badly for me that they threw in a free pattern book.

NATA #732

I taught myself to tat after seeing a beautiful cluny leaf doily on the internet in 2000. Tatting quickly became my favorite handiwork and I have a permanent indention on my pinky finger where the chain thread wraps. I am the only tatter I know (although I hear there are others out there) and I tat everywhere I go. Every old lady I know has come up to me and told me that they have the shuttle with the lace still on it that their grandmother was tatting when she died. I wish I had a grandmother who tatted. I am intrigued with the design possibilities that tatting offers and I have dreams about tatting. I am nuts. Ask anyone who knows me :)

NATA #733

Tatting has been a love from the first moment. I am enrolled in a 10 lesson course, but after the 4th one, my teacher told me that I could stop then as I didn't need more of the lessons. I did not want to stop (I was enjoying myself), so I remained and helped her teach ... and from then on, I have not stopped, and every day at work for at least 4 hours...

I am so happy to have learned this wonderful art!!!

NATA #734

don't know how humorous this is but I find myself spending hours on the internet looking for free patterns for tatting, needle tatting. Since that is the only way I was taught. And looking for more classes to learn about this ancient art of lace making. I guess you might say I am a little obsessed with this thing called tatting.

Please , could anyone out there tell me if there is a support group for this addiction.

NATA #735

I love to tat on airplane trips because

  1. it's small,
  2. they don't confiscate my stuff and
  3. it's a great way to meet people

Most of them say, "WHAT are you DOING?" Lots of them say their grandmothers used to tat or something, but it really breaks the ice.

My father-in-law always tells me that is seems like an awful lot of work for such a little thing, but he is fascinated.

Our church has been collecting bookmarks for 1 of our pastors to take to our sister congregation in Tanzania and I tatted more than a dozen for them and everybody at the church wants to learn, so I may get to give lessons.

NATA #736

If I could tat all day every day, I would. my husband has banned me from tatting on Sundays so that he can have some time too.

NATA #737

My story is not so much funny but touching, but then, maybe a little of both.

I was 19 and to marry, although it was very apparent his Mom thought I wasn't worthy. That's when her mother, Mammaw, asked me if I would like to learn to Tat. I felt so priveleged, not only to have Mammaw ask me that, but to have the opportunity to spend all that time with her. She was a leftie and I am not. She was amazed how quickly I picked tatting up. As we sat together, she would spin stories of the family and she took me under her wing with so much love, love that grew out of something that her own daughter didn't know.

When I and her grandson became engaged, I started thinking about how I could bring the art of tatting into my wedding. As things unfolded and dresses were picked, I knew. It was traditional for the Bride to give her attendants something. Well, I spent endless hours tatting pieces to go across the front of my attendants small veil piece and even more hours making their muffs with tatting on the outside of them that they carried down the aisle instead of flowers. Everyone thought I had totally lost my mind because brides didn't have time to do those kind of things! I was up until the wee hours of the morning putting the tatted pieces on the veils and muffs. It was so important to me, I didn't care if I would be tired for my own big day. I was so proud to see all my attendant's reactions and everyone else's, including my mother-in-law's! I had done something that she couldn't do nor did she want to do but I had made a bond with her Mom, Mammaw, that she didn't have nor want. Those moments and memories some of the most special ones I have and they're even more precious now that Mammaw is no longer with us.

NATA #738

Mi abuela aprendio frivolite cuando era joven, depués lo enseño a mi mama y mis tias. Creci viendo como mi mama hacia frivolite hasta que un dia decidi aprender, y desde entonces es un pasatiempo que compartimos.

Mi mama esta muy orgullosa de que haya aprendido frivolite pues es una tecnica poco conocida y algo dificil. A mi me gusta porque lo encuentro relajante. A todos mis amigos les parece un pasatiempo muy extraño pues no conocemos a ninguna otra chica que lo haga y creen que estoy algo chiflada por dedicarle tiempo a una actividad así.

translation by Prompt-Online and edited by me -- sorry!

My grandmother leaned to tat when she was young, and had also taught it to my mom and my aunts. I grew up watching my mom tat, until one day I decided to learn; it would be a pastime that we shared.

My mom is very proud to have taught me since it is a slightly well-known and slightly difficult skill. I like because I find it relaxing. My friends think it's a very strange pastime since we do not know any other girl who does it, and they believe that I am slightly crazy for spending time on an activity like this.

NATA #739

Soy, muy apacionada por el tatting ,desde que lo aprendi,me he convertido en una ferviente apasionada por este maravilloso arte y he trabajado, con 12 lanzaderas,a la vez, me demore 14 hrs, en hacer el trabajo de 20 centrimetros, y soy apacionada , es un orgullo para mi ,ser nata, muy agradecida

translation by Prompt-Online and edited by me -- sorry! I am very addicted to tatting. Since I learned it, I have turned into the fervent one. I have gone mad about this wonderful art and have worked with 12 shuttles, simultaneously, for 14 hrs, the work measuring 20 centimeters. I am passionate about tatting, and I would be honoured to be a member of NATA.

NATA #740

1. I had DH bring my tatting to the hospital after DS was born. We had planned on a home birth, but had to "transport" during labor or I would have packed it ahead of time. As it turns out, I couldn't tat comfortably because of the IV, so I had to cross-stitch instead.

2. I'm making lace to decorate DD's (age 2) skirt... that she'll outgrow in a few months..... but I had to be tatting *something* and this is what came to mind! 9 repeats done, only 30+ to go for it to be long enough!

3. This is after I made enough lace to decorate her Easter dress last year *and* mine... but only got to wear mine once becuase I was early-pregnant and "outgrew" it right away.... hmm, maybe I can fit into it again now that DS is born??!

Places I have tatted include:

NATA #741

I learned to tat about 20 years ago, I don't go anywhere without my shuttle. I teach basic tatting here where I live. I taught at Micheals craft store for about l0 years. That was an experience. I just love to tat and want everyone else to love it as much as I do. Iam just now teaching myself beading, boy what a dumb student Iam , it is so simple but I don't retain what I read, it was tough but I got it finally. But this split ring thing you can have it, I'll tie knots.

NATA #742

Just restarted tatting again after a few-year-break from it. Am interested in all things tatted, but since I learned solely from a book, there are some techniques that I have to learn and some to re-learn. This is my tatting story which isn't as funny as some of the ones I've read, but here goes...

I had had a head-cold for about a week. I had been tatting whenever I could. For some reason at the end of my cold, I started having nose bleeds. Determined not to let those stop me, I layed down on my back with my head tilted way back, and tried to tat kinda' "upside down". It wasn't going too well, but the funny part was my husband coming into the room, seeing me "upside down" tatting, and him saying (jokingly), "Are you sure you shouldn't see someone about this obsession of yours"? That got a laugh out of both of us.

NATA #743

I am new to tatting and am having trouble joining the rings. It is great so far but I am stumped can someone help me or at least tell me how to join the ring.

NATA responded!

NATA #744

I guess my best story is this; My partner and I are moving cross country from Oregon to Georgia. Driving down I-5 I'm just tatting away making motifs for a table cloth. We pass a semi...he speeds up...finally we get pass him. He stays with us for miles till we pull off for a lunch break in BFE CA.

We were sitting in a booth when this trucker comes up and asked if we were in the car and U-Haul....He sits down with us and asked me what I was doing. Well being totaly disturbed by this I told him I was working on a table cloth.

Long story short, Mr. Trucker was a closet bobbin lace maker and had never seen needle tatting. After we ate lunch I took him to the car and showed him the basics.

The story continues thru a border crossing in New Mexico. Of course being a US resident I wasn't paying attention when asked for my I.D. Well of course I was tatting and had thread all over my lap. The officer was more concerned about the size of the needles and what I was doing than my ID...had to tell us this story about sitting at his grandmothers feet making her bobbins for her tatting.

NATA #745

We moved into our house about 4 years ago and my husband left most of my craft stuff packed and in the garage. The first month and after much ado he decided that it would be more peaceful to take me to the Three Kittens (a yarn shop I learned about on the Etatters group)--bad thing to do.

I cleaned the store out of her stock of tatting shuttles and he had to hurry me out before I could get a good look at the yarn.

NATA #746

A friend call one day about 6 years ago, "saying have I got a project for us to learn." She was unable to sleep and had watched an imformercial by Susan Foster of Handy Hands on Needle Tatting. She sent off for the video and needles. I was hooked from the very beginning.

I have tatted Christmas Ornaments for friends and family for 5 years. 60 beaded wreaths (Tatted Christmas Wreath by Samantha Melnychuk)this past Christmas. My husband and I are semi-retired and love to travel. I'm able to tate as we travel down the highways and byways of this great country in our motorhome.

NATA #747

I have always wanted to learn to tat and finally at age 65 got the chance a year ago when we decided to spend the winter here in Montana in our little rental house in a very small community out in the middle of nowhere. I found two very willing teachers who do beautiful work and enjoy passing on the art to others at no charge. I took lessons every Tuesday afternoon at the public library half a block from our house and then got to go out to one teacher's home every other Wednesday evening with the more talented and learned gals.

This winter my daughter has been here with us and she is also learning to tat--I am still very much a beginner and loving every knot & stitch and look forward to learning even more.

NATA #748

I taught myself to tat when I was in college studying Clothing and Textiles. On the day I determined I was going to teach myself, I dug through my sewing threads and found some buttonhole thread. It was the thickest thread I had. I think in tatting thread sizes that's about a size 60. I sat down with some really old instructions and struggled with it for over an hour. I was NOT going to give up! Finally, and I can still remember this clearly 20 years later, I got the flip!

I've been a tatting nut ever since. In fact, in one of my classes, we were assigned to do a "special technique" on a piece of clothing. I chose to do faggoting on a blouse, but I didn't tell my teacher that. It was more fun to sit and tat for that class period than to do my real work! I didn't think ahead to when I had to turn it in. My whole class was disappointed to see faggoting instead of the tatting I'd been doing in class.

I've taken my tatting with me to the doctor's office (that seems a popular NATA place), camping, on road trips, and to work so I could tat while on break. I teach anybody who wants to learn, too. I've taught most of the ladies at work, my kids, and my husband. In fact, for a while I carried a spare shuttle with me!

NATA #749

After teaching myself to tat from a book (it CAN be done) I decided that a unique christmas gift for my family would be a tatted ornament. Good plan, cheap, and unique. 10 hours work and viola' one gift done, except the blocking, etc. It worked great, oh, I am one of eleven kids, and then there was my husbands family, another 5.

My husband thought this was such a great plan that he wanted to give them to his fellow employees. Asst. mgr., can't compete w/the boss at Christmas, but these would be good.

After people began stealing ornaments he gave out, or customers coming and asking, last year i was up to three dozen ornaments for the year.

What a great plan!

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