Identities have been hidden to protect the special members of this nuttery.

Members can be identified by the NATA number tattooed on their chests.

NATA #650

Disculpe pero no hablo ingles, pero igual me gustaria pertenecer a este selecto grupo de personas que gozan con este bello arte.

Mi gusto por el Tatting comenzo hace 30 años, cuando mi madre me regalo dos navetas (shuttles) que a ella le habian regalado. Trate de encontrar una persona que me enseñara pero nunca pude encontrar hasta que en el año 2002 encontré una maestra la cual me ha enseñado mucho y me ha servido mucho como una terapia y disfruto de cada trabajo que realizo.

Además he encontrado personas maravillosas que tambien tienen el mismo gusto por este bello y magnífico arte.

translation by Prompt-Online and edited by me -- sorry!

Forgive but I do not speak English, but I would like to belong to this select group of persons who have a good time with this beautiful art.

My love of tatting began 30 years ago, when my mother gave me two small shuttles that had been given to her. I tried to find someone to teach me how, but found no one until 2002. This teacher has taught me very much and tatting is a form of therapy for me, and I enjoy every piece I finish.

Besides I have found wonderful persons who also get the same joy as I do with this beautiful and magnificent art.

NATA #651

I took a class in tatting about 20 years ago. I crochet a lot and love tatting too.

No funny stories except that I almost have to learn all over again periodically. My sister belongs to a women's group that learns a new craft monthly. One month one of the ladies was supposed to go learn how to tat, but she came back and told all the ladies that no one could learn that. My sister says, "It must not be too difficult. My Sister can do it."

NATA #652

well... i was so nuts about tatting that i begged my mother to take me to tatting lessons... and I was only 7 years old!!! (the real reason: I hated piano lessons!)

NATA #653

My MIL taught me to tat over memorial day weekend. It took me until my next visit with her, about 2 months, before I finished my first project. She started me on a bookmark, then switched me to a star. Which I connected wrong at the very end. Very funny looking star!!! I finally managed to finish a bookmark, 5 months later, at my Grandmothers house. She loved it!! So, she got my first properly completed project.

NATA #654

I became a addicted to crocheting, and knitting. Lace was introduced into my world and a whole new universe was found (tatting). It also brings back memories of my grandmother, and great-grandmother.

My work is as much an attachment as my arm...with me at all times. The dreaded inescapable meetings, conventions, board commitments, grocery lines, airport lines, doctor offices, baseball games, and church. After all it's a meditative, spiritual activity (although at times more frustrating than meditative...but that's another story.)

I'd rather tat, knit and crochet than sleep.

NATA #655

I learned to needle tat a few years ago, and this fall, I learned shuttle tatting from Emily Garland at a local store. I have not been able to stop tatting since. My real passion is adding beads to tatting.

NATA #656

There are so many, I don't know where to start! I don't have very many associated with tatting directly. I have always been told that idle hands are the Devils workshop, so I try to keep busy. Besides I don't want to get too much documented!! I also belong to a group of people who do most every--what we call--Heritage Skills; anything people used to do, mostly out of necessity, that few do today. We meet and share what we know. We have spinners, weavers, quilters, crochetters, knitters,painters, soap makers, huck weavers, needle and shuttle tatters--whatever anyone wants to know how to do. Most do more than one thing and are all willing to share anytime.

NATA #657

Soy una estudiante de Bibliotecología, y pese a que no tengo mucho tiempo estoy completamente loca por el frivolité, pues soy capaz de quedarme desde las 10:00 p.m en que termino de hacer las labores para la universidad, hasta las 3:00 de la mañana con tal de hacer las labores, y debo levantarme para estar en la universidad a las 6:00 am. Si esto no es estar loca por el frivolité, no sé que otra cosa lo será.

translation by Prompt-Online and edited by me -- sorry!

I am a student of Library Sciences, and because of that I do not have a lot of time. I am completely nuts about tatting, because I work until 10:00 p.m, tat until 3:00 a.m., and must get up to be at the university at 6:00 am.

If this is not nuts about tatting, I do not know what is!

NATA #658

I would like and please me to belong to your group because I am really nuts thanks to the nuts and the tatting.

I have grown fat (many kilograms) and I am a person of weight.

NATA #659

No funny stories... But, been tatting (shuttle) for under 6 months (self-taught); I already have 20+ shuttles, and over two drawerfuls of tatting thread.

NATA #660

I'm not sure this proves me nuts about tatting, but certainly obsessive!

About 20 years ago I purchased this strange looking plastic object (hoare-type tatting shuttle) at a nearby craft store. I had no idea what tatting was but I was intrigued mostly because the shuttle was so strange looking and I was curious to find out more about it. With it came instructions for tatting... instructions which implied it was a very easy and relaxing craft. Well, I tried and tried to follow the instructions but could not get the "flip" to work... could not understand what in the world they were talking about, and at that point didn't know of any other tatters. So after about 2 months of extreme frustration, I put this "simple, relaxing" craft away... But it kept eating at me. I HAD to learn how to do this.

So, about 5 years later I pulled out the shuttle and thread and tried again! This time it worked! I was thrilled!! Since then I've been excited to find so many different kinds of shuttles and the wonderful variety of threads and colors in which they are available. Now I have bits and piecs of tatting everywhere! I've put it on hankies, clothes, stationery, framed it, made bookmarks, ornaments, doilys, I can't get enough tatting! I just LOVE making those little rings and chains.. and learning more advanced techniques. And YES, it is the most peaceful and relaxing thing I can do!!

NATA #661

I learned tatting from my mother and grandmother before I started kindergarten. Through the years I have tatted, designed tatting patterns, taught tatting and written tatting books.

NATA #662

Well, I taught myself to tat when I was 12 (I won't say how long ago that was, but I was a flower child). I guess my funny story would have to be tatting while I was being prepped for carpal tunnel surgery, my doctor was less than thrilled at the sight.

Now I work in a yarn store and teach tatting along with knitting, crochet and quilting. That fact alone should qualify me for membership. Just try to teach a class of knitters and crochers at the same time in the same room! My boss promises NEVER to schedule classes like that again!

NATA #663

I've wanted to learn to tat from the time I was a child. My grandmother(Nannie) tatted, but could never slow down long enough to teach me. I tried needle tatting, then cro-tat when it came out, and while mastering the skills, it still wasn't tatting. When my LYS offered classes, even though it meant traveling 75 miles each way, I jumped on it. Before long I had mastered the double stitches and picots and was zipping along with my shuttle.

Then I was on ebay buying threads and patterns and bidding on shuttles... and my collection of tattting goodies just keeps growing. Now all I need to do is find more time to tat.

NATA #664

I saw a pattern for some beaded lace in a book. But it did not show me how to do it, so I began to hunt for a book that would teach me how to tat. No one in my family does it, so I couldn't turn to them for help. Then I finally found a book that showed me how to do the basic steps. I was HOOKED!!! I had to have different colors of thread, and books...don't get me started!! I love it!!! I now meet with a group of tatters once a month, and go on the internet to find fun new things to try. I would go crazy, if I couldn't tat.

NATA #665

Been tatting for about 20 years. Started a string of 4x4 single-shuttle edging to clear a shuttle of 100 wt. thread. It was going to be an accent on a coffee mug.

I can tat while reading, watching movies, etc., and don't always concentrate on a precise I kind of overshot. By about eight inches. And I loathe cutting tatting. So I started rolling it around a pencil stub (so it would fit in my pocket) and decided to go for a pillow case edging. Re-filled the shuttle and away we went.

Forgot to measure the pillowcase. And I refuse to cut tatting. Still refilling the shuttle, I kept going, this time shooting for the trim on the sheet for the guest bed.

Well, no, but maybe for a queen-size bedsheet.

Okay, so, maybe a king size bedsheet.

...around a baby quilt?


At last measurement it is seventeen meters in length, continuous. It is wrapped around an old wooden spool that I found in an antique shop. In order to be able to bring the spool, the shuttle, and the obligatory ball of white 100-wt. thread with me, I went out and purchased a small box with a handle (transparent, of course, so everybody can see in).

...oh, and I bought another shuttle specifically for that project, just so that I wouldn't have to stop when one shuttle ran dry...

NATA #666

I have always been interested in tatting "on the edge," having learned split rings back in 1987 from a nuts about tatting girlfriend.

I hadn't been tatting in a great number of years because of other commitments, but had been gazing longingly at Silent shuttles and GR-8 shuttles & suchlike on the Internet. Just finished spending over $300 in new tatting books and supplies (over $100 on shuttles alone). I may be poorer now, but TATTIN' HAPPY!!!

NATA #667

I have been tatting with some skill since I found people online that love it as much as I do... before that I tried and tried and tried!! I finally got my sister-in-law to teach me the 'flip' on a trip home with a new baby and did basic tatting everywhere I could - Doctor's office, chiropracter's office, at home, when visiting friends.... but then I couldn't find further instructions or more shuttles!! My sister-in-law lived miles and miles away - a whole province (Ontario) away! and I couldn't find anyone else that could show me anything else and phone charges were too much to do it long distance!

So now that I can ... I "tat in the morning, tat in the evening and tat in the summertime... " I DO!! ;)))) I have gleefully downloaded instructions and patterns and info on shuttles and books; signed up for tatting clubs online and can now hardly wait for things I can use to arrive in the mail!! I just love it! I even started making up my own things - too cool!! I even have people wanting to learn how to tat!

NATA #668

I always had wanted to learn to tat, so when I asked my grandmother and she turned me down, I decided to try myself from a book. Not knowing where to get a shuttle, I tried making one myself. It just did not work. Finally I got a woman at work to show me and I have been tatting ever to have my tree done all in tatted snowflakes!

NATA #669

Well, I have been thinking for years about what could qualify me as a NATA member. I think I finally found something I feel is worthy of being called "nuts" in a sense.

When Pinkpig went under last summer and Tat Chat was left with no home or no list, I talked to my husband about what it would take to get the list started back up. I really missed all the tatting talk and the friends I had made. After a couple of days, we were able to pull together a listserv program that we could run off my personal server in my living room. Within a few weeks of getting Tat Chat back up and running, I bought the domain name and have been working like nuts to get things going like a an "official" Tat Chat web page and logo to put on various items like shirts and coffee mugs so tat chatters everywhere can proudly display their love for tatting.

NATA #670

Es curioso...recién hoy envié un texto a una amiga, creadora de un grupo de Frivolite en Internet, Wally, y me dieron ganas de contarle algo de mi vida para que supiera lo importante que era su disposición ante mis necesidades y eso comenzó asi... ...te quiero contar algo... yo tengo dos hermanas mayores, sin embargo no tuve la posibilidad de criarme con ellas, mis padres y yo vivimos en Brasil durante 15 años, por lo tanto fue como no tener hermanos. Mis padres, en un país desconocido, trabajaron duro, lo que implicó que quizás yo pasara mucho tiempo sola y me volqué a leer revistas de manualidades. En una de las tantas revistas que mis padres me regalaron estaba el Frivolité, lo aprendí en un día encerrada en mi pieza y así como muchas otras técnicas. Ya de regreso a Chile, retome el Frivolite y comencé a hacer algunos regalos a mis hermanas y fue entonces cuando mi abuelita vio mis trabajos y me contó sobre su vida y su experiencia al respecto.... y creo que en ese momento le tomé un amor muy grande ..." Y es así como hasta el día de hoy dedico bastante tiempo al frivolite ... recopilo información y trato de compartir lo que tengo con todas las personas que lo deseen. Mi gran deseo es que una de mis hijas (tengo dos) le gustara y disfrutara esta técnica y no la dejara morir. Hoy, por la tarde, una amiga de ese mismo grupo me informa que se había asociado a la NATA, y me informó esta dirección, y es por ese motivo que les escribo ... me encantaría estar presente en estos registros ...

translation by Prompt-Online and edited by me -- sorry!

It is curious ... newly today I sent a text to a friend, creator of a group of Tatting in Internet, Wally, and they gave me desire to tell him something of my life in order that it should know the important thing that was his disposition before my needs and it began this way... ... I want to tell you something ... I have two major sisters, nevertheless I did not have the possibility of growing up with them, my parents and I live in Brazil for 15 years, therefore it was like to have no brothers. My parents, in an unknown country, worked five-peseta coin, which implied that probably I was spending a lot of time alone and I got overturned to reading magazines of manualidades. In one of so many magazines that my parents gave me the Tatting was, I learned it in one day enclosed in my piece and as well as many other skills. Already on returning to Chile, recapture the Tatting and I began to do some gifts to my sisters and it was of that time when my grandma saw my works and told me on his life and his experience in the matter .... and I believe that in this moment I took a very big love ... " And it is as well as up to today I spend enough time on the tatting ... I compile information and try to share what I have with all the persons who wish it. My great desire is that one of my daughters (I have two) he liked and was enjoying this skill and did not allow her to die. Today, in the evening, a friend of the same group informs me that it had associated with NATA, and he informed me this direction, and it is this motive for which I write to them ... I would be charmed with being present in these records...

NATA #671

aprendi en una tarde de otoño me maraville de este bello arte una taede de otoño mi madre me mando hacer bolillos y al lado una señora mientras esperava su turno saco de su bolsillo 2 navetas me kede fascinada al verlas y con k rapided lo hacia desde entonces mi n¡mas devocion hacia este maravilloso mundo del frivolite lo deje todo y los vde l frivolite estoy loca x el lo hago en todasolillos se kedaron donde estaban me case y sigo enamoradade el lo hago entodas partes en cualkier sitio yo kiero ser una nata tener mi numero en mis navetas por favor me lo pueden dar seria mi ilusion

translation by Prompt-Online and edited by me -- sorry!

I learned during one autumn evening that a late autumn should astonish me of this beautiful art my mother sent me to do bobbins and nearby a lady while esperava his shift sack of his pocket 2 small drawers me kede fascinated on having seen them and with k rapided it was doing it since then me n: more devotion was doing this wonderful world of the tatting I left everything and the vde l tatting I am mad x do it in todasolillos kedaron where they were I married and I continue that enamoradade it I make entodas parts in cualkier place kiero to be a cream to have my number in my small drawers please they can give it to me it would be my illusion .

If you want a giggle on what the dirrent translators online do....
Babelfish: aprendi in late of autumn astonishes at this beautiful art one taede of autumn my mother I send me to make bobbins and alongside one lady while esperava its turn coat of its pocket 2 shuttles me kede fascinated when seeing them and with k rapided towards since then my n but devotion towards this wonderful world of frivolite leaves everything it and vde l frivolite I am crazy x I do it in todasolillos were kedaron where they were marries to me and I follow enamoradade I do entodas parts in cualkier site kiero I to be a cream to have my I number in my shuttles please can give serious my ilusion me

NATA #672

I learned to tat when I was 17 or 18 years old. I have taken breaks ocassionally, but always come back to tatting. Most recently I have found myself tatting everywhere. I tatted in a hall while waiting to be let into a conference where I was a speaker. I tatted until participants arrived and attempted to interest several of their children in tatting. I have also tatted while working and while at school.

NATA #673

I started tatting back in 1984 after taking a few lessons and fell in love with the idea of having something so portable to do. At the time I was working as a waitress at a very popular resturant in Florida and the shuttle and thread fit so nice into my pocket. When it was slow or things were under control I would sneak off into the restroom and pull out my shuttle and tat usually 3-4 minutes and then go check on my guests. On one particular day while tatting away at work I got so involved in tatting that a guest at the resturant went and go the manager explaining I had gone into a stall in the restroom and it was 30 minutes late and I had not come out


Well, all of a sudden I heard the manager, a man of course, open the door to the restroom calling my name. I jumped so hard being snapped back into the real world instead of the "lost world of tatting" my shuttle and piece of lace flew into the commode!!!!!!!

Needless to say I was quite red faced when I finally opened the door to the stall with my hand, shuttle and lace dripping water all over the floor.

Sorry to say from then on I had to leave my shuttle at home when I worked at the resturant. Now I can put it in my uniform pocket when I head to the hospital to work nightshift. What a great way to pass time while the babies are asleep!!!!!!

NATA #674

When I can't find my real shuttles I fold up pieces of paper an wind the thread around the middle

NATA #675

Well, I don't know if this proves I'm nuts or not, but I keep buying tatting pattern books for various skill levels when all I know are chains and rings. With a needle yet! I don't know how I'll ever figure out any way to convert these wonderful patterns to be created with a needle!

NATA #676

Twelve years ago I was strolling through a new neighborhood that I’d just moved to, when my eyes were caught by a couple of lacy suncatchers hanging before a window. I moved closer in eager expectation and ... yes – it was tatting! At that time, I believed pieces of tatting were about the rarest articles on the face of this earth – at least in the Netherlands. My mind was racing ... what should I do? I came to a decision. I would ring the bell and try to make contact with the owner of these beauties, hoping that this would be the beginning of a long and lasting friendship based on mutual interests... So, I walked to the front door, and with my heart beating at 200 beats per minute I rang the bell.

A few moments later, an elderly woman opened the door a bit, and looked in fright at the person standing there: a (then) young man with a black leather jacket - apparently not somebody she expected, nor the kind of person she would expect to ring her doorbell. “Yes? What is it you want?” she asked with a mild tremble in her voice. I said to myself: well yes, now that’s a good question, because I didn’t really now exactly what I wanted; just had a vague idea. So I began: “S-sorry madam, but I saw the suncatchers at your window... I saw they’re tatted suncatchers. I was wondering whether you made them yourself.” The eyes of the lady were getting bigger and bigger. “Yes, I’ve made them. Now please tell me, what is it you want?” It was not a friendly voice, I felt very awkward. “Uhh... well, I am a tatter myself too, you know.... uhh”, I tried. The woman said: “How nice, but you still haven’t told me what it is you want” – she looked to me in apparent horror, maybe she thought I was going to rob her? But I said: “Uhh well, you tat ... I tat ... it seems we have a mutual interest, maybe I could see more of your work, maybe you’d be interested in my work. If you want, you could come and visit me some time ... “. Silence. Then: “Yes, well I don’t have time right now, and besides that, I do mainly bobbin lace. Tatting I only do every now and then... Now if you don’t mind, I have matters that need tending to...” – I tried: “Oh that’s interesting, I can do bobbin lace too!” but she said: “Goodbye sir, nice to meet you” and closed the door... and there I was, on my own again. I felt so lost.

So, I went back home quickly and told the whole story to my wife, who of course laughed her head off. Since then I have been able to push away the memory of this dreadful experience, but every now and it haunts me. So hopefully when I post this story here for everyone of you to read, I will find some piece of mind...

NATA #677

I came across tatting when i bought a "stitchery" book while on holiday. I didn't think anything more of it and left it. When I came back and flicked through the book again, I saw the tatting section. I decided to go to a shop and see if I can find a tatting shuttle. To my surprise (considering it's supposedly a "lost art") they did have a shuttle so I went home eargerly awaiting to try it out.

I admit I didn't make my first attempt with the right type of thread. Anyway, I sat down, with my instructions from a library book, and tried to make the double stitch. I did do it, but I couldn't close the ring! And I couldn't understand for the life of me WHY! I tried again several times and was just getting too frustrated so put it away. I kept thinking about it and couldn't figure it out.

The next day I tried again, with additional instructions from the internet. Once again, I managed to do the double stitch (or what looked like one). I got real excited and went on to close the ring... The stitches refused to budge. I wasted my thread trying again and again. In the end I was just too frustrated (AGAIN!!) and gave up completely. I decided I wouldn't do it again.

Over the next few days it popped into my mind but I didn't spend much time thinking about it. Eventually I gave in to the urge and decided I would try again. I went to the library and looked for another set of instructions I could use. I went home, sat down and started again. I did the double stitch and went on to try closing the ring ... AND IT CLOSED... the stitches moved nicely and didn't look bad for a first (proper) attempt. I was so happy, and made some more rings. And all it was that I hadn't been flipping the stitch. The other instructions didn't clearly state or show that you have to. Anyway, I went on to try chains, which were easy once I had mastered the ring. I did some samples of patterns from a book and stuck them, along with all my info, in a folder. I then attempted the split ring and that was fine the first time.

Since then I have dome my first design - earrings and a choker. I am in the process of doing some more designs, mainly jewellery. But I will also try edgings and maybe bookmarks. And probably doilies eventually.

I actually have a cross stitch project to complete but have been doing my tatting since I got the hang of it. Have to work out some kind of timetable to fit both in!! And then there's my crochet. I had gotten back into that but have also been neglecting it since I started the tatting.

NATA #678

When I discovered the beautiful art of tatting, I couldn't find anyone in my country that would know this tipe of lace. They only do bobbin lace (Idrija lace) in Slovenija. I still can not find any books or magasines or shuttles. I don't realy like buying on internet, so I have to improvise. And since I'm taurus and stubern even more like a real one, I ordered by my cousin, who is woodcrafter, to cut out some wooden flat very simple shuttles. I just have to put some varnish on. Then I discovered fish shaped bobbins to use them in knitting for shorter yarn if you need a lot of colours. Since then this fishes are my shuttles. It's working just fine.

This story is not funny. I adore fun and jokes, but since I'm tatting alone, the only funny tatting thing that happend to me are the eyes of my relatives and friends who don't understand how come a thirty year old employed wife and mother of ten-year old son finds time to crochet, tat, knit,....Even funnier are their eyes when they see the results. You can see the results here:

NATA #679

I learned to tat when I was in high school... My mom wanted to learn and after failing, she threw the book at me and told me to do it.. I guess she didn't like me saying that it looked easy.

I figured it out from a book she had bought. I didn't think much about it after that but years later when I lived in Canada I saw an ad for a class. After attending the first night and seeing it again I realized that I didn't need the class... I still knew how. That was the beginning...

That was 14 years ago and I have tatted a crown for my niece and a rosary for my sister (#1) rose crosses for family and friends. I even designed a frog patterned when my #3 sister married a Frenchman. (just to name a few items) I was a member of a guild in Niceville / Valpariso, Florida. I couldn't find anyone to tat with while living in New Mexico but as soon as we moved to TN I went on the web! I posted a hello to any TN tatters and I found some folks nearby and we all got together and formed the Highland Rim Tatters. Some say it's the Highland Rim Tatters, tatters with heart (HRT) but more of our members know HRT for it's medical purposes (Hormone Replacement Therapy). I like to think of us as the Highland Rim Tatters, tatting in the heart of Tennessee; thus our logo of the shape of TN with a tatted heart in the middle of it.

I recently attended the Palmetto Tatter's Tat Day in SC. I'm on fire about tatting again. I bought more thread... and shuttles... and even some of Deb's beads. Yes I'm crazy and insane but I prefer to think of it as being Nuts About Tatting!!! If that's not enough proof perhapes some of the ladies from the midnight tat sessions could vouch for me.

NATA #680

I am 42 and have been avidly tatting since I was a wee thing sittin on granny's lap with her arms around me showing me how. I have tatted in many a strange place, but until recently never at work. I was hired as a manager by a local fabric store and was told as long as there were no customers or work to be done in the store I could occupy my time how I saw fit. For the most part, my store clerks bring in their books, but "I" bring my tatting.

My story starts on a bleak, rainy April morning whilst sitting on the stool behind the counter. I was alone in the store and there were no customers as of yet. I had brought along a pattern of Jane's (the small basket) as was dilegently trying to work with a metallic french braid that kept breaking. Every time I tried closing a ring it would SNAP. Being the hardheaded tatter than I am, I was determined to close that **** ring! After about 10 tries, the ring closed and I heard applause!! I looked up and realized I had 4 customers come in and I hadn't even acknowledged them! LOL Of course, everyone wanted to know what I was doing, so I spent the better part of 30 minutes playing show and tell with them.

NATA #681

I think I am very nuts about tatting. I am a member of frivolite vriendenkring in Holland as from maart this year. Via Riet Surtel. I like it very much and I tat every day and made several things. o.a.3 doilies, 6 bookmarks (almost all the same) For my granddaughter a thing round her neck with a few beads. She is 12 years old and likes it. I am 65 years old. Have 1 husband, 2daughters and one son.They are all married. I(we)have 8 grandchildren and are very proud on them.

NATA #682

I am nuts about tatting for several reasons: first, because I started on an involved project right after learning how to tat,without anything in the way of practice. At least it's size 20? thread and not the sewing-thread thickness stuff I learned with. It's a bag to hold tatting shuttles and projects, and lately I have been working on it to the exclusion of all else, including my schoolwork (I'm a graduate student, mom, and full-time librarian too).

Lately I have been printing out all the tatting patterns I can find that I like, and will be binding them all into a book as soon as they are all together. So far it's almost 1/2 inch thick, and that's just a day or two of looking.

Yes, I know I am a freak! I already have more projects of other kinds (knitting, spinning, weaving, dollmaking, etc) than I could ever do in ten lifetimes, and now I have a ton more things I want to make. I am adding insult to injury as far as my family is concerned by doing a class project on tatting, and to that end I have sent away for several more books on tatting, through inter-library loan.

Everyone I know thinks I am crazy, but I feel right at home!

NATA #683

I just atarted tatting about a month ago. Last week I started a bookmark and was so excited about it, I sat and tatted on Friday night until 1am and couldn't hardly focus -- my eyes were so tired. But I show everyone I see -- "Look at what I made!!"

NATA #684

I tat, I tat, I tat. I start over and over again. I find my shuttle somewhere in my bed in the morning. I must say that the tatting conference in SC a couple of weeks ago has helped me quite a bit. I have now finished several butterflies and am almost done with a snowflake. It was a lot of fun and learning.

NATA #685

I'm a tatter
And I natter
To other fellow tatters,
But it really doesn't matter
If the latter goes a-scatter,
'Cos I'm as mad as a hatter
And I MUST remain a tatter!!

NATA #686

I have been working on an original alphabet pattern lately and concentraing very hard on the tatting. I guess I did notice that I was starting to get tired; I dozed off in the middle of a ring and slept for about a half hour when the cat woke me up. To my suprise, I was still holding the shuttle and the ring was still wrapped around my hand. Now that is NUTS!!!

NATA #687

hola encontre imagines de frivolite en internet, y kise aprenderlo me compre un libro y no pare hasta ke aprendi a hacerlo una semana despues me tejia un pañuelo. pronto me echara mi marido de casa para poder meter todos los libros revistas hilos y lanzaderas ke tengo, en fin me encanta el frivolite y kiero unirme a nata.

translation by Prompt-Online and edited by me -- sorry! hello I found pictures of tatting on the Internet, and wanted to learn how to do it. I bought myself a book and did not stop even after I managed to learn it. One week later, my husband waved a white handkerchief, asking me to put all the books, magazines, threads and shuttles I have in one area. I am charmed by tatting and would love to join NATA.

NATA #688

Well, I actually first saw the art of tatting at the library while I was looking for a book on lace making. I thought it not only sounded interesting to learn, but the patterns are unique and very beautiful. So, I took a book out of the library to learn this art. I couldn't understand the part about flipping the knot on the double half hitch and went to get another book out. In the end I went back repeated times taking out every book and reading how to make that knot. This was before the internet was there to help people like me! Ha Ha I spent countless hours at home while the baby was asleep trying to get that knot to slide like the picture showed! Eventually, I found directions that actually used the word "Flip" and I was able to understand what they wanted. When I got that knot to work, I started tatting and have never stopped. Now that there is the internet, it is so exciting to meet other people who actually know what tatting is and share patterns!

I have tatted my way to winning best of show at my county fair and I tat gifts for all my family. I tatted lace for my wedding dress, I tatted lace for my daughters first communion dress. I tat while I wait picking the kids up after school, and I tat before bed instead of reading like normal people, I love new patterns! I have binders of patterns I have collected over the years!

I am NUTS about tatting!

NATA #689

Hmmm - can't think of a funny story. I have always done needlework of some sort, but when I became disabled, was no longer able to do so. Then I found tatting, which is so much easier on my wrists and arms. Because of my disbility, I spend 5-6 hours of my day, awake but pretty much 'brain dead', and I can't stand doing nothing with my hands. Tatting has saved me from going 'nuts' so I am 'nuts' about it.

Not funny, but I find tatting the best way to connect with older folks. People (even on the bus) will come up and talk to me about it - 'is that tatting? I think my grandmother used to do that'. Wonderful conversation opener!

If anything about my tatting is nuts, it is that I am obsessive about it (and actually go through withdrawal when I can't), and I love to figure out how to take a pattern with lots of small pieces and make it with one continuous thread.

NATA #690

Why am I nuts about tatting? Well my tatting experience began several years ago working registration at an SCCA race. Marilyn (one of the other registrars) pulled out this heart she had made and it was beautiful! The pattern was the "Tat Chat Heart". So me being the person I am... when I want to learn something I just go out and do it, sent Marilyn an email the day after the race asking her how to make it. She pointed me to several web sites (including the pattern) and told me to try Michaels or Hobby Lobby for some shuttles. About 2 months later I had my heart! and I've been tatting ever since... in the car (while my husband's driving!)... at baseball games... at football games... at basketball games... at track meets... at soccer games... and of course during the slow times when I'm working registration for SCCA. I haven't figured out how tat and walk at the same time, but some day I'm going to try on the treadmill at the "Y".

Of all the people who've seen me tatting... most of them tell me their grandmother knew how to tat, my grandmother told me she tried to learn when she was young, but never got the hang of it. She did give my 2 handkerchiefs that were tatted by a cousin of hers about 60 years ago.

Only one person has asked my how, so I gave her a shuttle, some thread, and one of my books and now she's tatting too & loves it because she drives a school bus and the tatting is much more convenient to take along instead of the knitting and crocheting.

NATA #691

Hi, I'm a tat-a-holic. I've been tatting for 24 years now (not straight through, I have taken breaks to eat and go to work and such). I LOVE tatting. I find myself mesmerized by the beautiful patterns and the soothing flow of the shuttle and thread as it passes through my hands. I can't get enough of the stuff. Instead of OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) I suffer from from OCT (Ongoing Constant Tatting). Sometimes I wonder if there's a cure, but come to think of it, I don't think I would want to, would you?

NATA #692

I don't really have a funny story. I just tat all the time. I take it everywhere I go. I was in the military for 22 years. I even took my shuttle with me on active duty. I usually spend a couple of hours a day looking at tatting on the internet. I have several tatting projects going at once. I love to make unusual pieces for no reason and then just have these little tatted things all over the place. I make little butterflies with the ends of thread on my shuttle and then just give them away or sprinkle them on the tables at special luncheons. I want to teach everyone I meet to tat. I dream tatting.

NATA #693

I love tatting, I've only been doing it for about 2.5 months and I've pretty much dropped all my other crafts (to the shock of my DH) to concentrate on improving my rings and perfecting my chains.

I'm about to sign up to the local Tatters Guild in NSW, and eager to infect as many people with my brand of craziness over this craft, I have sent a girlfriend of mine a beginner tat pack (book,shuttles,thread) to get her going, and she's not been able to put it down since she received it!

I can't seem to have enough variegated threads, or different types of shuttles, and have even requested a special tatting chatelaine for Christmas off DH instead of jewellery.

My little "current project" baggie goes with me EVERYWHERE, whether I'm at work or going shopping, because you never know when 2 minutes are going to make themselves available for you get another set of rings done...

Sorry it took so long to type this message, it's hard to type and tat at the same time.

NATA #694

Well it might not be a funny story, but all who were there and have seem it called me nuts. I made(tatted)all of the lace for my 1840's style wedding dress. It was done in size 20 white DMC thread along with little glass pearlesk seed beads to accompany it. There was about 20 yards done while I was trying to work 70 to 80 hrs a week, pack and move my grandma to Texas (have you ever had to move a Grandma that has never thrown anything away in her life??? Let's just say that it was fairly interesting.) and organize a wedding.

I tat for relaxaton. When I tell people who ask why I do it and I say "To relax". They all have a tendancy to look at me with that blank stare then say "Are you NUTS?!" I tell them "Why Yes, Yes I AM" Ü

NATA #695

My Mother taught my wife to tat a year or so ago, and my wife proceeded to spend gobs of money for supplies (thread, shuttles, even an antique book of patterns). As I watched her spending all our money on tatting, she would try to get me to learn how (I think so that I would leave her alone evenings). I finally relented, tatted a cross in #10, then a coaster in #20, and now am working on a doily in #30 thread.

Among other things, it gives my hands something to do as we give up smoking. Am I nuts? Perhaps, but I'm smoking much less and not "pestering" my wife nearly as much.

NATA #696

My tatting started when a friend took a tatting class at our local college. She brought her homework to the bowling alley to work on between times up to bowl. She was having trouble but was still working on the tatting. So I asked her if I brought the shuttles the next week would she teach me. The next week I showed up with shuttles. She got very mad at me because I got the flip in about two minutes. She quit speeking to me because she had been working on her tatting for three weeks and was just getting to where she was getting the flip almost every time.

That night when my dad got home from work when he walked in the house he asked what are you doing? So I told him making an edging for a shirt out of tatting. He started crying and told me that he hadn't seen anyone tat since he was a little boy. His grandmother tatted when he was very young. My dad really made me into the tatter that I am when I was very little he always called me his little knothead. I have now been tatting for 22 years.

I have tatted everywhere from doctors to hospital while in labor, the bathroom at one time I made a shelf so i could tat in the tub. But my favorite story is from right after I taught my daughter to tat and we were on a trip just the two of us she was tatting away while I was driving I wanted to tat so every 25 miles I would stop and make her go to the restroom so I could tat while she was in the bathroom.

NATA #697

When I was ten, I bought a tatting shuttle and a book. That was a good many years ago. I tried many times to learn how to tat from a book. Life intervened. Two of my husbands Aunts were tatters. They tried to teach me at family reunions...which are always at our home. No time to concentrate there.

So a month ago I took a lesson. I live way out in the middle of the high desert of eastern Oregon. The nearest village is 10 miles, town is 55 miles and city is 120 miles away. The lessons were given 120 miles away at a Michaels' store. We got a motel and I took my lesson. After 2 hours the lesson was over. I was the only student that evening. I left in tears and I am sure the teacher did also. Well, I was not crying until I got into the car. I was a failure. Nothing I did would make the loops do any thing but knot. Then I went to a grocery store for evening snacks. The clerk saw my red eyes--no one else was in the store. Asked if I was okay? I told her I was really trying to learn how to tat. Then around the counter she came, big hug, another customer came over, big hug. They did not know how either, but thought it a great project for me. Then I took the goodies and back to the motel room. Returning to the motel room, I cried on my dear husbands shoulder..then took up that shuttle and worked and worked for a couple of hours. About midnight...yes, DH was snoring away, I finally made the correct stitch. The dear teacher taught me to use my left fore finger to do something...but for my brain, that did not somehow I use my right hand to make the loops correct.

Now you can tell, my terminology is incorrect, but I am dedicated to learning. All these years of taking out the shuttle and the book I purchased so many years ago..... dreaming, trying and ending in frustration. I knit, crochet, sew, quilt and do hairpin lace...mostly learned from books.

Still the terms are almost incomprehensible to me. I am able to do a simple edging of circles, they do have picots (?). I was left a long row of edging by one of DH's aunts of double rows of circles and am trying to duplicate that. Just have too long of a space on the thread between the circles.

-----a few weeks later----I am about to complete my first project. I look with pride...I can even see the mistakes; they will remain, after all the thread is getting a bit frayed because of the removal of knots!!!!

NATA #698

I started tatting in Sept 2003, and have been learning ever since. I've smuggled my tatting needles on airplanes by disguising them as pens, I've tatted my way thru library programs and workshops, I've scoured local garage sales for old thread, patterns, and shuttles, and, what should qualify me as a NATA member, I've started examining each long, thin, string like object I've come across for their tatting possibility. The string at the top of cat litter bags - Yes; wire found in a drawer - maybe not; that delicious thread found on Ebay or from a vendor - Definitely!!! I have enough thread for years of projects, enough projects for years of tatting, the desire for more of both, and the greatest desire for the time to tat!

NATA #699

I'm so nuts I've tatted on the toilet? That nuts enough? ;) I've also taken it to lectures at university...but that's not quite so nuts.

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