Identities have been hidden to protect the special members of this nuttery.

Members can be identified by the NATA number tattooed on their chests.

NATA #600

My story is that I started tatting the beggining of 2003 after seeing some doilies my grandmother made (they were crocheted). I got on the net and spent a lot of time checking into it, and this is where I found tatting.

I was SO interested in it and could NOT find any needles or (heaven forbid) shuttles, so I made my own needles and they worked for some time ... and by then I was hooked, so I drove 80 miles away just to get the right stuff.

So now off and running; at first, it came somewhat easily, but then I just HAD to find more...more...more. My husband was starting to worry; me, tying knots in thread! He thought I was gonna go crazy, because I started talking to myself.

Then I discovered shuttles! Oh Boy! I thought needles were great...shuttles are out of this world! I did have a minor stumble though and I got on-line to connect with more tatters and luck was on my side! I met with two gals close to home, again 80 miles away, and they were the greatest people! They got me back on my way and I haven't stopped and won't stop any time soon.

My husband has gotten used to me talking to myself and has stopped trying to answer me, but he still thinks I'm NUTS!

NATA #601

I have enjoyed tatting for the last two years. I never wanted to start with it, but my mother made such lovely tatted things, so I started also! And it makes a lot of fun to work it, now I have learned the knots.

NATA #602

My mother knew I wanted to learn to tat, so she bought me a shuttle, ball of thread and a book. When she brought it home that Saturday, I started studying the book and making my first attempts. Needless to say it took many attempts, but 6 hours later, I was making a ring that closed! I have loved tatting from that moment. It was not until later that I learned that my maternal great-grandmother tatted.

Recently when we were sorting through things at my maternal grandmother's (she was 98 when she passed away), I found what I believe is her mother's, my great-grandmother's, sterling tatting shuttle; what a special treasure for me.

I guess I am a typical tatter, I take tatting with me where ever I am going, I have several projects going simultaneously (usually about 4), I buy thread for future projects and I encourage others to learn the art of tatting. I just love tatting and lace you can create.

NATA #603

Barbara Phipps gone to the ultimate tatting place on Tuesday, 9 Nov 2004, due to complications following surgery.

Her story was:

As an inveterate hand crafter of almost all arts, my hands are constantly busy. Many years ago I had a shoulder replacement so had only one arm that could move for a while and I was slowly going nuts. What could I do?

Dear MIL taught me how to tat and I adapted the proper motions of tatting to fit with my abilities at that time. Time passed and I became a free woman, now able to use both arms but still tightly knotted to tatting. Bookmarks and snowflakes came to life from a little ball of thread. Last year, another botched surgery left my shoulder permanently paralyzed...but the hand is free and able to tat.

Now my tatting goes where ever I go, having taken over my life. The completed pieces are getting larger and larger. Little rings and chains abound and flow right out my door. People looking for my house follow the trail of tatting as it streams down the street. I'm like Gretal but people follow little rings and chains through the woods instead of crumbs. Sometimes they get lost as they pass by the intersection of a split ring but soon are back on the right path again. Their eyes sparkle as they enter, hopeful that they won't go home empty-handed. They never do because tatting has become like rabbits. Turn your back and more pieces have multiplied...and they are growing larger. New shuttles and more threads keep appearing and I'm sure some of the older pieces are ordering them. I'm afraid those knotty little things will soon be able to reproduce themselves and then DH and I will have to move to give tatting more space.

Here is a portion of her obituary.

ROWLEY- Barbara (Sinclair) Phipps, 73, of Rowley, formerly of
Beverly and Salem, wife of Merle D. Phipps, died Tuesday morning,
November 9, 2004 at the Salem Hospital following a brief

Born in Salem, she was the daughter of the late G. Grafton and
Gladys (Currier) Sinclair. She was a resident of Beverly for many
years before moving to Rowley in 1974.

A graduate of Beverly High School, she later attended North Shore
Community College in Beverly, where she received her Associate
Degree in Nursing as a member of the second class to graduate
from the school.

Prior to her retirement, she was employed as a registered nurse
at the former J. B. Thomas Hospital in Peabody. She previously
worked at Salem Hospital and Beverly Hospital.

For over 20 years, she was a breeder of Himalayan and Persian
cats. Many of her Persian cats went on to be national champions.
Although her illness kept her from being active in breeding in
her later years, she was still very active on the internet in
chat rooms giving advice to those with an interest in show cats.

Mrs. Phipps was always creative with her hands. She enjoyed
knitting, needle point, crocheting painting and other crafts.

She was active in Rowley’s 350th Anniversary as a township and
created the town’s time capsule which was buried beneath the
bandstand at the Rowley Common.

NATA #604

I make my husband crazy with the constant popping from winding the shuttle. Finally, I bought a winder, but then found how to make one with a coffee can lid on e-tatters! Ingenious! That is my favorite part of tatting, the ingenuity from the form. I enjoy the right/left brain aspect of tatting. It offers creativity, yet mathmatical rigidity that cannot be denied. The ratio of patterns made with different threads makes me think about the universe. It is deep thoughts or maybe knot...

NATA #605

I have been a needle tatter for 3 years now. On a Thursday just before the Labor Day holiday weekend, I had taken all my needles to my office (I own a real estate office) because I had 2 friends coming that day to learn to needle tat. When I went home that night, I forgot all my supplies at work.

The next day, my husband and I were leaving for a 4-day motorcycle camping trip where we were meeting up with a group of our friends. I knew I could not go away for 4 days without my tatting! So, on Friday morning, we made a detour and went to my office (the opposite direction from our trip) to pick up my needles. This was 50 miles out of our way and a full hour of our time! Talk about NUTS! But, it was well worth it because while we were camping I was able to teach one of my friends how to tat!

NATA #606

I wanted to learn how to tat, so I went out and bought several books and tatting shuttles, took them home and after two months gave up. My pastor's wife said she had seen someone tatting with a long needle like hook, so I went back to store, and they said it was cro-tatting. Bought that, brought it home and figured it out, but it just wasn't what I wanted. Went back to pastor's wife, who said oh no, it was a needle she saw not a hook, so went back to store, bought the tatting needles, and it was just one more step from the cro-tatting to figure it out. Still, I was not tatting with a shuttle, so I was not happy. Then my 13 year old son wanted to learn, so we searched online, and with help, found a site with small videos. It took all day, but I got it! Now I am tatting every day! My son has given up for now due to school, but works on his on the weekends.

NATA #607

I have always! loved the delicate look of tatting.

NATA #608

I tried to teach myself tatting with a shuttle; I regretted not learning from my grandmother when she was alive. I finally found a class for needle tatting. I love it and haven't looked back since. I'm working on tatting snowflakes for my Christmas tree. I love the look of them as they are so delicate and pretty.

NATA #609

I kept thinking that if I can knit, crochet, counted cross stitch, process fleece, spin (wheel and drop), weave and whatever else..I certainly can master tatting!!

I was told it was really hard to learn ... I love a challenge!! I dug out my shuttle, 2 books and went for it!! AND>>>>> I was able to actually start and close a ring!! I am now HOOKED!!

Just what I needed ... another hobby!!

NATA #610

I think tatting is one of the prettiest forms of lacemaking that I have ever seen and I really, REALLY want to learn how to do it. I have checked around at Raleigh area needlework and crafting stores and cannot find any which offer classes or lessons. I have purchased several "how-to" books, downloaded instructions from the internet and even purchased a video on how to tat but I cannot seem to make it work. Do you know of anyone who offers classes or lessons on an individual basis? I don't know whether this qualifies me as "nuts" but I just know I'd be "nuts about tatting" if I could ever get the hang of it! I guess, at this point, I am just desperate! If you know of anyone in my area who would be willing to teach a very enthusiastic student this wonderful old art, please reply to my e-mail.

NOTE FROM NATA MOM: I have forwarded her 2 emails from NATA members in her city...... stay tuned for more nutty stories.

NATA #611

I am a tat-a-holic. Yes, I admit it. I am addicted to tatting.

My grandmother began teaching me to tat when I was 10. I managed to make stitches, but was completely lost as to how to join the rings once I had completed and closed one. Finally, 20 years later, I have mastered that!

I've begun tatting again(is retatting a word?)in the past month. Since then, I have purchased TWO sewing baskets, 7 different colors of thread, 4 different shuttles, close to 30 extra bobbins for the two metal shuttles I have, and made more double tatting than my mother knows what to do with. I am currently working on yet another dollie. I take my sewing box everywhere and tat. To my children's soccer practices, to the beauty salon, doctor's office, even to church on Sunday. I tat before the rest of the Sunday School class arrives. I can feel the shuttle and thread in my hands even at night. I woke up one morning searching for my tatting shuttle in bed, convinced I was sleep-tatting. Oh, and have I mentioned that it is driving my husband nuts?

NATA #612

I have only been tatting for a few weeks, and have finished 2 pattern books, set up time to teach my mother and aunt who have desperately tried to tat for many years (decades). I even show a lady in the craft department at Wal-Mart with the blunt end of a crochet hook, how to do needle tatting! I'm just NUTS about this "lost" art.

NATA #613

I've only been tatting for two months and I have become completely obsessed with it. For example, it's 2 o'clock in the afternoon and I'm still in my pj's because I've been surfing and looking for tatting info since 8 o'clock this morning. I just can't stop!

NATA #614

I am so excited that I can tat. Whoever invented the needle tat has my applause. I tried shuttle and never got it. Now you will hardly ever see me without a tatting needle in my hand.

NATA #615

Since learning to tat, I have spent all my free time learning new techniques, designing my own patterns, giving demonstrations to whoever will listen and creating a world wide annual lace calendar. I work full-time and take my tatting with me everywhere I go. I may not ever pull it out but I know I have it and feel naked without a shuttle in my pocket or purse.

NATA #616

My house looks like a craft every nook and cranny there are patterns, tools, finished stuff and unfinished stuff. I always have printed off patterns in front of my keyboard...for me to look at when the bag of time opens up for just a few minutes I and I sit there and study the pattern. Always do that before I start something for I hate making mistakes. My life is too short to go back and correct them all the time....On every surface I have here there is a tatted or hardanger doily. If I wasn't married...I would wall paper my walls with tatting. I don't just have one bookcase with books of my crafts but more than one. I also do my chairs are not for sitting but they are for putting my bobbinlace pillows on.

I always tat when I am going for a long car ride when I am not driving myself... I have been know to make the same doily 3 times...usually once I make something once...I don't do it again...but that is only one time I have done that. I just loved the pattern Is that nutty or what...

Now I know in the past I have kidded around about eating chocolate and tatting...but to be honest...I don't do that. As a matter of fact I do not eat too much chocolate...and hardly every eat Chocolate cake. I perfer the other spice, pumpkin, get the picture.

I keep buy small containers to carry my tatting in and I don't know why...the ones I have are empty. Unlike some people out there in Tattingland... I don't have too many tatting projects going at the same time...if I did that nothing would get done...but then I have a very...very...and VERY long list of things I want to tat.

I have this crazy I idea that sometime I want to do a book on that is really nutty of me. I just don't have the brain power to do it...but I keep thinking about it.

NATA #617

Well, I'm a "fiber artist" I guess you could call me. I have all sorts of UFO's in various techniques: knitting, crocheting, latch hook, cross stitch/embroidery, tatting, (and on and on and on.) My partner has forbidden me to buy anymore project supplies until I have finished the projects I've started.

I'm a member of 2 different e-mail threads about tatting, and I'm considering joining more. As a matter of fact I "borrowed" $5 US from him to sneak off to Hobby Lobby and buy a "Tatsy" today. Sometimes I consider getting a job at Hobby Lobby or a similar store just for the employee discount. Yesterday I actually helped a lady who was looking for tatting supplies and was having difficulty learning shuttle tatting. I showed her about needle tatting and cro-tatting.

NATA #618

Just simply crazy about thread and needles!

NATA #619

oooh, I want to be a nutty tatter! Can I be obsessed with learning instead? I drove to the airport last week, and saw the Shuttle bus outside the terminal. I pass Picot Street on the way into the city, and it leaps out at me and makes my fingers twitch. I don't THINK the sombre members of the Tattersall's Club meet to share patterns - but I'd much rather join the nutty tatters!

I had to put aside my new craft last year when I became a grandmother -to-be; but, now that I have supplied my grandson with an adequate wardrobe of winter woolies, just in time for Brisbane's summer,I am free once more to turn to my knots. Today was a good day. I made a stitch the right way up! (I am a slow learner).

I am buying shuttles, threads, books,and equipment with abandon and optimism. I'm positive I will wake up one morning with the new skill at my fingertips. I keep shuttles by the bed, in the car, and two in the dining room because that way I can collect one to take out onto the back deck without going downstairs.

I take my new obsession seriously. I have spent hours curled up in an armchair in the State library by the River, with piles of wonderful old needlecraft books. They are tolerant there, and don't mind the shuttle! I AM GOING TO LEARN HOW TO DO THIS.

NATA #620

My grandmother taught me how to tat. I am the only one in the family that has learned the lost art. Unfortunately she is no longer alive to watch me. I just love to tat. I especially like to make christmas ornaments.

NATA #621

I have been tatting for 18 years. I am self taught. I love to tat every time I have a spare minute. I even tat at work. I am now beginning to design my own patterns and I'm having fun with that.

NATA #622

My great grandmother tatted. My grandmother didn't want to learn - so my mother, about 35ish years old and daughter-in-law to grandmother, did as she was not going to let this "lost art" die. Later as an adult, I too learned to tat. I had tried to learn when I was in high school but just kept making the wrong kind of knots. I think I gave up too soon.

NATA #623

I've only recently learned tatting, say...two months ago. I am still fumbling a bit with the shuttle and hoping to master it with a little more practice and time. For the time being, I'm much more comfortable with needle tatting.

My husband is getting a kick out of it. I take my ball of yarn, a small pair of scissors, a needle, and a hook with me everywhere.

NATA #624

Avid shuttle tatter. Teaches classes in shuttle tatting. Sell tatted items in 5 craft shops. Belong to Highland Rim Tatters, Palmetto Tatting guild, IOLA, Ring of Tatters, etatters and AGA on-line tatting class.

NATA #625

I love to tat. It's become an obsession. My grandmother taught me when I was 8 or 9, but I never did anything with it until about a year ago. Seems I've more than made up for the lost time with my intensity! Constantly on the lookout for new patterns, threads, and techniques. And other tatters, of course!

NATA #626

I've loved tatting for many years. Though my life has had many twists and turns which has prevented me from practicing the art of tatting, I still read, view, and collect all the I can about tatting because I know that, one day soon, I'll get to pull out my shuttles and threads and create again.

NATA #627

I wanted to learn how to Tat when I was in my early twenties, but the one person in my family who knew how had just died. So I started asking around and found a store not far from my home who taught Tatting, Spinning, Etc. I took several lessons and I can use two shuttles or three at a time to make my lace. I am now in my late 40's and have been tatting for over twenty years and I love it.

NATA #628

I took my tatting to a graduation ceremony in a stadium. I figured I'd keep busy for the 2 hours before the ceremony while saving seats. Well, first I dropped my crochet hook and immediately bent over to try to retrieve it, causing my ball of thread to fall off my lap and roll all the way down to the bottom of the bleachers, landing in an inaccessible location. I did retrieve my hook, and after much deliberation, decided I did not want to wait until I could order a replacement ball of thread, so I wound up the entire ball from the opposite end, then rewound it back in the correct direction. Needless to say, it took the entire ceremony to get the thread under control, but at least I was able to get back to my project afterwards!

NATA #629

I would say that I am nuts about tatting because I love the art so much. I have taught a few others how to tat including an instructor at the college I attend and just recently my daughter.

I have started a little something at the college where I work that even includes my tatting. I create homemade birthday cards for people during each month and send them through the inter-departmental mail. On each card I put a tatted butterfly or flower depending on if it is for a male or a female. I never say who the card is from just a friend. It has everyone at work wondering who is giving out the cards. Only a few at work know I tat and I have sworn them to secrecie. I don't want the whole world to know that I have been sending them a card.

I have given away almost every piece of tatting that I have done and I enjoy seeing the smiles and hearing the ooohs and ahhhhs over how intricate the work is.

There are very few people in the area I live that do tat so I feel kind of like I am one of a kind around here, but I like the feeling of doing something different and if that is what people say I do then that is fine with me, because I throughly enjoy the art of tatting.

That is how I feel that I am nuts about tatting is by sharing my art with others.

NATA #630

I tried to teach myself when I was about sixteen,with no luck as I did not realize that the stitch needed to flip. I think I was about twenty when I worked that out and produced my first piece of tatting. This first piece was put round a petticoat that was to go under my daughter's bridesmaid dress.

I have been tatting ever since but still have problems getting my picots even. I will be able to retire next year, as I shall be sixty, and then I will have a lot more time to do the things that I enjoy.

NATA #631

When the handle on our washer's lint filter broke off, I fixed it by tying some venetian blind cord to the base and tatting a little handle for it in ds's and p's. Does that qualify?

NATA #632

Obligations have filled my days leaving me without time to tat. I kept thinking that I would make time to tat. Another day came and went; to my frustation, I was not able to achieve my tatting goals. I came up with a solution.

I carry a bag with tatting supplies in my vehicle. When waiting for appointments, stuck in traffic or travelling as a passenger I now have the time to tat. Voila!

NATA #633

I do needle tatting, and I almost cried when I thought that I had lost my only needle. Thankfully, I was able to pull myself together enough to find it.

NATA #634

Have done many doodles! and doilies (doodles are my specialty). Have tatted a teacup and sauce but am yet to use them! Have many shuttles, don't know why as the most I have used at the one time is one.

NATA #635

I just started tatting this summer. I decided to tat 48 bookmarks for Christmas gifts! Most of them got done (at 2 am Christmas morning)!

NATA #636

I recently started needle tatting. I learned to crochet and sew at 6 years old, taught by my grandmother. She told me about a cousin of hers that used to tat with a shuttle and how she enjoyed watching her tat. I find that tatting is even easier than crochet and more enjoyable. Though I have found it to be slightly addictive.

NATA #637

I LOVE waiting in Dr's offices just so that others can ask me how I do that!?! Why, it's tatting, of course!!

NATA #638

I have been teaching tatting for 20 years. I have more than 130 Boye working shuttles (that I work with, plus others that I have just to enjoy the look or feel of).

I bought a mechanical Christmas doll whose hands held a ball and moved back and forth. I realized that she was almost making a tatting movement so I removed her wings, halo and ball and put a 1" abalone shell shuttle in her hands with the hen and chicks pattern done in size 100 cordonnet.

NATA #639

Well ... now that I have learned a little about tatting, I no longer want to sew, knit, keep house, or even play solitaire on the computer!

NATA #640

I knew I wanted to learn how to tat for a very long time.

I learned knitting as a child from my mother, crocheting as a young adult from my mil, and quilting on my own. They were all pretty easy for me to start doing and feel pretty good about the results.

Now, knowing that I learned things pretty easily, I knew I wouldn't have any problem learning how to tat. NOT!!! I bought a book and a Boye tatting shuttle and took it with me one summer while I watched my daughter play summer softball. I couldn't figure it out. Several years later on a crazy quilt list, tatting came up and someone mentioned how easy it was to learn tatting with needles. And that was so true. I was tatting in no time and even teaching tatting at a local quilt store.

And recently, with the help of several very good books, web sites, and members of a tatting list, I'm starting to learn how to tat with a shuttle. I'm not sure I'll switch to shuttle tatting, but at least I know now that I CAN do it.

As far as being nuts, my husband thinks I definitely qualify : ) Quilting, embroidery, tatting, and other needlearts just bring me so much peace and happiness. I was born to do these things and can't imagine my life without them.

NATA #641

I started to teach myself to tat about 2 years ago and now I can't stop just about anything from thread to wire is at risk from being tied in knots if I’m anywhere near by.

During a family picnic in the summer (when they banned me from taking anything craft related) discovered that I could tat the nice long lengths of grass that were nearby :o)

NATA #642

I taught myself when I was a teenager Been tatting on and off for more than 50 years. Won a blue ribbon (a few years ago)for a doily in the Orange County Fair in Calif., made and sold about 100 tatted crosses and lots of tatted stationery.

And I teach tatting to whom ever shows an interest. Also have a collection of over 250 shuttles and many, many patterns and books. At the moment there are only two unfinished projects in my tatting baskets. Don't know if this proves that I'm "nuts" about it but there is certainly a very strong interest!!

NATA #643

Nuts is when you decide to make and use tatted lace on a dress for your daughters Roman banquet just two and half weeks away. You are reduced to carrying it everywhere, and trying to work on it between people saying what are you doing and staring at you as if they want to ask but are afraid of the crazy muttering lady you have been reduced to.

Just yesterday I had the headpiece I have designed and tatted all but the flower(the only part I have used someone else's pattern for so far) and while the car is being fixed took our little boy to lunch and decided to work on it what ended up happening was I got two repeats done then ended up pulling my extra needles out of my bag and doing a demo class to the people who had silently surrounded me.

The best part of tatting is the response you get from the elderly ladies who have not seen anyone tatting since their Moms and Grandmoms; I then give them a little tatted lace to have. The stories they remember are great and my kids are always a little awed to hear them. A living history lesson inspired by a few minutes of something I find enjoyable and relaxing(unless I have taken a big project with little time to do it.)

NATA #644

Well, I have lots of sheep here but alas, they are darn good runners, and very sneaky too, making them rather hard to catch except the old ones. Then as far as me tatting goes, I'm nuts and I love eating those. My tatting trouble: my knots are my undoing, but I do get the excitement of redoing!

NATA #645

I received a book when I was a girl that was to teach you how to crochet, knit, and tat. Took me til I was married to find a shuttle and sit down with the book. I taught myself to tat from that book. Due to thread twisting, I hadn't done too much with it (hated taking the time to untwist every time I close a ring).

I've tried over the years to find other people that tat to find out if I was doing it wrong; I could find no one else that did it, so assumed it was a lost art until I surfed the internet. I found a wonderful site (Jen's Tatra-Sutra) and found I was not holding the thread out of the way for the first half stitch, which caused the twisting of the thread.

So now I surf the net looking for patterns and finding that tatting is not a lost art at all. I am trying to get friends to learn how too.

I stop at yard sales, flea markets, antique stores trying to find shuttles; I've got an old one. A friend took me to Hobby Lobby and I spent almost $50 on tatting thread, shuttles, hankies to tat edgings on etc. I've been sitting watching TV every night tatting something and trying split rings, adding beads, etc.

I carry at least one shuttle and ball in my purse. I print out interesting bits of tatting I find. I haven't tried to design my own stuff yet, still getting ideas on how many different ways there are to put those little rings, picots, an chains together. I'm very interested in the Celtic designs at the moment; there is a ren faire close by and I am decorating my costumes with bits of tatting. I dress Scot or Irish a lot, as I am of Scot & Irish decent with a bit of Portuguese thrown in.

I am also going to start tatting different little motif's for my granddaughters crazy quilt (her other grandma is putting it together for her), so it will be a joint effort.

NATA #646

I am 22 years old, and have been tatting ever since i was about 13. I was always amazed at what my dad was doing with two or more pieces of thread and a shuttle, so I kept bugging him to teach me how to tat. It took me about a week of tying knots together to decide that it wasn't for me. My dad didn't want to see me fail at tatting, and kept on at me to just keep trying... one more time. Well it didn't take long after that for me to get the hang of things, and I have made many different patterns out of books. I wish I would have held on to them, but it seems like when I finish something, someone is so amazed by it, and they end up with it.

At the age of 15, I entered one of my projects into a fair and won first place. The judges couldn't believe that a boy that young could do something like that. My latest project was for a friend of mine. I created the 3 crosses, one brown cross for the guy that didn't accept Jesus, a white and crimson cross that was the cross that Jesus died on and shed his blood for the world, and a white cross for the man on the cross that believed in Jesus.

NATA #647

Well my boss is getting a little upset; it seems that when I'm not busy, I am try to teach anyone how to tat.

My 5 kids are upset too, because I try to teach them how to tat. I have been tatting since I was 8, and I am 35 now. I was taught by my great aunt Beth.

I drive everyone nuts about tatting.

NATA #648

I itch, I itch, when tatting is the topic!

The tatting bug bit when i was young, but I could not find anyone to teach me.. so I had to learn by myself from the scant books I could find, but now that i have found tatting in the internet... I find i must work to pay for my bills!

So now, I need to balance everything... a little here and a little there...

NATA #649

Well, I'm VERY new to tatting.. but guess my funny story is that I met with a tatting guild over the weekend. Several of the ladies were teaching me how to get started with tatting... one lady who had been watching told me I had to remember to breathe!!! I guess I was so consumed in trying to learn.

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