Identities have been hidden to protect the special members of this nuttery.

Members can be identified by the NATA number tattooed on their chests.

NATA #550

I can no longer live without an official NATA number. I weep with envy when I see someone proudly flaunting their own. My life is just not complete without this badge of honor..

Or.. not. But I am nuts about tatting. It's taken over my life. Everywhere I look, I see things that I want to acquire for my hobby, and it doesn't end with shuttles and thread. Oh, no, I've spent a fortune on breath mints I don't even care for just so I can use the tins. My favorite Christmas present was a $3 plastic toolbox. I bought a jewelry set so I could get the novelty box it came in.. okay, so maybe not just for the box. ;) I've taken my tatting with me to an eye exam, to visit family, to the doctor's office, on road trips, to ball games, to the hardware store, to an interview, to the mall and to the hospital. My husband bought me string for Valentine's Day and I was ecstatic with it. I want to tat something for everyone I know and I want to put tatting on everything in my home (but I'm too busy with other patterns to get started on that.) Now even my seven-year-old niece wants nothing but to learn to tat and get something tatted for her next birthday.

I'm a hopeless tat-aholic.. but I really don't want to be cured. :)

NATA #551

I haven't even learned how to shuttle tat and I am already filling up a binder with tatting patterns, bidding on shuttles on e-bay, looking for shuttles in antique stores and at antique shows and buying all that I can't afford and dreaming of all of the shuttles that I want to get.

NATA #552

I took tatting lessons the first of January and have already taught 2 people how to tat. I have accumulated much thread, and many shuttles. I don't answer the phone (my hands are full) and pay more attention to the tatting than the TV nightly. On the way to and from anywhere (mostly the golf course, which is 45 minutes away}, I am tatting-if I can get my husband to take me!

NATA #553

I've only been tatting a short while,(aprox 3 months) but I think about tatting while I'm at work, how I can make more money to afford more tatting supplies and books. I make up patterns in my sleep. Now I do tatting before I go to work, on my lunch break and as soon as I get home from work. I want to tat sooooo many things I have 10 projects on the go. I hate to think how many it will be once I've been tatting for 6 months. I've already created 5 patterns of my own and keep comeing up with more ideas.

My husband has been telling me that he has to compete with my tatting and that it's a hard thing to do.

NATA #554

My therapist always said that to try to get over an addiction you first had to recognize you have one. I recognize this is an addiction because I dream of it...I talk about it all the time....I take it with me where ever I go and I am now designing collars for my cats...hehe!LOL

There was a women who in one of my groups offered to teach needle tatting as a class so I said sure. I have wanted to learn it for a long time but everyone who knew how to tatt has passed away or moved away. Not because I wanted to learn how to tatt thank goodness!!! LOL After doing the class it was all over with. My sanity left me... I became obsessed with finding everything I could about Tatting. (Librarys, internet, nursing homes (for dormant tatters). Then I realized I was getting up in the middle of the night to try some different combination of rings and chains. My doctor prescribed me sleeping pills to help me sleep but the only thing that would release me from sleeplessness was figuring out the combination I was working on. I'm beginning to wonder if people did move away because they know how addictive tatting is and they were afraid of it starting all over again. Well, I'm not going to move away....I am going to infect everyone who will learn to start tatting.

NATA #555

I have been tatting since 1981 and have been teaching the under/over along with the flipping and sliding for 21 one/half years. I have taught tatting in six different states and have had students drive to south Alabma from Canada, Tennessee, and Georgia to take lessons from me. I have demonstrative tatting at different events including heritage arts for over 20 years.

I tatted so much tatting that I had to start selling my items or get a bigger house. There are many babies who have had either their heads or their feet in my bonnets and booties. I design my own patterns.

Their have been numerous newspaper articles written about my tatting and have appeared on several television stations with shuttle in hand.

I have tatting that was tatted by both of my grandmothers and also have tatting from my husband's grandmother. I am in the process of starting a collection and documenting tatting from the older tatters in my area.

In my library of tatting books, I probably have over 80 books with the oldest being published in 1909. I also have the shuttles that belong to my one grandmother, and shuttles from my husband's grandmother, and his step-grandmother along with other older shuttles that I have acquired over the years.

Now to prove that I'm nuts, I tat watching TV, when my husband is driving, at the Doctor's office, waiting for the car to be serviced, in fact, I would be tatting right now except that I have to type.

NATA #556

I was (and still am) obsessed with making miniature teddy bears. In a related magazine I saw this cute little bear wearing a cute little collar that was "tatted". I thought I'd like to find out a little bit more about this thing called tatting cause I had never seen it before. I bought myself a Milward tatting shuttle (the one with the removable bobbin), loaded it up and tried to teach myself to tat. I kind of got the thread okay and even made the one double stitch, and then a few more and tried to close the ring - it just wouldn't close! That was the beginning of about three months worth of frustration, swearing, etc, etc. Anyway I moved to a different town and found a craft class that taught tatting - but I had to wait for another 6 weeks before I could start. It was at this time that I thought I'd try the internet. I downloaded many, many pages of instructions but still the ring wouldn't close. I was going crazy! There must be something I was missing. I finally found some instructions that mentioned the "flip". What was this? I carefully read the instructions again and gave a bit of a tug - well, to my surprise it "flipped". After a few more tries I tried to close the ring - imagine my delight when it actually did - I had a ring! JOY JOY JOY. By this time the craft class had started and my teacher was most impressed with all my rings. She told me I was on my way and showed me how to make the chains. I haven't looked back since. Mind you I haven't made much since then apart from lots of motifs, butterflies, hearts and then I saw Maurie Shaw's crinoline ladies - I have about 7 of my own and have given quite a few more away. What I love about this craft is its simplicity - only one stitch to learn and the variety of things that one can do with these is completely fascinating! I have definitely "nutty" about tatting these days!!!!!

NATA #557

I learned to tat from my 80 year old Great Aunt Joan (we all called her JoAnn) about 20 years ago.

She was my Grandmother's Sister. Whenever Granny spoke of Aunt JoAnn, she always made mention of the fact that Aunt JoAnn TATTED. "She TATS you know"........ in whispered tones as if it were some type of hallowed, special, unique talent that only a few possessed. At that time, I didn't even know what tatting looked like, much less, what it was.

Having lived several states away from her, I'd never had the opportunity to meet her. Then my husband took a new job that moved us just a few miles away from her in Florida.

When I had the opportunity to sit with Aunt JoAnn and watch her tat, it was amazing. She'd sit and tat and smoke cigarettes!

Having a fondness for needlework and sewing since I was very young, I thought I'd take up tatting. Oh my........ When I finally sat with Aunt JoAnn with my own shuttle in my hand, I was all thumbs. I began to think that maybe my sweet, old Aunt JoAnn had gone senile. Surely there is absolutely no way that thread will do what she is telling me it will do!!! She was just an old woman with too much time on her hands and no brain cells left!! Yet, she could make the most amazing lace...... so maybe she wasn't so loopy after all.

I went home with shuttle in hand determined that I too could do that. And it did take determination! And lots of my time. And lots of wasted, knotted thread. And many, many tears and the determination that no little piece of thread was going to get the best of me!!! I'd sit and cry and cuss (not too loudly as my children were still small, ahahahhaha) and mess up thread. Slowly though I got the hang of it. It was the most amazing and the most amazingly simple thing in the world.

Since then I, like most of you, have collected tatting patterns and the few shuttles I could find. I've tried to take up crochet because I just thought all women should know how to do that. But there is no love in me for that. My true talent (and I use that very loosely) and true love is tatting.

I've never, ever seen another person tat. So I've never known if Aunt JoAnn taught me the correct way or not. The only contact I have with other tatters is on the internet. For the longest time I though I was the only one..... but then I couldn't be if shuttles and patterns were still available. Thank goodness for the internet!!

NATA #558

I've been tatting since a week before my oldest daughter was born. I even tatted while in labor. (She's almost 26 years old now.) I've tatted in line at the bank, I've tatted while on field maneuvers in the Army, I've tatted almost everywhere. My husband doesn't know why I have to have more than 2 shuttles, but I've bought shuttles in six different countries and have instruction books in four languages (only two of which I speak). I've taught tatting to friends and co-workers, and I even made a gun holster (I like to shoot as well) that has a tatted border. If that doesn't make me nuts, I don't know what will!

NATA #559

Since discovering tatting only a month or so ago it has completely taken over my life. All other crafts I have been doing for several years have been shelved whilst I master both needles and shuttles. It is such a wonderful craft and I simple can't get enough hours in the day to do it. What more can I say - I'm nuts about tatting, and my tatting is driving my family nuts! :)

NATA #560

I finally learned to tat (after many years of wanting to learn) in feb of 2003. My teacher told us to each get a small tatting bag. Mine grew from a small cosmetics bag, to a mid sized (but much larger) soft side fishing tackel box! I now own 75 balls of asorted tatting thread, but haven't been brave enough to try anthing smaller than size #10!

NATA #561

Well how to begin...

I learned to tat in the 1950's after seeing a lady.....on a tram; at the time, I was on my way to work and couldn't fathom what this lady was doing with yards of lace coming from a small "Thing" in her hand and a ball of thread on her knee. On my arrival at work, I told the other girls in the office what I had seen, and one girl told me it was tatting. Well, being a person who adores crafts, I just HAD to learn, so my friend taught me.

Now in those days, we just had the basics, nothing like all the newer methods we have today. I HAD to start BIG, so I decided I would tat Chair back covers for our lounge suite.

Now wait for this ........ I was on the very last one and my DH decided to tidy up a bit (he had been in th R.A.F. and was a tidy bug at that stage of his life), I had all my tatting in a bag in my craft cupboard, somewhere off limits to anyone else in the family, but this day he said he did me the favour of tidying my precious cupboard ... well you gessed it, he threw all my tatting out, thinking it was just a bag of rubbish (without looking of course). Well, I must be nuts about tatting because it didn't daunt my spirit; I am still doing it and learning all the new methods I can...

YES, you are allowed to have a good laugh at this ....I do many a a good sense of humour you see!!!!!

NATA NOTE: Put your hand up, gentle reader, if there would have been a funeral and a not guilty verdict shortly thereafter if this had happened in your house!

NATA #562

I dont know that I can say I am nuts about tatting. I know I am nuts about wanting to learn about tatting.
I drive myself nuts trying to learn how to do the lovely patterns.
I drive myself nuts trying to teach my daughter (17) to tatt.
She drives me nuts trying to learn to do tatting.
I am nuts about tatting I think.
I am going nuts trying to get as many patterns as I can.
I am nutty about tatting. I love those little stitches that make up those lovely little delicate lacy items.

Maybe I am just nuts

NATA #563

It's the first thing I think about in the morning, the last thing I think about at night. I miss meals because I am tatting. I take it with me, if I am going to be stuck somewhere. I reeeally enjoy looking for patterns on the internet, really enjoy the pictures.

Would like to start a tatting club.

I talk tatting to others, that don't have a clue as to what I am talking about, but they listen anyway.

All I've shown my work to say they like it and it is pretty.

My husband, says, "you sure do tie a lot of knots". Yes, I do, and love every minute of it. I put hang tags on my pretties, they read Made with Love by Abby. I give lots of goodies away, to my Christian Womens group. They love them.

I had wanted to learn to tat since I was a child, but grandmas was to busy and my mother didn't do it so well. So I had to wait for years, but I think I probably am making up for the lost years. I can easly say I am addicited to tatting. It's such a wonderful addicition. Cannot seem to get enough of it.

NATA #564

I am teaching tatting at a senior center at no charge We are planning on making a quilt for St. Pattys day and put Shamrocks all over it. We will then raffle it off.

The money we make on it will go to helping the poor.

Do I qualify for being nuts about tatting? Lol.

NATA #565

I like to tat. I drive an OTR truck with my husband and I always have a tatting project with me, sometimes making the miles just fly by.

I am also trying to teach a friend how to needle tat.

NATA #566

I only learned to needle tat about 3 months ago, but I love it.

I'm a middle-aged disabled widow who had too much time on my hands. Now I usually have tatting IN my hands!! I can't seem to put it down.

I took my latest project to my pain management doctor's appt. He asked to see what I was doing. I showed him. He said his mother had taught him to crochet when he was small and he loved working with his hands. It relaxes him after a long day at the hospital. I had my trusty bag of catalogs and patterns with me. I gave him a copy of the Handy Hands catalog and showed him some easy directions and patterns I'd printed from the 'net. He asked if I'd let his nurse copy some of them for him. I said sure and gave them to her. (She rolled her eyes, laughed, and said,"The things I do in this job!" I guess I go around converting people to tatting. By the way, he really thinks tatting is great!

NATA #567

My aunt (which was my "buddy" throughout my life) used to tat, crochet, knit, and anything that included needlework. She patiently taught me to do everything. I have made wedding dresses as an accomplished seamstress, and sweaters, dresses, bedspreads and the like as an accomplished crochet/knit person. But when it came to tatting, I didn't stop long enough to learn this wonderful art.

My "buddy" passed away a few years ago. I finally had the courage, a month ago, to open a package that she had left to specifically for me. Much to my surprize, this box contained yards upon yards of hand tatted lace. In the bottom of the box was a smaller box with a letter attached to it. In the box was Aunt Winnie's tatting shuttle. She has used it so much that the silver was worn off and the letters of the manufacturer is no longer visible. In the letter she said, "If you are reading this, then I'm no longer with you in body. But I will always be with you in heart and spirit. The only thing I did not teach you was tatting. Here is my shuttle, it is time for you to learn." I know this may sound crazy, but the very minute I put that shuttle into my hand, I could feel my aunt with me and I could hear her say, "Now, here is the first thing we are going to do....". The desire to learn HIT me. I contacted another NATA member, Rebecca Prince. I sent her an e-mail asking what I would need to get started. Her name may be Prince, but she is a "tatting angel" in disquise. She quickly responded to my e-mail (the very next day)telling me exactly what to get-book, shuttle, thread- EVERYTHING! For Mothers Day, my husband gave me everything that Rebecca Prince said to get. I'm proud to say that it only took me about 7 HOURS to figure out how to "flip the knot" but I GOT IT DONE! Picots are not a problem either. Now, I'm up to the challenge of joining! So far..........I've not gotten it done, but I know with my aunt "guiding" me..... ....I should get accomplished before I go TATally crazy!

NATA #568

I learned from a patient(was in nursing school at the time-1940's)and made a cross from Workbasket Magazine. Picked it up again a few years ago and everything I make gets given away. I will not give my cross away but I just can't seem to make enough stuff for all who want it. I'm just crazy for patterns, can't get enough of them and want to make all of them. Since I'm mostly home bound, I'm very thankful I have handwork and the computer to do and to tat.

NATA #569

An acquaintance at work came back from her yearly craft vacation in Arizona, showed me all the "booty" she'd bought, and asked me to teach her to tat with it. I groaned, it's been 10 years at least, and I knew I'd be swept up in tatting A G A I N.

Shore nuff, four months later I'm tatting every evening if I'm not reading about tatting online, planning newer and better ways to climb out of old projects, and my friend is still working on her "flip".

From my teens I've loved tatting, and now that there are so many better ways of doing things, I'm nuts, A G A I N.

Thanks, all, for sharing your discoveries.

NATA #570

I've been shuttle tatting off and on for 20 years and learned tatting from my maternal grandmother. She was unable to teach any of her children or grandchildren to tat, except for I feel I am carrying a tatting torch (if you will). While I don't yet have children of my own, I am eager to pass it on to future generations and have taught my niece how to do finger tatting. In the meantime I teach anyone and everyone who comes along and asks me about tatting. Once I gave one of my shuttles to a lady in the airport so she could continue practicing after I boarded the plane.

NATA #571

I have always wanted to learn to tat. ALWAYS. When I finally found a class to was only four months ago. I took it twice! Not just once. And I so enjoyed doing it. Now...even when I'm at work...I think of patterns and such and how can I work this idea to look better. I come home and try and see what I can do with the tatting. My family thinks I'm crazy because I have to have all sorts of color of threads so I can "Play" with them all. And different threads. I just so enjoy tatting. It is too much fun.

NATA #572

I just starting to needle and keep buying all the books I can find on tatting. Nuts enough?

NATA #573

I take a draw string baggie or a amulet type pouch purse with my stuff in it everywhere. There's chapstick, little thing of lotion, pen, post-it notes, and a tatting project or two. Two days ago we went to a movie... my boyfriend said I should leave it in the truck. It was hard, I felt kind of naked. After the movie, we went back to the truck to go home. I put the pouch around my neck... aaaahhhh, much better.

NATA #574

I got interested in Tatting when I was working in a support call center 7 years ago and the lady the next cube ove would tat bookmarks, christmas ornaments, dollies ect. She gave one of the bookmarks and I was fasinated. I asked to show me how and she showed me the basics of shuttle tatting.

Now I'm the type who will learn who to do something and once I've learned it I put down and most times never pick it up again. Well... I was scheduled to have sholder surgery in my shoulder this year (2003). The recovery time is 6 months and I knew I would go crazy if I wasn't doing or making something. I dug out my old tatting stuff and practiced with it. I realized that I really didn't know a thing at this point and picked it back up.

I was looking for patterns online and discovered needle tatting. So I picked that up along with shuttle tatting. Now I'm hooked! I have since made a small medallion dolly with the needle and a round dolly with the shuttle. I still haven't had my surgery and I have many projects lined up for that time.

NATA #575

hmmmm..... well my story starts about 6 years ago when i spotted a tatting shuttle in a local craft store and thought it looked kind of cool. well i bought it then decided i had to learn how to use the thing as my hubby would not appreciate my buying more craft stuff i would never use. so i went online and found the "tatsall" website and have been going crazy since :) in a good way of course LOL i am now making bracelets, neclaces and small motifs that my 5 year old hands out at random while walking through parks and to friend.... anyone she thinks "needs a smile today muma" hey if a piece that only takes me an hour or so to make can bring a smile to someones face i am all for it :)

NATA #576

I had always wanted to learn how to tat, so I finally bit the bullet and found some old craft books at my mother-in-law's house and tried to teach myself. I did a few little things but just couldn't get it very well and put it aside as something I knew how to do but didn't enjoy.

There was a class offered at the local craft store and I decided to take the class (I was the only student). The teacher refined my technique and I learned to enjoy doing it. I carry it with me in a little flower tin and pull it out whenever I am waiting at kids sports events or waiting to pick up the kids from various activities. I have learned lots of new things in the last few months and have gone nuts about tatting lately.

NATA #577

I first seen tatting about 5 years ago and fell in love with the danity look. I bought a shuttle,some thread and the instruction book. Well I kept locking my second stitch and was ready to give up when it "Clicked". I have been piddling ever since, until this year. I picked it up and haven't put it down since. I have made 2 doilys, 4 bun covers for my daughters ballet class, and I am now working on a centerpiece for my Mothers dining room (since the beginning of the year).

The most exciting thing for me this year was, when my husband and I went to one of our re-enactments, I was watching a friends shop for him, and was working on Mom's piece, when every gentleman over 40 came in and made a comment on the work "Hey my Mom or Grandmother used to do that." They were more interested in the tatted piece than the powder horns and bags, that they first came in to look at.

And last my husband threatened to hide my tatting if supper wasn't ready at least 1 time last week. That's ok, though I hid the remote to the TV. I won that one.

NATA #578

Well what proves I am nuts about tatting... well to start I wanted to learn so bad.. I would not leave my friend alone until she taught me to tat.. I was so amazed at her tatting that I wanted to do it!!I told myself if I can only learn tatting my life will be fulfilled! Sure enough it has been very fulfilled since I learned tatting..I always take tatting with me no matter where I am. Recently I took it to a wake and taught my aunt how to do it, she was so happy she cried. It made me feel so good that I was glad tatting was in my life and now her life too! So a time of sorrow became a time of happiness and connection. Everywhere I go I spread the news of tatting and tell everyone I know that tatting is alive and well!!!So I feel I am nuts enough about tatting to be a member..

NATA #579

I have only been tatting about 3 months now. I learnd on an old needle I had (about 6 inches long) but it was too big for the crochet thread, but it got me stated.

I now own two tatting needles and a shuttle, and am learning to shuttle tat. I am self-taught thanks to tutorials on the web, and while I am sitting at the computer, I am always tatting.

It now seems a lot of my other crafts are just sitting there, waiting to be finshed.

I enjoy tatting and know I still have lots to learn. Tatting is easy to take places with me and I can work on them while waiting for a dr. or even just tavelling in the car.

NATA #580

When I was recently trying to learn how to shuttle tat after originally learning needle tatting, I was having a hard time getting the flip down. It was totally obsessing me. One day at work, I had a mental epiphany; I finally realized what I'd been doing wrong. I needed to see if I could do it right, RIGHT THEN. So I took my tatting, went into the ladies' room (which has no lounge area), sat on the toilet and worked on the stitch. I'm sure my boss thought I'd developed a bad stomach, since I was gone for quite a while! But it worked, and now I'm even more addicted to tatting than I was before.

NATA #581

Got so caught up in trying to learn to tat - working a dairy farm at the same time - used to practice my knots with the bale twine as we came back in from feeding cows. It got to the point where even in the dairy waiting there would be some sort of knot being tied somewhere!!

NATA #582

My grandmother used to tat and I had always wanted to learn.

In spring of 2001, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor; I have had 3 crainiotomies since, 6 weeks of radiation and 18 months of chemotherapy, leaving my with a lack of dexterity in my left hand (tumor was in the right side of my brain).

I decided NOW was the time I learned to tat - I got Barbara Foster's book and taught myself to needle tat and haven't stopped since! I still get frustrated sometimes, but will myself to let the tatting calm me.

I think doing anything creative is good for everyone. Tatting gives me a sense of accomplishment. I used to do decorative painting - even cutting out my own wood pieces or building small pieces of furniture, BUT my doctor doesn't want me near a saw...I wonder why??? He doesn't have a problem with my tatting needle for my creative outlet.

NATA #583

Well, I have gone nuts over tatting. I learned how to tat several years ago at the local craft store. Now I hand make shuttles and sell them on eBay and other places. I tat everyday plus work on the shuttles everyday.

NATA #584

I had angioplasty about a year ago. When it was over, I had decided I wanted to learn to tat. Where that came from I don't know. At the time, I had never seen anyone tat at all, didn't even know what a tatting shuttle was. Anyway, it was my mission to learn to tat. I found a lady here who knew some of the basics but didn't like to tat. Then it became an obsession with me. I was GOING to learn to tat. I ordered lots of books over the internet and some shuttles. Read everything I possible could. I never could get the flip. Drove over 400 miles to get someone to show me some tatting so maybe I could figure it out. Sent my DH over 200 miles one weekend to find me some thread that would help me learn to do the flip. Watched Sharon's video a million times. Finally got it!!! Now I love to tat everywhere. It has been slow going but am still practicing my rings and picots. Learning to read a pattern. I have tatted while cooking, going to the bathroom, and even driving. I may be a slow learner but am definitely devoted to it and nuts about tatting. I look forward to being "sick" from work so I can tat.

NATA #585

I've always wanted to learn about tatting... once I picked it up, I struggled w/ the "flip" & all that, but was still DREAMING about tatting BEFORE I could even TAT! ROFL

I now sit in the midst of all my craft "messes" & ignore it all to tat. I tat everywhere. When our priest came to visit, the first thing he had to do was see my very, ultra beginner's tatting!

NATA #586

First, I'd much rather tat than watch a football or baseball game.

But actually, as my wife will witness to, I will tat while we are grocery shopping, shopping at the department store, or just about any time I have two hands free. I haven't learned how to tat with just one yet.

I've tried to encourage and actually teach individuals to tat. And I love the challenge of showing someone who believes they could never learn to tat to tat. There's nothing I enjoy better than tatting as I walk down the street or through the office at work.

I am so glad that tatting is having this revival. When I first taught myself, there were maybe 5 good books on tatting. Now we have the internet.

NATA #587

To learn how to tat with a shuttle I drove 120 miles round trip once a week for classes. That is how much I wanted to learn this so called lost art

NATA #588

I find myself tatting every chance I get. I usually stick with one project till done, but I have a notebook with each pattern I want to make. When I see a new pattern I want to make I put a copy of it in a page protector and into the back of the notebook it goes till it works its way to the front. So when I start a new project I then look to see whats next and I then have time to think about the colors I want to make that out of. Not to say I have not set present project aside to make a quick gift for a dear friend or family member. I AM ADDICTED. My entire tatting bag goes with me wherever I go because I never know when I will have a chance to pull it out tat.

NATA #589

Let me first introduce myself: I'm a man (52). I have learned tatting from my granddad some forty years ago. During a lot of years I didn't do anything with tatting. Since the end of 2002 I started again.

To prove how nuts I am about tatting there are a couple of things you'll have to know. In the Netherlands it is still strange when a man performs a sort of needlework. If he does it, he should do it in private.

I have started again with tatting in november 2002 and the art of tatting came to me as a new way to relax. I such a way that i wanted to tell other people that I am tatting.

So I made my own tatting site on Internet in Dutch to show other people what tatting is.

I tell a lot of people that I am tatting and showing them how tatting is done. I'll do it on the market in France where I was on Holiday. A lot of people stopped and asked what I was doing. Some said that lace making is a womans job and no thing a man should do. I told them all that in Europe Tatting is an almost lost art and it needs preserving.

On the other hand I became a member of the dutch Tatting associaton (Frivolite(k)ring) and am the second man aboard

NATA #590

First time I saw someone tatting I was in first year at High School and one of the School Prefects was tatting ... I got up enough courage to ask what she was doing and remembered she was tatting onto a handkerchief. I should have asked her to teach me to tat then! As it was I bought a shuttle I saw when I first began working ... and waited, thinking ... someone, somewhere, will know how to use this. Many years later my sister did a fine needlework course and was telling me what was in it ... and tatting! When the tatting subject came up the teach confessed she didn't really know how ... so my clever sister taught herself and then began to teach me ... it took me many years to reach my goal but I am learning to tat now!

NATA #591

My grandmother taught me to tatt when I was about 12 years old. I have been working at trying to tatt for the last 40 years and I seem to get side tracked on my projects.

I love searching the internet for tatting web sites and that's how I discovered NATA this morning.

I think if I were part of a group of tatters I will stay more focused on my tatting.

I have tried many types of craft projects during the years, but I always seem to come back to tatting. I'm hooked on the craft, but I just need some direction!

NATA #592

I take my tatting with my wherever I go, even into the restroom :D (sometimes)

NATA #593

I have been in antique shops/malls and thread/sewing stores all over the country (driving big truck). Then I FOUND sites on the net and ebay and the tatting and shuttle sites. I am addicted to buying different threads, old tatting books and shuttles. I've printed out about a gazillion patterns and have a dozen or so thick notebooks filled with stuff. I've run out of drawers and baskets and binders to keep the thread and books in. Have transferred the shuttles to larger containers several times. And ... everywhere I go, you can count on my having my current project with me (or one of them)! :D

NATA #594

I began learning to tat on a dare from my sister. She said that I couldn't teach myself. That was like waving a red flag in front of a bull! I sat down with the shuttle and instruction book, and in the course of one afternoon, I felt comfortable enough to try a medallion. That was about 6 years agoand since then I've discovered the needle and have fallen in love with it. My tatting has taken over my life and I love it!

NATA #595

The most recent "nutty" thing I've done was to bring my tatting into the hospital while in pre-term labor. While the nurses were hooking me up to monitors and trying to stop my labor, I was frantically trying to finish my doily for the nursery. Once my contractions had eased, I had to give a mini-course on tatting to the nurses, who kept calling other nurses in to see. Then I laid my tatting aside as my contractions started coming strong and fast again. One of the nurses gave me a shot to stop the labor (again!) and told me to pick up my tatting as the contractions eased up when I tatted :-) The labor is stopped (thank God!) and I'm now on my side, on bedrest, for probably 13 more weeks. So, I'm surfing the web and (you guessed it!) tatting while laying on my left side. I'm also taking a drug to keep labor at bay that makes my hands shake, so this isn't the best tatting I've ever done. But by golly, at least I'm still tatting!


after 16 weeks of bedrest, my dear son was born only 3 weeks early.

Thank God for His mercy, and for giving the doctors the knowledge to help keep my son safe!

I've not been quite as prolific with tatting while tending to the needs of my child - but now he is almost 2 and loves to play by himself with his toys and "paybo" (playdough).

So I'm back tatting, although it gets a bit grimy these days due to ds's curious fingers.

Although if anyone else tries to touch it, he very solemnly instructs them "no touch mama's pretties!"

NATA #596

I sometimes dream that I am tatting. Everything I look at I can see as a tatting pattern.

NATA #597

Well, I don't know that I can say I am nuts about tatting YET, but I am surely nuts for taking on another craft! I crochet, knit, machine knit, sew, do calligraphy and tole paint. I just bought my needles and book yesterday and stayed up until 3 AM playing. Am I nuts - I think so!

NATA #598

I find myself dreaming of patterns, and then before anything else trying to do them in the morning.

NATA #599

I was working on a large doily when I had a doctors visit. I tatted on the train to the bus and on the bus to the doctor's office (in a hospital). I was at a particularly tedious section and didn't want to loose my place. I walked from the bus stop into the hospital elevator-while still tatting. I pressed the 5 but the elevator stopped at 2; I didn't realize this and walked off the elevator into the Maternity Ward. I was quite surprised when one of the nurses stopped me to ask who I was coming to see.

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