Identities have been hidden to protect the special members of this nuttery.

Members can be identified by the NATA number tattooed on their chests.

NATA #500

One morning, I got a lovely email from a lady who lives nearby (town called Brandon - this will be important later). She's a tatter, & since then we've met & she'll be helping out at the needlework demo. That was wonderful, but not a NATA story.

My hubby met me for lunch the same day & told me about a dream he had the night before. Seems he was off somewhere with a friend & didn't have his vehicle. The friend left & forgot about DH. He called me to come get him, but I couldn't make it until after work. To pass the time, he decided to check out a new comic store close to his favorite 'puter store - in Brandon! He walked in & found that they also sell crafting supplies - specifically Lots & Lots of Tatting Stuff!

So, am I nuts enough yet? I've even got my hubby dreaming about tatting now! ROFLMAO

To give more reason: Now after just over a year of tatting, I've convinced the museum director to host a needlework demo, featuring (naturally) tatting among other 19th-century crafts.

NATA #501

I don't know if this will qualify me for nut status . . . I'm paranoid about not having the items I need for a project when I tat away from home (usually at work), so I carry all my shuttles, my favorite books (you never know when inspiration might hit!) and as many different sizes and colors of thread and beads that will fit in my bag - I need a bigger bag!

NATA #502

Since I found tatting just seven months ago, I have tatted huddled in my coat in the drizzle at a soccer game (you can't tat with wet thread, by the way--one foul drip and you're done); this summer I tatted all the way from New Mexico to Canada. And back again!; I tatted 20 snowflakes in two weeks--and it was only June!; I read all my forwarded e-tatters messages and check ebay for "tatting" on a daily basis; my binder of tatting patterns and instructions and pages of ideas is three inches thick; I naively think: "How great it will be to tat all my Christmas presents this year!"; and I think the best proof of my obsession is that my 4- and 6-year-old sons do wonderful curlicue drawings for me and tell me it is "a new tatting design for me to do"!

NATA #503

Well my mother in-law introduced me to needle tatting this past summer and I bugged my dH to buy me the kit to learn till he broke down and bought it for me and then I discovered shuttle tatting and haven't stopped learning or tatting since. Now I'm looking to sell tatting that i make. When I told dH that I needed more shuttles and thread , He just glared at me and shook his head. I'm tatting an edging for my daughters newest dress that I made. I can't wait for the x-mas secret santa as i signed up for that and I'm in tat_chat, e-tatters, S_NTATTERS, and tatting- round robin and the tat class . Any one without a shuttle needs one.

NATA #504

I started tatting in the 70's and now have pick it up again and very surprised to see more info about techniques such a split ring/chain and thank goodness for magic thread. I just hated the tie and cut method as you are sure to have those brushes showing like mad. I have been using the shuttle and waiting for the book and needles for needles tatting which I am willing to try out. I have order a surprise gift to a very good friend of mine she will received a Needle tatting book, long and short needle and cotton to get her going. I have so many things I would like to do and having a job what to start next. May tatting live long and far.

NATA #505

I must be nuts because I have started to tat a black cardigan/jacket in no.30 thread. The motives are about 1 and a Ĺ inches diam. and I donít have a pattern for a cardigan. But seriously I do love tatting and I have been doing it for about 10 years after teaching myself.

NATA #506

Hi...I found out about tatting from a Pogo game. In the chat window of a solitaire game I meet a lady and daughter that tatted. It sounds so good interesting I couldn't get enough info, was on line all night. I am left handed so printed everything I found in that area. I can needle pretty good. Going nuts trying to learn shuttle tatting. I take a shuttle and thread everywhere and practice in restaurants, son's Kung Fu tournament, while in a robe waiting for my mammograms..and was holding up the staff until I could get the DS to flip. Bought many books on tatting, printed a ream of paper off the internet and can't wait to read my e-tatters mail each morning.

NATA #507

When I found my mother's tatting shuttle, with some very fine tatting still attached, I vowed that someday, I would tat too. Well, that day has come: I am retired and ready to give full vent to my creativity at last: I think that tatting is the perfect medium. Since the spring, I have filled the bottom of a whole wardrobe with threads and supplies, 2 enormous binders with patterns and tips and sketches and last night, I dreamed of a pattern for an edging to put on a piece of clothing for my grandson! Oups! Have to leave now: I am going to an "Open doors" affair : a meeting of suppliers, in nearby Montrťal. Am going to buy more thread ( need some royal blue for the edging), books and shuttles!

NATA #508

Iím new to tatting....but i love it....i take it to work with me and between calls (i work in a call center) i helps keep me busy on those slow days....

NATA #509

My grandmother tatted, but I was too young and didnít see her often enough for her to teach me. I tried many times to learn from books, but just couldnít ever get the hang of it. I finally saw an ad for tatting classes at an adult education school, I signed up, and kept signing up every time the class was offered because it kept getting cancelled because not enough people would sign up. After almost a year, the class finally happened and I fell in love with the craft!

I think I qualify to join NATA because I carry tatting with me at all times and tat everywhere:
Waiting at the doctorís office for my weekly allergy shot
Waiting at City Lube for the oil to be changed in my car
Waiting in the parking lot for my husband to get off work
Waiting in restaurants for my food to arrive
Waiting in the drive-thru Pharmacy line
Waiting in the veterinary office

There seems to be a pattern occurring!
Seems that I tat a lot while I WAIT!
Also, on aeroplanes and in airports
In car dealerships
In hospitals (both as a patient and many times visiting)
In Laundromats
Around campfires, when camping
While getting the car washed
While getting my hair permed
While on the phone with my mom (those are usually LONG conversations!)
With my weekly tatting group and with my monthly tatting group
On every car trip (when Iím not driving)(and thatís only because I havenít figured out how to do that!)
And of course, while watching TV at home.

NATA #510

I have been tatting for about 7 years now . I take my tatting every where I go and always have something in my bag to work on whenever I get a chance.

NATA #511

I learned to tat 2.5 years ago and did not pick it back up until I met Joy Critchfield. Since then I have been Nuts about tatting. compulsive excessive. about tatting books, beads shuttles, you name it I want it if it has to do with tatting.

I really do not want new tatting books, I want the old ones. dating back to 1916 and forward.

Now is this a NATA nut or what?
From her sponsor:

As a longtime NATA Nut (70) I would like to officially and formally notify you that she is absolutely and certifiably Nuts About Tatting.

She had one set of lessons - only a few hours - two years ago from a lady who taught her reverse Riego. She showed up at the door of a Palmetto Meeting after hearing about us at Michaels with:

Now, I know that being extremely talented doesn't prove that you are nuts - but take my word on this one --- She walked into the meeting, held up some nearly competed black roses and announced "I'm going to learn how to make this." In the other hand, she had Ann Orr's book opened to one of the toughest rose patterns (with set stitches - done in black)

I went to sit by her to lend a hand - and for the next 21/2 hours every time I so much as even wriggled my very seat sore bum, she would give me the 'determined' eye and ask me "Where do you think you might be going? " And then proceed to let me know that she wasn't budging until she had it conquered - and expected nothing less from me. She had gotten past all the > things her teacher knew in only a few hours - had been teaching herself as best she could - but now she was stuck - and she had been waiting patiently for two years as she tried to find someone to show her how. She wasn't about to let one second of this opportunity slip by (period.)

NATA #512

Kathy Aurigema, gone to the ultimate tatting place in September, 2003.

Her story was:

I had a coworker show me needle tatting one day, and fell in love. We parcticed on the ends of crochet needles until we found tatting needles to work with. I have shared with my family about my new hobby and they just seemed not interested. When I showed it to my girlfriend in Gainesville, she just went nuts, when ever we get together we tat, share patterns, etc. We have also done some research into the history of tatting so we may introduce tatting to the world of SCA. SCA is the Society for Creative Anachronism and tatting/lacemaking was something that was done thru the middle ages both using needles and shuttles. There were a lot of ladies very interested in tatting, my girlfriend and I were the only ones tatting and had more interested generated in tatting, that in the near future, we may be holding an SCA class on it.

NATA #513

I am definately nuts about tatting! I am self-taught and haven't been able to put it down since I began in Oct. 2002. Over the past week I was stuck at home because of a bad ice storm and for 6 days from 8 am until 10 or 11 pm each day all I did was tat. My sons think I've lost my mind but it's so much fun. I've driven 3 hours away just to check out stores for pattern books and threads. I can't go through a store without looking for a new thread to use to try to see if it works.

NATA #514

I've only been tatting for about 1 month, yet I have managed to complete 4 (albeit small) projects in that time, in addition to working full time, taking care of 2 kids and dealing with the holidays and the death of my grandmother Christmas eve. I have always wanted to learn and just one day decided that it was time. I went to a nearby stitchery store, purchased a $2 shuttle, found some pearl cotton in my cross stitch stash, and looked up instructions on the internet. It only took about 2 hours to learn "the flip" and I was off and running. Now I own 3 different shuttles, numerous balls of thread and more patterns than I can keep track of. My husband thinks I'm nuts!

NATA #515

Well... I started looking into tatting about a year ago, I always thought it was really pretty, but always thought it to be a difficult task. I got a kit that contained a tatting needle and a book. I haven't been able to put it down since! :) I am also learning to shuttle tat now, but, still love the needle. Anyway... I have been making anything I can get my hands on. I have even tried to create some designs (still in the works). Most nights, I can't sleep unless I've tatted SOMETHING. :) then, after I tat a bit, I can go to sleep, but, first thing in the morning, I start tatting again. I love it! :) It is a very addicting art! My partner, he says that a friend of their family is looking down on me from heaven and smiling because she was afraid that tatting would die with her! hehe I am making Christmas ornaments now, persistant as I am, I have made several dozen of them. I read everything I can get my hands on, I try most every pattern that I have found at least once, it's pretty much all I have been talking about with my friends and family lately. :) Especially after having joined the E-tatters list, I have learned so many new and exciting techniques (for me that is) :) It's wonderful! :) every spare moment, I tat :)

NATA #516

Well, other than every time I go into Michaels, I buy all the clover shuttles in stock..I have close to 50 of them, most involved with a works in progress! some will never be finished, but some will! I go on eBay and bid up to $50 on antique shuttles, (never win, but did pay $29 + postage for 10 balls of thread that when I went to the sellers website she was selling for $2.40 a ball!)and I could have picked my own colors! How nutz is that??? When at my daughters in Minnesota, I got up and tatted in the bathroom so I wouldn't disturb my hubby at 3 am..I taught myself in the course of my life to cross stitch, knit, crochet, macrame, weave, quilt but couldn't teach myself to tat..then I discovered needle tatting and was off and running till 9/11 then the airlines force me to learn to shuttle tat..along came Marie Rice who taught me to pop my stitches and the rest is history, I am hooked, Nuts about tatting..

NATA #517

I have been tatting for about 15 years, I guess. I just started teaching in the last couple of years, and now I almost always carry at least a shuttle and ball. I tat during break and lunch at work. My coworkers ask, "Why do you do that?" I answer, "Because I can!" I did teach two of my coworkers to tat, but they aren't addicted.....yet.

NATA #518

I am self taught as of October, I starting with needle tatting and then decided to shuttle tat if I was to fully understand the patterns. It to me quit some time to learn the shuttle tat, but I was determined. I had many other projects that needed attention, but I could only think TAT. I now have several books and shuttles and spend every morning on the internet searching for more tatting info.

NATA #519

I haven't been tatting long, the only real story I have is how my teacher, Heidi Sunday, taught me to tat (this is now a store legend) I was having a really hard time catching on. I guess I drove Heidi to the edge, I do remember her finally poping my knuckles(she says it never happened)but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

NATA #520

I want to be a member of NATA because I too am nuts about tatting!!! I love tatting. My profession is driving a truck. I use to stop at rest stops just to practice my tatting. I now have a job at which I sit around waiting for some work, I work for a helicopter company under contract with the forest service. We put out forest fires, so needless to say that while I'm waiting for work or the helicopter to do it's thing, I'm tatting. I dream that I'm tatting and wake up looking for the finished piece. That one is frustrating!! Recently I bought this beautiful red thread to tat a tea cup and saucer pattern that I have already done once in silver. I dreamed that I tatted it a woke up looking for it, only to realize that I haven't even loaded the shuttles yet.

NATA #521

I am always looking for new patterns to try and I have balls and balls of thread with the different patterns started...and the tatting needle is always stuck with the balls of thread ready to go anytime I pick it up !!! I even keep a jar for the scrap pieces, maybe someday I can use them to decorate different items like stationery.

NATA #522

I had asked my mother a couple years ago to try to teach me to tat when I went home for a weeklong visit. Things were so organized for our week that there was no time. Mom came out for a visit in April, 2002. She brought her tatting things with her to show me. I spent the next five months trying to complete a ring. In late August, I found a site on the internet that had step by step pictures with this wonderful picture to flip. Once I found this site, the tatting came easy. I have been in awe at the beautiful work so many people have created. Made my first lace edging for a hankerchief for mom by Christmas. Just spent three weeks making booties for a grandchild's baptism this weekend. They turned out okay but I know I can do better. I have a dream of tatting a particular project. That will have to wait until I finish school this spring. Then I will have more time to design and create my dream project. In the mean time, I will do my best to learn and practice through the internet different patterns and designs.

NATA #523

As a young girl I saw some tatting done by a lady, bridal crown, garter, handerkerchief, and chemise top. It stayed in my head for many years, but never could find anyone who knew how to do it.

By chance my sister was attending an English Literature course and I happened to glance through their schedule, and noticed tatting classes. To get to these classes I had to make a turn onto an extremely busy highway, the intersection of which did not at that time have traffic lights. I had learned to drive in my thirties and as I had always lived in a small country town, was a very nervous driver. However each week I would grit my teeth, say my prayers and set off to class. Now the intersection has multi sets of lights, so dangerous is it, and I often close my eyes as we drive by that intersection and wonder how I ever got through there unscathed each week. But nothing was going to keep me from those tatting classes.

The family stories of my tatting mania are legion, but I think the beginning of it was perhaps the most nuts part.

I have completely given up a number of arts and crafts that I used to love, so great is my obsession with tatting.

When I firstlearned to use the computer and found tatting pages, I spent one whole day just surfing. Only got up for toilet breaks, didn't eat, and my husband came home and I asked him what he was doing home. He told me the time. No housework had been done, and no tea even looking like ready. So now, even when reading newsletters, I have to set an egg-timer, and the moment that egg-timer rings I have to close down!

That's just scratching the surface - I could go on about patterns, books, shuttles, things to hold tatting, tatting thread etc., but I won't. I am just plain NUTS about tatting, and I LOVE it!!!

NATA #524

I just discovered tatting and i have designed a whole thing of jewelry, a bunny, butterfly, angel and a tiny angel

I just cant quit. My husband askes me "Can't you put that down?" NO i can't lol i was up until 3am doing tatting this morning and i get up at 4 I think i am nuts lol

NATA #525

We have lost another Nutty member....... Ila Dean Caldwell slipped away in her sleep on March 4/05

Here is her story:

I am a 71 year old gal that has been tatting for 49 years;my Mom taught me how.

Of all of the arts and crafts I do, (and there are many), tatting is my favorite. I thought I know all about tatting until I went to one of Dale Pomroys classes with a friend. I soon learned I knew nothing. Now after about 40 classes I can do so many patterns I didn't have a clue about. I collect shuttles from all over the world, but I mostly use my areo with a detachable bobbin. It is so easy and quick to wind. I used a hero before. I liked the pick, not a hook. Like the rest of you I have a grundle of threads in all sizes and brands. I correspond with fellow tatters all over the world. I belong to the ROT in England, and Melinda's Exchange. I just finished sending 5 bookmarks.

I could do that many because we were off Dec. and Jan. so I got a head start. I love the internet for Tatting. I get so many neat patterns. I even tat some of them. I wish I had more time to try them all out. Sometimes when I tat for long periods of time my hands and arms ache and it is so hard to rest. I tat in the car (while my hubby drives),at the Drs. office and while my husband is in the hospital, on the bus while taking tours, and anywhere I am that I have a few minutes. I carry my tatting in small bags that fits in my purse so that it is handy. I love the attention I get when someone sees me tat and says "My grandma used to tat". I tell them it is not a lost art, but they don't believe me. Oh well, I know better.

NATA #526

I learned needle tatting so I could make tiny motifs to embellish crazy patch blocks. After learning the basics I searched the web ... well there is a never ending learning curve, so many techniques to try, patterns to do ... I spend almost every morning tatting with my coffee, my husband thinks I've got TATTY and now I've even learned to shuttle tat. I've introduced two people to needle tatting, another wants to relearn shuttle tatting ... my little stash of motifs is growing, I've got little baggies of edgings in progress ready to pick up and work on ... my file folder of tatting patterns I want to try is 2 inches thick and I'm dreaming of ideas I want to create myself ... I've made two of those beaded "Dynasty" ornaments by Diana Stevens (sp?) .... where will it ever end ... well I hope it never does !!!!

NATA #527

Well I'm not sure that I'm nuts, but my husband thinks so, I have only been tatting for a short time, and being that I like to have my projects perfect, I spend more time ripping out then I do tatting. I still have not mastered the shuttle, but I can use it, I find that I'm always dropping it. Therefore I mostly use a needle, I think that is also because I do alot of crocheting.

NATA #528

I have only just begun to learn to tat, really only know the basics and then still practicing my technique (although I do have the "flip" down!) and yet somehow I have acquired 2 shuttles and will be picking some more up this week as 2 does not seem nearly enough; I made a special trip to a shop to get some thread even though I have *no idea* what I am going to do with it; I have printed out a ton of patterns that I hope to someday tat and I am a member of e-tatters.

NATA #529

I started needle tatting about 2 years ago. I taught my self to tat with a shuttle in August - I'm a slow learner or oh boy what a learning curve!

I've given up reading novels! Now have a fairly large collection of tatting books (learned something different from each) - from Handy Hands collection, mostly.

But the web is the greatest source of how to information.

NATA #530

On January 30, 2002, our area experienced a terrible ice storm with falling tree limbs and widespread power outages. Since I could not work at my computer for Music Braille Transcribing, I switched to "manually-operated" activities like tatting. I found that if I sat near the light of two candles, I could tat. One candle was not enough, it took two. The house was cold and we could not prepare any hot food but I could tat. That helped pass the time until the power was restored several days later.

NATA #531

Okay - I've been tatting about 3 days already. I've already upgraded to placing my order for two David Reed Smith shuttles - purpleheart and tulipwood -, have about 6 more shuttles picked out, and have to finish this heart I'm working on because I want to move on and keep learning this beautiful art. I'm (mostly) self-taught and am already obsessed. I couldn't have done it without the help and great advice from the wonderful e-tatters. I am the only tatter that I know personally and really want to pass this art form on!

NATA #532

I have been crafting all of my life and have allways just HAD to figure out how something was done and do it my way. The one thing I could never figure out by just looking at it was tatting. I finally found out about a class in my little town and signed up for it, only to have to cancel it because I had to have surgery. When I went to cancel the lady told me to take the shuttle and thread and try it anyway, she gave me a 5 min. lesson and once she showed me the "flip" I had it and I was hooked. Unlike most things (once I figure it out and spend way too much money on it) I am still tatting 2 years later. The lady that helped me has even asked to use some of my patterns in her class!

NATA #533

I've been needle tatting for about 6 months. I take it with me everywhere (even when I know I'll have no time to work at it - and that is nutz).

It's hard to put the needle down! Seems so easy now, I don't know why I didn't try it years ago. Now I have toooooo many itsy bitsy snowflakes on my Christmas tree!

NATA #534

I started tatting in 1998 when my sister sent me two tatting shuttles.

It was something my grandmother did, but by the time us kids were big enough to teach, she was in too much arthritis pain to teach us. She had tried to teach my mother years before, but, as Mom says: "everything turned into knots!" So we had to learn thru books, videos and other tatters.

I carried an edging I was tatting to all the pharmacy and surgery visits we made with my Dad over the last couple of years. I finished up the edging in the week after his death this last January. I will set it on its designed bag this January, as I was unable to even look at it at all this year.

I have tatted in the dentist's office while waiting for my husband's wisdom teeth to come out.

I have tatted on planes, in cars, and in line at the grocery store.

I always take my tatting wherever I go, just in case I end up in a corner by myself with empty hands.

NATA #535

I first saw tatting by an elderly woman in a nursing home about 8 years ago..I thought I could do this! I bought a shuttle at an antique shop with tatting attached..I was going to tat! took me 2 years of frustration, endless guessing, and countless hours of teaching by a very patient teacher. I started needle tatting, and one day it finally hit to flip the knot. And now, I shuttle tat! My husband supports me. My kids love my work and want to learn some day. I live in southern Iowa, and am having a hard time finding people within 100 to 150 miles of me to get together for coffee, and some tat time!

NATA #536

Tatting is the only craft I find pleasure in. Lately, I have even translated an italian pattern found on the internet to my language with just a translation list as I do not speak any italian.

And I am so exited to have discovered all the tatting websites that I am preparing to translate my little website into english so more people can take a look at it.

NATA #537

I get up an hour early to tat before the herd is up and looking to be fed

NATA #538

Well, Since I discovered needle tatting, I totally forget my kids, my husband, my pets. It seems they don't excist anymore.

I have burned our dinner several times now.

There's is only one word I seem te remember all day long and that is Tatting.

I take my Tatting everywhere, I almost took it to a concert, but thougth that tatting in the dark isn't a good idea.

Is that nuts enough?

NATA #539

Well, I've only met a few other people who are crazy enough to tat with wire and metallic thread. Oh, did I mention I actually shuttle tat with these things?

NATA #540

I love tatting!!!! I have learned how to crochet and cross-stitch in the past but they do not compare with the feeling I get when I tat. I think that tatting is amazing. It is very convenient to take with me everywhere I go. I always bring my tatting to work. As a nanny, I have time to tat when the child is napping. Recently, I was looking after a little girl (almost 4) for a few months and whenever we went for a walk I would bring my tatting with us in case she fell asleep. A few times I even tatted while playing with her. Most of the time people think that I am crocheting but this little girl called it my 'sewing'. I bring my tatting with me on vacations, of course, but I have even gone to visit my parents and tatted for the whole week. My mom would complain as she thought that I should be doing nothing as I am on vacation. It was great. Imagine, a whole week with nothing to do but tat. Of course my mom enjoyed it in the end, as I was tatting doilies for her. Got to go tat some more.

NATA #541

I have loved tatting since I first saw it. About 7 years ago I saw a demonstration of tatting at a craft show and signed up for lessons and now for the second year I am president of the Mobile Tatter's Guild. As guild president I feel I should apply for a NATA number.

NATA #542

I had tried shuttle tatting, off and on, for about 15 years, and even though I finally learned how to make the double stitch and a ring, joining frustrated me to the point of giving up. When I finally went online, I found I was really looking for new crochet stitches, but was curious about the tatting link and then found needle tatting. It looked easy, but it took me about a month to give it a try. Imagine my surprise, when an hour after trying it, I was making rings, lol. The next week, I was making a doily (from a pattern, lol). Now, I'm teaching needle tatting online and plan to give shuttle tatting another chance since I have shuttle tatters in my class. Guess you could call it tit for tat, lol. I love needle tatting, it's so easy to do and learn. I've had several ideas in my head for tablecloths and even placemats, but haven't attempted it yet. Is this too long, lol? I'm being a bit long-winded. I would really love to be a member of this "nutty" association.

NATA #543

My mother use to tat, but she never taught me (probably I was too much of a challenge for her). But later in my life, MUCH LATER, I concluded that if my mother could tat so could I! I had second thoughts, 'tho, when I tried to TEACH myself--those knots would NOT undo! So I attended a tatting class, had excellent teachers, and now I tat! To anyone who thinks he or she cannot learn to tat--I'm age 81 and have arthritis in my fingers, but I tat and love it--I've tatted edgings, bookmarks, angels, medallions, snowflakes, stars, hearts, etc, etc - and tat's my story.

NATA #544

In my early 20's I met a lady at a nursing home who tatted; I wish I had learned from her then. At that time I was only mildly interested in tatting, but it always remained at the back of my mind. In my early 30's I found a set of tatting needles and 2 small books in a craft store and purchased them. I tatted a simple edging to put on a couple pretty placemats. Then I quit tatting, probably because of my premie son and then out of sight - out of mind. Recently I decided to pick it back up and try again. Even though I haven't learned to shuttle tat 'yet,' I have 6 shuutles and one more on the way, with several others I would like to get (I only picked tatting back up about 3 weeks ago). I also have several projects I already want to do. Once some of them are done I plan to learn the new techniques using the needle then learn them on the shuttle. I may have to learn the shuttle sooner because my grandmother wants me to teach her how to tat. I think having all the internet info on tatting is what really inspired me this time. It will be great when we are camping and while waiting for my son at soccer practice, wrestling practice and other homeschool related activities.

NATA #545

Well, since I found out how, after 50 years of trying it again every 6 years or so, to Finally make the knot "flip" - Now, all's you can see in my house are tatting print-outs and balls of thread and Tatsy shuttles!!! It's all even covering up my cro-tat hooks and my crochet hooks and my knitting needles and my glue gun! Sewing machine is safe, it's downstairs.

But I love this tatting thing, I've been madly scoping out all the goodies online, how to do thisNthat different stitches and tricks, and some beautiful pics of people's creations, and making some of my own lovelies. Now I have to get busy on Acquisition Syndrome for tatting books! Not to mention shuttles.

So here I am watching old moves on TV, sipping cold coffee, watching the snow or whatever outside, and slinging threads around whilst working on making ds and p into something respectable. Hubby thinks I've caught something in the nervous system and suspects it's contagious.

NATA #546

I tried to learn to tat from my grandmother. She would sit patiently trying to show me how. Six years and many unclosed rings later I finally "got" it. Now my mission is to own a copy of every tatting book known to mankind. Since I learned on a Justrite shuttle, it is also my mission to provide a good home to as many as I can. I still have the Justrite my great-grandmother owned. I temporairly own other types of shuttles, but they slowly find other homes as I give them away to the people who say "I've always wanted to learn how to tat." Each shuttle comes with a basic "here's how I tat" lesson.

My mother has also told me that she never worries about me developing a chemical bad habit as I have a fiber habit. I spin, weave, sew, do bobbin lace and tat. I never thought of myself as a "nut" because I thought other people also entertained themselves in the bathroom -- either toilet or tub -- by tatting or embroiderying. I've also been fortunate to have a life filled with friends that are similar in their passions for their craft.

So, because I really want a NATA number, I guess I can finally admit that I am a nut. I mean, my co-workers think so because I eat lunch at my desk and then "do that knot thing."

NATA #547

I stumbled onto Tina's tatting pages and it reawakened some childhood memories of Granny teaching me to tat.

After a couple of email chats with Tina I went to my local haberdashery shop and cleared the rack of all their tatting books .... nuts? .... you betcha ... my bank account was seriously empty at the time! Still is actually and I've just found a UK site with tatting needles and a 'how to' book ... yeehar!

Hooked? ... tooooo right!

NATA #548

Well to explain myself to others I have been forced to say that it takes a very clever person to fool everyone else into thinking that they are nuts all the time!

Not only do I like to tat, I make bobbin lace, needlelace, crochet, machine and hand knit and felt etc., work part time, teach online (just started) turn tatting and lace into background gifs, so doing all of this I am insane. To put the icing on the cake, at 58 years old, my four year old grandson got me onto a skateboard. I did draw the line when he said, O.K. Nan - now jump in the air and come back down on the board! It made a change from football! (soccer)

NATA #549

This is shameful. I have only been tatting 2 1/2 weeks but I take my tatting to the bathroom and just sit on the pot and tat while I do my business. Really quiet and no one bothers me.

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