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I learned to tat about 7 years (?) or so. I took a class for shuttle tatting at my local needlework shop. My friend and I went together, she a little more advanced than myself. I finally got "the flip"! A year went by and I didn't practice much and I forgot "the flip". A visit to my tatting friend for a refresher and I was off and running again! I'm not an avid tatter, but I do enjoy it in my spare time.

Nearly two years ago I took another class, this time on needle tatting at my local Michael's Craft store. Before my first class I'd figured it out. I found Pam Devries needle tatting webpage VERY HELPFUL!!!

I like to needle tat more than shuttle now, it's so much easier!

NATA # 52

As for a funny story, that's a problem for me... if my DH were still alive, I would have no problem as he always had a huge store ready to spill for any occasion. I love a good joke but never can remember them afterward. However, I'll tell you of something that happened to me and a friend of mine. I don't know how funny it will be here, but it sure was at the time.

I had been to Halifax for a medical procedure which meant I could not drive myself and could have no breakfast or anything to eat for about an hour after the procedure.

We were on our way back home when we decided to stop for something to eat. I decided to just have coffee but Doris(my friend) decided to have a toasted bagel with her coffee. We were sitting at a little table that had one of those racks on it that has jam, marmalade, etc. on it.

The order arrived! I reached for my coffee just as she reached for something from the rack and a tiny packet of peanut butter flipped just as neatly into my coffee as could be. If we had practised it, the outcome wouldn't have been as good, I'm sure.

We laughed until we cried.

Did you invent a new candy bar?.. sounds like Mother Nature trying to inspire you to millions you could spend on tatting!

NATA # 53

I started out learning to tat with the needle back in 1994. I was impressed by the ease of using the needle and was delighted that I could tat from shuttle patterns. I found needle tatting very portable and took it with me everywhere and showed everyone that was curious.

However, it wasn't until February 2000 that I discovered tatting on the internet and E-tatters. Soon afterwards I taught myself to shuttle tat. It was hard at first but thanks to my needle tatting knowledge I knew what the stitches should look like. The hardest thing was getting the "flip" and after watching Sharon Brigg's web site videos and meeting Lily Morales in person at our Lace Guild it finally clicked in my mind.

I agree with other comments that shuttle tatting is tighter than needle tatting. I like tight tatting and am still trying to tighten up my shuttle work. Now, all I do is use the shuttle because of it's therapeutic rhythmic movements creating wonderful lace with my hands. I have a zillion tatting books and many projects on my "to do" list. I love to tat quick, small projects like bookmarks, but have also recently learned how to tat with beads (I have made earrings and necklaces). I would also like to make a doily one day.

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It is with regret to say that this member has been removed for untatting-like, unkind comments about other tatters.

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I learned to tat when I was a teenager and couldn't get the "secret" of it till I ran into another tatter (we really do need to foster other tatters), then I took off and did a little for a while.

I am one of those terribly talented people who need to learn almost everything. I put the tatting away for a good number of years, getting it out now and then just to prove that I could do it. Then, I ran into a strange and wondrous thing, called the "Internet" somewhere you can find everything, even a husband and people who tat! Yes that's right I did find my husband on the internet and he lived only 11 miles from me! Well, not now of course.

Then I found some of the tatting sites which led me to Georgia's lessons, which opened my eyes to the wonder and infinitely new methods of tatting. I avidly devoured all that she had to teach and even got to design a little motif. And, of all things, it got published !!!!

Our computer went boo-boo and we couldn't get online anymore, but thankfully, the town nearby has computers at the library. Unfortunately, I cannot chat, save or most other things, but I can keep up with what the class is doing. I can get Georgia's letters, visit sites and keep up with the new stuff.

I am just another one of those tatting nuts.

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I originally felt I belonged to NATA because the first trip I made to Ireland, I took a trip on a train to meet designer Ann Keller and spent the afternoon in her studio, picking out shuttle designs for her to paint me. I enjoyed that more than all the scenery or new food or people I met otherwise! The months preceding my trip, I scoured all my cyberlists and did cyber searches repeatedly, looking for a fellow tatter in Ireland. Much to my dismay, the country so well known for its lace has a decided lack of tatters. Ann is the only one I've met in 3 trips - although I hear there are one or two more there somewhere. The second trip there, a fellow tatter from Australia (Jennifer) was visiting also at the same time and we made arrangements to meet. How else would a tatter from Indiana and Australia meet???

The most recent strange place I tatted was in a hospital bed waiting for my scheduled colonoscopy. The test went well and there were no problems, but the very idea of it as well as the preparations (fasting and enemas) were stressing. I sat on the bed and tatted a little angel for one of my roundrobins! Finished it too!

My tatting supplies started out in a little wicker basket with room to spare. At the moment, they have spilt out of the wicker basket into numerous notebooks, metal containers, baskets, a picnic basket, and sytrofoam box about 20" square and part of it fills up a 3'x5' space in my living room as well as the immediate area around my easy chair. I also carry a bag with me to work each day and a another smaller bag in my purse. Plus there seem to be bits and pieces elsewhere in the house - whereever I go! For a long time, I ate, slept, breathed and dreamt of tatting. Finally, after 4 years, I'm slowing down a bit. Have to, I'm running out of room!

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NATA # 70

I'm knot knuts about this knot.
Just cuz I taught a tot or two
to tat instead of tie a shoe?
That don't prove knothing.

Cuz I ignore the picture show,
and in the dark, make licorice
'hens & chicks' all in a row?
Nah, that's knot proof.

Ohhh . . .You saw me sneaking out my shuttle . . ?
& flippin' stitches under my hymnal,
instead of singing last Sunday morn?
Knot very knice of me - But knot knuts.

But I did do something crazy once!

When a corny lady started handing out numbers,
I picked #70 as a joke,
thinking there'd never be more than a dozen or so
of those crazy NATA folk : )

NATA # 71

NATA # 72

Anyone who does any thread work, with passion, has to be bubble off center (as with a carpenters level)!!! This certainly makes me eligible, as I make bobbin lace, too. ;-)

NATA # 73

I tried to learn how to tat in the early 70's from a very nice little old lady. She had been raised in an orphanage in Italy run by nuns during WW2. Even when she slowed down - it was like watching a hummingbirds wings in flight...

I tried every book in the library & final found one by Rhonda Auld that worked. I've been tatting ever since.

Just this year one of my co-workers & her daughter took an extension class in tatting and were totally baffled. The teacher had them use size 20 thread. She wouldn't provide any specific instructions, patterns, etc - just showed them how to do a knot & expected them to learn. Most of the people dropped out of the class vowing never to try it again. But Debbie knew that I tat so started asking questions.

Our little group (we meet for lunch once a month) consists of Debbie, her daughter, her daughter's friend who has been tatting for several months & we hope that her daughter's friend's friend (a long time tatting nun) will join us in the fall. WOW!!

My current goal is to purchase 2 balls of every colour of DMC tatting cotton; this will take a while.

NATA # 74

NATA # 75

What makes me nutty (besides the obvious, that is). Well, could it be that I stare at tatting catalogs over and over and over again pondering over each book and thread? Or the time I spend on EBay looking at the beautiful shuttles and wood-handled tiny crochet hooks? Or is it the handling and (sorry if this offends) smelling of thread. I love the feel of thread as it passes through my fingers as I wind a shuttle. Maybe it's that I love the attention I get when people find out I tat...and the shock on their faces when I tell them about the tatting lists and classes on-line and the number of tatters who log on everyday to hear from fellow tatters around the world.

I guess this isn't really a story. Just some real life thoughts on what I like about my craft.

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After 63 years of tatting, I have got to be as big a nut about tatting there can be. I love the way it feels when you tat; it is such a relaxing rhythm and I like to watch the patterns appear as I lay the stitches down.

I do not have pretty hands like my sisters, but even MY hands look good when tatting..

I demo tatting once a month at the Historical Museum here in Cincinnati, Ohio. Whenever I go, I try to have some small tatted articles to give to those who stop and talk to me about tatting. I make a note card of folded paper, rubber stamp leaves, glue on flowers made with scrap thread, put it in an invitation envelope, and put it in a plastic bag to keep it clean. If I have time, I make a 20 minute flower bookmark with a twisted cord tail to give away ... I especially enjoy the little children who take one or the other for their Mommy or Grandma.

I tell them to search the internet for Tattered or Picotnet because I have found this leads to more tatting sites and sources than the word tatting does.

I take Peel's Learn to tat to give to the Tatters who have forgotten how and do not have access to another tatter. Of course, I try to get them to come to the store where I teach tatting (a quilt shop where I am allowed to order tatting supplies and the only place that has books); we also have a very small but loyal group of tatters who come to our Tat and Chat...

I have been collecting Tatting books .. every one I can get my hands on, ever since I was given 4 hardbacks for Christmas in 74. I have all of the books I or others can source, all the Dover tatting books and most of the original ten centers because my mother, aunt and I bought them when I was young. If there are books I couldn't buy, I have them xeroxed because they are out of print and copyright.

I learned long ago that if you see a tatting book and consider it, buy it or you may not be able to find it later on. I missed a few C&C and Stars that way. I have found the recent books offered on the tatting sites to be very enjoyable and well written.

I did not have a computer at the time but I have been told that some posted the article in the Post from February of 98. It was titled Cincinnati's Lace Lady. The Lady in the picture is me, and despite the heading, most people who see me tat call me the tatting lady because they don't remember my name.

Cindy Starr seems to have a talent for making what she writes about sound good. I really thought that article was to be about the demonstrations at the museum. Needless to say, I copied the article on one page, had it laminated, and it goes with me to all my demos.

It is a great joy to find so many tatters after all the years I was alone. It gives me even more joy when I hear what you are all doing. Don't lose touch when you walk away from my table....

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Tatting with rolled up Post-Its. Yes, you got it. And tatting goes EVERYWHERE with me. I have a few tins that I can lump projects into. I've tatted just about anywhere you can. I taught myself to tat from the old Coats & Clark "Learn How Book" -- I guess I was about 10 or 11 -- and I've been tatting ever since (and that's been a while). I was thrilled to find tat-chat, E-tatters, Rings-n-Chains, etc., and my tatting has improved greatly with what I have learned online.

I'm in the process of finishing up 16 Christmas balls for family gifts... 13 down, 3 to go. Do I have any for my tree? Heck no!

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My nuttiest story would be the time when my DH found one of my tatting shuttles, loaded with thread, and work in progress, in his briefcase when he got to work. His coworker was very interested in it, but since I had just started tatting again after many years, DH didn't have much to tell him. I had put my tatting in his briefcase because it was the only place available to put it so that I wouldn't lose it.

My tatting has since showed up in weird places throughout the house.

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