Identities have been hidden to protect the special members of this nuttery.

Members can be identified by the NATA number tattooed on their chests.

NATA #450

Valerie Gay Smith, gone to the ultimate tatting place on September 15, 2004, after she lost a short fight with cancer.

About twenty four years ago, when I was learning to tat, my cat Sandy decided to take up tatting also. Sandy had the shuttle thread wrapped around her neck, doily was dragging behind. The ball thread was bouncing all over the place and Sandy is running all around the house, while I was trying to catch her. Sandy had crochet thread wrapped around her from head to toe. I finally caught Sandy and was able to save the doily.

You had to be there to see it. At the time, it wasn't very funny. Looking back now it was funny. Sandy has passed on now and I have fond memories of her tatting.

I have a friend here in town who might have a scanner. If not, I will find someone.

My mother-in-law lives in Ontario, as you know. We have sent her things through the mail and she never received them. I would feel much safer finding someone here in Alberta to transfer the pictures onto a disk. I don't want my pictures lost in the mail.

I will get back to you about the site. I am thinking of calling it "Canadian Rocky Mountain Tatters", since we have the Rocky Mountains here. What do you think? I have come across a tatting site from the states, they are called Rocky Mountain Tatters.

Have you read your Tat Chat lately. That woman from Washington who said," Tatting is died, shuttles are not produced anymore, and tatting books are not published". I just about fell out of my chair reading that, but I blood started to boil. Someone should straighten her out. To bad we live so far away, I would love to give her a piece of my mind.

NATA #451

Been tatting since the age of about 15.

I've been tatting for 16 years this coming November. I am a self-taught tatter. I remember seeing it in a book my grandma had. And I said I would like to learn that. So my mom found a lady that did tatting. She sit down with me one night and tried to show me how to tat. But no way was I getting it. I went home that night and I got the Scottish tamper going and I was not going to bed until I got it.

Well, let me tell you when I did get it, the whole house was awakened by me yelling in happiness that I did it. And, from that day on I've been tatting. My other half tells people that ask me about tatting that I was born with shuttle in hand. I've designed some patterns one called Enola that was published in The Maple Leaf Newsletter. I just love tatting so much that all I do these days. I belong to Maple Leaf Newsletter, e-tatters, s_ntatters, and a lot more groups to list here.

NATA #452

Definitely a bit squirlley after 20 years of trying to tatting. A wonderful lady tried to teach me to tat 20 years ago. No luck so, in July, I order a cro-tat hook, figuring I could at least do that (and I can!) So, then I read about needle tatting and I fell in love with that, much more like real tatting. Again my determination got the best of me and I bought a pair of clover shuttles from Michaels and I finally did it. I'm practising my rings and chains and I am a tatter and need my NATA number!

NATA #453

I am a beginner in tatting. I love the art of tatting because it is a beautiful lace. I have had several people try to teach me and finally a bobbin lace teacher from Texas made it so simple the way she showed me. I do a little bobbin lace and would love to learn more about tatting. With tatting you can take it with you to DR. office in the car or where ever you go. You can't do that with a lot of other artwork. I think it would be an honour for someone to ask " what do you call that" and be able to explain it. That is why I would like to join.

NATA #454

I'm a left handed tatter that had to teach myself. After years of frustration I finally figured it out. I'm from Arizona and in the 58 years I have lived here I had only seen one person tat in all that time. I am an avid crocheter, knitter, needlepointer, weaver, and now tatter. I have passed out shuttles and encouragement since I always carry sometime to tat with me.

I (holding up right hand) do promise to teach anything that isn't running faster than my wheelchair can travel to do simple tatting. I (still holding right hand up) do promise to buy shuttles, patterns and thread at every opportunity at risk of bankruptcy. (Arm getting tired. I must lower it to tat.) I (tatting like crazy) am not called "The Mad Tatter" for nothing.

NATA #455

I learned to tat in late July and have become totally obsessed with it. I spend hours finding patterns on the net and hours more trying them out. I've made one rather large doily and a bunch of snowflakes so far. I bring my tatting everywhere. It's fun when people ask "what is that?" When I tell them its tatting, almost all people say "Oh my grandmother used to do that". I'm currently unemployed, which is why I have hours to spend tatting. Once I get a new job, the housework will have to wait as I'm not giving up the tatting. :-)

NATA #456

I want to join, Please?????

I have been tatting for just over a year. I learned about tatting in about 1993 and looked for info on it since then.......very part time looking.

In March, 2000 I was visiting my Mom and Sis in the lovely state of PA for a quilters retreat(that was an absolute blast, staying at a church with about 75 other quilting nuts) and came across a needle tatting I bought it. Then, staying at my sis's place while she was at work, I downloaded some information on needle tatting. The kit didn't come with instructions - just the needles. Since then I have become an active member of our Spokane, WA Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild and have learned shuttle tatting. I LOVE both and enjoy using each depending on the pattern and the look I want in the finished product.

I really like creating things, when I come up with an idea, I chew on it(mentally) till I can write down the completed project. I love the idea of creating my own lacy things and giving them as gifts to friends and family. Also it is something I can do when I'm watching TV, waiting for my appts., sitting on the phone, relaxing, etc.........

NATA #457

Work has been very demanding; 10 - 12 hour days are the norm, and I'm trying to get ready for our state fair in October where I demonstrate & sell tatting for 10 days in a row, 12 hours each day. I need to clone myself!

NATA #458

I should be a member because tatting has saved my life and the lives of my family, friends, and co-workers.

Late in April, April 26th to be exact, I was stricken with vertigo. The slightest movement of my head sent the world tumbling. The doctor said it would wear itself out and to just grin and bear it. After about two weeks, I was ready to shoot myself and anyone else in firing distance.

I discovered that the only thing I could do, other than lolling in bed, was handwork. It required no head movement. I staggered to the closet, dragged out my tatting stuff which I had taken up about twenty years ago, and learned all over again.

A little background here. About fifty years ago I had a third grade teacher who was determined to teach me how to tat. Her hands flew so fast that I couldn't grasp the concept. Then about twenty years ago I decided that the time had come. I wrote to her and asked for her help. She sent me one of her books, c1941, and one of her tatting shuttles. I struggled and taught myself the basic concepts. Then I got busy with other things, family, graduate degree, etc., and tatting fell by the wayside.

Since my vertigo attack I have tatted like one possessed. I've even volunteered to teach a basic tatting class next week. Yes, the vertigo is still here but not as violent.

So, you see, without tatting I would have been overcome by despair and depression, would have kicked the dogs and cats, shot everyone who asked "Aren't you over that yet?", and made headlines saying "Tattered tatter ties last knot".

NATA #459

In December of 2001, I decided to give the AOL (America online) service a try when my broadband Internet company (exite@home) went bankrupt and left us in Sacramento without service under the new provider AT&T--Once a member of AOL, I saw many opportunities to meet other women around the world with a love for needle crafts so I joined a group. I met a member whom was teaching herself to tat and seemed sooooooo very excited. Well, I decided to investigate and find out what this tatting thing was--I did a little online research and saw the many pictures, diagrams, and demonstrations of one of the most delicate yet difficult techniques for a handcraft that I had ever seen. I crochet all the time, (since I was eight years old) and have done some macrame, embroidery, and needlepoint but this was truly fascinating to me. So I decided, "I am gonna learn to do this."

I went to our craft stores (which are very limited) in my part of town--Joann's Fabric, Hancocks, and Michael's. Joann's carried a single shuttle--the metal Susan bates which I quickly bought two of because I thought that they were soooo shiny and pretty. Then I bought a booklet called, "A New Twist on Tatting" which was way too advanced for me but little did I know at the time; I also purchased some size 10 crochet cotton for all the projects that I was gonna complete once I taught myself to tat. Well, I still have not even attempted one of those projects and I haven't touched that size 10 thread since the first two months of my attempts.

Around the month of March I had begun tatting circles, lots and lots of little rings--I attempted to attach them at their picots but they did not look at all like the pictures in the books or on the web. Around this same time I joined the online lists and begin to learn from all of you experienced tatters--I began to realize that I had an awful lot to learn yet those little balls of thread made by companies like J&P Coats, Lily, Coats & Clark, STAR, and my all time favourite Clarks O.N.T., were just too cute and I started collecting them--the only place that I could find them were on ebay so I started there. I bought more and more and still more thread. In the meantime, my rings still didn't look right and they were not sliding like they should but I figured that I was just missing something and eventually I would get it.

Then I found out that there were different types of shuttles out there. I had to have at least one of every one I came across you know--but my budget wouldn't allow it (I am an at home Mom living on one income with my DH and three sons). Well, I had accumulated quite a few supplies, invested way too much money, and yet my rings were still all wrong and I was starting to get a little worried now.

My DH is usually really patient with me and knows that when I decided to do something, I usually do it all the way. I was carrying this little string holder and thread around with us everywhere, always attempting to tat but never feeling successful. I recently taught myself all sorts of ins and outs about the computer, built one for my boys, reformatted one for my hubby, and became the tech person for all my friends and family when they have a computer related problem. I have upgrade my computer and made many changes and my husband has been pretty patient with me even when I made costly mistakes -- but he was getting a little tired of all this time and money I was investing in tatting and not really seeing any progress. In the meantime--I am close to tears thinking, "wow, something has actually beat me. I just can't seem to get this;" After attempting a few of Tatman's tat-a-long projects, by the month of May, I realized that I needed to learn what was called a split ring technique in order to complete the motif--I thought "now how on earth will I be able to do a split ring when I can't even make a ring ring?" : )

"This doesn't look good" I thought to myself "but it is so pretty and I reaaaallllly want to learn to make this tatted lace. I love the movements that you make, I love the tools that you use and I just can't get enough of those cute little balls of thread. "

Time to refill your mug

By now I have invested well over $200 dollars into this craft and I have neglected my family and household for over four months--they were being patient but they wanted "Mom" back. I was determined to learn to do this. I asked questions on the list, practised and practiced, watched Sharon's online demonstrations over and over but still just couldn't get that flip thing right so that my stitches would slide. This is why my rings did not look right and why I could not do shuttle joins and so forth Ė I was not even tatting. Believe me, I actually thought that I was tatting but just had a little problem with my stitches; I had no idea that I was not even actually "tatting" until someone on one of the lists pointed this out to me.

I had already checked out numerous books from the local library and had seen a couple of video cassettes for sale on ebay which I just couldn't bring myself to invest in (remember I have already invested too much money into something I can't even do) so I checked our catalogs at the library and **tada** they have them both so I happily check them out and on my DH's birthday, this past May, I sat down on the bed, popped in Bev Dillon's "Tatted Lace from start to finish" into the VCR and within 30 minutes, I had made my first complete, actually, tatted ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I jumped up and down. ran down the hallway, kicked up my heels, my seven year old joined in and said "what you doing Mom"? I told him I had finally tatted my first ring!!! And I did it on my DH's birthday--What a wonderful present for us all.

I then explained to my husband that what I had been doing was still, trying to teach myself to tat; that is why I wasn't using any of my expensive threads just some of the old worn stuff; because it was all going into the trash; but now, I had finally did it. He was surprised to find out that I had not been tatting all those months yet I was still buying supplies. He asked, "what were you gonna do with all this stuff had you not learned to tat?" and I replied "I knew I would" as I am sure you can truly understand.

NATA #460

I must be nuts myself......I'm one of those types that has to at least try something once, and say hey I did that! Years ago a friend of my mother-in-law gave me a shuttle and a book. She figured that since I LOVE lacy stuff and LOVE QUILLING this would be the next step. Well I tried but, there was no one around to it fell to the wayside.

So one day I was looking for lace projects on the net (gotta love the net!) and came across needle tatting. I thought hey that's cool! Mainly because most of the hand work I do is with the needle. Well............I became/am quite taken with it! I've only been at it for a couple of months but I can pretty much figure out any pattern I come across now ( a little more figuring, due to the fact everybody has their own abbreviations).

My needles and thread are never far away........ In the car, in bed (hubby not too keen on that one!), everywhere I am.

I've done a few patterns of my own, and it helps that I've done quilling for about 13 years, so I can think along the same way. Plus no paper cuts! Ha Ha! I can't just sit and watch tv I have to be tatting! Actually I'm working on Christmas patterns now. Everyone in my family love the look of tatting but have never tried it. My hubby's grandma used to tat but she can't see too good anymore, so she gave me all her tatting supplies, since I'm the only one who'll have use for it. I have enough stuff for a couple of years.

This is definitely one craft/art form......I won't be giving up anytime soon!

NATA #461

I taught myself to tat around 1989, at the age of 15, from one of the multi-purpose how to booklets from the fifties. I was visiting a schoolmate and we ran across the booklet, a one page instruction sheet, but it called to me.

All of my friends were musicians at the time, so I was an anomaly - quietly tatting as my friends played their heavy metal in the garage. Needless to say their mothers loved me, but in retrospect, it is a funny image, all of us kids in ripped up jeans and concert t-shirts and me tatting away!

NATA #462

Long, LONG time ago, Grandma asked what color hanky I wanted her to tat a border for. (I was maybe about 4 at the time.) Still have that fire engine red hanky with matching tatted border.

I'm the only one of 4 daughters who managed to pick up the basics from Mom when I was a kid ... but I never could understand the patterns... so never did anything much.

I keep coming back to it though. Wanted something to "do" during quiet times while I'm working at the local Renaissance Festival this year. Remembered seeing a book about needle tatting. 4 weeks ago went & bought it & the needles. Been trying it out. Giving the little butterflies to little girls at the festival. Buying lots of thread. (as with all crafts, she who dies with the most supplies, wins!) Found a shuttle that my husband picked up at "fill your bag for $3.00" booth at a flea market last year (and I KNOW he didn't have a clue as to WHAT it was exactly & I claimed it) and started looking on the 'net to see what I could find. Now I'm making bigger butterflies. . . and FINALLY learning how read patterns and on & on & on! It's ONLY taken thirty some years! There will be LOTS of tatted gifts this Christmas! It's so portable - I'll be taking it along to do in between periods at the (Pittsburgh)Penguin hockey games this season! And somewhere "UP THERE" Mom & Grandma are smiling.

NATA #463

I first learned to needle tat from Mr Snowgoose. Then moved on to shuttle tatting when taught by Vibs Clausen at the Freeway Lace Guild Lace Day in 2000. My most exciting adventure in tatting was at the 2002 IOLI convention, under the watchful eye of Georgia Seitz. I don't think a day has gone by since then without a few double stitches! Every coffee break and lunchtime at work, you will find me tatting away (or de-tatting, as the case may be).

I guess I am an addict!

NATA #464

Well, while I was waiting for my girlfriend to get back into town, I stumbled across Eileen Stafford's 3D carnation. I had to make it...I had 48 hours... I made the flower part. What no leaves? no calyx? So, I made some. But not any old leaves, carnation leaves. Then, there were no assembly instructions. How do I build it!!!! So, I go to a flower shop (I live in Germany right now and do NOT speak german!) and struggled with the flower arranger on how to "build" this flower. This was I go back home (with two types of green tape and two sizes of green wire). After half the tape was gone, most of the wire, and all of my sanity, I got that thing finished. Not only did I get it done in time, but I had to endure my wife laughing at me the whole time and my daughter asking questions every three minutes (she is 4). It is beautiful! And I loved every second of it!

NATA #465

Well let's see how nuts I am about tatting, when watching the Star Wars Episode Two: Phathom Menace DH had to rewind the tape several times find and to zero in on the head dress the princess was wearing at the end of the movie so I could tat it...Halley Berry's dress that she last wore to Oscars this past year is an aspiration to see it in tatting as a wedding dress...You name it I see tatting patterns in it...Most recently the Queen Victoria Shawl in Piecework Magazine oooh those butterflies, birds and magnolias ... Filigree on cookie cans as well as rescuing silk shirts at garage sales to ad edgings to them...there is nothing sacred that I wont use as a tatting tool...I have tatted 28 yrs with only limited books and references now finding the online community and my local lacemakers guild I am a wild woman now that I have learned all the new tech...Who says shuttle one makes ring and shuttle two makes chains...Patterns are a guide not gospel and I command those threads not the other way around...Gotta love those DUH AH HA MOMENTS and yes I still get them...I love learning new tatting tricks and tips and teaching them and I have 8 online students I currently mentor too boot...while raising a 15 month old and working outside the home...Tell me I am not nuts about tatting:)

NATA #466

I have always loved the looks of tatted items more than just regular crocheted items, or other lacy things. Tatted is so pretty and neater looking.

I learned to tat through the dispatcher at our local fire department. She has known tatting since she was a child, and we got talking about sewing and it changed to tatting. I told her I have been trying to teach myself for years, but usually end up putting it away. So said we could do it together and she would help me out. The fire department has since changed locations and I never get together with her any longer, but I do remember what she taught me and I ordered a Video tape on how to Tat a few years ago, and I love knowing there are others out there that also love tatting, and I can learn from classes on line.

NATA #467

My SIL spent one whole day teaching me to tat, never telling me that it had to slide or saying a thing about the FLIP until she was going out the door to go home. Home being 2 states away. I was very frustrated and that shuttle hit the wall more than once. I put it away for about a year.

Then I saw a little old lady (60 years old) tatting like a house on fire and thought if she could do it, so could I. Went home, got out the shuttle and worked for a week, and low and behold I have been tatting now for about 30 years.

AND loving every minute of it.

NATA #468

I'll tell you about one of my most recent projects. I just started working at a Burger Joint and I put my hair up in a bun every day. I decided that I needed a bun cover for work, and I wear black so I bought some black thread for the project. I decided to make a new pattern for the snood, so I worked out the pattern on my breaks at work.

After figuring out the pattern, I started to work out the pattern with some practice thread. Mind you I only worked on this project at work, so it took me two days to get bored with the practice piece. Then I started using the real thread. Because I had gotten bored, my pattern wasn't quite as good as it could be. So my snood was tight in the middle and wavy at the edges. I finally gave it to one of my co-workers who had been watching me work on it. She was thrilled.

After this failure, I tried one more time. learning from the mistakes I had made the last time, it finally looked right when it was done. Of course, I still only worked on it at work, and had many admirers(?). I added a hair band at the bottom and started using it.

Unfortunately, I just got my hair cut to about shoulder length, so I don't need one as big as the one I just finished. I'm still using it though.

NATA #469

Ok I will try to explain--- I just started tatting about six months ago. I have 5 shuttles, 7 needles, 60 balls of size 80 thread, 1 Ball of 20 thread, 57 new balls of size 10 thread, and 25 used balls of size 10 thread. My craft/office is taken over by thread and tatting books. And I still think I need more thread! Or a shuttle or a needle. And now I have started collecting beads for projects.

My poor sewing machine has collected dust. Not sure if this qualifies me as a nut but my husband thinks so. And he is a Marriage and Family Therapist.

NATA #470

I believe the answer to the common question, "Where is the strangest place you've ever tatted?" may prove my tatting nuttiness. The short answer is, "standing on a stool in the middle of the kitchen floor." The longer answer requires a small bit of explanation. I have had an extreme phobia regarding bugs of any kind and specifically spiders since I was a young girl. This has caused such extreme reactions in the past that I have jumped from moving vehicles when a bee flew in the window, gone days without sleep (or visiting the rest room) during a misguided attempt to go to summer camp, and using outdoor "fogger" bug spray in my TINY dorm room... you get the idea.

Not too long after I had learned to tat, a spider jumped out and surprised me while I was doing dishes one day. Unfortunately, it was between me and the door so I was trapped until hubby could come to the rescue. As (bad) luck would have it, he was on the phone with a client and could not come to save me right away. I climbed to the relative safety of a tall kitchen stool and stood there keeping a wary eye on the invader. I remembered the tatting in my pocket and pulled it out in hopes that it would calm my nerves (not to mention my shaky knees!). Just as I started tatting, the little spider started working on building a web between the counter and floor. I actually smiled at the spider when I realized it was just making lace too! :) I still don't like spiders and I won't take a shower with em, but if one is walking along the wall well away from me, I no longer go out of my way to kill em... after all, they have lace to make!!

NATA #471

I started tatting a few years ago when a class was offered at the Senior Citizens Center. A older lady at my church had tatted a wedding garter for me as a keepsake when I was in high school. I was always intrigued at the delicate work so when I seen the ad in the paper for the class I thought I'd give it a try and I was hooked.

Since then our teacher has past away due to cancer. There are six of us who continue to meet in the Spring and Fall. Most of the ladies in my class are seniors and do not have access to a computer. I am 38 years old and have a blast with these older, wiser, ladies. We share what patterns we have and try to help each other. We have created a bond through tatting.

NATA #472

Oh yeah! I learned to tat about thirty years ago. Taught by my mother who learned when she was 9 or 10 years old so she would quit biting her nails! Always reminded me of the saying about idle hands being the devil's workshop.

Anyway, tatting is definitely NOT a lost art ... you just have to know where to find us tatters!

I have never done a big project but have enjoyed doing medallions, snowflakes, edgings, covering satin thread Christmas balls, etc. Some of you might know me by my husband's name on ebay. Always on the look out for books and patterns I do not have! And shuttles! Yes, I have several only a few I do not use because they are for pretty only.

Yes, people think I am nuts because I like to tat to relax. They do not understand at all!!

NATA #473

There are pictures of me, taken by a friend as they were laughing, tatting, while at the zoo. I have also tatted at work, while in labor with two kids, and while waiting in lines at a whole lot of places.

The weirdest place to tat would have to be while I was getting a yearly medical exam. Afterwards, the doctor asked about it, and then commented that he couldn't do it, as he wouldn't be able to see the knots. I was using sewing thread that day.

I don't know if this proves I'm nuts about tatting, or just nuts for not leaving the doctor's office right then and there.

NATA #474

I learned to tat from a local man who is in a wheelchair and has been most of his life. He taught me the hen and chicks pattern which I have used many times to make garters for friends and family. Tatting is a major part of my life now as I take it with me and tat in the pickup as we check our wells on weekends and some evenings through the week. I have advanced on to other projects the most recent being Kim's forever rose. I have reached an impasse as I am looking for instructions on doing a split chain. I sat up last night looking in my books for instructions until 2:30.

NATA #475

I started a tatting class approx. 4 weeks ago. I have Since purchased at least 6 shuttles and multiple books. I spend my lunch hour surfing the web for new ideas and Patterns. I am always looking for a new class locally to Better my tatting technique.

NATA #476

I don't really have a story, although I can remember my mother sitting for hours at a time just tatting away. She made her own shuttles out of a little piece of wood. It was kind of in the shape of an H. I still have two or three of her homemade shuttles. As for myself, I have tatted cross bookmarks by the hundreds. As you can see I am not very good at telling stories.

NATA #477

My husband suggested that I take tatting lessons after reading an article in the local paper about Sadie. She teaches tatting here in Lufkin. Well, I said why not, it might be fun. That was back in Feb, 2002 or so. I have since taken two courses and am doing one of the modules of Tatters Across Time. My husband says he wished he had read the article before I had him buy me one of those expensive embroidery sewing machines. I don't use it much any more cause I'm always tatting.

That one little article on tatting has changed both my husband's and my hobbies. I am so crazy about tatting now, that I have my husband, who has never done wood work before, making shuttles and picot hooks. He sells what I let him on Ebay. I have to let him sell a few, even though I would rather keep them. I have about 6 or 7 shuttles now. But, as I have told him, you can never have too many shuttles.

NATA #478

I started tatting last weekend, and i have searched the internet for new patterns ever since.

My home work has gone undone, and my has not been made. I love tatting. I can do it while I watch TV and in between classes!!

NATA #479

I am so nuts about Tatting that I have a spare shuttle and thread in the spare bedroom so that when Mike snores and I cant sleep I can escape and Tat .I also sleep with a notepad by my bed so that if I dream a pattern I can get it down before I forget it. My family all say I am Nuts about Tatting so NATA sounds good to me.

NATA #480

I sit at various craft shows, living history events, etc. ALL DAY demonstrating tatting in uncomfortable period clothing, and then go home at 10 or 11 at night, sit down, and tat some more! You'd have to be NUTS about tatting to want to do it so much!!! :-)

NATA #481

I learned to tat at the age of 51 because i didnít want the art to die out in my family. I did 20 plus hearts for a valentine project for a hospice in NC. I made a multi color butterfly out of variegated crochet cotton on a dare from my son

NATA #482

Tatting is so beautiful and delicate. I always wanted to learn how to tat but wasn't successful until last year in teaching myself. I taught myself how to needle tat in December of 2001. I've been tatting ever since. I have since learned how to shuttle tat. I'm teaching both of my sons how to tat.

Wherever I go, I tat. I carry a tatting shuttle and a ball of tatting thread in a coin purse with me. I even tatted while I was in line waiting to check out. Others said, "Hey! That's a good idea."

I have a binder of collected tatting patterns and am always on the search for something new.

I would be honored to be a NATA member. I taught myself how to needle tat in December of last year. Since then, I have taught myself how to shuttle tat. My sons (ages 8 and 11) developed such a curiosity for my excitement over it that they wanted to learn. I'm in the process of teaching them how to tat as well. I have been acquiring such a collection of patterns that I have organized a 4 inch binder of patterns with plastic sleeves to protect them. I have started to design tatted cross bookmarks. I made my first design in July. I was so excited! I love tatting because it's easy, beautiful, portable, and versatile.

NATA #483

I taught myself to needle tat in 1998 an found E-Tatters in 2000. With their help I've mastered shuttle tatting. Now I tat when ever I have a few spare minutes; ie: during church, waiting at the doctor's office, or for my daughter after school. It is a lot easier to carry than crocheting or knitting. I've entered my work in competition twice, and earned the Blue Ribbon both times.

NATA #484

I am nuts about all needlework. I am a beginning needle tatter. My friend and I have a shop where we do demonstrations of all types of needle arts. We also do spinning and weaving. She has her NATA number and you know you never can let your friends get ahead of you.

NATA #485

I have been tatting for about 5 years and almost always carry a ball of thread and a shuttle with me. When I had my knee replacement surgery, I had to be in bed for several days. I had a machine attached to my leg that kept my knee constantly moving. I learned to tat in rhythm to the machine and it took my mind off the pain. The nurses all thought I was nuts because I asked for my shuttle before I was completely awake.

NATA #486

I learn shuttle tatting about 4 years ago. Since then, I have not stop tatting. I tat at the bus stop, while queuing in the bank, in the car, on the bus, etc. My shuttle is always in my bag, together with threads, patterns, completed projects (to show off!). I learn to needle tat by myself from the books, but I still prefer the shuttles.

NATA #487

I have been tatting for 5 years. I taught myself .I have many crafts I love but tatting will always be my first love. I saw my grandmother tat when I was a child I was in such awe of the lace that fell from her fingers. I knew that one day I would learn to tat. I am 44 years old. The only regret I have is the I didn't learn sooner. Tatting does many things for me. It lets me create which I strongly have the need for. Tatting also lets me mentally go back in time, a gentler time when life was at a slower pace. With a simple thing such as thread these woman adorned everything. Wow!I could go on and on. Let me just end by saying that tatting has been the hardest, but fascinating art form I have encountered. I would rather tat than eat!

NATA #488

In A nutshell....when one spends time thinking about tatting while sleeping, and wakes up in the middle of it to write out the pattern that the good tatting fairy has put in ones head. And it actually turns out the way you imagined it. Has happened to me a few times. And when you spend 7 - 10 hours in a day tatting and the rest of the time thinking about what you can tat next...that's nuts. At least so I've been told.

Or when you're out visiting and you must get some tatting conversation into there somewhere. And when your friends invite you out for lunch or coffee and you bring your tatting along to show...and carry tatting the vehicle at all times, hey, you never know when there may a delay along the way, construction or whatever.

NATA #489

I taught myself to tat using old children instructions from a yardsale book (& others). I've got two notebooks filled with patterns and instructions after 3 years. My husband doesn't like me tatting in the car when he's driving because I block his vision when I'm working. The kids have picked-up that they can get away with more when Mom is occupied with her tatting. I've started asking for tatting shuttles in second hand stores. I'm considering offering to teach tatting at a local craft store. I've been known to tat in medical waiting rooms and in the dentist's chair. I've talked my 9 year old into learning to tat for a 4-H Heritage project.

NATA #490

I just had a case made for my shuttle so that I can carry it in my pocket without poking holes in myself. Now I can carry my shuttle all the time, not just when I have my tatting fanny pack.

NATA #491

I take my tatting everywhere. I have it with me when Im even in church. Shhhhhhh don't tell anyone that. :-) I take it with me on trips, whether its plane, train or automobile. I am a homemaker, and after I get my chores in the house done, I can't wait to sit and tat. I have even put off my household duties to sit and chat.

NATA #492

My Great grandmother taught me how to needle tat when I was 7 years old; she died when I was nine and the was no one else in my life that knew tatting. At the age of 36 years of age, I found Monica Braxton's group and I have been loving it. I have participated in my first exchange. I really enjoyed it. I tat almost every day I have now learned shuttle tatting. Most of the tatting I make I give as gifts or if someone sees it and really seems to like it and want it I give it to them. Everyone tells me I'm a nut because I even tat in my car are red lights, I take it every where I go.

NATA #493

My great-grandma taught me to make the rings and told me to practice that and then come back to learn more. Well, I got impatient and went to the craft store for a book on tatting! Fortunately it was a good one and now I'm doing lots of stuff.. and have a lot more books! Grandma's pretty happy... she's tried teaching quite a few people and I'm the only one who's actually gotten it.

NATA #494

I became interested in tatting through crazy patching quilting. In surfing the net for CP, I kept seeing the tatted butterflies, lace trim, etc. and became obsessed. I became my search via internet for tatting. I've learned to needle tat and now carry a little bag with needles, threader, scissors and thread with me at all times for that spare minute or two to tat. I've only done small items for which to embellish my crazy patch. I certainly enjoy the feel of the metal needle and the thread in my hands. Nuts, I don't know - I just enjoy it.

NATA #495

I started tatting approx 5 years ago. just a taste, only learnt the basics and didnít know where to go to learn more. Then found the tatting guild at a craft show two years ago, went along to a meeting and joined. I have learnt heaps and want to do more. I absolutely love it. I always have shuttle, thread and pattern in my bag when I go out or away. I have tatted at the bus stop and on bus today while out. I am definitely nuts about tatting.

NATA #496

I am obsessed (or so my husband says) about tatting just because i get up at 6am (start work at 9am) to tat. I don't think I am mad just a little nutty but i am sure there are more of me out there in tatting land

NATA #497

I "taught" myself finger tatting just by playing with weed stems and making Jewelry" with them as a young girl and then eventually graduated to teaching myself how to shuttle tat with crochet cotton a few years later. I now LOVE to tat (some 20 years later) and usually have some tatting with me wherever I go, and I teach tatting at my local JoAnn's ETC store!

NATA #498

My daughter has Cancer, while I'm waiting for her in the Dr.s' appointments I'm always teaching others to tat. My family belongs to a group called the SCA. For our summer event, I came up with the pattern and made 250 Sight Tokens (2 Ĺ" Medallions) that were given out to everyone that paid to get in. The funny thing is, is the men were more excited about the tokens then the women were.

NATA #499

I waited for 40+ years to be able to tat!! I taught myself crochet, cross stitch, quilting and all kinds of other stuff from books, but couldn't get the hang of the thread thing for tatting. A few years ago I finally found a class, took it, and have been tatting ever since. Sadly, not as much as some of the "Nuts" I've been reading about, but enough so that hopefully I qualify for membership!

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