Identities have been hidden to protect the special members of this nuttery.

Members can be identified by the NATA number tattooed on their chests.

NATA #400

Am I nuts about tatting? I think I really am. I tried 20 years to learn to tat- it never worked...Last Christmas I received a book about miniatures with several craft projects ( I am absolutely nuts about Minis & doll houses!!!!), there were also two tatted mini table runners, so I HAD to try it again- so some days after Xmas I told my husband to care for the children an leave me alone- from 5 pm to 11 pm I tried and tried...then I got it!!! From that day on I can't do anything else than tatting....I used to knit & crochet a lot ( all in mini in 1" scale)- I don't do anything of these crafts in the moment. I have to work on some orders- I canít ! I have to make some mini bears for a dollhouse fair in May- I don't want to!! Unfortunately I ordered he Doll house tatting book from Georgia Seitz- now it really is done for me. So wonderful projects! I am sure I will make every tatted project in this book, it is absolutely wonderful! I have finished four doilies until today, they are great! So beautiful, and not difficult to make!

Tatting is not very popular here in Germany, but since few weeks we have a German tatting mailing list at yahoo, and of course I am a member :-)

Yes, I think I am nuts about needle works, about tatting, I don't think I could live without a ball of thread and something to work in my hands.

NATA # 401

Last year when my Mom passed away I found my Grandma's tatting shuttle. I could remember my Mom spending hours of frustration trying to tat and decided to try it.... you can well imagine I became hooked! I love to tat...especially with Grandma's old shuttle. I hope to interest my kids in tatting too but so far have had no luck...arghh....teenagers. GRIN.

I think I should be a card carrying member of NATA because I too am NUTS about Tatting!!!! LOL!!!!! To be honest I have spent many years working on the old needle arts and new ones.... I love to learn new things and love to crazy quilt, bobbin lace, candle making, soap making...etc...and on and on.... I think we need to return to having pride in our matter what that work is.

We may be nuts, but we are proud of it and our work... so you fit right in!

NATA #402

I am the "nut" who carries her shuttles in a little bag attached to her purse handle so that whenever she is caught ANYWHERE (including in labour, I might add.....) the shuttles are available. Whip those little shuttles out and tat while I stand.

I also am "nuts" about the shuttles themselves and have a collection of old ones that numbers around 300. And still collecting when I find an old one I don't have (and can afford!!)

NATA #403

I have tried needle tatting and found that I caught onto that method fairly fast. I went to a couple of LPS Guild meetings and one in Everett, WA. The ladies were soooo friendly and willing to show you (me) how to handle a shuttle with thread. Well, to a newbie, ones head spins soooo fast watching these wonderful ladies handling the ease of movement, without even thinking or watching what their doing (which makes a newbie feel really insecure).

After several months of trying to get a handle on the shuttle thing, I still move at a snails pace and find that I really have to THINK (that hurts) things through. These wonderful ladies makes it loooooook sooooo simple. I feel as though, I am all thumbs.

I am still trying to get a grasp of it. Now I know what it feels like to be a dunce.I will, catch the wave, someday, and move as smooth as everyone else does. I have big expectations for myself.

I really want to have the ease of movement with my shuttle(s) in my hand and maybe someday, someone will ask me to teach them how to tat. I would really love that.

NATA #404

I'm 65 in August 2002 and am very proud of my age after all I worked, sweated, and cried to achieve this great age.

I have been married to the same man since 1956, mothered 4 children [although mine were more like the Billy goat "kids".) also mom to a varied and assorted group of 4 legged, winged and crawly critters. And buried a lot of the same animals.

I quilt, paper piece, crochet and in general make my hubby's life miserable when possible, just to keep him at his fittest!

I am a retired Licensed Practical Nurse, and attended San Jacinto North Campus in Pasadena TX, graduated in 1976. Main part of time worked in L&D.

Why be a card caring member? to enjoy the rights and privileges of membership !

I absolutely despise doing dishes, making beds and housework! I believe when you retire you're retired and only cook prn. I have given an accurate and true opinion of sane and normal person[ that is loves laughter ] and in my right mind .

NATA #405

I have recently discovered tatting. I have always been interested in lace making, but don't get/appreciate fully hairpin lace, etc. When I discovered how easy and beautiful tatting is, a bell went off. Needless to say, my dH loves tatting also (so much less expensive than other crafts). I have progressed to the point where you can actually tell what I am tatting. LOL I have also made myself two shuttles since I cannot find them close to me.

My motto is "the more knowledge the better" so I am interested in learning all I can.

I have a wonderful husband and a terrific 23 year old daughter. We are also proud to have been adopted by two wonderful puppies, of various pedigrees. We have a lot of love and laughter in our lives and my hubby and I are very into "things made by hand".

I am a quilter who has won several ribbons at the county fairs and I have recently taught myself to tat, with a shuttle. I have even made several shuttles. My tension is starting to look pretty even and you can now tell what it is I am tatting.

NATA #406

I have been tatting for 35 years this coming September 14th. Why do I remember the exact day? Because my Great Grandmother taught me on my 17th birthday and I fell in love with taking a bit of string and turning it into a thing of beauty. When I was in a coma during my 20's for four weeks the nurses said I kept moving my hands in a strange way, an elderly lady be came my roomy during the last week and told them it looked like I was tatting.

Tatting kept me sane through some really bad times. It puts my mind and heart at ease. I get a great deal of pleasure making something to give as a gift. Almost every free moment I get I have a shuttle in my hand.

NATA #407

I have been tatting for aver 15 years. I have loved tatting since I was a teenager, but didn't learn how until I was an adult. I took a class from the local community centre and took off from there. I am self-taught from instructions in books and web sites since taking that first basic class which showed me how to flip the knot and make a ring. I went on from there. I have designed my own motifs, doilies and a Christmas ornament. I have yet to try cluny tatting, but that is only a matter of time. (Soon!) Soooo, in conclusion, I have been Nuts About Tatting for longer than I have been able to tat.

To fully prove how nuts I am about tatting... When my DD was a baby, she would try to steal my threads as I was working. I wound up tatting her a small pink doily in size 10 thread for her to play with while I "played" with mine. She will be six next week and still has that doily in her toy box. (By the way, it did the trick, at least for a while.)

NATA #408

I learned to tat (about age 7) from a neighbour "lady" of Portuguese ancestry. She taught willingly and patiently. She sat in a chair that reminded me of a queens chair with tall gold carved posts and velvet upholstery. When I was learning I sat to her left on a tapestry covered stool (no back so you wanted to ) and when constant help was not needed I sat in a French blue velvet chair facing her. When I went for a lesson, I wore clean clothes and made sure my hands were clean. However, just washed hands, three doors away, were still re-wash in her bathroom. This was a treat as she had sweet smelling balls of soap there.

My tatting was kept in the corner of a drawer at her house until I could proceed on my own successfully. It was wrapped in a white hanky that was spread on my lap while I tatted. I do not remember that she ever used a colour but white for her thread.

I never saw a tatting book among the tatted treasures in the drawers. She kept her doilies divided by tissue paper in a bank of built in drawers. Instructions came from her head and I did not learn to read a pattern for many years after I moved away and her passing. I am 64. I have made miles of edging, several doilies, a lot of snowflakes, bookmarks, hearts, angels, and doodles for cards all using only rings and chains. Now I think it is time to move and learn split rings, split chains, mock picots, NIP, etc. :-))) I have collected stacks of patterns from my new web friends. Now I need to join a health club so I can get in better shape so I can live longer to do more tatting. :-)

I take my tatting everywhere. Restaurants, grandchildrens' sporting events, hair salon, stores, camping with friends and when we travel in our motor home. When I am sitting on the exam table waiting for the doctor to come in for my check up, I tat. I know that is why my blood pressure is so good. It's the tatting.

NATA #409

I have been tatting a little while. I always wanted to learn how to tat but there was no one in my area that knew how. I collected patterns in the mean time so I would have something to do when I learned how. I finally learned & I love it.

NATA #410

I'm nuts about I would love to become a member of NATA. I am what you would call a newbie who has been tatting for thirty years. My grandmother was just beginning to teach me to tat when I was 10 and she passed away. We hadn't even gotten further than getting out the shuttle and looking at pieces of her tatting. I don't even remember seeing her tat. She went into the hospital for surgery and never returned home. I inherited the Victorian pattern shuttle and a lot of tatted pieces, including doilies, edgings, loads of hankies, and inserted and edged table mats. I loved them. I would lay all the tatted work out on my bed and just look at it and touch it and wish I knew how to do it.

I was HOOKED. I knew how to knit, crochet, and embroider, but none of that came close to the beauty of tatting for me. When I was 13 my home Ec. teacher gave me a Lily "Learn How" book that included tatting instruction. She could not tat, but she told me I was a smart kid, if I wanted to learn, get with it. I tried.... and I tried and I tried, tried, tried. I made a few rings but just couldn't consistently get the flip right so I went on to the more typical teenage pursuits.

More than 10 years later, after I was married, my husband's grandmother passed away and my mother-in-law gave me her abalone shuttle.

I was the only one in the family who knew anything at all about tatting. Again, I tried. But it just didn't come and little babies and tatting didn't go together for me. So away went the shuttles again. Those little babies are 17 and 14 now. So a little over a month ago, when I was at a really low point in my life, tatting came back into my life.

Two months ago I was laid off from my job. A long time job as an accountant. It was a devastating blow. Several other stressors in my life were combining to make things really rough for me. As I was cleaning out a box stored in my closet I ran across the tatting shuttles and the old Lily Learn How book. I had a lot of time on my hands and I thought it might be therapeutic. I don't know how to explain it, but it just "came" this time. I made rings without any knots. Within 15 minutes I was making chains for the first time. By the end of that evening I had half a yard of edging (a little wobbly, and not so even, but pretty passable as a first try). I have been tatting constantly since then. I have found several books and was able to get decent thread while visiting over the Easter weekend. It has saved my sanity. My family thinks I am a little nuts and is looking into 12 step programs for tat-aholics but other than that I am loving every minute of it. And somewhere, I know Grandma is watching with a lot of pride.

I know this was a little more than just "some" info about me, but thanks for letting me share my story.

NATA #411

I am probably just as crazy as all the rest of the tatters, so why not join!!!!!!We probably are not anymore "nuts" than those centuries before us! Anyway, a bit about myself. I have been tatting for years and combining tatting with all the other textile crafts. While it is just a few movements of the needle, just as it is with a shuttle, in my own opinion, it is the most elegant of all the needle-crafts. It is especially so, when it is combined with needle-lace, needle-tatting, needle-weaving, and also combined with crochet, or tatting done on a crochet hook, or done with any of the hundreds of other needle-crafts such as filet lace. I could go on and on and on, but from what I have already said, you KNOW for a FACT that I am NUTS ABOUT TATTING! I also like to knit on a crochet hook, and one can certainly get some interesting combinations from this.

A bit about myself: I am a teacher of the needle crafts, I have taught professionally in a private school, but even though I have been retired for some time, I still love to TEACH. My textiles have been exhibited in museums. I hope I have passed your NATA test.

NATA #412

Iím a sewer/crafter. I began tatting in May 2001, taking lessons at a local shop; I am hooked on tatting. My husband tells everyone that all I do anymore is play with string. Of course that is not true since I work full-time and am pursuing a MBA degree.

However, I would rather tat than study. I think tatting is a healthy activity-since I started ďplaying with stringĒ, Iíve stopped snacking in between meals.

I believe I should be a card carrying member because I love and enjoy tatting so much. I would also like to have a part in restoring this dying art. It is such a tranquil activity for me.

NATA #413

I was surfing the web, looking for tatting info and found the NATA site. I love it! I recently started tatting - about 6 weeks ago and am amazed by the whole thing! I have always thought it was such beautiful, delicate work but never knew anyone that could do it. My mother-in-law recently passed away and I inherited a beautiful piece of tatting that was made by her mother. The piece is probably close to 70 years old but still in good shape except for a few places that the stitches have come apart. I wanted to have it repaired but couldn't find anyone to do it so, here I am.

I tried shuttle tatting but since I had no one to show me, I didn't have much luck - couldn't figure out how to thread the shuttle properly. SO, I started needle tatting and haven't stopped since. It's all I think about! My house is about to be condemned by the local Health Department and my husband has lost 20 lbs. because who has time to cook? (Just kidding!)

My husband and I have a precious cat named Abigail (Abby). We also have two daughters, one 22 and one 16. Abby is the next best thing to grandchildren.

NATA #414

I have been tatting for 35 years and have taught over 150 people to tat over that time period. I have never gotten beyond the basics myself, but now that I am going to retire, I want to increase my skills in tatting. For the last 11 years my husband has been running our needlework store, Only By Hand, and we have always tried to have as many tatting books and threads available as we can find to encourage the art.

NATA #415

I think I should be a card-carrying member of NATA not only since I belong to E-tatters and have been at this game since 1965, but because of how I learned to tat in the first place.

At the time, I was an Occupational Therapist in a medical/surgical ward of a teaching hospital. Each of our students was assigned to bring in some minor craft to practice her teaching skills to us and to the other students...major crafts being things like weaving and woodwork.

One student brought in tatting shuttles and thread. I hadn't seen or thought about tatting since I saw the work of a friend of my Grandmother's when I was maybe 11 or 12, and I was fascinated by this new skill.

On my way home from work that night, I stopped by a dime store and picked up a shuttle, some crochet cotton, and a small Coats & Clark booklet called "Learn to Tat". The minute I walked into my apartment, I started working at turning the knot and making rings, even started on a simple doily when I began to think I had the hang of it. Many frustrating knots later, I really did have it, and worked until my eyes were tired and I began to think, "I suppose I really ought to go to bed, 'cuz I have to go to work in the morning." Looked at my watch and discovered that it was 3 a.m.!

I've been tatting ever since, and have even begun to teach occasionally. I'm trying to get a regular tatting group going in my area, starting small and spreading the word whenever there's a chance...even talking to strangers when they show an interest. Once a year I demo tatting at my Spinners & Weavers Guild Show & Sale, and I usually wear my "Tatting is KNOT a Lost Art" t-shirt.

NATA #416

Why? Well, I already carry several shuttles -- loaded and ready for action -- so a card would seem to be the next logical step. I tat at stop lights, traffic jams, and in drive-through lines (if I am not the driver, I tat more often!); I tat while reading the menu in restaurants, while waiting for my order, and after I've finished eating (after a trip to the ladies' room to wash my hands, of course).

I spent over 30 years waiting to find someone who could teach me to tat, and I finally ended up paying for lessons. They gave me the bare basics; once I learned the flip, there has been no stopping me. I've now been a tatter for about 10 years.

A fishing tackle box (a BIG one) holds "most" of my tatting paraphernalia. I have a heavy vinyl 3-ring zip pouch that I found at the Dollar Tree Store for a buck. I can stuff at least six loaded shuttles into it, along with the current project (if the current project isn't too big), nail clippers, crochet hook, and sewing needle. It all goes into my purse so I'll have it when I want it. If I'm experimenting with a motif or learning a new technique, I'll have the requisite shuttles in the sunglasses section of my purse as well.

Some of my friends, who don't do any kind of needlework, don't really understand my "obsession" with tatting. Those of my friends who do, don't understand them. Having the Internet has opened up a whole new world: I found a tatting guild practically in my backyard (well, OK, an hour-and-a-half away...but well worth the drive) and joined.

NATA #417

I drive my hubby nuts with my habits of buying tons of shuttles and thread and working 3 projects at once. I have a big cork board in HIS computer room to pin the completed works to when I'm starching them and I tat more than anything else. I now have 4 large containers of threads in every colour imaginable and still buy more! I have notebooks full of patterns I find on the net and print out and it makes him nuts to see shuttles everywhere in the house. (He has yet to find one in the bathroom so I don't know why he's upset!)

NATA #418

Before today, I was only mostly-nuts about tatting. But I went all the way nuts today, (7/4/02), when I went to my Sister-in-law's house for a cookout in 100+ degree weather, and Stood IN THE POOL and Tatted. My nieces thought it was totally (or is that "tattaly?") nuts because I stood there screaming "I DON'T CARE IF YOU GET MY HAIR WET.......JUST DON'T WET THE TATTING!" My Mother-in-law said she never saw anyone else nuts enough to tat in a pool; I think she was jealous. My nieces decided after a while that tatting looked more interesting than swimming in circles, so then there were FOUR of us tatting in the pool. After today, I can definitely recommend tatting in the pool, especially if there is a deck to sit the rest of your supplies on , and a shade umbrella to keep the sun off. Other new and interesting places I have tatted are- in line at the store, in the car while going through the carwash, waiting for the bride to arrive at wedding rehearsals, (I'm also a Church Organist) and under the table during boring speeches after award dinners.

NATA #419

I was introduced to tatting last October by a wonderful lady who was doing a tatting demonstration at our local Michael's store. It has now become what I call my "midnight obsession" because I usually tat late at night after my husband and two year old son go to bed. The hours between ten at night and one the next morning are my tatting hours and I wish I could do more but I have to get some rest before my son wakes up. I would love to become a member of NATA and have fun with other tatters who are as enthused about tatting as I am and hopefully learn some tricks and techniques from some of the more experienced tatters.

NATA #420

I learnt how to Tat yesterday and am already doing more difficult things like split rings. I also joined a Tatting group before I could Tat. I just can't seem to put it down, it is always "just one more ring". I hope my Hubby and kids don't divorce me because I don't cook or clean anymore.

NATA #421

Tatting has taken over my life. I have been quilting for about 15 years and teaching for the last 2 Ĺ years. About a month ago, I taught myself to tat using books and videos from Mildred Clark. Since then I tat all the time. I need to make several samples for new quilt classes I want to do and can't seem to get myself out of the recliner long enough to get anything done. If I'm not careful, I won't be teaching quilting anymore, just staying home and tatting.

NATA #422

My boss and I decided to take the tatting class together. It was once a week for 5 weeks from 6:30 to 9:00. So the first night of class my boss came on time. From then on she was consistently late. she'd get there anywhere from 10 - 20 minutes late.

Every time she would walk in we would all be busy tatting away and we would all look up and give her a hard time about being late.

Finally on the last day of class she shows up at 6:35 and we were already tatting away. She comes in and was surprised to find we had started already. So when she came and sat down she goes "boy you all sure are dedicated. You start way before class begins." I looked at her and said "Carol class started at 6:30" she goes "No I didn't hear them say it was going to start early last week" I then proceed to tell her class always started at 6:30 and asked her why she thought we were always teasing her about being late.

She said that she thought we were just teasing her because she was the last one there not because she was late. Everyone in class got a big kick out of it.

The teacher said she would have to change the class times just for Carol so she would be on time when we started the advanced tatting class.

Well thatís the best I can do right now.

Although this week I have been waking myself up in the middle of the night trying to figure out how to design a tatting project. My hubby said I've been tossing and turning all night some nites. I wonder if I'm flipping my work when I do that.

NATA #423

I've been involved with crazy quilting for several years and dearly love that. I own several e-groups .. among them are Cross Stitchers and one is SRESfehaven .. both at Tatting is highly prized for trim on crazy quilt pieces .. but that's not the REAL reason I had to learn.

A lot of years ago .. when my mother was born .. my Gran and Grandfather owned a restaurant and Gran was one of "those ladies" who had the big house and servants to do the work, including a nurse for m'ma. Gran tatted .. oh, my, she did the most wonderful tatting. Fast forward .. bad marriage, ugly divorce action .. but m'ma went to private school .. and all of her underthings were trimmed with tatting, thanks to my Gran's skills.

When I was a little girl, my Gran tried to teach me. Of course .. I was young and stupid and all I could manage to do was wind the shuttle. As I get older .. I realize more and more that it's important to carry on the skills .. to ensure that they don't get lost .. and how much continuity there is by doing the same thing that your ancestors did.

Anyhoo .. several weeks ago I stumbled into a tatting class taught by the lovely ladies of the Great Lakes Lacemaker's Guild here in Michigan. These lovely ladies had one teacher, 6 helpers (most of whom were also certified teachers!) and only allowed 15 students. I was blessed to be one of those. The first day ..I WANTED to learn how to tat SO MUCH .. that I couldn't. My hands just couldn't seem to get the knots to go where they were supposed to. I came home and cried, and told my husband that I was not going back the second day. He informed me that I WAS .. that I could not allow this to beat me! He was RIGHT! HA!!

The second day .. I made a whole little tatted motif, all by myself. Husband and I are both ordained and do quite a few weddings .. we're performing one in August in IL for a young friend .. so I sat down and attempted the impossible .. I tatted her a bridal crown out of perle cotton # 5. Came out quite pretty and yes, I finished it! Now I'm working on tatted earrings for the exchange .. and having a ball.

My housework is suffering (housework? What's that??), everything else has been tossed aside temporarily (yeah, right ..) while I'm sitting there playing with thread and shuttles. Yup, I think you could say that I'm Nuts About Tatting!

My book of stuff downloaded is getting thicker and thicker ..although I find that I really like the OLD patterns better than many of the newer ones .. loved that stuff from France!

NATA #424

I am 50 and taught myself to tat when I was 11 years old, using a Coats 'Learn To Tat' booklet, a ball of Coats size 20 thread in scarlet and a metal Aero shuttle which my parents popped in with my Christmas present to shut me up! I'd been asking about tatting for some time but as Mom couldn't find anyone who could teach me, she did the next best thing and bought me the tools to teach myself. Little did they know that they were giving me a lifetime of pleasure and a craft which has made me many friends.

Over the years I've done knitting, crochet, cross stitch, sewing, toy making, etc. but I always always come back to tatting. It really is my first love! I now organise a group here in Stourbridge called West Midlands Tatters which I started in 1994 by inviting 15 people from the Ring Of Tatters membership list to an 'open house' at my home. Nine people came and we've gone on from there. There are about 50 people on our mailing list (one doesn't have to be a member of anything to attend) and we regularly get 30 or more to our meetings which we hold three times a year. We've long since got too big for our meetings to be held in each others' houses and now rent a local church hall.

NATA #425

I learned to Tat when I was in my early twenties by my great Aunt, who has long since passed away. She was my grandmother's sister and quite unlike my grandmother who was so prim and proper. She liked to tell me lots of fun stories and I miss her. But, it has been a long time since I shuttle tatted. I have been needle tatting for the past few years on and off. But, am really into it now. Can't seem to read or have enough time to tat. Shuttle and needle, love to do both. But, still feel like a beginner. Want to get more books and patterns. Civil War Days at Billie Creek Village is this weekend in Rockville, IN and there should be books and lots of fun Tatting "stuff" there.

NATA #426

NATA #427

I began quilting because a friend kept pestering me to come to her needlecraft class with her. I've always wanted to learn to tat, as my Great Grandmother did. After I found a tatting book called A New Twist on Tatting, My quilting/needlecraft teacher directed me as to how to hold the thread to make a ring (but not the simple way to hold a shuttle, which I discovered later). I'm so glad my friend bugged me to come to class with her, as I doubt I'd have learned to tat without the discussion prompting my curiosity and detective skills to find resources, instructions, etc.

Why I should be a card carrying member: I rarely quilt or scrapbook and all of my time for myself has been absorbed by tatting. I rarely drive anymore if my DH is near, as I can tat while he is driving. I have been known to ignore food and sleep to tat, even staying up till 3:30 to finish a project. I usually take my tatting with me while bathing my son. I even believe that my DH sometimes gets jealous of my affection for tatting.

Every birthday or occasion gives me an excuse to make ANOTHER bookmark, which causes my DH's eyes to glaze over as he politely replies, "Yes, it looks nice. Yes, I think it looks better than the last one. I don't know which colour looks best, and I don't really want an explanation again, but I DON'T understand how you get those circles to attach toeach other", etc.

Yesterday, my son crawled up in my lap, shook his head 'no' and said "NO!!" as he tried to push my tatting out of my hands.

I recycle our aluminum cans to buy more shuttles and thread, and if my tatting binder sneezed, I think they'd have to call the St. Bernards to find me in the paper avalanche of tatting patterns I have found off of the Internet.

After learning rings and chains, I spent almost all evenings of the next 2 - 3 weeks on the Internet. In the evenings, after my son went to sleep, I would search for tatting info. Split ring instructions, patterns, resources, any article with the words tat or tatting, and any person who had ever heard of the tatting lace craft.

Now I spend my evenings, after the baby is asleep, tatting while my DH watches TV.

NATA #428

I taught myself to needle tat about two years ago. About 3 months ago I finally managed to catch on and teach myself shuttle tatting. I'm sure I must be committed to it already as I have ordered a custom-made shuttle, and own about 8 various sorts of regular shuttles already. AND, I have just learned the split ring, and am working on the split chain! Also, I have been hunting down #80 tatting threads even though I am not quite up to using them yet! For now I'm sticking with #20, 30, and 50 threads until I get a little better--my one attempt at #80 was a disaster! :)

NATA #429

I feel this is a group I have been unofficially a part of for a long time and am really glad to know I am only nuts and not crazy. To make my story short... I taught myself in 1988 while stationed in Germany. My first project ( once I spent a month trying to get the flip and then trying to remember how I did it the first time :) ) was a 5 point star. Unfortunately I didn't pickup on how to connect the motifs so the points were free standing until I tied them together. Since then I have been un separatable from my shuttles..2 go with me everywhere I go. I have been in the collecting phase since the start, Containers to store/carry my tatting, patterns in magazines and books. My family are used to seeing my with my hands busy making these cute knots whenever I have a moment free. If I only get 5 ds made... it is fine with me. I have given away almost everything I have made which is going to change soon..need something to leave behind...other than the many unfinished projects...I don't know if this is nutty enough. I have recently found the e-tatters group and am so relieved I am not the only one totally fixated with this wonderful, relaxing, rewarding obsession.

NATA #430

I have been tatting for about 25 years, and I also make tatting shuttles.

They lady that taught me was my step grandmother, and her hands were a blur, even when she was teaching! I had to learn the 'flip' on my own, she didn't impart that little secret. She had been tatting since she was 10.

I started added beads in the 1980's, and like a few of the other old-timers, I thought I had invented tatted beadwork :) I was surely disappointed when I found out otherwise :)

I am soon to put another 'new' (to me, and I have not seen it on the web, anywhere) way to add beads to your tatting without stringing them on ball or shuttle thread, and I am developing a split-ring medallion and scalloped picots.

I will be 40 this year, learned to tat when I was 15.

I have taught 4 people so far, and am always offering to teach others, they either blow me off or say, will you give me a shuttle if I learn? And I have given away shuttles, my daughter (1 of 3 that has learned) has 2 now, my oldest sister has one of my bluebird woodcraft shuttles, and I am making 2 for my almost niece in NC... by the way, are there any REAL CLEAR beginners tatting instructions on the web? I know there are, but we had to wiped the pooter and I can't remember where they are!!! It is for Cyndy in NC, when she learns, she will surely join all of us tatters... she is already online!

I would like to be a part of NATA, so I can be counted in the tatters ranks!!!!

NATA #431

I have three boys (no girls), taught myself to tat when pregnant with the youngest. almost 5 years ago.

My mother knows how to do everything (and taught myself and two sisters), knit, crochet, weave rugs, hook rugs, sew, embroider, crewel, paint, design clothes, and on and on . . . except tat!

Now I am doing something different that she doesn't do.

Like to tat very much and found a tatting friend, by accident, that lives on the other side of the county. We get together a few times and year and our youngest boys play together while look at books, catalogs, newsletters and tat! of course. She also gives me someone to compete against at the county fair. She is better than I am, I'm afraid, and tat's with tiny thread, size 80 or 100!

I also demonstrate tatting at our local corn husking competition. I dress up in period costume. It is fun meeting people and talking about tatting, and showing them how's it is done.

NATA #432

I know that I'm serious about tatting and have lots of things to prove that. But NUTS I wasn't sure about yet, until... we were watching fireworks! I was enjoying the fireworks for the 4th of July like I always do but soon everything changed! A burst went into the air with a spiral tail, "a Josephine chain!" I said excitedly. Soon another burst with color split down the middle was "a two-color split ring!" Before long every spiral tail was a Josephine chain and every split color burst was a two-color split ring! My husband was getting a real kick out this. And I now knew that I was NUTS about TATTING!

And to cap it off, the next night I was watching a murder mystery on television and a blurry light became a Josephine ring! Now I really knew I was a goner!

In June I attended the Great Lakes Lace Group Tatting Teacher Certification Primary Phase Workshop and guess who was there! S. Joy Critchfield! We had the nuttiest time ever. There were too many things to relate I think, but she did say that I was now qualified for NATA. I think that just being in the same room and discussion with S. Joy is enough to qualify ANYONE!

A little about me... My grandmother tatted, but I was unable to learn from her since I wasn't interested until I was married and lived a distance away from her. I've been tatting since 1988 and was lucky enough to have a good teacher and 6 weeks of classes. I've also been teaching ever since. I discovered tatting on the internet a year ago and have learned tons and tons that I had no idea about where tatting was concerned! I had that archaic attitude about passing on a lost art. I'm much more excited about tatting than I've ever been because there's so much more scope for creativity and things like The Magic Thread Trick to hide those frustrating ends that I couldn't stand to face at the end of a project! I also found out about the Tatting Teacher Certification and just HAD to do it. That's one sign of my determination. I have serious back problems, depression (that won't respond to medication), and came down with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome a year and a half ago. Since I found out so much more about tatting, it's been the thing that gets me out of bed every day. I wrote a Student Handbook for my students so that I could remember what came next in the class and it took me months to research all the new stuff and get it put together because of the 'mind fog' that accompanies CFS. So overcoming the CFS so that I could make it through the travel and workshop shows how determined I've become.

It was also a major financial effort since my husband is working as a temp while he attends school. Not much in the way of income here. I'm blessed to have a sister that helped pay for the plane tickets and while I was out that way ( I live in Utah and the Workshop was in Ontario, Canada, and she lives in Pennsylvania) I visited her and my 8 year old niece and added 2 more tatters to the world!

I teach a 4 week course at a Michael's Craft Store here every month, sometimes 2 a month. I've taught both of my daughters the beginnings of tatting, but only one is pursuing it. She's only 15. My husband, 2 sons, and daughters are very supportive of my efforts especially since my energies go into tatting, not cleaning and cooking. They do most of it. If I were to do it, there would be nothing left for the tatting.

Super supportive wouldn't you say? Maybe we're all a little nuts about tatting.

NATA #433

Nutty enough for NATA membership? You bet! I bought a small 'lunch' box with The Lone Ranger on it..about 5 inches square, to put my portable tatting in. Took it to the library to show the worker there how to tat. Hey, wasn't my fault she scheduled the summer reading program and had a room full of kids! The problem is I left the kit. My poor little shuttles are missing me! I just know it! This was Friday evening. It is now Monday morning and I'm waiting ..very patiently (yeah, right) for the library to open so I can go 'rescue' my babies! Never mind they are no old shuttles..and you can get them at any store. Those are mine!

I've had dreams about tatting the last two nights. I'm sure they are calling me. I'll never leave them again!

Went to the library..would you believe that gal left them at home?

NATA #434

I bought the needle tatting kit a few years ago, but only learnt how to tat the week of July 22, 2002. I finally decided to sit down and try again when it was 34C for a few days in a row and was too HOT to do anything else. Also, I found I can do it without bothering my carpal tunnel. YAHOOOOO!!!.

Hubby likes this craft because it doesn't make a lot of mess and doesn't take up much room, and it makes pretty things. Doesn't think it costs that much either, as I can use up my stash of crochet and cross stitch threads.

NATA #435

Ok I think I'm certifiable if you can count on self diagnosis. Last night 11:30 p.m. wasn't feeling well and couldn't sleep so I thought to myself well I'm laying in bed doing nothing why not tat? So I get my shuttles the quietest ones I have which consists of a Aero and a clover Ha! So here I am DH sound asleep the baby sound asleep and I am tatting in bed trying to carefully spread the tips on the clover shuttle to pass the thread through quietly. All the while thinking to myself sleep is overrated and I must be a nut but I am having so much fun. I stayed up to 3:00 a.m. and DH was none the wiser. I also told DH the next day that his jet line (which is a nylon thread they use in construction) would make a great tatting thread which DH's laughing reply was to stay away from his jet line.

So am I certifiable?

NATA #436

I started tatting back in the 1950's. My tension was terrible and my tatting was so tight it looked awful. I would watch my stepmother do such beautiful work and with such speed she would have to slow down to let me see what she was doing. She only used one shuttle. I finally teased her that it was the shuttle, it was magic. She laughed and told me she would will it to me. When she passed away in 1973 I went to Florida to help my Dad sort out her things and when I came across the shuttle I told my Dad I wanted it. I took it home and like magic the first time I used it my tatting was fine. Now I can tat with other shuttles but the magic one is still my favourite. Maybe it was psychological, maybe it was magic, or maybe she was still tatting through me. Then again, it could be I'm nuts. Enough to join NATA?

NATA #437

I am 19 years old and have been tatting for around five years now. I learned how to tat at a Renaissance Faire in California, where I live. I learned with my Girl Scout troop and was one of the few who continued to tat after that day.

I would get frustrated with it and put it away and then weeks later would pick it up to try again. I think one of the reasons I would get frustrated was because there are not many people around me who even know what tatting is. Occasionally I would meet someone who knew what it was or knew someone who used to tat, but it wasn't until my Grandmother saw me tatting and nearly fainted that I really started to tat. It turned out that my Great Grandmother was a tatter. She was never without her shuttle, and my Grandmother even tatted a little when she was younger. My Grandmother gave me the shuttle her mom gave her and she also gave me a doily that she started 50 years ago but never finished. I finished it(its not easy working with fifty year old thread) and gave it back to her for her birthday. Now I teach tatting at a local arts and craft store, and it is hard to separate me from my tatting. I say I was born to tat, its in my genes. my dad even learned when he was about ten, but he has forgotten since then. That is why I should be a NATA card carrier. If anyone is nuts about tatting it is me.

NATA #438

The nuttiest thing I can think of is having literally hundreds of tatting shuttles and forgetting to take some with me. My hubby and I were out shopping for a new SUV and while we were waiting for a salesman at the car dealership I began to get edgy. I can't sit still for very long...and reached for my tote bag to get my worry tatting shuttle. My heart stopped and my eyes widened in disbelief! I can forget my shoes, my briefcase and even the day of the week, but I never forget my tatting! That was it. My palms began to sweat and I sat upright on the very edge of the chair. Nothing to tat? No tatting shuttle? That was like Linus without his piano, Bonnie without Clyde, ice cream without chocolate sauce.

This will never do, I thought, there has to be a way to tat, I am creative, lets see.....THEN I REMEMBERED! There was a post recently on the e-tatters list about making tatting shuttles out of just about anything at hand. One lady made hers from a turtle shell, another used shrinking plastic, and another made her own wooden shuttles, surely I could come up with something. Ah, I had it - a piece of cardboard! Off came the back of the note pad, out came my scissors, Snip, cut, snip...a tatting shuttle, and not too shabby, either! My heart was racing, now for something to tat with. I dug through my tote bag again. Everything else was in there including my children's ABC gum (ABC - already been chewed, yech!) Nope, no thread, no string, not even a glimpse of any. I even considered trying to roll up paper to see if I could tat it. Yes, I was close to losing my mind!

Wait, what's that I see? Oh, be still my heart, is that really thread unravelling from the back of the couch? Would they see me if I quietly and carefully got myself some thread to tat with...shhh, nobody is looking. YES!!!!! The angels are doing high fives, this is almost as good as getting my kids to clean their rooms...I have enough thread to tat with on my cardboard shuttle.

I am a lot calmer now, much happier, and that glassy stare has left my face replaced with a gloating smile. No one would ever know how terribly addicted I am to tatting. Or so I thought..I looked over to see my husband watching me with a look on his face that was a cross between wondering if he needed to call the little men in the white jackets for me or trying to decide to gracefully ignore my strange actions. Years of marriage showed as he discreetly turned the other way, and I calmly reached behind me and got another strand of thread :-)

Oh, I should mention. It put me in such a good mood that I did buy the Explorer we were looking at. Never can tell where tatting will get you or how good a mood it will put you in.

Now that you have read the story - it gets better. It is true - we did go to purchase a SUV and everything I said happened EXCEPT I never did find any thread ravelling from anything - I spent a long time rattling around the salesroom hoping for a strand of anything - the rest of the story I just thought about (and hoped for) intently but....alas...there was not a thread to be seen.

Yes, we did buy the Explorer, not because I actually got to tat, but because I had to do something nice for myself since I didn't get to tat.

NATA #439

I learned to tat when I was about 10 years old. The Grandmother of the boy next door was tatting, and I "bugged" her to teach me. She did, and I was "hooked" from then on. She never used a shuttle, just a needle. After she taught me, I started looking at books of patterns, and learned how to read them. I bought a shuttle, (and also one for my dear friend that was still using a needle). The next time she came to visit, I had tatted her a doily and gave it to her with the shuttle. She was thrilled to death. That was about 61 years ago, and I have tatted ever since. My favourite thing to do is baby booties. I have a pattern that I got out of the magazine, "The Workbasket". Right now, I'm on a kick of snowflakes for my daughter-in-law. I am having the best time!

I am a retired teacher that "flunked" retirement! I am doing reading interventionist work - one on one - with children at risk. Only work part time. But, believe me, it doesn't interfere with my tatting. I love to do it in the morning, when my 17 year old Grandson (that lives with me) is still asleep and the house is quiet, or at night when I am waiting up for him. I find it very relaxing!

I taught my daughter how to tat, but she doesn't enjoy it because she broke her left arm at the elbow when she was a child, and it affected the nerves her little finger on her left hand. It gets to hurting when she does it. Next summer I am going to teach my youngest Granddaughter. She is just dying to learn. And, if she ever finds time, one of the teachers that I taught with wants to learn. She built a new house that is filled with lots of old things. On the old treadle sewing machine, was a little box and in it was a tatting shuttle. I told her I could tat, and then I made about 5 little rings. I left it laying by the box so people could see what it was for. She had a fit, and said, "Teach me how!" But so far, she has been too busy. But I am going to keep after her until she does learn.

So you see, I really need to be a member and have a card, so that I can after all these years, I can say, I am a card carrying member of the "Nuts About Tatting Association"!!!

NATA #440

Yes I am truly "nuts". I have 11 children, and I'm 45..should I continue or is that proof enough? LOL..all mine and all single births! My husband and I breed reptiles...American Steve and Terry Irwin..but he's the serious one and I'm the "ijit". I home school and stay-at-home. My husband is a painter of landscaping here in AZ. Six kids are still at home, others are grown and I have one Grand-baby. Been crocheting and knitting about 25 years, and a few months ago I took a steel Boye shuttle I had for 3 years, and said "This is it--I'm gonna tat". I've been 'drunk' on it since! I got so frustrated and downhearted trying to get my thread to "click over". I simply was NOT gonna give up. I really did think I was doing it right..because I made a few rings. I sank when I tried to "join" them. After many hours, many nights, long days, not feeding my husband, forgetting who all those children belonged to...and glued to the couch, I persisted! Even the cats started stealing my threaded bobbins I use for chains, and hiding them.....I think to get fed!! If you find a size 50 in ecru and a 30 in peach, they're mine. Do I need to fill out a claim form? I read the tatting book..again..cover to cover, shuttle in hand...going thru each motion. My thread "clicked over" after many days, seemed like months and I was so proud. PARTY!! I was showing all the kids, my husband..the cats, anyone who would look..crying happy tears, exclaiming "I did it--I did it!!" And I've gone "downhill" ever since! I don't know if anything relieves the stress quite like the feel of a pampered shuttle in hand late at night when the only one awake is me. It is so peaceful...serene. I pretend I'm Mlle. Riego. I thought of a name for a couple of my shuttles...and I read all I can about the care of them as I want them to outlive me. I'm already thinking of whom I will leave them to in case I can't get thru the pearly gates with them. =) I plan on smuggling them in under my long white robe. I don't want to spend eternity without a shuttle. I have it bad...anyone else feel this way?

I would be nuts over a NATA 'nut' to add to my humble collection. I would just adore one. I have a add to my shuttle collection, it is my next project. To attain a genuine ivory shuttle and a GR-8 shuttle..I think they are just adorable. Well, I guess that's about it in praise of tatting...get out of the way Prozac!!.. Tatting is here to stay.

Well I suppose I should go get cat hairs off the couch and take my perch..oh...right after I make the kid's breakfast and get more coffee. See..I'm getting better already. It must be my therapist..the little David Reed Smiths' I stayed up late with last night. (smiles mischievously). Long live tatters.

NATA #441

I want to be a member of NATA because I love tatting. I first discovered tatting when I stumbled across cro-tatting on the Annie's Attic site. I was so fascinated with it that I became more interested in the tatting part of it. I began searching online for web sites and groups. After I discovered the many beautiful things I could make tatting I took the plunge and purchased my first shuttle (metal) and book (A New Twist On Tatting) from Joann's Fabric. After studying the book and the videos on Sharon's site I began teaching myself how to tat. I soon ran into problems and began searching the internet for anyone who could help me. I joined several yahoo groups and found many wonderful people willing to help me.

My first encounter was with a lady who also had the same book (can't remember her name) that even offered to do the pattern I selected with me just so I could get a better understanding of it. After several e-mails and scans we finally concluded that my stitches were not flipping and that until I mastered that I would not be able to progress. I didn't give up I then decided that I would try needle tatting since it was the closest thing to cro-tatting and since I mastered I figured that I would be better at that. I decided to order a needle tatting video and kit. I was then with patience finally able to master my first ring (that closed lOL) and chain. I was happy but not yet satisfied because I felt more comfortable with the shuttle so the search was on. I then began posting messages to every group of which I was member asking if anyone lived in Maryland that could teach me how to tat so that my stitches would flip properly. Just as I was about to give up I got an email from Monica Braxton who explained to me she was starting a tatting group in Columbia, Maryland. After an exchange of e-mails, our first phone call was encountered and we giggled like old school girls. We exchanged stories and she then warmly invited me out to her home to be a part of her next tatting meeting of which I gladly accepted. At the meeting I met Monica's teacher and another member of the group. I was wonderfully fascinated with all of the books and tatting pieces I was able to view. I felt like a kid in a candy shop. I was truly amazed at the skills the women displayed. Soon it came time for me to learn the flip and as excited as I was it did not subside the fear I had that I would never be able to match their skill.

I was taught how to properly hold the shuttle and flip my stitches. I was not able to master their way of holding the thread, as I am a crocheter first, so I held it to my comfort which consisted of wrapping the thread around my index finger and holding the remainder between my 2nd finger and thumb to manoeuver the shuttle through. Once I flipped my first stich I was on my way to my first successful chain. I was so happy to have learned I hugged Monica when she dropped me off and vowed to better my skills so that I could show the ladies my progress at the next meeting. It has now been nearly a year since and I haven't put my tatting down yet. The most interesting part about all of this is that on last Friday I was scheduled to serve Jury duty at our downtown Circuit Court and although I wasn't too thrilled about the idea of possibly serving on a jury, I couldn't wait to go and tat all day. My number was 631 out of 650 people called so I was hoping that it was a good sign that I would not be called. While I waited for the court to open, I tatted on the steps of the court house. A lady came up to me and asked what I was doing and I explained too her what it was and showed her one of the books I was carrying (Tatting With Visual Patterns). She introduced herself as Susan and was so intrigued that she insisted that she learn more and waited for me as we went into the building.

Once in the jury room, we found a table and I took out all of the books I had and any pieces I could find in my craft box to show her as an example. She mentioned how her daughter was into crafts and how she thinks her daughter would love to know more about it. Well she then wrote down the names of the books for reference as she watched me tat trying to understand what was going on. I then gave into her curiosity and handed her a loaded shuttle and asked her did she want to learn. We practised and practised until she got called for a court room, by that time she was able to understand flipping of the stitches and knew how they were suppose to look. She had not mastered a comfortable what to hold the shuttle yet but we refused to give up. As I taught her other ladies were interested in what I was doing and just asked a few initial questions but no one else was interested in actually learning. Shortly after lunch Susan returned with a happy grin on her face. She placed the tatted chains she made in my hands and said "Look what I did!" She had tatted approximately 10 stitches without mistake and we both just giggled and hoorayed. It was so funny the expressions we were getting but we didn't care. I then felt more comfortable showing her how to do rings and picots which she was able to master by the end of the day. I never knew that teaching someone else to tat would be even more satisfying than learning the techniques myself, it was like learning all over for the first time. I can't wait to see what she learns next. I hope I didn't bore you with my story I know it was quite long but I just had to tell someone who I knew would sincerely appreciate it. I hope this qualifies me to be a member I so much want to be one.

NATA #442

To begin with I am a bit nervous about sending this. I have only been tatting for almost 4 months. I am a needle tatter, this was how I started learning to tat. I am learning to shuttle tat, I am just not very good at the shuttle yet.

I am wife, mother of four, and a grandmother. I live in Southern Oregon. I have crocheted for 19 years, done macrame for about 10 years, and knitted off and on since I was 16 (I am now 50). I also do braided chairs, a little plastic canvas and a tiny bit of cross stitch.

Why should I be a card carrying member? This is what is making me nervous. I am not quite sure what to tell you. I have wanted to learn to tat since I was 18. My aunt lived in Alaska when I was having my first child. Her neighbour gave her a tatted pair of baby booties to send to me and I fell in love with them. I got a shuttle and tried but just couldn't figure out what I was doing. I moved to Oregon in 1971. Finding stuff here on just crochet was very hard. I have asked many times over the years and until recently I have found nothing on tatting. Then it happened, I found Barbara Fosters book Learn Needle Tatting Step by Step. This was like a dream come true. I had already owed a set of needles and two shuttles. Just after I found the book on learning to needle tat, I found the msn group Needle Tatting with Tatman. Between the book and help from Roger, I learned to needle tat. There it was I could see what this mystery ds was. I knew this stitch from my macrame, worked different but the same in looks. Gee, one step further.

Then I started looking around the internet, I have only been an internet user for a year. I found lots of places describing how to shuttle tat, but I was in the same boat. I just couldn't figure it out. I found a little video on a site owned by Sharon Briggs and went there many times, holding my shuttle trying to understand what she was trying to show me. It didn't work. Then one day I was at Wally's tat along and noticed a link back to Sharon's video, so I was off again. This time I didn't have that shuttle beside my computer so I just sat and watched that video over and over. I sat here for more than half an hour and bang it hit me. I saw something. I had to go grab the shuttle and try. I turned my back to the computer and started in. I got it. I could see and get the flip. Yea, I can shuttle tat too.

Now I have a problem. I have projects going in chair braiding, crochet, knitting, and macrame, but I don't seem to be able to pick any of them up. I just want to tat. My husband wanted to take me and my youngest son to the movies and I wanted to go but I didn't want to go. I have a needle tatting project going so I wanted to stay home to work on it, but I really wanted to see that movie. Ah, I grabbed the little bag with the loaded shuttles and took them with me. I tatted with the shuttle in room before the movie started.

I think I have this bad. One night I was trying to learn split rings on the needle and everything was bugging me. The husband was in the bedroom watching TV, the son was in the front room watching TV and between the two the other rooms had to much noise. So I took my handy little fold up table and went to the back bathroom to practice. I sat in there for a long time, with everyone coming to ask if I was ok. I was fine, but couldn't they just leave me alone with my new love. I might have needed a little help, but gee they don't tat so were of no use to me.

So this thing called tatting is insidious. Once you start you can't stop. It takes over and controls your life. I used to check out yarn, now I am always looking for thread. I used to look at the crochet hooks, now it's needles and shuttles. Instead of searching for crochet and knitting patterns, I am bugging the stores about tatting books. I am sticking every new piece I do in everyoneís face, even strangers. I have bags loaded to grab for quick on the goes. I always take one with me. Who knows the car might break down and I could relax and enjoy my time if I had my tatting. I even take it to work. Gee, I only work part time, but I feel better with that bag right on the shelf behind me just in case. I think I might have been bitten by that little tatting bug that I saw once on the internet and I do hope that there is not a cure.

Now my husband is stepping in and taking a stance. He says that I can't start another tatting project until I finish the two braided chairs that I started. He says that they are in his way. Well, I jumped right in cause I know he's right (even if it is so unfair) and almost finished one last night. Really my mind wasn't into it, it just kept thinking what tatting pattern should I do next.

NATA #443

My mother, bless her, is the most clumsy (and non-crafty) person i know. her mother, however, was an angel who set me out on the road to craftiness at the tender age of five . . . shortly after she took me to the playground and let me break my right wrist. My parents were in Spain for two weeks, she was keeping me, and she looked upon it as an unforetold opportunity. she was left-handed herself, and could now teach me embroidery.

I wove and latch-hooked and learned to crochet and knit before I was ten - I crocheted an afghan on the way back and forth to college - and when i became pregnant i started looking for something different to do for my child. i found a tatted pattern for a christening hat, and I guess the rest is history -

My husband is in the coast guard, so we move around a good bit, and Iíve found myself being an ambassador for tatting. Iím sure your know how many people see you with a shuttle and finally figure out what that thing is they have in a box from grandma! I end up teaching a lot of people how to put their antique shuttles to good use, while I still live with my Susan Boye!

NATA #444

I am a self-taught tatter, with a limited knowledge of tatting, but I am hooked on it. I carry at least two projects in my purse at all times. I like making small projects, but my favourite is making edging with cornering for ladies lace handkerchiefs. I have 8 grandchildren and they all love sports. When I go to one of their games, I get very nervous so I tat while I am watching, it seems to settle me down a bit. I would love to be a member of NATA and promise to promote the craft anywhere and anytime possible. I plan on teaching my granddaughters shuttle tatting soon, I have already started teaching them needle tatting.

NATA #445

While I was working at the Macon County Conservation Dist. at the living history museum, I was encouraged to "find my niche" in that 1860's farmhouse. I took up tatting as my something different. I was fortunate enough to have an onsite historian or two that allowed me time for research, AND was able to actually handle copies of "Godey's Ladies Bookís from that time period!!!!

My passion for this lead me to teaching a monthly class on tatting at the Visitor's Center.

Now my contagion spread to my family. My Dad, woodworker by way of retirement sanity, would look over my shoulder at some of the old pictures and say, "You know, I can't make it of metal, but I betcha I could make it from this scrap of (name wood here). And sure enough, here would be that shuttle! (Label me SPOILED at this point)

We moved to Arizona in 2000. I've found our local Parks and Recreation District to being REAL open about different and unusual activities to offer. I have been teaching needle tatting through them for over a year now. Class are sporadic, depending on the season.

Oh, yes, I have one adorably patient husband and 2 young adults who can sense (on the phone even!) when Mom is tied up in knots!!

NATA #446

I learned how to tat in March 2001. I had a goal in mind from the very beginning. I was going to make 8 doilies for a tea party in May of that same year. I had searched for someone to teach me for almost 10 months before I finally found them. She thought I was NUTS for having such a goal but was willing to do her part. I'll have you know that I did learn and reach my goal and have been hooked on tatting ever since. I even entered one of those first doilies in the state fair that year and won third place just behind my teacher and another one of her pupils. I have recently gone back to work and thought that would take time away from my tatting, but on the contrary. I have a great deal of down time at my job and they allow me to tat whenever I do. I get in between 3-6 hours a day 5 days a week and get paid for it! I am currently working on a shawl that should be completed this year. If you don't think I'm NUTS ABOUT TATTING I sure would like to know who is.

NATA #447

I've only been tatting just under a year, but I'm wild about it! Vote me in as a board members of the SAS (shuttle acquisition syndrome), the NAS (needle acquisition syndrome), AND the CHAS (cro-tat hook acquisition syndrome) !! I have 6 shuttles, 4 needles, and 2 crotat hooks, not a lot by some standards, but a lot for a newbie, lOL!

When I first decided to try the shuttle, it was my DH who helped me get the 'dreaded flip', and it was he who would check my work, IE, does it move in both directions? (He's ex-Navy, and knows about KNOTS, LOL!) I've been knitting and crocheting for 38 years, but tatting has taken hold of me, I can't put it away. Even when I have other projects to do, I'll put them down, and do some more tatting!

Although I cro-tat and needle-tat, I really prefer the shuttle.

Guess where I carry my tatting? Are you ready for this?

In a Crown Royal bag!

It's perfect, I carry hankies, dressers carves, doilies, my shuttles and lots of thread! Along with a #16 US crochet hook, a magnifying glass (for getting to those pesky 'mistakes'), a pair of stork scissors, an emery board, and a pair of nail clippers.

DH likes to metal detect, but I don't have the patience for it, so I bring my tatting. I tat while I read newsgroups on my computer, I tat in the truck.

I've just taught my sister in law to tat with a shuttle, and my youngest DD is next! Whenever I'm online, DH asks, are you chatty with the natty tatties?

NATA #448

I have just recently learned to tat- (self taught) but with the help of some wonderful web-sites! I guess this is my story:

I am just a beginner- but have wanted to learn much earlier like (about 14- 15 years ago)

I would go into the craft sections of different stores looking for an elderly grandma type of person, and I actually got "bold" enough to approach and ask different one if they knew how to tat? All of them responded, that no- they did not know how- but, that their mother did or their aunt use to.

So needless to say- I never got to see anyone tat in person! And I gave up on learning.

My oldest daughter came back from college to visit- and she brought a friend with her. Somehow we got on the subject of crafts and she (daughter's friend) mentioned needle tatting, I have never heard of that.

Anyway- next time they came to visit she brought a kit with her. Then, the desire and determination to learn to shuttle tat kind of sprung up from within me; and I started searching the internet!

Lo and behold tatting is alive and well! I had no idea it is going so strongly and am so amazed that men are enjoying this as well. I love creating things with my hands, I also knit, do some crocheting, have done cross-stitch and now I love to tat.

I have not made anything yet- with tatting -as I am still practising! But, I love all the different types of shuttles and have started collecting them. I love the beautiful things (projects) that people are making. I am in absolute awe of how delicate and intricate the finished product turns out. It just amazes me!

I guess I can not tell you that I "should" become a card carrying member- but I can tell you that I sure would like to. I hope that someday my teenage daughters will grow to love and appreciate tatting and have the desire to learn how to tat and therefore I'd be passing it on to future generations!

NATA #449

I am a tat-aholic. I have been tatting for over 14 years, but was born with it in my heart.

It all started when I was about 11 years old. My mother bought a copy of the Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Needlework and I used to pour through that book for hours. I always went straight to the pages that showed Tatting. Somehow I knew even at that early age that I was supposed to be a tatter.

Finally at the age of 18 I found a shuttle. The entire store probably heard me as I squealed with delight! I bought the shuttle, a ball of crochet thread, and a small Tatting pamphlet by J&P Coats. I was in Heaven! When I got home I sat down to teach myself to tat. I did not get up until I had accomplished my first ring. Luckily it only took a couple of hours.

Well, within that first year I was teaching friends how to tat. We used to get together and swap patterns and thread and just sit and tat while we talked. Patterns were always scarce and we looked everywhere for them. We thought that we must be about the only tatters left on the planet! Then came the internet!!!!!!!!!!! We (tatters) are not a lost people after all.

Well, I still love tatting as much today as I did when I was 11, I tat as often as I can, I teach tatting, and I give most of my work away. There is not much more to say except that I will probably die tatting or at least die thinking about tatting!

My husband just said something funny and I thought that I would share it with you. He said that I am so nuts about tatting that when I make spaghetti for dinner, I tat the noodles into doilies, add sauce for colour, and top it all off with shuttle-shaped meatballs! LOL!!! He also said that I am so good at tatting that last night I tatted a steak dinner! If he finds any thread in his dinner tonight I may be a goner!!! Maybe he should start the group that he was thinking about...Tattered Husbands Anonymous.

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