Identities have been hidden to protect the special members of this nuttery.

Members can be identified by the NATA number tattooed on their chests.

NATA # 350

Letís see a nutty story hummm the only one I can think of is when I started needle tatting my friends from Syracuse area taught me in 5 minutes ...then while on a whim I decided to try my first hand try at the state I sat down with a book and started tatting away this huge star that had to go on a ring am tatting away and it gets down to last day to submit projects to the fair so all the way to the fairgrounds which takes 40 minutes on a thruway I am an whipping my hoop with the thread and stitching as fast as I can well I made it to fair grounds with the last of my stitching of sewing the star on it and made it in time........then I asked my friend to pick it up for me.........well I was disappointed to hear I got an honourable mention on my first ever tatting project only to find out someone had ripped the star from the hoop and thatís why I didn't get a ribbon..............turns out I have really passed my teachers in tatting as neither knew what a split ring me this is funny am I nutty enough LOLOLOLOL........

NATA # 351

You want me to admit that I'm nuts about tatting!

I learned to tat this summer from my mother and a book. . . . when my mom tried to teach me, well let's saw that it wasn't pretty. We were at the lake and the shuttle and thread are still at the bottom of the lake. I came home and worked on learning, from a book, to return to my mother's, only to find out that I had learned backwards and inside out. None of my loops would close or come together in a nice line :(. After much practice I got it figured out and have been a tatting fool since. I can be seen tatting at the football games as well as basketball. I also took the tatting shuttle on a trip across the USA, I got allot of stares but I also meet a lot of people that had a mother or an aunt that tatted. Oh, I almost forget, late this fall, I was seen tatting on a rock, in the middle of the river. It's easy to carry and I've done it in a lot of strange places. I've also gotten DH to stop at strange places looking for thread or . . . . .

This is all I can come clean with at this point but I have really enjoyed tatting and have wondered why I didn't learn to enjoy this, till now.

NATA # 352

I left WA (after 40 years) to come here to MT (I'm a native MT) so I could host some tatting workshops. Found a wonderful place on the Thompson River. It was a former CCC camp headquarters, then a tavern, then a restaurant tavern and 6 lane bowling alley in need of renovation. I was told water problems were solved.

The first 6 months I spent bailing water, from 23 buckets and garbage cans. Had to take the roof off to make the center section meet (that was formerly a flat roof). Still do not have the dining room area (which is where I live) finished. But I host 3 two day tatting days a year. Your cost is bring food to share. Your problem is to get here. Some even bring RV's, there are 3 hook-ups here. and the whole family comes for a vacation. One problem is Almost all the sessions in 2002 are filled. But people let me know (hopefully way ahead) they want to come and I put them on a waiting list. There usually are close to 30 people here. If they drive they bring sleeping bags and linens. The session in April is just ahead of the Spokane Tatting day and several leave at 7am to go to that they have 60 Tatters go to it.

Can you be any more nuts than that?

NATA # 353

Well how does the fact that I have twin identical 10 year old boys, a rambunctious 5 year old boy and a hubby -- and then the fact that there is a three ring circus with something different happening in each circle in my house most of the time, coupled with that, I would like to sit and take some time to try and relearn tatting with those tiny little stitches and fine thread. I think that makes me a bonafide NUT!!!

NATA # 354

I am nuts about tatting. I am a high school English teacher who would rather tat than do school work or keep house. I am on Christmas break, and I am overwhelmed by inches of accumulated dust and cobwebs. I am trying to clean up and organize all the bags and baskets of shuttles and thread which are in every room in the house. Red, white, and blue threads wound in shuttles in this basket. Red and green in another. White in various sizes in others. I am running out of shuttles so I must get organized again and clean up before this place gets condemned! I hope that this is everything that you need for me to become a card-carrying NATA member.

"It Takes Time to Tat!"

"If It Don't Slide, You Ain't Tattin'!"

That's tattin' with a Southern accent, ya'll!

NATA # 355

My tatting addiction is so bad that I can sit in the doctors waiting room and tat (and try to spread my addiction - I have had a couple of people very interested in tatting but no catches yet). I am trying needle tatting and have spent hours scraping doll needles on sand paper (to blunt them) causing a gritty lap and lots of noise.

NATA # 356

I started needle tatting in July and have been intrigued with it ever since.

I tried to use a shuttle, but had so much trouble, I thought I'd try the needle. I have a passion for learning new arts and just had to get this tatting off my list of things to learn and do it. I hear lots of conflicting stories about needle vs shuttle tatting. I guess at the point I'm at, the only plus for the shuttle to me is that you can't take a needle on the aeroplane when travelling and you could take a shuttle. That's a plus if you do a lot of travelling. I'm anxious to hear all about everyoneís experience with tatting. I'm sure there are lots of stories and comments.

With this new found passion to created lace, I am sure I will qualify to join up with your group of avid fans

NATA # 357

I'll just bet that everyone's story is very familiar. I spent the summer of my 8th year of life learning crochet and knitting, had been sewing since the winter. My childhood memories are of learning different crafts. When I was a teenager the craze was tie died and macrame, I was on those band wagons. With the tie dye I learned natural dyes from plant materials. Life moved on and so did I. I married, had children, divorced, remarried, had more children somewhere in there I tried learning tatting. I was getting no where with the book it was very confusing. I just couldnít get what was happening with the shuttle and thread. ( I was used to learning any thing from a book, books were my best friends) I wanted to learn tatting. I asked people if they knew how to tat. I spent hours in the library looking for information. Did you know Queen Victoria was a tatter? Eventually I found some one to show me what was happening with the shuttle and thread. Now I tat with shuttle and needle I even do Cro-Tat ( a combination of crocheting and tatting). Tatting is my passion along with making soap, my other obsession.

NATA # 358

I started tatting about 5-6 years ago and after I had carpal tunnel surgery done on my right hand. With this surgery I was told not to do anything with my hand for at least a couple of weeks. I was a good girl for exactly one day before I absolutely had to start crocheting again.(Please don't gasp too loudly :) this was before I learned how to tat!)When I had my carpal tunnel surgery done on my left hand (about 3 years ago),I was told to start exercising my hand right away. My DH, who knows me all too well, told me not to overdo the 'exercise' bit! Did you know that if you hide yourself away from your family you can actually tat about two HOURS after surgery! The only problem is that those stupid bandages get in the way! The really funny/interesting part is that my left hand actually healed much faster than the right one! Tatting really is good exercise :)

NATA # 359

For years and years I have always bought handbags which were big enough to hold all I want, plus a ball of thread and tatting shuttle I even measure them that way. Whether I do any tatting or not, whenever we travel I always have tatting with me in the car. I buy useable shuttles and thread whenever I can and where ever we go. My students at school now think I am stranger than ever as I have taken to doing my yard duty with my tatting. I have had some strange looks and some interested questions which just makes me smile. I am still waiting for one of them to be willing to let me teach them to tat. I can be patient when I have to be.

I just had my birthday last month and my husband gave me some money to spend. I bought some beautiful Altin Basak and Simli threads and will also be buying some silk to try. When the package arrived it felt like it was my birthday again as I just sat there looking, plotting and planning my possible patterns. Needless to say I was very late getting to bed the next morning as I just had to try at least one of the threads once they had finally arrived.

Finally, I also crochet, knit, embroider, cross stitch, do tapestry, petit point, glass work, woodwork and rubber stamping, but Tatting has always been and is my favourite and any other projects are always broken up with a few tatting pieces. I still have my tatted horseshoe which I made for my own wedding 23 years ago...Will this do? :-)))

NATA # 360

I went to a fishing store to see what threads they might have I could tat with. The store was for fly tiers too. I was looking at thread when the lady owner asked if she could help me. I told her I was looking for some threads to tat with. She asked me what fish I wanted to catch. I repeated I was tatting. She said "trout or bass, what?" Again I said tatting. Her blank face made me show her a tatted 3-D flower I had.

She looked at it, then turned it over and said, "Honey, you don't even have a hook in this."

I grabbed a spool of thread, paid for it and left the store.

NATA # 361

I am certainly nuts about tatting. It goes with me everywhere!! I take it to work everyday and tat through meetings, lunch and even a union meeting so that I would keep my thoughts on tight!!

When I tat while watching TV chase scenes I usually have to tear out a few stitches 'cause I go click click click in time to the chase music!!

I even have used glow-in-the-dark threads and tatted quite successfully while watching a movie in the theatre!!

NATA # 362

I have been tatting for 8 years now. My mom who is 86 years old now taught me, and she still tats today, though not as much. She gets such enjoyment from the new patterns I have found from the internet, and to know it is not a dying art. Not as long as I live and breathe. I am also passing the craft on to my boss at work who wanted to learn. So I hope this will grant me membership to this exclusive club.

NATA # 363

Now wait a minute folks! If there's another tatting nun out there I want to know about it! I've never met another nun who tats! Now doesn't that make me nutty enough to be a NATA member? And there are piles and piles of books and dust bunnies under my bed. (And it is not true that the phrase "Cleanliness is next to godliness" is in the Bible. It's not there.) My shoes are wherever I happened too kick them off upon entering my cell. But then maybe it is the Catholic nuns who tat. I know plenty of Orthodox nuns and I haven't been able to interest any of them in my peculiar pastime.

My story: I got interested in tatting partly because I used to do some gold work embroidery for vestments. This is terribly time-consuming and my carpal tunnel got so bad that I can hardly hold a small needle. I got the idea that it ought to be possible to do some of the work in macrame and tie up the ends behind. This was quicker than the embroidery but also a very slow process and there was a lot of waste. As far as I know I'm the only one that ever tried to macrame gold crosses for vestments with a slightly thinner than #10 couching thread but they did turn out beautifully. Well history repeated itself--macrame developed into another form of knot-work. Someone gave me a book on needle tatting. No thread, just the book. Eventually I realized the potential and gave it a try with some available embroidery thread. I was on a two month retreat in the woods at the time and got all sorts of things tangled in my thread, leaves, ticks, (served 'em right), twigs, the cat. And eventually got the hang of it. And this has proved to be the best medium of all and doesn't bother my Carpal tunnel problem quite so much.

NATA # 364

I love doing crafts! I am just learning to Tat and I think I will be addicted to it just like the other crafts I do.....cross stitching & quilting.

My father's mother hand pieced & hand quilted all the time. She also did Tatting. I unfortunately did not have the pleasure to meet her as she died before I was born. My dad tells me that she would be very proud of me in the way I hand piece/hand quilt myself. I wanted to learn to Tat so I could finish the doilies that she had started before she died. I'm doing this as a surprise to my parents.

I have enjoyed the Tatting information that I have received from the web site.

NATA # 365

I decided I wanted to learn to tat as my mom always talked about watching her grandma tat and wishing she knew how. In January of 2001, I searched the internet and found directions on how to tat and taught myself. Since then, I have not been able to stop tatting! I am really enjoying it. I have joined 4 collectors round robins and my husband thinks I'm nuts to be tatting all the time!!

NATA # 366

I just about went nuts trying to learn shuttle tatting. To find a book was special order from the library, just to have the instructions so hard to follow and often the pictures were poor drawings. Then I stumbled on a wonderful video by Mildred Clark that showed me excellent instructions and that "transfer of the loop." After that I started doing small projects like crosses and hearts.

I often take my tatting to work and so far 2 of the girls have started to fish around for supplies and ask me lots of questions. I want to spare them the frustration of learning the hard way like I did. They are so amazed to see the beautiful lace that comes out that funny-looking shuttle.

NATA # 367

I am being taken over by the shuttle bug! I have crocheted with thread for years designing, teaching, and finally being published. I have tried needle tatting and that was not enough, I am now teaching needle tatting. But OHHH the shuttle has now bitten me! I have finally (after several months of trying to teach myself) Learned how to do the Flip! I was so excited I have even purchased 4 new books of patterns this week! I don't know if they have a place for people who just cant get enough of thread, but if there is a cure I hope I never have to go!

NATA # 368

The only story about how nuts I am about tatting has to do with my trying, off and on for five years, to "get" the flip. My retired mother, who hadn't tatted since her teens, tried to teach me; we hired a teacher to help me and teach her some more advanced techniques (she had a pattern she wanted to do that she needed to learn something or other to do); after my mother died, I took a class with Linda Driskell, who has the book on the tatted chatelaine, with no luck. FINALLY, I bought Linda's video and just watched it over and over and over until something clicked. It felt like being able to see after having been blind--like Paul on the road to Damascus or something. Honest, it felt like a major miracle after all that time and work and frustration. After that I was on my way. I may not tat every single day, but almost.

NATA # 369

I have needle tatted but found the lace rough. Have just started to tat with a shuttle. (Haven't actually finished anything but a line of rings and chains)

My Mother-in-Law does lovely work and has been trying to teach me for years. I think I have finally figured out the "flip"

NATA # 370

I am married, have 3 grand-kids (who live with my daughter in CA) I live in Raleigh, NC. I have been tatting now for a couple of months. My DH says that tatting has taken the #1 spot in my life above all else. I take my tatting everywhere I go.

NATA # 371

I am a wife and a mother of two boys (three if you count my husband!) I learned to needle tat in March of 2001. I have bought quite a few tatting books and enough thread to last me quite a while. I even got one of my coworkers started tatting. I think I must be nuts about tatting because I recently started my 6 year old son a postcard collection and said I would send whoever sends him a postcard a tatted snowflake. He has currently received over 150 postcards and they are still coming. I have been tatting like crazy to get snowflakes made!

NATA # 372

NATA # 373

When we did a church bazaar last year in October, I agreed to be there with my shuttles, and a few things to sell. Then I thought - a good date to finish that chicken pox runner. This runner has a story of its own, you can guess, because of that funny name. In 1998 I got chicken pox - yes, at the ripe age of 35! First week I only had fever, then the pocks came - yikes! All in all it meant three weeks of light fever in bed (my doc said that usually it takes 6 weeks in adult, so I was lucky!) and that during Advent time (last week of November and two weeks into December). During these three weeks I was bored, but due to the fever I couldn't concentrate that much on anything, and looking hard at something made my head ache.

I read a bit, dozed a lot and ate too much. After some time I had the idea to tat something - but fine thread was out of the question. So I used some cotton yarn usually made for knitting sweaters - for knitters it was fine yarn, for me as a tatter it was, well, rods. But at that time it was just the right thing. Simple pattern, even some split rings, but I only had to count to 5 and nothing else. Since the color was almost the same pink as those nasty pox in my face the runner soon had its name - chicken pox runner.

Back to the bazaar - in Feb. I decided to finish this for the Bazaar, because I don't have many things to show, and this would fill my layout. Well, Missie, that I am I procrastinated, so I finished the runner at 1 am in the morning, after having sewn in about 140 ends. I'll never ever be afraid of ends again, but next time I'm going to do something with so many ends I'll sure use the magic thread trick!

It took about 130 hours to make the runner, without winding shuttles and retro tatting. That number alone should get me into NATA .

NATA # 374

I am learning to tat. I am taking lessons and I love it. My Grandmother and Great Aunts tatted.

I am the only one of my generation that tats, hope to pass it on. I am the crafts person in my family, and take my current project everywhere with me. I am the women who crochets at the Doctors office, etc. So if you are in Mobile at a Mardi Gras parade and see a redhead with a shuttle, it will be me practising my picots.

I have been tatting (or trying to tat) for about 1 month. I practice my stitches whenever I get a chance. I can now add a new place where I was practising my picots. At a Mardi Gras parade here in Mobile, AL. I am 51 years old have 3 grown children and 5 grandchildren, one that I have been raising for the past 7 years. (his Dad is going for custody Feb 20). So decided I needed to occupy my free time with something new (in case). I already crochet and knit, cross stitch, and plastic canvas. I work a full time job with the Police Dept., in Records/Data Processing. I love it. Never thought tatting would be relaxing, but it is. The first week was heck! Never felt so dumb. But a woman kept saying "Flip it, flip it" reminded me of Barney on Mayberry, with his Nib it, Nib it in the bud. Now I flip it with a big smile.

NATA # 375

My grandmother first attempted to teach me tatting when I was about 16. I soon gave up because of my inability to slide the knot on the thread. Turns out I had reversed the knot, and the thread for the knots I was using as the sliding thread (oops)

So, I kept trying it, off and on, and finally one day sat down, and played with my shuttles for a bit over 12 hours. FINALLY got how to get the knot done on the RIGHT thread. That was about 3 years ago.

In the meantime, I've found I must hide my projects from my cat. If they are anywhere where he can get a claw in, he likes to pull it apart. He always pulls it apart in the middle of the work, making it so I have to go back at least 2 rows to fix what he did. At first, I thought it was faulty joins. Then, I caught him. He was laying next to my tatting, and very carefully working out how to unknot it with one claw. This is a cat, mind you, that normally turns his nose up at things like thread and yarn. Which is why I felt I could leave out my tatting basket. He won't touch crocheting, embroidery, or anything else like that. Boy, did he have ME fooled, lOL.

It has become a yearly thing for me to make gifts for all the women in my family. They know they will get something, they just never know exactly what I may be sending them.

My grandmother is pleased that after all the years of her trying to teach me, it FINALLY sank in!

NATA # 376


ack in 1975 I took 3 tatting classes trying to learn how -- never did get the hang of the "flip" so put it away and forgot about it until I saw a snowflake I wanted to make in Old Time Crochet in 1995! I dug out my tatting supplies, found my old shuttle and took it up again & found that it was easier the second time around to learn, even after 20 years (and moving around all over the US and Germany with the military)!

So I guess you never forget some motor skill you learn.

I now share that story with my Tatting students in my classes at Jo Ann Etc here in Frederick, Maryland, encouraging them not to give up and hopefully. :o) they won't need 20 years to learn it -- like me!

NATA # 377

We have been married for 19 yrs and have three kids - ages 17,15 and 11. This past year, I have been told I have become obsessed with this "lost art". My husband, being an engineer, was ready for my denial and had proof. This summer, we had a family reunion - camping at the Grand Canyon - yes, I took my shuttles. I didn't see anything wrong with tatting around the campfire.

Some of his family thought I was a little weird. The book I brought with me - Tatting Around the House - by Dianna Stevens is now a little wavy though. I forgot about humidity. In Mesa, Az we don't have any of that stuff. Just hot, hot weather. I was also tatting in church while we were waiting for Christmas Eve mass to start. I did say my prayers first! The last straw for my kids was when I brought my tatting out in a crowded doctor's waiting room. You can wait forever sometime. Anyway, all three of my kids moved to a different seat. Everyone else around me was quite fascinated at what I was doing. After all, it is a lost art LOL.

NATA # 378

My husband's grandmother taught me to tat, unfortunately I didn't work at it until I retired. She died, but she would have loved the internet tatting sites. I am a wife, mother and retired nurse. I should be a member because I have been known to tat for 12 hours straight to get a gift finished(that looked like it would be a snap to whip out!).

NATA # 379

I have been tatting all by myself for 20 years, and just last fall met others in Columbia, SC that also tat. You can ask some of them, I was stunned into silence(a real feat for me) as I realized this incredible fact. I have joined their guild and am nuttier than ever now that I have so many others to tat-talk with!!!!!and I also go to the tat-on-line class on Mondays. Please sign me up right away, so I can flash this card to all those 'non-tatters" in my life to prove I am NATA!!! not just crazy as they think at times.
Old Tatter-Re-Born

NATA # 380

My grandmother tatted but unfortunately I was not able to have her teach me. My friend Beth suggested that we take a class and it has grown from there. I have entered some pieces in our State Fair but unfortunately have not done as well as I would like. I even cut back on my tatting time once my daughter was born but am now starting to pick it up again. Hopefully I can teach her once she is old enough.

I have a list of tatting sites book-marked in my favourites list and there are places that I visit and look longingly at when I do not have time to do much else. I put up with the guys in the office teasing me about making lace (I guess they think I am only a tomboy - not many other women in my technical group) but am very proud of what I can do.

NATA #381

I started tatting about a year & a half ago, couldn't figure out dimpled rings on a needle, so I taught myself the shuttle. Currently I'm fixated on mignonette and beads, and am designing a tatted, beaded & feathered ornament for my didjeridu.

I've just finished teaching my first Needle Tatting 101 class, have a second 101 and a 102 scheduled, and am busily creating more tat-aholics with every step.

NATA #382

I just started tatting recently...did my first bookmark. And I love it. My mother only knew how to finger tat, and she didnít know about all the different patterns out there. I looked on the net, and found the stuff, and have been tatting every since.

NATA #383

I always have a bit of tatting with me regardless of my location/destination. I work for a police department in the Hiring Unit and we do monthly Officer Recruit testing. During the written portion of their testing, I can, rather unobtrusively, be seen tatting up a storm. On one specific testing session (in a school's auditorium) I was seated on a stage behind a table with one leg crossed over my knee. Evidently the view from the back of the room was a little askew. One of my coworkers came up to me later and informed me that several Officer's had approached her asking if I was "clipping my toenails". Luckily she had known what I was really doing and told them I was making lace and not taking care of my personal hygiene.

NATA #384

I have been doing all kinds of needle work most of my life, and never thought about learning to tat. A few weeks ago, I decided to try to teach myself to tat, and found it so enjoying, that I cannot stop! Now I wonder why I waited so long to try! I needle and shuttle tat, and enjoy it more than all the other needle work I know how to do.

NATA #385

The other night I was over at my sister's house and pulled the rip cord to open a bag of dog food. Without thinking about it, I draped the cord over my shoulders. Later on at home, I was checking my email and started tatting. No needle. No shuttle. Just tatting. I decided that it must be time to go to bed!

NATA #386

I learned to tat in 1991, at about the same time as I quit smoking. I didn't realize it until later, but this led to me tatting more tightly than most. I found this out when I started trying to work in my ends with a tapestry needle.

My other project at that time was opening up the original Crafts Forum on Compuserve. Once we got it going we grew in popularity very fast, and I talked up tatting a lot. One on-line friend learned to tat after she first joined the forum, and now she has her own website (Dreams of Lace - Christiane Eichler). Lots of folks have gotten interested in tatting after hearing about it on line one way or another - I think it's wonderful that we use such a new technology to help preserve an old craft!

NATA #387

I would like to become a member. The only reason I can think of is that I am nuts and have been tatting for awhile.

NATA #388

Tatting is saving my soul! I'm a single mom of a great 5 Ĺ yr old boy. His father left me when my son was born & I lay dying of a heart infection. Fortunately, I didn't die...After 5 years of torment watching helplessly as my infant, then toddler, then preschooler, was forced to visit his father & suffer horrible abuse - the court refused to even investigate - that man was convicted of child molesting. He was also abusing foster boys placed in his home, and boys at the youth shelter he worked at. However, he managed to sweet-talk the local police chief into a "deal"...6 months probation & $250. No jail. No testing. No treatment. The entire case was hushed up - no newspapers, no TV...didn't want to embarrass the state, who placed the foster kids & employed him at the shelter. Even now, he is still getting "lucky breaks", and fighting like mad to regain access to my son. (Unfortunately, and unbelievably, it seems this may actually happen...apparently the child is supposed to "police" his father...I know, it makes me nauseous too...)

Tatting & other thread crafts have kept me sane. Rather than using my anxiety & anger to throttle the offender, I find solace in the "click" of the shuttle, the "swoosh" of the needle and the satisfaction of creating something of beauty that I can enjoy & then leave for my son & his future family. My son has supervised visitation with his father twice a week at a court-run centre, under camera, guard & with a supervisor in the room, for 2 hours each time. The centre is 30 miles from our home, and there is no waiting area for us custodial mothers. I have 4 hours a week to "cool my heels". So I bring my tatting to the local Dunkiní Donuts, enjoy a cup of coffee & keep busy with my shuttles, needles & hooks. At the end of the 2 hours, I have actually accomplished something besides "stewing". And I've enjoyed many conversations introducing people (or RE-introducing people) to our fabulous craft.

I'm not very good at tatting, I'll admit. I am getting better... And since I've obviously got to be nuts about something (in addition to my son!), I'd like to diagnose my condition as..."nuts about tatting".

NATA #389

After spending a year in the beginners Hearts Round Robin #6 I decide it would be a good thing to meet up with the only other Australian in the RR. So armed with her package, my husband and I have just been to Canberra and back to deliver Melinda's last package. How far is Canberra from Yvonne? 520 km. All to spend one and a half hours with another mad tatter. And then on the way home we got onto the wrong highway and nearly ended up in Sydney. Totally the opposite direction. It was a fun weekend though.

NATA #390

I have been tatting for several years. Taught myself by reading books, trying, rereading, trying etc. until I finally got it. I want to join NATA. I WANT A NUMBER

NATA #391

I began tatting in November 2001, before tatting I was an avid cross stitcher, knitter - in general (a craft-o-holic).

Since I learned tatting (I taught myself from books, and learned about the flip on the internet) I haven't done any cross stitch etc. I just love the way that I can take a complete project with me in such a small bag, and I am not counting stitches (as in knitting, etc! I have gone mad collecting tatting books, and I think I am certifiable!!!!!

NATA #392

I believe that I should be a card carrying member of the NATA because I am nuts about tatting. I learned how to tat three years ago just before carpal tunnel surgery and tendonitis surgery (both done on the same day) since I needed something to do with my hands while recuperating. I found that I could needle tat while still in my sling. Since then I have carried my tatting needles, crochet hook and threads with me wherever I have gone and have shown more then a few people how to tat. I have given away more needles and thread then I care to count.

I have tatted on pillowcases, needle holders, clothes and my specialty albums with quilted covers that have tatted embellishments. I have made doilies until I have no room for them. I have made Christmas ornaments.

I have gone as far as to purchase thread from Turkey! My husband believes that I am totally nuts!

NATA #393

I learned and have been tatting since 1997. I am a member of the Spokane Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild. I was the newsletter editor for about 1 Ĺ years. I love tatting patterns from the early 1900's and have been collecting patterns since learning to tat.

I have involved my entire family in tatting. My husband and children are always looking for tatting patterns, thread, ornamentations and shuttles that I can use for tatting. Since learning to tat, it has taken over my home. Tatting can be found everywhere.

I would very much like to learn more about tatting. I am greatly interested in shuttles and their history. I have started a collection of shuttles and would love to know more about them. I am interested in new techniques and integrating them into older patterns.

NATA #394

I learned how to tat while living in Bismarck, North Dakota several years ago. I created a website (The Tatting Bug) at that time & after a while began teaching beginning tatting at the local Ben Franklin store. Things were progressing along smoothly, & then WHAM! Fate intervened & decided it was time for me to experience a crisis. I put away my tatting supplies, as well as my other crafting love objects (knitting & quilting supplies), & they stayed hidden away until only recently. Yes, the crisis was *that* bad that I couldn't even tat! But, as they say, time heals all wounds ... & I am tatting (as well as knitting & quilting) again with all the enthusiasm I possessed years ago ... & then some!

NATA #395

I have been tatting for about a year and a half, although only the last six months with any sort of consistency. I probably manage to tat for about a couple of hours aa day, even with two small children because I tat at every opportunity, even if only for a few minutes. I have now returned to uni after being on holidays so that is now an hour each day that I can tat without feeling guilty because reading makes me carsick.

I have a very understanding husband who lets me tat constantly and i am about to set up a spare room in our house entirely for my craft resources- mostly tatting.

NATA #396

My 8 year old son has decided to learn how to tat. We searched through all my shuttles and threads for ones he would like. After an hour he had finally decided on my vintage German silver shuttle and some size 20 thread we were ready to go. I showed him how to wind the shuttle and we worked on making a chain first. After much practice and many days (a month) he has decided not to tat after all. When I asked him why he said that it was too painful...he had been stabbing himself with the shuttle's pick each time he tried to make a knot. Poor Thing!

NATA #397

Usually people learn to tat from their Mom or Grandmother. Being the engineering geek that I am, I learned to tat off the Internet and have been hooked ever since. I then passed it back up the family tree and taught my Mom to tat. : )

I also travel a lot for work and have managed to pass on shuttles and intro lessons to two women (so far) who were seated next to me on the plane and were intrigued by what I was doing. One time in a waiting area a man asked me what I was doing and his wife looked up from her crossword puzzle beside him and smiled, "She's tatting. Three letter work for 'make lace'."

I decided to learn to tat partly because I loved the delicate, lacy look of the work, but also partly because there was no one else I knew who did it. People always seem amazed to see the female engineer who works on big jet engines sitting there at lunch making lace. I am never without tatting in my pocket and I have a Tupperware container for thread, etc... that fits into my laptop bag and is just as important to me as my computer. : )

NATA #398

Once my cat got a hold of my ball of thread and I had to wander through out the house to collect it. Or my mom was going over to Illinois for a business trip and I printed her maps and had her drive an hour out of her way to pick up 2 books for me! I also found a good way to carry my thread and shuttles with me. I have a box that is shaped like a Chinese food take out container. It will hold 2 balls of 30 DMC thread and 3 shuttles! It get lots of questions and comments. That way I can share with everyone. When I get a new book I make the guy who sits in front of me in the office look at each page and come back to my computer when I find an awesome pattern online! I took my tatting to a SuperBowl party too!

I have been tatting for a few months and love it! I haven't even picked anything up that I was working on since I learned how to tat!

NATA #399

I am definitely NUTS about TATTING. I learned when about 9 years old from my grandmother, and although until now have only tatted on and off, I can say that at this time I don't go anywhere without something to tat, and have acquired more thread then I can ever use, and all the patterns anyone could ever want for.

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