Identities have been hidden to protect the special members of this nuttery.

Members can be identified by the NATA number tattooed on their chests.

NATA # 300

NATA # 301

I really have no experience other than I bought a couple of tatted bookmarks on ebay that I thought were beautiful so I then went to the local Walmart and bought a book on tatting. Since then I have bought a couple of other books and two videos and hopefully on my next days off I will get to start learning how to tat.

NATA # 302

When I decided that I was going to learn to tat, I managed to keep it a secret for about 3 months. I was working on a lovely doily to give to my mother for Christmas. I had planned on surprising her with it, not only that I (miss tomboy herself) had made a doily, but that I had taught myself a new craft as well.

Like I said, worked out great for about 3 months. Unfortunately, I have a birthday coming up, and my dear sweet Mom asked what I would like to have. Of course I asked for all sizes of crochet thread! Gotta feed my new obsession! Anyway, Mom is too clever and point blank asked me if I had learned to tat, and I absolutely CANNOT lie to my Mom. So I told her.

Mom asked me at that point if I would bring my tatting over so she could "just watch" me. She had tried to learn years earlier, but had never managed to get the flip. I agreed, and showed her what tatting was all about...I had picked it up fairly quickly due to some extensive macrame work I did as a teen. Within the week, my Mom was at the craft store buying supplies because she couldn't stand that I knew how to do something she didn't. She still couldn't get the flip on her own, so she asked me to teach her.

Tatting is the best thing in the world. I never imagined the joy I would feel at returning the favor to my Mom. After all, she's taught me everything else I know! It's really brought us closer together.

NATA # 303

Last night, we were having a small barbecue to celebrate the August birthdays in our family and as usual I was tired. I got up after about 4 ½ hours of sleep to get my house ready for the family. So after everyone arrived and we were waiting for the meat to get cooked I pulled out my tatting. My father-in-law, who was sitting next to me on the couch watched for awhile and then said, "So that little thing in your hand does all that fancy work?" He thought that I just had to hold it in my hand and the shuttle made the lace. He is really cute and builds radio controlled model aeroplanes from scratch.

I don't know if this all counts as being nuts enough or not. I really do enjoy my tatting, though. I found myself wishing the other morning that the car could drive itself home from work so I could tat on the way and thereby relax. I actually visualized driving down the road tatting. I am not quite that nuts, I put the tatting in my bag and watched the road.

NATA # 304

I would like to be a card carrying member of NATA. I first tried to tat about 30 years ago. I tried to learn from a Learn How To book. Of course I was not flipping the knot. I tried on and off for about 20 years while asking around if anyone knew how to tat, I thought some of my quilting friends would know, but no one knew. A little over 5 years ago I found someone to show me what I was doing wrong. I tatted a few pieces while tatting awkwardly, didn't know the slip and slide of throwing the shuttle.

I made a few more pieces every now and then. Then on one of my trips from Memphis to New Orleans I decided to take along my shuttle and pass the hours trying to throw. I'd tat a little, cut thread and start over most of the trip but eventually I got it and now I don't even have to think about flipping the knot. I really don't have any speed yet. But slipping and sliding the shuttle and not having to concentrate on flipping I AM tatting!

I'm the one that took 1 hour and 8 minutes to the ten repeats). After joining E-Tatters my interest has grown steadily and want to learn more. I quilt (have quite a few ribbons and even had one in Houston), crochet, knit, spin and bead also. My hubby thinks it is amazing that when I get tired of one thing I just put it down and pick up something else. He says that he is jealous that I have things to do that I love so much that I am never just sitting. If I don't have some sort of needle or needlework in my hands he gets worried that I might be sick.

NATA # 305

I love tatting because it gives me an excuse to avoid my housework. I also knit, crochet, and do counted cross-stitch, but tatting is my favourite challenge.

I feel like I'm the only tatter I know, and I would love to "meet" some more people. My maternal great-grandmothers and my grandfather's sister tatted the most lovely items, but the art was not passed beyond their generations. I wanted to carry on their tradition to honour their memories, so I taught myself using the internet and library books. I'm still a beginner, and I'm always looking for help and new projects too. May I please be a tatting nut too? If you need proof that I'm nuts, call my doctor.

NATA # 306

I have a funny story, only it is only funny now.

I purchased Tatting Treats 2 and then took it with me to Maine, we went to my youngest son's wedding. Since I was tatting a garter for the bride I worked on all the way there: At least months on the plane (it seemed like it anyway) and then 6 hours to Houlton, ME by car! When I finished the garter, I went looking for my brand new Tatting Treats 2 book and it was gone! Missing! I wanted to make the rocking horse and no pattern. Thread, needles (I am just now learning the shuttle), but no book. It was the only one had brought and somewhere on the plane it disappeared! I was in tears. My husband said, "Just buy a new one when we get home." Yeah, right?! How does that help me NOW!!!! No patterns, all this thread and no pattern.

Well, I bought a cross stitch kit at Walmart, I had to do something, didn't I? And when I got home I began looking for Tatting Treats 2, again! Where I had purchased it, they told me it was out of print! Argh! But they suggested another source and Yes! They had it, and told me it wasn't out of print, and sent it to me along with all kinds of things I found on their web site.

When my precious book arrived I decided I had to make that rocking horse. I worked and worked and worked. I don't swear, but if I did I would tell you I followed that pattern accurately. But my Rocking Horse looks like a lump! I am not sure a lump of what, but it differently doesn't look like a rocking horse. Now I am almost afraid to try another pattern in there. I will of course, eventually, but right now, I think I need more practice, practice, practice!

NATA # 307

My story: The female donkey:

I have an old book dating back to the end of the 18th century with crotat patterns. I wanted to make a piece of cro-tatting, to find out how to make a diagram and to translate the text (I told Georgia, I am going to send her the pictures ... So we decided that we will try to do something with it for the on-line class).

At first, I couldn´t find a crochet needle, so I went to the attic for needle and thread.

Then, I bumped with my head against the roof of the attic... it´s not that high. I came down with thread needle and a bruise on my head so I could start.

I had a small part done, and then it was time to go on the net for the mail, so I put my tatting down. I tried to read a message, when all at once, the mail starts to scroll on the screen and my pc started to ring like the door bell!

The dog started to bark and ran to the front door, taking with her the thread from my tatting, everything on the floor and the PC ringing stopped. I picked up my tatting needle and thread and put it back on my bureau and returned to reading my mail. I wanted to reply to a message, I moved my tatting and then the PC started to ring again. The dog started barking, and I was concentrating on saving my thread, so I took it from the bureau and the Pc's ringing stopped!

I couldn't help wondering what was going on as it kept happening while I went on with the email. Then I went to the kitchen and made a cup of tea and came back to my bureau, moved some things and there it was again, that annoying ringing sound.

I called my son and got him to listen .... and he started laughing and said take the rubbish from your keyboard! Sure enough, the crochet needle was on the keyboard and the mystery was solved.

There is a dutch saying about a woman and a donkey, and I guess I am a donkey.

The saying is "A male donkey only knocks on a stone one time, but a female donkey does it four times" (it's a little poem in dutch that I told my son and he laughed again)

So that was my story about tatting and learning about computers.

NATA # 308

I've tatted while at airports because it encourages "little old ladies" to come talk to me and it discourages guys my age from being too interested in talking to me. :-) This may be a little silly, but I don't think it's particularly "funny."

Cat vs. Tatting stories are probably about the funniest that I have. I hope they count!

All of my cats have taken an interest in my tatting. My current cat will find any tatting I've left lying around and curl up on it for a nice nap. He also likes to sit in my lap while I tat and chew on the thread as it comes off the ball. One of my ex-boyfriends has a cat which is fascinated with round objects. I had left my tatting lying on the coffee table (glass top) while I sat on the couch talking with people. The cat walked until the table, looked up, and then came flying out from under the table and jumped up on it so that she could knock the ball of thread off the table and chase it around the room. It took about 3 of us to corner her and rescue my thread. Previous cats of mine enjoyed climbing into my lap while I was tatting and curling up on top of my hands (still holding the shuttle and thread) for a nap. They didn't enjoy getting poked in their belly, though, with the attached crochet hook! :-)

NATA # 309

Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllp. I've only just begun to learn to tat and tatting is taking over my life and my computer. Been on here for 2 and a half hours doing nothing but looking at tatting sites. Does that qualify me for being a member of NATA?

{You Betcha! :-)}

NATA # 310

My sister in-law just spent $70 dollars to learn to tat and asked my DH to make her a longer needle and he said no problem. Well, I was sitting there watching her tat left handed, I am an ambi.. and decided that I could do that.

When she went home I asked my DH to make me one also. When she came over again after practising chains, I had not seen what she had done; I tried for 2 days to make a chain, with no success. On her next visit, I asked what I was doing wrong, and she showed me.

Then she said that I could not teach any one else what I knew!

You all know what I broke my promise and she yelled at me. I just smiled and said my mother always said to share.

NATA # 311

When it is time to cook, I am tatting. When it is time to clean, I am tatting. When it is time to sleep, I am tatting. What else is there in life? If there is something else out there, I don't want to know. I had rather be tatting. It has changed my life.

NATA # 312

Although I have only been tatting for 3 months (first needle and last week...shuttle), I have already been bitten by the bug. I feel an intense desire to have my tatting with me at all times.

I tat in the car when driving with my DH. I tat after dinner while watching TV. If I could tat while teaching my students in school, I would, but don't think that my principal would appreciate it. Of course, today I came up with an idea to suggest to our fourth grade teachers that when they study the colonization of America, I teach the students to tat because tatting was popular then.

NATA #313

Well, I certainly think I qualify for being crazy about tatting. ANYONE that uses machine embroidery silk thread to tat with has to be crazy! Also, my granddaughter is just a year now and I am already tatting lace for her to use for her wedding. It is made of silk sewing thread.

NATA #314

I have been tatting for maybe 4 years and I never tire of it. I adore the motion of the shuttle as it whispers back and forth and I am always amazed by the way stitches flip. I'm constantly dreaming of patterns and designs. I tat in public as much as I can and offer to teach whomever is interested. I carry an extra shuttle and some thread on a bobbin for this.

I give a lot of tatted gifts with a little paragraph or so on tatting. I like to make sure people know it's not a lost art :-)

NATA # 315

I am becoming one of those persons who take tatting everywhere. My husband hates it when I sit in an airport and tat the whole time. I have even tried to explain tatting to a girl from Brazil in Spanish and I don't speak Spanish!

NATA # 316

My grandmother and great aunt attempted to teach me to tat as a young girl. Sadly I was all thumbs :-) I was, however, able to learn to crochet. Eventually I started crocheting lace.

A few years ago my left hand started to go numb whenever I crocheted, oddly enough, I'm right handed. So I decided to try and learn to tat, since the wrist motion seemed to be different. I started needle tatting, and eventually went to shuttle tatting. Now I tat quite a lot. Most of my work ends up being given away as gifts. It seems to be the most requested gift among my friends. I am partial to tatting doily or motifs and edging for use in table runners and table covers. I tend to like the results when using very small thread, usually 80 or 100. But when I design, I use larger thread, it's easier to see what I've done.

NATA # 317

I could tell you the one about the time we went on a picnic with a church group and my daughter fell through the hole in the outhouse....but let's stick with tatting.


As you probably read a while back on tat chat, I have a new siamese kitten. He is a blue point siamese, and we named him Worf because he is such a 'Kling-on'. Worf is now almost 5 months old. He dearly loves my boxes of tatting thread. I have those plastic boxes you can get that are about 6" high and about 24x20 inches or so in size. If I take the lid off one he is immediately in it laying amongst the thread. He also watches for any thread end that might be hanging out of the box under the lid so he can pull on it. Sometimes I will have a ball or two out and once I use them I put them back or send one of my sons in to put them back in the box....well you know sometimes my sons can't quite seem to get the thread IN the may be sitting on top. Of course Worf notices things like that. One day after I had left for work he evidently found a ball of thread that had been left out and decided he would have some fun. My son called me a little later to tell me about !

MY cat (he is my cat when he is bad). It seems he had so much fun, that he managed to unwind a good part of the ball of thread .... which ended up being wound all around him ... to the point of him not being able to get loose or move. All he could do was lay there and meow. My son heard him and got up to see what was wrong.....I only wish he had taken a picture!!!! He was tangled in it so bad my son had to cut him out of it! Hmmm....if I could only teach him how to use a shuttle!!!!

NATA # 318

As a beginner I have a habit with whatever I do I start big. NOT small, NOT beginner projects. I jump in with both feet and worry about it later. Well I had decided to learn tatting and I went to the net and found all kinds of site that showed how to tat. Well I printed them off and lined them up and JUMPED into it.

Well the problem with doing it like I did is you have only two hands and when your tatting they are taken up, SO you make do with what you have. A NOSE, ELBOWS, TOES. So here I am with all the pages lined on the couch, floor, tables and my husband just sits and watches because after 20 yrs of being together he already knows that when I put my mind to something just stay out of my way.

Well I did the impossible and did learn the basics and decided that I really liked this pretty rainbow bookmark. Well if I was normal I guess that this would not be something that a beginner would start with.

I was taking my uncle to the hospital for tests and decided that I would tote along my tatting bookmark and work on it while I waited for him to finish. Well I sat there and got all the shuttles together and started that bookmark all 8 of them. I had shuttles everywhere. Going here, going there. Knots here, knots there. I was using every possible body part to keep them separated and I find the nose to be very handy when it comes to tatting.

When I first sat down and started there was 4 people in the waiting room and there was talking going on. But it must of been 30 mins. later and people came and went and I noticed that it was quiet; when I looked up all eyes were on me and as I looked at everyone they just smiled and I could tell THEY THOUGHT THAT I MUST BE CRAZY. You know the smile that certain look that you could almost see the bubble over their heads that shows there thoughts. Well it didn't take long before they all started laughing. Well I do believe that they were laughing at me, not with me. But you have to love this great wonderful, amazing, lovely, clever, nerve racking, nail biting, imitating, frustrating, craft called: THE LOST ART OF TATTING ( maybe the reason they called it a lost art is because they tried the 8 color bookmark and knowingly hid it, NOT lost it.

NATA # 319

I have lived in Houston, Texas for about 24 years and have been shuttle tatting for about 20 of them. I taught myself to tat through stubbornly reading and reading the tatting section of the "Learn How" book.

It probably took 5 years of trying and failing before I finally figured it out! Since then I have been quite addicted to the art.

NATA # 320

My entry for NATA would have to be concerning my latest hospital stay.

I go into respite two weeks in every ten, and usually take something like crochet or cross-stitch to work on - something which doesn't tax my brain too much. But this time I took my tatting........

I was trying out motifs in different colour combis, sizes of thread etc while I tried to decide what to use for my mother's Christmas doily. I ended up with enough motifs to make 7 cards (gluing a motif to the front of each), a gift tag, two key-rings, 3 small framed pictures and a bookmark.

Plus I started on Mum's doily and picked up two requests for future commissions.

And all this while I was supposedly resting and having a break :)))

NATA # 321

I have wanted to learn how to tat since I was 9 years old. I just turned 39! I remember watching a friend of my mom's tatting medallions for my First Communion dress and veil. I was in awe! I still am. Over all of the years I have picked up a book or a shuttle or thread and tried to teach myself. Well, I could never get the hang of flipping the stitch.

I put it away until about 1 ½ Years ago, when I met a woman at a craft show who tatted. I then drove 2 ½ hrs. to her home to try and learn. But to no avail, and a lot of knotted thread lying on the floor. I put it away.

I finally decided several months ago that I was bound and determined to learn how to tat! I have quite a library of books, shuttles, and the thread! I got on the net and researched and came across Sharon Briggs. She helped me find a woman who live just north of me in SW Kansas. We e-mailed each other and finally met last week! I have been in tatting heaven since then!!!!!

I finally got the "flip" down and have been practising ever since! I can hardly wait to get home and find at least one of my loaded shuttles and practice away!!! I think I am ready to try a doodle or maybe something small (a tatted note card) Anyway I am on my way.

I am married and have 2 beautiful girls, a cat, Willie (named after Willie the Wildcat of Kansas State University!) 2 dachshund, Maggie and Sophie who love to sit on my lap while I am tatting. My 11 yr. old daughter wants to learn how to tat, and as soon as I get my feet on the ground and take a few workshops, I will add another tatter to the world!

NATA # 322

Recent events have convinced my mother and daughter that I am nuts (I believe I just love to tat). I don't know whether you will agree with them.

A week ago I had a bad bout of viral fever, brought on probably by getting wet in the rain on my way to work. While restricted to bed, I thought it was the ideal opportunity to get on with my latest project, an old fashioned square doily, the pattern for which I found on the net. My head was splitting and I was seeing double, (little did I know that at the time I had fever of around 104 degrees F) but I was sure that if I persisted I could complete the work in two days. By which time I would be ready to go back to office.

Suddenly my mother walked into the room. I know she does not love my tatting the way I do. So I quickly shoved lace and shuttles under the bedclothes.

Now Whisky (because of his extra long whiskers) my 4 month old kitten was sleeping peacefully under the blanket. He probably thought all his dreams had come true when I stuck the tatting right under his nose. My mother wanted to know what he was doing, but before I could stop her from pulling him out, the little wretch just fell out from under the bedclothes all tangled up in my precious tatting. Boy was my mother upset to realise that I had been tatting instead of sleeping as instructed by the Doctor. She shoo-ed the kitten away and confiscated the tatting. To add insult to injury, when she returned it to me two days latter, both my mother and daughter declared they had never seen me produce such sloppy work. In fact they made me open out the little that I had done that day.

Now 10 days later and fully recovered, I can only laugh when I remember the sight of my mother's face when Whisky fell out of bed all tangled up in white lace and thread.

I hope you were suitably entertained by the story. I feel really foolish when I remember desperately tatting round 4 (of a 12 round design) hoping to finish in 2 days time

NATA #323

I am sure I am completely NUTS.

I spent nearly all day yesterday( as I am off work with a fractured rib) unwinding all the cotton off my full shuttles as I did not have one to use and then decided to make some little butterflies. I then proceeded to wind some of the cotton back onto the shuttles - why did I not just leave it there and use it then I would have had a spare shuttle or 2 or more.

I do think that qualifies for NUTS don't you?

NATA #324

I'm the Shuttle Bug (AKA The Late), my roommate is the Stitch Witch, my mom is the Happy Hooker.

I'm a computer programmer/analyst for Cornell University, (an ivy league college in Ithaca, Upstate New York, USA). I'm in charge of the program that makes sure incoming freshmen have appropriate faculty advisors.

I've been tatting at least since 1995, having learned from my Grandfather, yes, I said Grand-Father! I give lessons whenever possible, to whomever possible, and even traded tatting lessons for string figure lessons not too long ago (never too many hobbies).

I call myself "the Late" because I am constitutionally incapable of being anywhere on time, unless I'm incredibly early. (this applies to replying to e-mail too, in occasion)

"Why should i be a card carrying member of NATA?" Well.....

From the few posts I read, it sounds like a sample of craziness involving tatting is called for, so here's a few, hopefully qualifying, examples...

  1. (this last weekend) having just taken a beginning bobbin lace class, and won a stand for my bobbin lace pillow, i sat at dinner with several bobbin lace teachers, and said i wasn't going to be doing much less tatting now, after all, tatting is so much more portable, and pulled a shuttle out of my pocket.
  2. I tat in church, during work meetings, during comic book and star trek club meetings, and at various non-lace conventions all over Ithaca, not to mention on the bus, waiting in the doctor's office, emergency room, DMV, etc, etc, etc.
  3. Our office hands out course time rosters every semester, which come in bundles tied with string. For two years now, I've had the receptionists save all the strings for me, so i can tat with them... now mind you, these strings aren't more than a yard and a half long (best use yet for a Lady Hoare shuttle), so I have more ends to weave in that you can shake a stick at, but now I'm good at weaving in ends...
  4. As for large size thread/string, I found packing twine in a local office supply store a couple years ago, and picked up several balls, and am making a bedspread from it (the best use yet for a Tatsy!)

In conclusion, I use large thread, I never wash/block/starch anything, I never frame anything, and I mostly doodle instead of doing large projects, but, whether they are in my pocket, in a ziplock in my backpack, or in a CardCaptors mini lunch box, I'm never far from my shuttles.

NATA # 325

The year before last, when I was doing my Lace Guild Assessment in Tatting, one of the assessment categories was items using different methods of stiffening.

Well, the first time I tried using stiffening I looked up Rebecca Jones' book "The Complete Book of Tatting" and "Tatting" by Tatsy. There is a really pretty tatted ball on the front cover and I decided to make that - only I didn't have Pearl Cotton No. 3 and I didn't have a 4" balloon so I improvised.

I followed the sugar starch recipe in the Rebecca Jones book - absolutely dreadful, it went EVERYWHERE - and used a normal sized balloon since I couldn't get the other.

Eventually when it dried it looked like a piece of sugar icing through which the thread poked occasionally!

I used to work in a Mental Health Unit and the best bit was when the fattest nurse in the Unit came in to the office and asked if he could eat it!

I still have the ball somewhere and could send you a scan if you are desperate - but it's AWFUL.

NATA # 326

One funny (in a sad, pathetic kinda way!!) tatting story was my grand plan of making my own shuttles a couple of months after I leant how to tat. Now, I have never ever done anything involving woodwork apart from banging nails in. But I was convinced I would be able to whip us a vast collection of shuttles (because you can never have enough shuttles) in not time and for little cost. I’d even bought folk art paints to decorate them with. I knew what shape I wanted and surely all I had to do was draw the shape I wanted onto the wood, cut it accordingly, file off any rough edges and tat away to my hearts content. A couple of false starts didn’t deter me too much and I eventually ended up with a slightly wonky but apparently serviceable shuttle.

I sat down with my creation, started to wind some thread on to test it out and was devastated as one by one the blades of the shuttle snapped off.

My father, who’d watched me make the whole thing and even shown me which tools to use was laughing uncontrollably and between fits of giggling, advised me that balsa wood (the really light wood used to made model aeroplanes) wasn’t the choice of material for making a shuttle. Thanks Dad!! I have never even vaguely considered making a shuttle since and am perfectly happy to buy from other people in order to increase my shuttle collection.

And I have learnt a valuable lesson from one friend about storing my shuttles - she inherited an antique bone shuttle from her mother-in-law and was absolutely over the moon. She took it home and put it on the mantle piece in her living room, before going out. When she got home there was a small pile of white splinters on the rug under the mantelpiece and the shuttle was gone. It seems that somehow, the shuttle had fallen off the mantle piece (their cat is the prime suspect) and their dog thought it had found a lovely treat and chewed it to bits.

Would you laugh or cry??!!
(foster mom comment: Been there! My new puppies, Zorro mostly, have eaten 3 aero shuttles and 5 of my IBMS! Good thing he's as cute as can be, or I would be dog-less! :'-} )

NATA # 327

How I went nuts - I started tatting 30-plus years ago. I had badgered my mother for years to teach me to make lace like her Grandma Emma had made, but she had never been interested in it, so hadn't learned.

So there I sat looking at yards of beautiful tatted pillowcase edging made by my Great-Grandmother and no way to make anything like it. When I was about 15 or so my mom's best friend came to visit and I found out that she had learned to tat as a little girl, but hadn't tatted in at least 40 years. I gave her a shuttle and thread that I had bought "just in case" and a few days later she came back all excited because she remembered how to make the knot flip. She taught me and I've since taught several more.

BTW - I got a pair of pillow cases with tatted edging for my high school graduation present from "Auntie" Helen. I guess "Once a tatter - Always a tatter"

NATA #328

I have been doing Needle Tatting for about 6 months now. The kicker is: I have been teaching it at our local Michaels Arts and Crafts store now for 4. This whole thing started as they needed someone who could teach. Well I got the book and taught myself (as I do with any new craft that I learn) and went from there. To date I have taught almost 20 people.

My students, when they see me in the store, will stop me and will talk about what new projects they are doing! It is great!

But the big thing and little did I know at the time, I would become addicted to it!!!

Now, I have a girlfriend that I get together with each week and we do counted cross stitching when we are together. Since I have started tatting, instead of doing the cross stitching when we get together, I have wanted to do nothing but the tatting. She gets frustrated because I talk tatting more than I do cross stitching now! ( I still love to cross stitch, but tatting is something else!) This week I will have to take cross stitching just to keep her from getting mad at me. Or maybe just take my extra needles and thread and start teaching her!

But we call our time a "Stitch and Bitch" so I am stitching (tatting is still stitching of a sort) and she is bitching (cause I am not doing my cross stitching).

NATA #329

If being nuts about tatting is all it takes to become a member, please put me in the front of the line. I have loads of really great and funny stories, but I will keep it down to a minimum.

The first one is a non-tatting related one, but it will at least prove the first part of the being nuts. I have a huge English black lab... Cody, who weighs in at about 108 lbs. Wonderful and loving and devoted. Since he is such a good dog, I was letting him sleep in my room at night as he is completely house broken, etc. But this soon became a chore as he would move around, jangle his collar, and do various other things and wake me up. One of his worse traits is, if he is in the same room that you are, then you are fair game. It seems if he is awake, then naturally, so are you. So in the middle of the night when he decided that he needed to go out, he would come over to my side of the bed and just stare at me and then cough. That's how he talks to me. He does this until I finally wake up and see this huge tongue hanging out within 2" of my face. So I get frustrated, but I get up and take him out. Now if he is not in my room and the door is closed, he will sleep straight through the night. Well, I finally started closing my door and after giving him hugs and good boy's,. would then close the bedroom door and go to bed.

But this one night I woke up with something staring at me again, but for some reason he was on the other side of the bed and I was exhausted; apparently the door hadn't closed and again, I was fair game. I was so tired, so I said... No Cody.... go lay down. Nothing... still there, again, Cody, NO!!~ and then it was DOWN Cody and still no response. Now I'm really angry and I'm awake and I flipped the bedroom light on. The door was closed and I had been yelling at my quilt rack which was on the side of the bed on an angle and I could see it through the light of the moon. Feeling like a jerk, I actually then looked around my empty bedroom to see if anyone was watching me. I opened the door and there was my poor Cody, laying on the floor so flat and so confused that all I could do was laugh.

The quilt rack now lives elsewhere in the room. As for tatting... as a beginner, and falling in love with it immediately, I had to have it all. Since tatting thread is not something that is found locally, I assumed the only thread that you could tat with was the size 80 actual tatting thread. So off I go and purchased the basic three colors they have. Black, neutral and white. Not a good choice to learn on. Then I found out you could use the Perle in size 3 and 5 for beginners... off I go and purchased about 3 dozen various hanks of and 3 & 5. Because that was all that was available. But I wanted to make sure I had enough. So naturally I need something to store it in, so back I go and purchase numerous little plastic containers to store it in. I have now spent about $150 in thread and containers and I was actually learning needle tatting at the time. But since I saw the shuttles, back I go and start buying all these little plastic shuttles of which the local stores have 2 brands. So I now have a mini=thread shop in my family room and I still have not learned to make anything other then a DS with a beautiful flip and a chain. And this is just my first foray into tatting! But as time went on and I realized I could actually use other threads, etc. and I improved enough that I could make something... it didn't always look like what it was supposed to, but I made it.... I would toss my numerous pieces of threads and mistakes into the little wicker trash basket. Also I threw my meagre trash from watching TV, etc. Now back to Cody - the Tatting dog. He is not allowed to get into the trash, and I normally just put a magazine over the top and that's enough to tell him NO. But I came home one afternoon and Cody was laying on the floor and he wouldn't look at me. The wicker basket was on it's size and the paper cup that I had placed in there from the night before was in the shreds on the floor. Now Cody's premises is... if I don't look at it, she won't see it either. But not having my camera in my hand at the time, I missed the most delightful picture of this giant and gentle huge dog with mournful eyes and thread hanging from his entire face, nose, ears and even out the side of his mouth.... pretending that he was not near the basket..... But, Cody and I are now just normal tatters. I line up my empty containers of dog biscuits that I have holes in the top for using for my threads to feed out of. I have going to the Dollar General store and purchased the most perfect containers at 3 for $1.00 so I could poke holes in the tops of those so my larger balls of thread would fit neatly and I have even hit the Home Depot and purchased storage cabinets with plastic drawers in them in various sizes to hold my threads by size.

And I have enough material to keep me through at least 4 blizzards. Am I nuts about tatting.... excuse me as I count all my wooden shuttles, I think I'm up to about 12 now. And I can actually make a little something once in a while. But I'm having a wonderful time and I'm loving it. And every time that ring looks perfect, or the tension is real.. I feel good and when I actually learn something new - thank you Kathy Wade... I am so proud that I just automatically order more thread. This has been the most soothing and calming for of relaxation and enjoyment - along with my quilting, that I have found. And as much I love my quilting, I think my tatting has taken over as my number one delight. And ever more, the friends that I have made, has made my limited life style a pure joy. God Bless... and humour will always be my gift from God because truthfully... my tatting leaves a lot to be desired. And I wouldn't give it up, not a chance...

NATA #330

I have been needle tatting off and on for about 10 years. I am self taught - with Foster's books and in the short time I have been reading tatting lists have found I can get beyond where I am and therefore, progress to more complex items. At this time my main (driving) interest is in making cloth dolls. Tatting is very useful in dressing dolls as well as for use on my crazy quilting. I live in Michigan and have my whole life have several cats and a couple of dogs and am retired. I worked for state government for years.

I frequently carry my tatting apparatus with me to the doctor's office or other places where I will be obliged to sit a spell. Not only do I accomplish something but I also don't have to read ancient tattered magazines. I use my tatting on my cloth dolls and my crazy quilting. I have arthritis in my hands among other places and learned from my Great Grandmother that tatting was particularly good to keep the fingers flexible. I am also considering making a blouse with tatting used as an insert. Haven't quite figured out just how I want it to be yet.

NATA #331

Proof that I'm nuts...about tatting that I actually did something that my Mom told me to.

My Mom told me I had to take it up because it's almost a lost art :-). I really enjoy it, I am also a musician and I call tatting "visual music."

Proof that I'm nuts...about tatting that I actually did something that my Mom told me to. If you ask her, she would tell you that I have NEVER done anything she told me to :-) ;-) :-) (The way she talked, if I didn't learn how to tat I would be personally responsible for it being a lost art). At least she is far less worried about it now that she knows that there are lots of tatters everywhere, and I have found that I absolutely LOVE tatting even if my Mom told me I had to do it. The best things about it are it's portability (especially on aeroplanes, although things being what they are I will probably have to replace my metal shuttles with plastic) and the attention it gets me from ladies who walk up and start conversations with "Oh, you're tatting. My Mom/Grandma did that...."

NATA #332

Why you might ask? Because now I consisted myself nuts about tatting. I must be to have paid over $150 for stuff over the last month that I have learned how to do it. Yesterday alone I spend $82 on stuff that I found in a little shop in Longview Tx. I have went in a town about 2 hours from my house knowing the whole time that every time I go to this town I get lost and turned around. But did this stop me from going to check out the stores there for tatting supplies? No. Just to find out that they didn't have anything in the whole town connected with tatting. And it is one of the biggest town in Louisiana.

As for as the shuttles them self's when I first learned to tat or trying to learn I should say I learned what they was good for and not good for. You do not keep them in your hand when rubbing your eyes. You can poke a eyeball out with the pick on those things. But then again you could pick your teeth with it when you have finished eating. LOL. You can even stick your 17 year-old son with it when he is picking on you because you have missed up yet again. And he never know what hit him. LOL And you sure don't dig in your ears to clean them with the point of the shuttle. You can dig your brains out. But if you have any to begin with you wouldn't put a tatting shuttle in there to begin with.

So you see I am nuts in more ways then one.

NATA #333

I'm over 21 years of age (WAAAY over 21) :) So I'm of legal age to tat. Have been for over 50 years (WAAY over) 8) I'm an award winning tatter, winning Best of Show at local fair.

Last Saturday, my family had a big BD party for me, and last nite, which was my official birth date, my neighbours took me to Bluegrass (music) nite at the local Fudruckers restaurant. Where one of the bands played "Happy Birthday" to me. It was great. I even took my tatting with me.

After eating and while enjoying the music I tatted. Everyone was laughing at me saying I wasn't tatting in time to the music. I needed to tat faster. LOL It was a great nite. Even a friend and her husband, from my lace guild showed up and joined us.

As for a funny story - - well - - let's see - - duh.

This past summer I was at IOLI convention and took a class from Randy Houtz on advanced tatting. He was teaching three dimensional tatting and he had made a bumble bee and a "giant" sized spider among other things. I flipped over the bee. I wanted it in the worst way. I had decorated an outfit with tatted butterflies, ladybugs and bees to wear at convention. I wore it one day to show Randy that his bee would look perfect sitting on my shoulder. He just had to give me his bee. Well, no way would he part with his bee. Even tried to "barrow" :) the bee, no luck. So I finally decided to settle for having my picture taken with Randy standing beside me and holding the bee on my shoulder. I had gotten Dorothea Albee to take the picture of this. So, everything was being set up for the big shoot (so I thought). Randy by my side and I was ready. But - - something didn't seem right. As I turned to look for the bee, what's creeping up onto my shoulder but this giant tatted "SPIDER".

I let out a yelp and everyone busted out laughing, including me. Dorothea got a great picture of me with my mouth wide open, a spider on my shoulder and Randy holding a tatted rose in his other hand. I still think I should have gotten that bee for what those two put me through.

We still laugh about the incident. I'm planning to take another class from Randy and Gary next year at IOLI. I going after that bee again. This little, old lady (?) loves to tat and to get into mischief and have fun.

NATA #334

Here is nuts for you: I was given a tatted cross for my birthday in October. I was so taken by its beauty I decided that I would learn to tat.

I begged my friend to teach me by mail. Since I received that cross I have bought 6 tatting books, 4 shuttles and 12 skeins of thread. I haven't tatted yet, but the video is on the way from my friend in Dallas and I am definitely already hooked by the tatting bug.

My husband came into the living room last night and asked "Can I move Tat-Central and have a little space on the couch? Where are his priorities:)

NATA #335

I began learning to shuttle tat when I cut the tip of my left index finger off. It was re-attached but the scar is exactly where I needed to hold the thread, so I had to put tatting aside. Even after it healed, I kept the scar irritated, so I just quit. Several years later I found out about needle tatting and I've been "nuts" about tatting ever since. (Even to the point of teaching others.)

My husband thinks I'm "nuts" because tatting is my choice of things to do while we travel. Why do I have to take something like that along where ever we go?

NATA #336

I was amazed at the number of people on the list and the number of tatting sites I found. About 5 years ago I did an internet search and came up completely empty. Said OK....maybe I am one of about 20 people that do this.......Finding these sites and this group is like finding family you didn't know you had!

I taught myself to tat from my mother's ancient LEARN HOW BOOK about 15 years ago. I had been intrigued with that section in the book since I was a little girl. (I'm a grandmother now. My mother is still going strong and so is the LEARN HOW BOOK). Next I found a TATSY KIT with huge shuttles and started with kite string to make snowflakes. Branched out and started making other objects and wanted to share this craft. Since I am a professor at a college that encourages faculty to do community service, I started teaching tatting classes. Very simple tatting only. I have been much impressed with the skill and new techniques I have found on line. I have a lot of other craft interests but there is something about tatting that I always come back to. When I learned about the history of tatting, I learned that some historians believe it started as a Scottish craft. I thought BINGO that pull I feel must be genetic!

Anyway it's in my blood. Can you imagine those little shuttles circulating? ( I teach nursing!) How much more of proof of nuttiness do you need?

NATA # 337

I have been tatting for about 30 yrs now and enjoying it more everyday. I have 2 daughters and 3 grandsons.

I originally learn to tat from my grandmother like most of the members of e-tatters and TATCHAT groups. I find that it is relaxing on the bus ride to and from work. A lot of comments and questions from the other riders... everything from isn't that hard to do on the bus to how simple that is. I have learned so much since joining that it has added to the pleasure of tatting.

NATA #338

Proof that I am nuts???I work at a pre-school teaching 3 years olds.

Proof that I am nuts about tatting??? I take it to pre-school with me!

I am also teaching my 8 year old daughter & 11 year old niece to tat. They're doing surprisingly well! My 5 year old daughter just can't "quite" get the hang of it, but she is very persistent, so it won't be long before she is turning out rings & chains.

NATA # 339

Most people I know would have no trouble telling you that I am nuts. *g*

My mother taught me to tat, and her mother taught her....etc. and I just love it.

When I first got online three years ago, the very first thing I did was a search for tatting sites and I still check at least once a week for new sites. At work, when I am testing the search engines we have on our site (it's a library and I am the web designer now) the thing I search for is tatting. Also, at work, they know how much I love to tat so for a birthday gift one year, they gave me a beautiful book on tatting with patterns. Then for Christmas they gave me a bag to hold and sort my threads. (I really think it is a bag for travelling to put your stockings in, but don't tell them that - *smile*). I must be a nut if I want to join NATA and admit that I am nuts.

NATA #340

I have been shuttle tatting for about 2 years, but just recently tried needle tatting and I love it! :). My hands have some arthritis in them so shuttle tatting is very hard for me to do :(. But with needle tatting, I can work for hours on end :).

I have been needle tatting for about 3 weeks. In that time I have made 10 snowflakes, 4 bookmarks for gifts, and 4 doilies for gifts.

Hmmm does that prove I am nuts enough????????? :)

NATA # 341

I used to crochet and cross stitch, but once I found tatting they all went to the back of the closet. Tatting rules for me.

I'm sure you know the old Christmas song about all I want for Christmas, well all I want for Christmas is tatting stuff.

I could just "hear" my mother roll her eyes over the phone when I was telling her about the cutest silver shuttle in the Nordic Needle catalogue. I had misunderstood a web site and I thought that DMC was discontinuing my favourite thread for fine work and called my mother and told her.

I even e-mailed DMC and asked why they would discontinue my favourite thread, I told them that tatting is not lost and there are more tatters added everyday. So mom calls to order the thread for a Christmas present and they tell her it's not discontinued and the same day I got an e-mail from DMC saying they were not discontinuing any threads. I felt about 2 inches tall. I did go back and check that web site and it was a coloured DMC thread of the same kind being discontinued and the supplier is DMC France and I e-mailed DMC USA.

NATA # 342

I'm nuts about anything crafty although I don't get a lot of joy out of knitting or crochet. To prove I am nuts about tatting...

I first learned to tat when I was twelve. There were very few tatting patterns then in a small country town so my mother and I only had a few designs to choose from, most of which I disliked! My family went to visit my grandparents and my grandma had a very old doily that had a tatted edge. It was a quite complicated pattern for a 12 year old beginner tatter, but I not only copied the pattern but I did it in sewing thread! About a foot of edging! I don't know what happened to the edging but I really wish I had kept it!

NATA #343

I have no one to tat with and it would be great if you had someone in my area/

I am 50 years of age and retired due to a diability. Live in upstate NY with DH and 3 cats. I have always wanted to learn to tat and have played with it a couple of times over the last 20 years. Now I am determined to master it!!

I should be a card carrying member of NATA due to my desire to learn to tat and carry on the tradition.

NATA #344

I know i am nuts to begin with, so adding tatting is easy!

I saw an episode about needle tatting on the Carol Duvall show a couple of weeks ago and I literally rushed out(after the show was over of course) to Michaels to pick up my set of tatting needles and book(with tatting needle & threader attached). I went home and tried to remember how to do it according to the book. Later that night the kids and I went to a different Michaels and I bought a video on needle tatting (with enclosed needle). A couple of days later a friend that has a shop called Crochet Connection gave me a good deal on some thread and allowed me to buy a book & cro-tat needle set from her. (I am still trying to figure this out). She also found out she could order the tatting needles and cro tat book/needle set( this is a very funny looking crochet hook that shows you how to crochet and make it look like tatting; i bought it because it said tatting).

This week the 2 sets of tatting needles 4 needles in a set- new size #8 extra fine and I decided to keep the 2 new #8's and use the rest to put away for my mother in law so that I can teach her this summer when we travel home.

NATA #345

Let's see and why I'm nuts about tatting:

I first started teaching myself shuttle tatting when I was around 16 years old a 90 year old neighbour that I helped out showed yards upon yards of tatting that she had made during the depression and sold for pennies a yard to make ends meet. When I asked her to show me how she said she no longer remembered (she had suffered several strokes) and gave me her basket of tatting, supples and German silver shuttle and told me to learn. After that how could I not as beautiful as it was and with a gift like that. I spent weeks tying my fingers in knots to learn to tat. I'm a water baby and even spent time sitting on the deck of the neighbor's pool not going in the water, just sitting there tying my fingers in knots and learning new words :) Excited and almost yelling once I was able to do "the flip" I ran around showing everyone in site, even though they weren't real sure what I was so excited about or what they were looking at.

I tatting on and off... unfortunately off more than once again taking up the shuttle and learning to needle tat. I do more needle tatting than shuttle (I'm not as satisfied with my shuttle tatting look)

I've taught my fiancé's 3 children 12, 10 and 9 (oldest 2 girls and youngest boy) how to shuttle tat including rings, chains, picots and joins.

We've also worked with a shuttle but their attention isn't ready for that yet.

I've taught a cousin, 2 ladies at work, 1 lady that works in our building, and always have a shuttle in my pocket ready to show someone how to use it and quite often a needle handy to show the needle tatting also (if I have my small purse with me) I've shown store workers who sell the supplies but have never seen it and anyone who even shows the slightest curiosity.

I can be found tatting; walking down the hallways at work, with a shuttle walking the aisles of the grocery store (only once), Dr's waiting rooms, a concert that staged 20 bands and lasted all day, while fishing (I lose more fish by not wanting to lay the shuttle down until I finish a ring) while camping (I've been known to leave a small tatted cross that's quick to make hanging at the campsite for someone to find), on car rides, at the county fair while sitting in the grass relaxing, at work during slow times while I shouldn't be, at the hospital in waiting rooms and while visiting, in restaurants... not sure where else.

I've agreed to make 50 small crosses for a lady that sings at the nursing home my mother is in to give to the residents after they sing there. (not sure how I agreed to that one)

I've given away most of what I've tatted so far interesting more people for me to teach at work. A co-worker that I taught to needle tat and I have our tatting pinned up to the partitions at our positions interesting who ever we can find (and I admit showing off a bit)

We've given pieces of tatting to visiting higher up bosses to take back with them that showed an interest in what was pinned up.

Can't think of any more but there probably is... but that's why I think I'm nuts about tatting

NATA # 346

I would like to formally apply for membership to the "Nuts About Tatting Association". :)

Please consider the following "Top Ten" List justification for acceptance:

  1. I get so excited when I hear of anyone who knows an aunt, grandmother, cousin, etc. of anyone that knows how to tat. (It's like finding a long lost relative!).
  2. I picture my 1-1/2 year old daughter in tatted dresses, hats, shoes, shirts.....
  3. I have our local library borrowing lists of tatting books for me from various libraries across the country.
  4. I stop and stare at ornate fences, lawn chairs, floor tile, etc. to see if they could be represented in a tatting pattern.
  5. I will never live long enough to complete all the tatting projects I want to do (and already have patterns for!!).
  6. I have 'stashed' shuttles and thread in various locations around the house (and car) to ensure that I can get my 'fix' when I need it.
  7. I make my husband stop at every craft store in every little town to look for tatting supplies.
  8. I think of my personal spending money, not in terms of dollars, but balls of thread.
  9. I have asked my husband to make custom modifications to "hot rod" my shuttles.
  10. "Hi, my name is Wendy...and I'm a tat-aholic."

In all sincerity, I am fairly new to tatting (less than a year) and I am sooooo hooked that I put all my other crafting (knitting, crocheting, x-stitch, etc.) away in boxes and stored them in the attic.

I am so surprised (still) by the relaxation and stress-relief that the "swish-swish" of that smooth shuttle provides...and the complexity and potential that seems limitless....and the absolutely beautiful lace that *I* can make!!

Okay....I've been bitten by the tatting bug (and I hope there isn't a cure!). I hope this is sufficient to make me a card carrying member of NATA. :)

NATA # 347

Well, let's see... where did it all begin? In 88 or 89, I had been knitting for about 15 years and had become interested in lace. So, I began to search for lace knitting needles which, at that time Inox was the sole supplier and very few shops were carrying them. I found Beggar's Lace in Colorado and sent for a catalogue. Well, in the catalogue on the same page, right above lace knitting needles, was a picture of Pam Palmer's Festival Elephant. I was smitten! My thought, at that time, was that there must be shuttle sizes to fit your size hand, after all not everyone wears the same size shoe and therefore, shuttles come in various sizes! So, I bought all the shuttles offered, even a Tatsy and a Beautiful horn Lady Hoare. Listed under tatting thread was only sizes 70, 80, & 100.

So, with my 12 shuttles, size 70 thread and instructions, I taught myself to tat. It took about a month and a whole lot of persevering. I couldn't find any guilds or anyone at all to talk with about tatting, so I joined the Ring of Tatters of England and they were my sole contact for several years. Now, that was 13 years ago. I've since collected all types of shuttles, 100's of patterns, as well as tried and do a little of every type of lace making out there. I love lace making because I think it is a reflection of me. I'm detail oriented and a compulsive analyser!

NATA # 348

The nuttiest thing I've done recently that involves tatting was shelling out about $20.00 to mail about 15 tatted motifs and an assortment of small four hole buttons to Sue Hanson. I wanted to make as many as I could manage and make sure she got the stuff by November 22...

Another offbeat experience I had was tracking down some vintage (antique?) shuttles during the layover we had in New Zealand on our way to Australia. We had the afternoon there, and we went up some tall building to see the view. I spotted an antique shop across the street. They had no tatting shuttles but thought they might know where I could find something. They called another store to inquire, and they had a couple. My poor husband went on this expedition with me. We had to take a ferry to get to the other store! he owners were expecting us and were very friendly. I bought my first two shuttles intended for collecting rather than using at that store. We had to race back to the airport to catch our connection to Melbourne. This is the one and only time I've been to NZ, and I don't know if I'll ever get back there.

I'm not calibrated on the nut scale :-| I'm also tired but my 13 month old dog is eager to play now :-(

NATA # 349

I believe I should become a member, because I have been tatting for 27 years.

My Great Aunt Cleola, who was in her nineties taught me how to tat around 1975. She had learned tatting in school, it was a requirement. Since I was just visiting I only learned the basic ring and chain edging. So began my life long pursuit of the elusive tatting books, and supplies.

Because of this need to tat I have used many odd things to tat with. Has anyone else tried mint flavoured dental floss?

I even tried to develop my own tatting shuttle. If you can picture the image of two wooden half Easter eggs with a small block plus a hole sandwiched in between, then you will see my attempt. Of course it failed; I forgot to put little slits in to hold the thread. The only ones to enjoy it's use were my cats, when I dropped it they chased it all over the living room along with my thread.

Everything else came from Dover books, or Walmart. So for my fellow tatting friends I consider myself a walnut. If you can't sleep go to Walmart, I get a lot of great tatting ideas at mine.

Then around 1999 after much pleading I talked my husband into buying a computer. (He still asks me how it will save on the phone bill.) I had finally found a home for me and my tatting in cyberspace.

I love tatting, my husband said that I drive him nuts about my crafts. LOL. So, if he is nuts, then I must be a walnut, because I will always do tatting.

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