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I tat everywhere, on trains, planes and New York City subways, in a canoe on a river, and even in maximum security prisons like Attica, which I visit often on business. Recently I tatted in a state prison in Virginia and in two different psychiatric hospitals (which I was also visiting on business, not as a patient). I am always packing several loaded shuttles. Am I nuts about tatting?

NATA # 169

I tried to learn tatting for years. Finally when I was in the hospital for tests for four days, I kept pushing and trying different ways to get the "flip" until I got it. I have almost always had a tatting shuttle or two in my purse ever since and that is over 25 years. I tat everywhere, waiting for trains to cross, waiting for customers to come pick up the dogs I finished grooming, sitting at family gatherings, or tatting at meetings where I need to keep my mouth shut. LOL Tatting has saved my sanity when sitting with my ill mother-in-law, has taught me patience when retro-tatting, and allowed me to meet lots of new and often interesting people who ask what I am doing. "Tatting is knot a lost art", just slightly off the beaten track. LOL

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I've always wanted to learn to tat so a friend and I took a class at a needlework convention in Wisconsin, all I got from the class was frustrated!! About a year later I found a kit for needle tatting and decided to give it a try. My 1st ring didn't close, so I cut it off and started from the beginning again and the ring closed I was thrilled I was tatting!! Then I started collecting The shuttles from the Shuttle Shop and decided I wanted to learn how to use them, so I printed off a couple sets of instructions I found on the web and watched Sharons video to get the motion of the shuttle. I tried for a month to get that flippin' flip!! and was ready to give up when I found Jen's Tatra-Sutra site, in a couple of days I was shuttle tatting, I haven't used a needle since, I just love it.

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My Grand Mother was a tatter and she tried to teach me. I was only 12 when she died and I almost had it. But the dreaded flip was the only thing I did not totally understand.

I plodded along until I was at a craft show with my Mom and someone else's Grandma was tatting and I stood and watched so long she asked if I wanted to learn. after about an hour I was tatting and I have being going strong ever since.

I do not know the lady's name so to thank her, I will teach any one who shows an interest and pass on the passion. And I always have tatting in my pocket or purse.

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NATA # 185

I've only been tatting for a few months and I've already made some of my own flat shuttles out of wood. I try to put tatting on everything I see in stores for craft projects!

My fiancÚ is sick of hearing about tatting! I've heard from so many people that Tatting is becoming a lost art! AHHHH, I'm 23 and a friend of mine taught me, so why can't other people learn, if they did it wouldn't be a lost art anymore.

In the few months I've been tatting, I've bought shuttles, books, threads, and just about everything else that I might some day use, ... it's taken over my life! I can't walk out of the house with out my tatting box just in case I have a few spare moments.

I'm glad to see that the NATA website is not dead, many of the other ones I have gone to haven't been updated for ages and are getting out of date, so a big thank you for having a under construction web site.

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Surprised immensely by a Christmas present from my boyfriend..... A NATA combo!

NATA # 191

Hi, Nuts about Tatting folks...

I'm a member of the West Michigan Lace Group which meets in Wyoming, a suburb of Grand Rapids Michigan. Lenore English, who did a class on hairpin lace and tatting for Georgia Seitz, taught me to tat about a year ago. I'm a member of Georgia Seitz's online class and belong to e-tatters and rings-n-chains forum. Another NATA member is in my West Michigan Lace Group.

I'm also learning Beanile lace using Nina Libin's book and emailing her.

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NATA # 193

I choose my vacation places so I can buy some thread and other tatting stuff. I bought thread in Krabi(Thailand ) and Rotterdam + Dordrecht in Netherlands last year. This year I bought LOTS of Finca thread at Lanzarote (Canary Islands), nice beads and charms and shuttles and very nice silk thread in Paris. Now I just wait for what the Dominican Republic can offer! We are going there in the beginning of February.

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NATA # 195

It was the first winter after I graduated from high school, and I was sitting on the kitchen floor reading the newspaper while my parents sat in their chairs, doing crosswords and reading. The notice in the paper about the Winterfest activities caught my eye, and I checked out the listings of events. "What's tatting?" I asked my dad, seeing a class listed.

He thought a moment, looking up from his crossword puzzle. "I'm not sure," he said, looking at my mom.

Mom thought a minute, then said, "I think it's some kind of lace. I've seen the clue in the crosswords." She was reading at the time, but has a fair memory and almost always did the crosswords as well.

I went back to reading, and my parents went back to their things. The class was on a Saturday, at the local museum (just a few blocks' walk from my house) so I decided to go. I showed up to a room with a 20-something instructor and 4 women over the age of 50, who all looked at this 18-year-old as I walked in and asked, "Is this the tatting class?" After three hours, I had the flip, a ball of ugly turquoise crochet cotton, and a Boye shuttle, and I was hooked! I haven't stopped since, in the 10 years I've been tatting, and I still have my first completed snowflake, even though I missed two joins and it doesn't look very good!

So, I'm nuts, but at least I'm still tatting!! :)

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