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Tatting Haikus

Written by a bunch of nuts!

I'm tatting along.
The clicking rocks my eyes shut.
Shoot! Must have lost count!
Tatting in my chair
With black kitty on my lap
Causes huge tangles.
Pam W.
I sit as I tat
But I also find time to
Eat chocolate, mmm.
As time goes tick-tock
My hands go back and forth, and
My shuttle goes click.
Jennifer R.
Tatting, ring on hand
The phone jangles loudly now
Answering machine! :)
Nancy R.
Busy busy always busy
Little tatting here and there
But always time to pray a little
While tatting here and there
With baited breath I
Await the moment for me
Spring brightens the lace
Silent the winter
Cold outside warm the hearth here
While I sit to tat
Spring to summertime
Lessons abound with more rounds
Choice colors are found
Autumn leaves gentle
Fall quiet rustle listen
Hands on the fly soft click click
Hills standing with winds
Icy the gusty blowing
Hearts warming with moving threads
Heat hot steaming sun
Cool shade under tall green brown trees
Eyes on swirls of lace
Crumpled, tangled thread
Expensive, dear and costly
Naughty, naughty cat.
Bushel baskets full
Miles and miles in every hue
I must buy more thread
Cramping fingers ouch
Please hold your mouth the right way
You'll have a cluny

Heaps of laundry wait,
Children are very hungry.
Sorry, I must tat!
Please turn on the light
So I can see to join these
Last two rings and chains
Pattern, pattern, where
Have I set you down? I can't
Finish this motif!
Oh, no! My shuttle
Has run out of thread. I must
Hide two more thread ends
Click, click, click, click. click.
Click, click, click, click, click, click, click.
Click, click, click, click, click

My tatting shuttle
flicks around the thread, making
neat and tidy stitches.
Flowers in a vase,
Gleaming wooden surfaces,
White tatted lace doily.
Many shades of thread -
Which one to choose? So many
lovely colours for lace!

Ring and chain to go,
Shuttle has run out of thread,
Shoe lace time again.
Tired, so tired. Eyes blur.
What is my pattern? I am
Counting thrice, must pick.
So many colors
In my stash, which do I choose
To tat into lace
Bobbins and shuttles
Everywhere, but nary an
Empty one to use
Hearts doilies bookmarks
So many projects to tat
Never enough time
Silver thread and large
Shuttles filled with tiny beads
Making beanile lace
Bina, my special
Tatting friend always giving
To other tatters
Many UFOs
In a box, but I start a
New tatting project
Olympus, finca
Flora, perle; I lust, I must
I want them all -- broke!
Evil gremlins in
Tatting box tangle threads to
Wicked knots, be off!
I think I'm getting
Out of control here, time for
Tatting therapy!

I will tat no more;
Put thread and shuttles away.
April Fools Day here!!

Time to go sleep.
Turn out the light NOW, Honey!
PLEASE, just one more ring?
And yet another
Baseball game with my dear son.
Tatting while I watch.
"Spring ahead, fall back."
One more hour of daylight.
See fine threads better
Celtic tatting's FUN!
Ruth and Wally amaze me!
Want to try them all...
Spokane, here I come!
I'm taking three classes there.
In one day? Oh, wow!
There's not enough time
To do all I want to do,
Why do I sit here?
Okay, they're not much.
But what can I say; they just
Took a minute each.




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